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  1. jaragon

    "When We Rise"

    Exactly that is what I mean - we might share similar experiences but at the same time be very different- there was a book I forgot the name which tried to do that
  2. jaragon

    Disney Beat Goes Gay

    I'm sure by now you must have heard of the scandal created when Bill Condon director of the live action " Beauty and the Beast" ( a film which seems to have been made just to make money) declare that Le Fou was gay as this was some sort of landmark. I know that as gay man I love to see a sniveling side kick literally **** kissing the film's villain Gaston. Not sure what the point of this is? I mean gays were going to see this Disney musical anyway even though to me it seems as if they basically made a copy of the animate masterpiece.
  3. jaragon

    "When We Rise"

    It's difficult to create a show that does justice to the entire gay experience.
  4. jaragon

    "When We Rise"

    Have not looked at this yet- the trailer seemed kind of boring
  5. jaragon

    "La La Land" (2016)

    A must see for any fan of the classic American movie musical-
  6. jaragon

    "La La Land" (2016)

    I love this film and I really don't understand people who don't get it.
  7. jaragon

    "The Birds"

    Too bad because "Marnie " could have used a better script
  8. jaragon

    "Moonlight" (2016)

    Congratulations for winning Best Picture Oscar- the first gay theme movie to ever do so.
  9. jaragon

    "The Birds"

    The screenplay is very well constructed
  10. jaragon

    "La La Land" (2016)

    Yeah I just ran into people who did not like the movie for those reasons-
  11. jaragon

    "La La Land" (2016)

    Its not fair to compare Gosling and Stone to Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds who would have played their roles if the film had been produced by MGM in the Golden Age. But their charm and chemistry makes the movie work- the film is closer in spirit to the Jaques Demy musicals in which average people expressed their joys and sorrows in song ;of course average people who looked like movie stars
  12. jaragon

    Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" is perfect slash fiction material- in both "Snow White" and "SBFSB" the woman acts as the civilizing element. Who knows what the seven bros were up to when there were no women around? I'll leave that up to your naughty imagination
  13. jaragon

    Gay joking in straight classics

    A perfect movie farce and that final line is still shockingly true.
  14. jaragon

    Intriguing Photos Of Our Favs!

    I think you are talking about " Bad Movies We Love" which is a very funny book too
  15. jaragon

    Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Don't you guys think that at least one of those seven brothers would have preferred a groom to a bride?
  16. jaragon

    Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    What do you expect from EM Foster novel- and yes Rupert Graves is very cute
  17. jaragon

    Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    In Latino culture there is as a lot of down low relationship - men who get married and have gay lovers on the side
  18. jaragon


    Stanley Kowalski has to be played by a sexy man - John C Rieley is not sexy
  19. jaragon


    I think it all depends on the role - personally I never believe Al Pacino as Cuban in "Scarface"- there are certain traits that no matter how talented an actor can pull off. The sexuality question is trickier- there is not doubt that gay actor playing a gay character will bring an added dimension to the role but in the other hand Heath Ledger who was straight is heart breaking real in "Brokeback Mountain"
  20. jaragon

    The Boys in the Band play

  21. jaragon

    Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    " A Place in the Sun" (1951)George (Montgomery Clift) a bi-sexual young man's relationship with wealthy heiress Angela (Elizabeth Taylor ) is complicated by his affair with Al ( John Ireland) who threatens to expose him.
  22. jaragon

    Angela Lansbury, gay icon

    Mr Porter is a master of celebrity slash fiction
  23. jaragon

    Straight Films That Are Actually Gay.

    Yes two both
  24. jaragon

    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

    Yeah Kubrick's film was obviously an influence on "Star Trek TMP"

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