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  1. Princess of Tap

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    This didn't take long-- Amnesty International is accusing Turkey of war crimes against the Kurds.
  2. Princess of Tap

    Leave Him To Heaven-- the presidential hate of drumpf aka trump

    At zero cost-- this guy really does need some help. ROFL
  3. Historically United States Presidents try to bring the country together in good times and bad times. trump is unique in that he tries to divide and conquer the American people as if he was a foreign invader. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt told us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The current occupant of the Oval Office believes that Americans should fear all citizens and any person who is a different race or a different ethnicity or a different religion or a different political persuasion from themselves. Maybe you can win the Electoral College with a program of BIGOTRY and HATE, but you can't lead a pluralistic Democratic Nation with Bigotry and Hate. Either the Democracy will die from the promotion of Hate from Within or Hateful leadership, which is Unconstitutional and UN-AMERICAN, will be obliterated from the Memory of that Democracy.
  4. Princess of Tap

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    " Those Were the Good Old Days"-- Damn Yankees NEXT: A number by your favorite actress who wasn't really known for her dancing but who could really dance quite well
  5. Princess of Tap

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Cuddles was in "Casablanca" with Leonid Kinskey.
  6. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Too Late for Tears
  7. Princess of Tap

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    5) Ingrid won 3 Academy Awards: 2 for best actress--" Gaslight " and " Anastasia " & 1 for best supporting actress--" Murder on the Orient Express".
  8. 1) " He reminds me of Hitler." Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox--CNN, 2/16
  9. Princess of Tap

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    3) Ingrid's most famous film is "Casablanca", where she co-starred with Humphrey Bogart.
  10. Princess of Tap

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    1) Ingrid's American debut was in "Intermezzo", co-starring with Leslie Howard.
  11. Princess of Tap

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    Ingrid Bergman-- The great Swedish actress
  12. Princess of Tap

    Three in One

    Buffalo Bill Cody?
  13. Princess of Tap

    Briefly Lyrical

    See if you can identify a famous movie song with 6 words are less from the lyrics. When you identify the song, please, also identify The Lyricist and The Composer, along with the name of the movie it comes from. To identify the artist who performs the number is optional, but certainly even more fun. Next: " wider than a mile "
  14. Princess of Tap

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Sadly, the Russian oligarchs have probably offered him more.
  15. Princess of Tap

    Leave Him To Heaven-- the presidential hate of drumpf aka trump

    Russian media is wondering out loud if trump is a Russian operative.
  16. Princess of Tap

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    10) Maggie starred in "A Private Function", which also featured "Downton Abbey" colleague Jim Carter. Next: Ingrid Bergman
  17. Princess of Tap

    Democratic Debate

    Yellow my Stone, Old Faithful is wearing out the Twitter account channeling Teddy Roosevelt this time. Considering what trump's actual record is on the environment and our Federal lands, he'd better watch out if TR is really in the (White) House. Bully!
  18. Princess of Tap

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    My Reputation Next: A sympathetic role for Miriam Hopkins?
  19. Princess of Tap

    Paper Beer Bottles

    The French have solved that problem. The cheapest wine you can buy in France is in a plastic bottle. Don't ask me how I know that.
  20. Princess of Tap


    Millennials don't proofread. And they barely read at all. If they read something twice, it's by accident.
  21. Princess of Tap

    Disney Plus

    I might enjoy this if I could be 5 years-old again for the weekend. But adults who do not have children or I should say small children why would they be interested in this crap anyway?-- Arrested Development?

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