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  1. "Strip Nude For Your Killer" (1975) might be the sleaziest giallo ever made.  It feels more like a 70s porn film in which all the hard core sex has been edited out and there is still plenty of sex and full frontal female nudity. And if you ever wondered what happened to Nino Casteinuovo after  "The Umbrellas of Chebourg" he plays the photographer who shoots all the nudie models.  You can watch it if  you must on Amazon

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  2. On 3/12/2019 at 12:01 PM, Sgt_Markoff said:

    Looks like quite a fine list to me. These films are the cornerstone of the genre; they were pioneering; they helped set the field into the order as we know it today. 'Forbidden Planet' is the standout mention, as far as I'm concerned. I'll take it over slick, Luc/Berg era flicks anytime. The newer something is, the easier it was to crank out, less I'm bound to like it. Give me a classic (even an obscure classic) every time. There's even an intense fascination (for me) for a film like 'The Shape of Thing To Come' precisely because of the crude, clumsy, fumbling ambition behind that production. It speaks volumes about the mindset of those who made it. Truly a cultural document.

    "The Shape of Things To Come" is actually trying to make a statement about the mankind.  "Forbidden Planet" has aged even better- MGM obviously spent the money on the production and fx which are still effective today.

  3. "In the Woods" (1999) written and directed by Lynn Drzick starts off as blue collar drama about Alex (DJ Perry) a rookie fireman  who drinks too much which is upsetting his wife. There is also a serial killer on the loose who likes to collect his victims fingers.  Alex and Jim go hunting and find a strange horned skull. People start to get killed by some hairy beast and the movie turns into a monsters movie. This made in Michigan movie can be found for free on Amazon . 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

    Jennifer Salt went on to star in the wonderful ABC parody show, 'Soap'. I didn't realize it was the same actress as in this flick. Their hairstyle threw me. I'll still take that series over any comedy made since.

    Margot Kidder went on to become an egomaniac, so I've heard. She had an overweaning opinion of her acting talents. I feel she did make a quite good Lois Lane though. Against all credibility she wound up apt in that slot.

    What makes 'Sisters' such a gem is Charles Durning in the minor support. When you got a guy like that in support, you're in good company.

    Jennifer Salt is interviewed in one of the few extras on the bluray. Kidder is very good but now we know she suffered from some mental issues.  I agree with you about Durning.  This time I noticed the films humor

  5. 6 minutes ago, rayban said:

    You have an affinity for "dreamboats".



    And what is not to love about this man?! He is the sexiest movie star at the moment😍

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  6. Ken Russell"s "Women in Love" (1969) is an extraordinary work of cinema- adapted by Larry Kramer from the novel by DH Lawrence ; both intellectually and erotically stimulating. Has anyone else used sex in film this way- the characters really seem to be passionately seeking a connection through their love making.  And yes at it's heart there is a homosexual love story.  Rupert (Alan Bates) is in love with Gerard (Oliver Reed) but Rupert refuses to go there even after their erotically charged nude wrestling match. That scene is still something to watch and much hotter than any x rated gay porn.  Rupert seems to be happy with Ursula (Jenni Linden) but Gerard is unable to find true satisfaction with Gundrun( Glenda Jackson). She might be a force of nature but can anyone be sexier than Alan Bates? .  He is the films most sensual character.  And who doesn't want to wake up next to Mr Bates.  The film is out on a first rate blu-ray from Criterion

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  7. Margot Kidder plays siamese twins with a deadly secret in Brian DePalma's horror classic is now available in Blu ray from Criterion.   The story is obviously inspired by Hitchcock's psycho but DePalma manages to give his own unique vision. Jennifer Salt is the too curious reporter. William Finley as the creepy ex husband.  Berdnard Herrman's score enhances the terror and suspense.


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  8. Lamberto  Bava's " Macabre" (1980) is a true shocker about a woman who has a nervous breakdown after the death of her lover. This one has everything murderous children, gory deaths and kinky sex. The movie is set in New Orleans and has very moody photography.  The English language dub is horrendous. You can see what the lady keep inside the refrigerator if you dare! on Amazon Prime


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