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  1. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Maybe she was trying to speed away from some groper at Fox News. There's been some history of that over there where she works.
  2. DAYS 304--305 " You may choose to look the other way, But you can never say again that you did not know. " William Wilberforce British Abolitionist, Member of Parliament
  3. Double Feature

    The Postman Always Rings Twice Next: The Sky's the Limit
  4. What Are They Saying about trump? " He's a******* Moron! "

    " if Jesus Christ gets down off the Cross and tells me, 'trump is with with Russia', I would tell him hold on a second-- I've got to check with the president if it's true. " A trump supporter interviewed on CNN today who gave the trump presidency an "A" grade so far.
  5. Trump vs. the Press/Media

    Huckabee Sanders gave thanks that there's only one April Ryan in the White House News Corps. LOL

    " Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. "
  7. Charles Manson is Finally Dead

    No one will be watching you. Why don't you do it in the road?
  8. Women stop these Bots? LMREO A Number of married women I know would be going out and buying them for their husbands. I could even invision women holding "bot-sell" parties, like the way women sell Avon and Tupperware now. Who knows some of them might even end up with pink Cadillacs.LOL
  9. If these allegations are true, I really do feel sorry for the women in question. No one wants to be sexually harassed, but Charlie Rose would be my last choce of all of those men publicly accused of sexual harassment that I would even want to stand next to in a public elevator and have to be near for "60" seconds. Frankly I would be surprised if Charlie Rose could stay awake long enough to physically, sexually harass anybody. How he manages to keep 2 jobs on CBS and PBS at the same time is beyond me. We'll have to see how one of those or both will implode in the wake of these current accusations. It's also amazing to me how many untalented old white men they have on TV-- CBS has been particularly full of them-- who truly are not competitive and who are truly getting a free ride-- Charlie Rose is definitely one of them.
  10. Double Feature

    So Proudly We Hail! Next: Make Way for Tomorrow
  11. Dumb Democrats

    If you opened Webster's Dictionary and looked up the word " egocentric", There would be that little photo there of trump grining with his little hands sticking up. trump carries the art of egocentricity to its logical end of emotional instability.
  12. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    I just read they tried to arrest her on some past "trumped-up" warrant but it didn't hold. Somehow I knew it was a woman driving that truck.
  13. FORGOTTEN Oldies

    Thanks Lawrence-- " Ooo Baby, Baby " is absolutely my favorite Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Song. It's hard to believe that Smokey led this Top 40 group, produced records, wrote for The Temptations and The Miracles and still had time to coach the vocally challenged Miss Diana Ross. Warren "Pete" Moore also wrote the following Motown hits with Smokey-- The Miracles' Going To a Go-Go And 2 for Marvin Gaye: Ain't That Peculiar and I'll Be Doggone. The talent in Hitsville-Detroit was just unbelievable!
  14. Flake "Muelling" Presidential Bid

    Looks like it's working. LOL

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