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  1. No Words

    Yeah I agree with you if he is a straight man and not as I suspect a gay double agent- he is very comfortable with his "creative" side
  2. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    "Games " (1967) a young gay couple Paul ( James Caan) and Jerry ( Robert Redford) get more than they bargain for when they invited the mysterious Mr Schindler ( Dirk Bogarde) to join them in their kinky mind games
  3. No Words

    An anti gay group starts of their meeting with this very straight performancehttps://youtu.be/T_nEzYwakrs I want to know if he is a fan of Ross Hunter's musical production of "Lost Horizon" ?
  4. No Words

    An anti gay group start their meeting with a performance that you have to seehttps://youtu.be/T_nEzYwakrs Was this attractive man a cheerleader in college? Or is he just a big fan of Ross Hunter's musical production of "Lost Horizon" ?
  5. I agree with you about "Sully"
  6. Soap hunks and divas

    A hot gay kiss from "One Live To Live"https://youtu.be/YBeXU7-RXgc
  7. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Branagh's remake of " Murder on the Orient Express " has plenty of classic movie pleasures- great costumes and set design- an almost all star cast and it a must see if you are Michelle Pfeiffer fan.
  8. Soap hunks and divas

    He has a certain **** appeal
  9. Soap hunks and divas

    Brad and Lucas show their love in "General Hospital" https://youtu.be/biQX4lWnU5I
  10. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Cuban-American Gymnast Danell Leyva is still competing https://youtu.be/8v8KvghP6K4 His Latin charm might lead to a movie or tv career.
  11. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Politics kept Kurt Thomas away from Olympic glory but his gymnastic talent is put to good use in "Gymkata"https://youtu.be/9Mkl9rtttog
  12. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    I think they need to have a good starring vehicle- Weissmuller was Tarzan and Crabbe was Flash Gordon. Gaylord basically plays himself in "American Anthem"
  13. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Gymnast Mitch Gaylord could not translate Olympic medals to movie stardom- he went from "American Anthem"(1986) to direct to video trash like "Sexual Outlaw"(1992). https://youtu.be/NvtCcfDgQcs
  14. Soap hunks and divas

    I would like to see Mr Walters in some gay theme movie with lots of love scenes of course

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