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  1. Princess of Tap

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    Northeast Kansas women know what they want and they know how to get it.
  2. In recent weeks a number of rich and famous men have been accused of sexual harassment with charges that range from lewd remarks and groping all the way to rape. None of these men are more famous than trump, the "President" of the United States. Since the Access Hollywood audio tape, where trump actually bragged about sexual battery of women, women from all over the country have been accusing trump of inappropriate sexual contact and sexual battery on a number of levels. Initially he said he would sue these women-- nothing has come of that. With so many famous men in politics, business and in the entertainment industry being toppled by these accusations, you have to wonder how much longer trump can hold on until his accusers get their day in court. No one is above the law and it will be interesting to see how this all turns out within the current climate of Americans not tolerating, any longer, rich and powerful men who take sexual advantage of women, and men, who don't have their money and clout.
  3. Princess of Tap

    The Fruits of White Supremacy-- Murder and Violence

    " I have a dream....." August 28th 1963
  4. Princess of Tap

    Indian Activists Lied and Fake News Media Helped Them

    Mrs. Sandmann is all over the British tabloids. You know it's always the mother that comes into question when there's ever any issue about the children. LOL
  5. Princess of Tap

    Women respond to misogyny and sexual predators with power

    Nippy, Ann has become rich writing quite a few books. Last year I read one of her latest books called "Adios, America!". You might take a look at some of her books. I don't buy them or go to the public library, I just checked them out online with my tablet. The book I read was primarily about Latin American Immigration into the United States. And she must be able to write very well with the word processor because she has successfully written a lot of books and made a lot of money.
  6. Princess of Tap

    The Fruits of White Supremacy-- Murder and Violence

    Rev Dr Martin Luther King jr. Is a great American worthy to be honored on this special day because he told America the truth about itself. He told America about its Legacy of white supremacy rooted in Jim Crow and institutionalized racism throughout the country. It took a great deal of Courage for him to tell the truth and in doing so to remain nonviolent, while so many whites around him were physically attacking him and his supporters. Yes, it takes courage to tell the truth and that is one reason why trump and his entire Administration lie: egregious lies most of the time. Lying doesn't change anything, but it gives you a clear idea about the character of the liars.
  7. Historically United States Presidents try to bring the country together in good times and bad times. trump is unique in that he tries to divide and conquer the American people as if he was a foreign invader. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt told us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The current occupant of the Oval Office believes that Americans should fear all citizens and any person who is a different race or a different ethnicity or a different religion or a different political persuasion from themselves. Maybe you can win the Electoral College with a program of BIGOTRY and HATE, but you can't lead a pluralistic Democratic Nation with Bigotry and Hate. Either the Democracy will die from the promotion of Hate from Within or Hateful leadership, which is Unconstitutional and UN-AMERICAN, will be obliterated from the Memory of that Democracy.
  8. Princess of Tap

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    The Liar- in -Chief
  9. 1) " He reminds me of Hitler." Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox--CNN, 2/16
  10. Princess of Tap

    The Men Have It

    Exp. Elijah Cook Jr appeared in "The Maltese Falcon" with Sydney Greenstreet.
  11. Princess of Tap

    The Fruits of White Supremacy-- Murder and Violence

    A leopard cannot change its spots; A tiger cannot change its stripes.
  12. Princess of Tap

    The Men Have It

    Edward Platt appeared in "The Shrike" with Leigh Whipper.
  13. Princess of Tap

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Fred Astaire
  14. Princess of Tap

    2020 Election

    2020 reminds me a little bit of 1960. Of course, the Republicans had an extremely strong candidate in Vice President Richard Nixon. I had just started paying attention to politics and I was amazed at all the people who had thrown their hats into the presidential race: on the Democratic side: Stuart Symington Hubert Humphrey *Lyndon Johnson * ( I can remember David Brinkley commenting that Johnson was Senate Majority Leader and couldn't get out to participate in the primaries; so that put him a little bit behind Kennedy.) John F Kennedy I didn't know anything about any of these people but I started to follow the primaries and one by one Kennedy got rid of them. The West Virginia primary was a big surprise to a lot of people. And much to the Chagrin of my father, even Adlai Stevenson was talking about running again. My father said he was a two-time loser and shouldn't waste our time again. But I don't think Kennedy had all that much trouble at the convention. There are always a lot of hopefuls, but if a truly strong candidate is out there, she or he will come through to the Forefront.
  15. Princess of Tap

    Briefly Lyrical

    See if you can identify a famous movie song with 6 words are less from the lyrics. When you identify the song, please, also identify The Lyricist and The Composer, along with the name of the movie it comes from. To identify the artist who performs the number is optional, but certainly even more fun. Next: " wider than a mile "
  16. Princess of Tap

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    I noticed how short his fingers were a long time ago because he's always gesticulating with them when he lies.
  17. Princess of Tap

    the wintertime repast

    Jonathan Frid was my high-school crush...... but you can keep the sauerkraut. LOL
  18. Princess of Tap

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    If you watch Fake Fox News, one did actually die today....... Announcing RBG's premature and wishful thinking death is a worse mistake than getting the deceased Aretha Franklin confused with a very much alive Patti LaBelle, who I saw on television was attending Ms Franklin's funeral. My only conclusion is that Fox has a death wish for a lot of people who don't watch their cable channel or maybe they're just fake news. LOL
  19. Princess of Tap

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Birther / Central Park 5/ Violator of The Fair Housing Act/ there are good neo-nazis.....
  20. Princess of Tap

    GOP madness Unbound...

    I think the Romney gal is auditioning for the lying Sanders gal's job...... Oh, the stench of nepotism.....

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