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  1. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    "The Alien Factor" (1978) Don Dohler's science fiction horror about a small town terrorized by space creatures now works as time capsule of horrible late 70's fashion. Dohler's micro budget production does feature some impressive make up and fx work. The make up is a mixed bag but one of the monsters is scary when it's kept in the dark. Ernest D Farino did create a memorable stop motion creature for the climax Farino went on to become an Emmy winning special effects man.
  2. jaragon

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Has anybody seen this? It looks interesting...
  3. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    "Mausoleum " (1983) schlock classic starring the lovely and often topless Bobbie Bresee as Susan whose perfect life with husband Oliver ( Marjoe Gortner) is ruined when the family curse turns her into a sexually voracious killer demon. John Buechler's make up effects are good and there is one great gory death scene. The film also features Norman Burton as psychiatrist and LaWanda Page as the comic maid. The movie has plenty of unintentional laughs by the way the trailer looks better than awful print on Amazon. We need this movie on Bluray
  4. jaragon

    Memorable Music!

    "Hadrian" a new opera about the love between the Roman emperor and Greek youth...
  5. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    The 1940s mummy movies are all the same- very lazy treatment of a character that was so terrifying in it's original incarnation
  6. jaragon

    Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    " A Star is Born" (2018) Jack (Bradley Cooper) helps young singer Nick ( Nick Jonas) find fame as his own career falls apart.
  7. jaragon

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Tom Hardy runs in boxers...
  8. jaragon

    Straight Films That Are Actually Gay.

    "Venom" (2018) Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock a very straight reporter whose body is taken over by an alien named Venom. The alien first is just a masculine dominant voice who becomes Brock's master commanding his actions. Venom materializes as a muscular black creature who licks the head of his male victims with it's long tongue. Brock does have a token ex girlfriend Anne played by Michelle Williams but by the fade out is obvious that his true love is the alien living inside his body.
  9. jaragon

    Gays in Space

    Yeah there is a strong gay subtext in this one- the waiter seems to really be interested in joining the boys😉
  10. jaragon

    Gays in Space

    Somebody had the bright idea of re-dubbing that sci-fi schlock classic "Killers from Space" (1954) starring Peter Graves as an atomic scientist/marine pilot who has a close encounters with ping pong eye aliens into a "comedy" in which the aliens turn out to be gay. The result is deadly and fails as both comedy or satire.
  11. jaragon

    "The Devil's Bride" (1968)

    Love love this movie- it one of Hammer's and Christopher Lee's finest productions. Lee really should have returned as de Richeleau in another movie- or better yet in series
  12. jaragon

    "DRACULA" (Horror of Dracula) region 2 restoration

    Stoker's book still has the power to scare
  13. jaragon

    "DRACULA" (Horror of Dracula) region 2 restoration

    The Hammer Dracula is very loose adaptation of the novel but a very effective vampire movie.
  14. jaragon

    "DRACULA" (Horror of Dracula) region 2 restoration

    Jordan was very effective as Dracula
  15. jaragon

    "DRACULA" (Horror of Dracula) region 2 restoration

    Lee's Dracula is both erotic and terrifying

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