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  1. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Tiger Bay
  2. Princess of Tap

    Name the comedy

    His Girl Friday Next: Billy Gilbert
  3. Princess of Tap

    The Men Have It

    Exp. Elijah Cook Jr appeared in "The Maltese Falcon" with Sydney Greenstreet.
  4. Princess of Tap

    Leave Him To Heaven-- the presidential hate of drumpf aka trump

    Lara has to go no further than to ask her husband's brother-in-law Jared Kushner about the Third Reich and nazi Germany. He should know something about what they did in Germany because his two paternal grandparents escaped the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Then Jared's grandparents came to America as refugees. Bigotry stems from ignorance.
  5. Historically United States Presidents try to bring the country together in good times and bad times. trump is unique in that he tries to divide and conquer the American people as if he was a foreign invader. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt told us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The current occupant of the Oval Office believes that Americans should fear all citizens and any person who is a different race or a different ethnicity or a different religion or a different political persuasion from themselves. Maybe you can win the Electoral College with a program of BIGOTRY and HATE, but you can't lead a pluralistic Democratic Nation with Bigotry and Hate. Either the Democracy will die from the promotion of Hate from Within or Hateful leadership, which is Unconstitutional and UN-AMERICAN, will be obliterated from the Memory of that Democracy.
  6. Princess of Tap

    Name the comedy

    Next: Eugene Pallette
  7. Princess of Tap

    George Conway Speaks Up

    George Conway is a conservative lawyer who has organized a group of like-minded attorneys to speak up to criticize trump and his Administration for policies and actions which he deems to be not in the best interest of the country, and perhaps even illegal. Mr. Conway is a renown attorney who had previously supported trump. Obviously, this president has many critics who are also conservatives. But Mr Conway does tend to get more attention than others because he is married to one of the principal advisors to trump, kellyanne Conway.
  8. Princess of Tap

    Name the comedy

    Mr Smith Goes To Washington
  9. Sponsored by the Roma Mussolini Foundation-- It's our Heritage, not fascism.
  10. Princess of Tap

    The Fruits of White Supremacy-- Murder and Violence

    This crime was the infamous brutal decapitation- lynching of a black man.
  11. Princess of Tap

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    "Instant Karma"
  12. Princess of Tap

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

  13. Since the election of Donald Trump, some supporters have not just acted in a racist manner and attacked people in over 300 hate crimes in America, a number of them simply act like they're crazy. Showing no respect or Toleration for opposing views, some Trump supporters have shown themselves to be against democracy and therefore, they seem to be Un- American. This Thread is devoted to those very vocal and very ignorant Trump supporters. Some of his supporters feel that they now have a mandate to go out and insult beat up or otherwise bully people that they disagree with. People are starting to call this the Trump Effect - - it's going on online, in schools rooms - - airplanes - - malls --all over the United States-- ignorant crude, vulgar Trump supporters being rude and abusive because Donald Trump is now "their" president.
  14. Princess of Tap

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    My favorite song from Lionel Bart's "Oliver!" --" Consider Yourself " Next: A light operatic-type song from a movie that became a pop hit
  15. Princess of Tap

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I wasn't aware that this presidential appointee had also been accused of attempted rape.
  16. These people definitely will have a future with Homeland Security when they get out of jail. They're the kind of people that Stephen Miller wants at the southern border.
  17. 1) " He reminds me of Hitler." Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox--CNN, 2/16
  18. Princess of Tap

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    " It's up to you -- New York, New York. "
  19. Princess of Tap

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    5) Ida was a prolific TV director in classic TV of the 50s and 60s.

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