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  1. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Ko Nishimura
  2. Princess of Tap


    "Sitting Pretty" with Ginger Rogers and Jack Haley
  3. Princess of Tap

    Husband and Wife

    This critically acclaimed director also had a critically acclaimed actress as his wife. Both artists are currently still active, while at the same time they have films that would be considered classics. Hint#1-- These two are so well-known that everyone on this website is familiar with their names.
  4. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    A Promise
  5. Princess of Tap

    Who was in all 5 films?

    No, the OP is strict, but I can give you a hint-- Hint#1-- A respected and well-known character actor
  6. Princess of Tap

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    Sep-- Next to " Mackie "my two favorite Bobby Darin songs are "Artificial Flowers" and "Up the Lazy River". But "Beyond the Sea" Reminds me of a Funny Story. When I was teaching in France oh, I had a friend who was a professor and was interested in American popular music. He had a hissy and a cow about the song, "Beyond the Sea", and said that the Americans didn't have much original music cuz they were always stealing from the French. So he pointed out to me that Charles Trenet, who was a 20th century iconic French singer and composer had written this song. So he was just screaming to me about cultural appropriation. I had to laugh and tell him that the Americans had written so many popular tunes which the French Had sung so it didn't really matter that Bobby Darin had used one Trenet song and turned it into a big Top 40 hit. But you know how the French are about their culture. LOL So, Sep, if you ever get the chance and you want to hear the original version, you should go on YouTube or Google Charles Trenet and it's called "La Mer". BTW--Frank Sinatra's "My Way" is also a French song, but we won't go into that today. LOL
  7. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Rhapsody in August
  8. Princess of Tap

    The Appointments - Trump's Swamp

    This is not a good time to be playing the Patsy for Boeing.
  9. Princess of Tap

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

  10. Princess of Tap

    The Fruits of White Supremacy-- Murder and Violence

    For only love can conquer hate.
  11. Princess of Tap

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    *Racism is not a deflection. Racism is a reality. I have no trouble seeing that the girl looks like the photo-- only maybe a couple of years younger. When you meet, you know, and you have friends from many different cultures and races and ethnicities, it's easier to see people as individuals and not as stereotypes. Tokenism is one thing --Diversity is another.
  12. Princess of Tap

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Jeanette Nolan was in "Two Rode Together" with Andy Devine.
  13. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    An Officer and A Gentleman
  14. Princess of Tap


    Talk about the Good Neighbor Policy..... Darryl F Zanuck paid Carmen Miranda the highest salary--male or female-- in Hollywood during World War II.
  15. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

  16. Princess of Tap

    Husband and Wife

    My first knowledge of Madge Evans was in a Spencer Tracy movie called " The Show-Off", which I saw in the late 1960s. As an actress she always intrigued me, but she made few movies in the Golden Age. Her husband was playwright Sidney Kingsley whose play, " Dead End " was made into a critically successful movie starring Humphrey Bogart and directed by William Wyler. I suppose it was controversial for its day, but watching it on The Late Show in the early 60s, it was not so much shocking as sad--especially Bogart's scenes with his mother and his former girlfriend.
  17. Historically United States Presidents try to bring the country together in good times and bad times. trump is unique in that he tries to divide and conquer the American people as if he was a foreign invader. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt told us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The current occupant of the Oval Office believes that Americans should fear all citizens and any person who is a different race or a different ethnicity or a different religion or a different political persuasion from themselves. Maybe you can win the Electoral College with a program of BIGOTRY and HATE, but you can't lead a pluralistic Democratic Nation with Bigotry and Hate. Either the Democracy will die from the promotion of Hate from Within or Hateful leadership, which is Unconstitutional and UN-AMERICAN, will be obliterated from the Memory of that Democracy.
  18. Princess of Tap

    The Men Have It

    Exp. Elijah Cook Jr appeared in "The Maltese Falcon" with Sydney Greenstreet.
  19. Princess of Tap

    Husband and Wife

    Swith-- It's a pleasure doing business with you. LOL And have a safe trip. Your turn..... .
  20. 1) " He reminds me of Hitler." Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox--CNN, 2/16

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