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  1. jaragon

    International films with LGBT themes

    There is nothing hotter than a French psycho😳who looks good in his underwear😉
  2. jaragon

    No Words

    Did anybody buy this? He is suppose to look like the love child of Paul Newman ans Robert Redford?!
  3. jaragon

    Straight Films That Are Actually Gay.

    You make some very interesting points
  4. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    That shot of Harrison strutting out of the elevator is star making- you can tell the camera loved him.
  5. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Gregory Harrison in the shower...
  6. jaragon

    The Boys in the Band play

    Great news- I was lucky to this great production and it deserves to be seeing by a wider audience.
  7. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    I think the tethered concept works better as some of sort of symbol about the other- the movie would have made more sense as horror fantasy-the others come from a mirror universe and the girl broke through. I mean all I can think about what were they eating - those rabbits? And how were they been used to control the humans above ground?
  8. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    A sequel! Heaven help us!
  9. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    It is truly crappy- the people who made this movie should not be allowed anywhere near a camera again! The book is very scary- this movie is just lame and the last fifteen minutes are ridiculous
  10. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    I just saw and hated the new version of "Pet Sematary"- another terrible version of one of Stephen King's best novels.
  11. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    I do think that he was aiming for some sort of political statement- and the final images which I think both recall Romero's zombies and Hitchcock " The Birds" suggest a apocalypse that will not be stopped.
  12. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    I think the first half hour is excellent- Peele has a real talent for directing horror- but the film falls apart in the second half. How can the underground doppelgangers be more advance? They are the Morloks to our Eloi. If you want to read the film as metaphor on how most comfortable modern Americans are blind to the reality of the third world suffering?
  13. jaragon

    Music videos influenced by classic Hollywood musicals

    Ricky Martin hangs out at the "Cabaret"...
  14. jaragon

    No Words

    Is this a number for "Magic Mike the Musical" ?https://youtu.be/NOsuzqwGHD4
  15. jaragon

    Memorable Music!

    This video is perfect short movie

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