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  1. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    I just re-watched Dario Argento's classic giallo " The Bird With The Crystal Plumage"(1970) on blu ray. This movie stands up very well from the lurid colors which really pop out now and the inventive camera work. Argento was obviously inspired by Hitchcock specially "Psycho". He does create some classic set pieces of terror and suspense. Tony Musante as an an American journalist in Rome witnesses an attempted murder through an art gallery window and finds himself hunted by the killer.
  2. jaragon

    No Words

    Jean Sorel goes for a walk....
  3. jaragon

    Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    They make a handsome couple and still have chemistry
  4. jaragon

    Random Alerts!

    Porters does not write bios he writes fan fiction
  5. jaragon

    No Words

    Gay novelist Patrick Gale wrote the "Man in the Orange Shirt" teleplay inspired by his own family history I hope h writes more
  6. jaragon

    No Words

    I hope we see more of Mr Jackso Cohen's chest and beautiful eyes....if I had made the film I would have brought him back as the grandson - or would have cross cut between the two periods- the film really should have ended with a flash back to the original couple- I would like to see more gay period romances
  7. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    "Hereditary" is marketed like a horror film with a very effective trailer. The actual films begins as a psycho drama about a family dealing with their matriarch's death. Grandma was a strange woman with secrets as the soundtrack works over time to create a sense of dread. Toni Collette had a bad relationship with her mother and spends her time creating realistic dioramas. Gabriel Byrne is her extremely patient husband. They have two children a son Peter who is a teen age pot head and Charlie a very creepy daughter. Things go from bad to worse when the family is stalked by a supernatural force until the over the top climax which I found more silly than shocking.
  8. jaragon

    No Words

    I agree they had real chemistry as you can tell from the clip but hey who doesn't want to lick that beautiful hairy chest. The modern day sequence couple did not have any chemistry and I found the transition a bit confusing- who was that guy suppose to be. But the first hour was very romantic and sexy I wanted more of these two
  9. jaragon

    No Words

    This was very good but I thought the WW II lovers were more interesting than the modern drama- but still this was a real classic Hollywood style gay romance
  10. jaragon

    No Words

    Olive Jackson-Cohen one could fall in love with those eyes....
  11. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    "Hereditary" (2018) gets my vote as the worst movie of the year.
  12. jaragon

    Ideas for LGBT essentials

    It's out on DVD and it's worth a look- of course it's not as good as the movie but fun to watch and speaking of Andrews- she is so good in "Star" with Daniel Massey playing the gay icon Noel Coward.
  13. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    A classic science fiction horror movie in which unspeakable acts are suggested- this pre-code version really goes fof the kinkier aspects of the story
  14. jaragon

    No Words

    It will be on tomorrow night...
  15. jaragon

    No Words

    Yes and I had forgotten how cute Colin Firth was...

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