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  1. jaragon

    No Words

    Joe sells more shorts...
  2. jaragon

    Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Jason Priestley gets the Bruce Webber treatment...
  3. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    They both had perfect hair😍
  4. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    The joys of slash fiction
  5. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    Did you see "Anabelle -Creation" that is actually pretty good too
  6. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    I really enjoyed "The Nun" (2018) a prequel set in the Conjuring universe. A priest ( Demian Bichar) and novice Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) travel to Romania to investigate a nun's suicide. Director Corin Hardy is a Hammer fan and the movie has a classic horror look.
  7. jaragon

    Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Director Randall Kleiser had a good eye for pretty boys😉
  8. jaragon

    Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    A threesome made for slash fiction😉
  9. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    "Us" is actually better - I mean it doesn't work but it tries- anything is better than the godawful remake of "Suspiria". The best horror movies comes out left field- I did not like the trailer for new "Child's Play" .
  10. jaragon

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    The real Sal Mineo and Val Lauren who played him James Franco's "Sal" (2011)
  11. jaragon

    Recently Watched Horror

    A mother and her two children are terrorized by "The Curse of La Llorona" (2019) the movie is low key horror inspired by the Latino myth of the Weeping Woman. The Latino angle is the only interesting twist in an other wise routine movie which seems to be aimed at the kids. Director Michael Chaves made the scarier short film 'The Maiden" (2016)
  12. jaragon

    Hot TV Guys

    Sal Mineo in "Hawaii Five O"...
  13. jaragon

    "Judy" trailer

    The Judy bio looks like classic Oscar bait.
  14. There are good films these days you just have to find them

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