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  1. Straight Films That Are Actually Gay.

    "The 15:17 to Paris" (2018) Clint Eastwood produced and directed this celebration of the three young American heroes who stopped a terrorist attack on a French train . The bromantic threesome meet cute in middle school and stay friends even after two of them move away talk about strong male bonding. Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sandler an Spencer Stone are likeable but they are not actors. Eastwood should have used actors not the actual guys. Actors at least would have brought some subtext to the scenes. The film at times plays like an extended commercial for the US Arm forces which here looks tough but is place were you can always find a good bud to watch you back. The three amigos go on a cliche backpacking tour of Europe and while there is some innocent flirting with women they never seem to hook up with any of them. After a long night of partying in Amsterdan the boys wake up in their hotel room - this scene plays like one of those gee-I-was-so-drunk-I- forgot- if - I- had- sex-with- you scenarios.
  2. Recently Watched Horror

    " The Open House" (2018) this one starts as an effective psychological thriller before turning into an unpleasant exercise in torture porn. Dylan Minette plays Logan a high school runner who witnesses the accidental death of his father. His real state selling aunt lets Logan and his mother Naomi ( Piercy Dalton) move into a luxurious mountain chalet but there is one catch. The property is for sale and they must leave the house so that prospective clients can visit. The first hour has plenty of suspense and chills as the mother and son realize that someone stalking them. Could it be the noisy next door neighbor? The store owner? Or just some psycho who stayed behind after open house? I hated the third act which like a lot of lazy modern horror film becomes an exercise in bloody cruelty. Minette deserves better. He is a good young actor excellent in both comedy "Goosebumps" and better made horror films like " Don't Breath"
  3. Recently Watched Horror

    I need to check it out that shot reminds me of "Dreamcatcher"
  4. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Dane DeHaan tempts everybody....
  5. Recently Watched Horror

    Gore Verbinski creates a beautiful designed sci-fi horror movie in "A Cure For Wellness" (2017) Lockhart ( Dane DerHaan) goes to a Bavarian health resort in search of his missing boss; there he meets the mysterious frail Hannah ( Mia Goth) who suffers from some unnamed illness, the sinister Dr Volmer (Jason Isaacs) who has a terrible secret and some nasty eels. DeHaan ( who looks a bit like a young Leonardo Di Caprio) is submitted to some horrifying medical procedures until he finally uncovers the truth. Verbinski had the money to create an elaborate world for his story which could have been shorter but if you are in the mood for a dream like horror you will enjoy it just watch out for those eels
  6. Young Actors - Out and Proud!

    Gus takes an outdoor shower
  7. Call Me by Your Name

    I might not buy it but I would love to visit
  8. Call Me by Your Name

    The Italian Mansion From Call Me By Your Name is For Sale ... https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/call-me-by-your-name-italian-villa-for-sale-255888 1 day ago - The 16th century Italian villa from the Academy Award nominated Call Me By Your Name is for sale. Almost a character unto itself, the sprawling and beautifully preserved home provided the perfect background for the coming of age story. See More. Real Estate. Historic Italian Villa Cornaro Is On the Market ...
  9. Recently Watched Horror

    The poster looks like crap
  10. No Words

    Actor Shawn Roberts shows off his assets https://youtu.be/4iztB6_Pym0
  11. Memorable Music!

    Erasure song could have been in "Call Me By Your Name " soundtrack

    This is a tragic story.
  13. Call Me by Your Name

    I spend a lot of summers in Spain when I was a teenager so I identified with the films setting . The ending does not bother me- it makes sense- Elio is going through the pain of first love and in time he will recover
  14. Ideas for LGBT essentials

    The movie feels like a musical with out songs
  15. Call Me by Your Name

    That is a very hot scene...SPOILER ALERT Another critic thought the film's end was negative because the character is isolated- yes maybe for a while but Elio will survive and be fine- a boy that attractive and charming isn't going to be lonely for long

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