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  1. jaragon

    International films with LGBT themes

    A new one from France....
  2. jaragon

    No Words

    The male body is motion this piece combines dance and circus style acrobatics...
  3. Kerry Conran's ambitious tribute to classic fantasy adventure films was not a box office success. It was one of the first films to use extensive CG sets to create a retro-future New York. The movie looks like an RKO film from 1939. The story is pure adventure serial with Sky Captain ( Jude Law) and Polly ( Gywneth Paltrow) running against time to save the world from a mad genius who wants to destroy the world. There are plenty of visual references to everything from Flash Gordon to King Kong.
  4. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    ­čśë Mr Larroquette was not bad looking either
  5. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    "The Super " (2018) Patrick John Flueger gets a job as one of the caretakers of an apartment building were some of the tenants are disappearing. This starts off a psychological thriller and then becomes a ghost story until it goes bunkers. Val Kilmer plays a strange old man who dabbles in witchcraft and may be responsible for the rising body count. A few effective shocks- you can rent it over at Amazon
  6. jaragon

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Albert Finney (1936-2019) was sexy hot in "Saturday Night ,Sunday Morning" (1960)
  7. jaragon

    Random Alerts!

    I've only seen him in "Cinderalla" (2015) in which he was truly a charming Prince and he looks every inch the movie star
  8. jaragon

    Random Alerts!

    Richard Madden who played Prince Charming and might be the next James Bond played a gay character in the tv series "Sirens" https://youtu.be/TrvFtj-vALw
  9. jaragon

    Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    I agree they could just have cut that pointless Meryl Streep number
  10. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    "Velvet Buzzaw" (2019)written and directed by Dan Gilroy is a stylish horror film set in the contemporary art world . The movie plays like feature length episode of "Tales from the Crypt" in which greedy schemers get what they deserve from a set of cursed paintings . You can see it on Netflix
  11. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    It has aged very well- yes it's very Spielberg except for that face ripping scene- the remake is AWFUL!
  12. jaragon

    Random Alerts!

    Jake Gyllenhaal plays a bisexual art critic in this stylish horror movie (and yes does look great naked)
  13. jaragon

    Les Diaboliques (1955)

    It's a classic thriller- with a truly terrifying ending. There was a good made for television remake called "Reflections of Murder" (1974) starring Tuesday Weld, Joanna Hacket and Sam Waterson. Directed by John Badham
  14. Saw the Wizard of Oz yesterday on the big screen.  Never really fully appreciated the film until now.  Seeing as intended is a game changer.

    1. jaragon


      I wanted to see it this MGM musical belong on the big screen

  15. jaragon

    Gay Theme Biofilms

    Luis Cuento who used the named Karoll of Havana when he shot Cuban bodybuilders and musclemen in the 1940s and 50's . There is not too much known about him except that he was spent time in the homosexual concentration camps run by Raul Castro in the 1960s. PERSONAJES DEL OLVIDO IV : Karoll (Luis Cuento), dialoga entre ... memorandumvitae.blogspot.com/.../personajes-del-olvido-iv-karoll... Translate this page Nov 24, 2009 - De Karoll no se conoce gran cosa. Nacido en La Habana en 1920, de Luis Cuento, su verdadero nombre, ├║nicamente se sabe que estuvo ...

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