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  1. Random Alerts!

    Did this play in movie theaters? It looks more like something that might be shown to impressionable boys at either Catholic school or a Boy Scout meeting
  2. Euro Horror Madness

    Armando de Ossorio's " Night of the Seagulls" (1975) original title " La Noche de las Gaviotas"- a Doctor Stein and Joan his wive move to Spanish fishing village in which the not too friendly locals spend their days beating up the village idiot and their nights performing human sacrifices to the zombified medieval nights. This is another dull Blind Dead sequel. There are a few moody shot but the movie is very slow. The only weird bit is the sight of huge crabs munching on the remains of one of the victims
  3. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Mathew McFayden he looks very sexy with a beard in the new "Howard's End" mini-series...
  4. " Love, Simon" (2018)

    It's "Love Simon" for real.... Jake Bain and Hunter Sigmund celebrate their relationship with classmates. https://www.outsports.com/2018/4/17/17244994/jake-bain-hunter-sigmund-gay-high-school-prom
  5. Male Beauty In The Movies

    I'm curious about it
  6. Male Beauty In The Movies

    This might worth a look just for Ryan Philippe...
  7. Best Musicals of all time

    Last year "La La Land " was big hit and should have won the Oscar for best picture- and this year " The Greatest Showman" was an unexpected hit
  8. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Those chorus boys have very tight pants
  9. Random Alerts!

  10. Random Alerts!

    This looks like silly fun
  11. Bromance

    Newman and Redford as Butch and Sundance a classic bromance
  12. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Ira Levin's novel is such a terrific thriller -none of the movie adaptations have come close.
  13. Best Film In a Horror Series

    "Jurassic World " was very good and it did work as creature feature horror movie
  14. Euro Horror Madness

    http://dai.ly/x55voqq"Demon Witch Child" (1975) original title "La Endemoniada" it was also released as "The Possessed". Armando de Osorio who directed all those creepy Blind Dead movie made this exorcist copy. Susan is cursed by a gypsy and becomes a foul mouth head spinning murderer and only handsome Father Juan can save her. The movie does not have the budget to pull off most of the effects and it's rather dull. There is still those crazy euro horror touches- at one point the possessed Susan castrates one of her victims and sends the gift wrapped organ to the poor man's girlfriend. Amazon Prime has a horrible print- with a ridiculous English dubbing which makes the movie seem a lot sillier than it's original intent

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