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  1. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    This clip is very homoerotic
  2. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    A quick search turned up at least forty titles on Dean...
  3. jaragon

    Memorable Music!

    Never heard of this show but the video is hot
  4. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    It sounds like fan fiction but it might be fun to read
  5. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    Ok you are really making me want to read this😉
  6. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    I wonder if these guys made to one of Cukor's pool party?
  7. jaragon

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Larry Hagman in white boxers ( the opening shot looks like something out a gay navy porn)
  8. jaragon

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    His life could be a movie...
  9. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    Mr Osborne does not make appear in the documentary- but I would not be surprised if he was aware of Mr Bower's services. "Tab Hunter Confidential" might be rated PG 13 but the Bowers film would get an R- not only for Scotty's salty language but from all the nude photos and film clips which the director use to enhance the narrative. I wonder if there is any film of Cukor's pool ****? Has there been a good fictional movie about gay life in studio era Hollywood? I remember a play called "Hyde in Hollywood" about a Welles like director who was gay
  10. jaragon


    "A Warm Wind" (2011) a gay man decides to take care of his cousin who was wounded in Iraq and suffers from PSTD. The cast is attractive and it is nice to see a movie about men who take care of each other. The gay angle of the film is barely mentioned but there is plenty of bro bonding. The script feels more like a play and it's at times a bit slow- the film could have benefited from a bit more action- just like the characters could have used a bit more sex. You can see it for free if you have Amazon prime.
  11. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    I just saw it and loved it- Mr Bowers is quite a charmer and in great shape for a 90 year old - I guess all that sex helped. He reminded me of Steve McQueen. The documentary is more than just about his sexual trade in which he made a lot of people happy. Yes this is perfect for TCM but it would have to be run very late at night or it 's going to give some people heart attacks
  12. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    Some of the models look like trade who were just picked up at the men's room or was there an English version of Scotty Bowers?
  13. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    Yeah he seemed interested in something besides the material. The swimsuits do look a bit outrageous for the time. The intimacy of the space makes it feel like a secret meeting of the male body appreciation society
  14. jaragon

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    Up close and personal with swim suit models...
  15. jaragon

    Random Alerts!

    I can think of a couple of other challenges I would like to see Mr Krasinski tackle...

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