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  1. Straight Films That Are Actually Gay.

    https://youtu.be/tHJ4U2Kr1x0 "All the Money in the World" (2017). Ridley Scott is back in top form in this well made if slightly long film about the kidnapping of J Paul Getty's grandson and his refusal to pay the ransom. Cinquanta ( Romain Duris) one of the kidnappers becomes very attached to the boy ( Charlie Plummer) their relationship feels very homoerotic. Paul looks like Tadzio from " Death in Venice" and the contrast between his androgynous beauty and the older man's swarthy looks is striking- which brings me to the removal of Spacey by Scott perhaps it goes beyond simply avoiding bad publicity.
  2. No Words

    We should thank the gay guy in charge of costumes at Universal who got Mr Bronfield the tiniest swimsuit that the Haye's office could allow
  3. "Saturn 3" 1980

    Adam (Kirk Douglas) and Alex ( Farrah Fawcett) are scientist (?) living on a space station on one of Saturns's moons- they spend their day jogging, playing with a cute dog and having sex- they act like they are in a beach house in Malibu not in outer space. The May-December couple's fun is interrupted by the arrival of Benson ( Harvey Keitel with dubbed voice by Roy Dotrice) an obvious psycho who brings along Hector- a robot who goes out of control once he gets a look at Farah in short shorts. John Barry the production designer had written the original story and was suppose to direct but because of creative differences was replaced by Stanley Donen. Mr Donen shows off his MGM musical heritage by staging a space launch as if it was Busby Berkley production number. The effects are good for that time but feel very generic now. Hector the robot has a cool body but I wonder who came up with ridiculous flimsy head which could easily be knocked off . The movie feels truncated we never get too see the effect of the drug when the couple take it- which Mr Donen could have staged as dream ballet. My favorite shot in the trailer is Miss Fawcett wearing a Barbarella like costume which does not appear in the final cut of the film-( maybe that was part of the dream ballet? )https://youtu.be/NENxIu02bvg
  4. Who played the Aliens in Earth vs the Flying Saucers?

    I imagine it was some stuntman- in those days like Lawrence A said - behind the scenes people did not get as much credits as today
  5. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    "Saturn 3"( 1980) Adam( Kirk Douglass) and his lover Alex (Mark Harmon) living on a space station near Saturn are visited by Benson ( Harvey Keitel) and his robot Hector who goes out of control when it falls in love with the younger man.
  6. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    A while back someone ( whose true identity must remain a secret) started a board riot when he dared suggest that Marty could not find a girlfriend to get married because perhaps he was actually gay ?! ( oh no!!! gasp !!the horror!!) so what other classic movies could work if the main characters were re-written as gay...?
  7. No Words

    Hot Fit Guys have problems too
  8. No Words

    Is that a new rod or are you just happy to see me
  9. No Words

  10. No Words

    This look like a still from a 1950's Falcon movie
  11. No Words

    Happy Birthday Rod Taylor...
  12. Same-Sex Attraction/L-Amour Fou!

    Clive was not only an idiot he was a cold fish
  13. Same-Sex Attraction/L-Amour Fou!

    Mauriece was in love with the idiot Clive who chose marriage and respectability- Skudder is of course hotter and he was probably more fun in bed than idiot Clive ( yes I have personal issues with Clive !)
  14. Bromance

    Captain America brobonds with The Falcon....
  15. Gay Books That Should Be Movies

    "Conversations with my Elders" by Boze Hadleigh. This must read books is a collection of interviews with famous gay movie icons- Visconti,Cukor, Beaton, Rock Hudson and the fascinating Sal Mineo. I read that they were going to turn this into a play- a movie could be trickier but it could work as tv series
  16. Gay Books That Should Be Movies

    Which gay theme book- fiction or non fiction do you think would make a great gay theme movie? We are still waiting for " The Front Runner" which should have been made by Paul Newman as the coach who falls in love with Jan Michael Vincent as the runner. Now that's a love scene I would have payed to see...
  17. Gay Books That Should Be Movies

    It was made into an opera
  18. No Words

    Happy Birthday Mr Mineo...
  19. No Words

    James Franco can sexually harass me all he wants
  20. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    "The Shape of Water" (2017) Ed (Jake Gyllenhaal) a lonely mute who works as maintenance worker at a secret government lab falls in love with an amphibian man that is being tortured by government agents.
  21. Ghostbusters

    I agree the villain was very weak- reminded me of the plot of "Ghostbusters 2"- the original works because it's written like a straight horror fantasy film- even if you take out the jokes it still works
  22. Memorable Music!

    Calum Scott is the gay winner of Britain's Got Talent...
  23. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Sebastian Stan who plays Captain America's true love Bucky...
  24. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Talk about homoerotic subtext !
  25. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    I watched the talking cat movie which turned out to be better than I expected- cute, pleasant and of course no deCoteau movie is complete without a gratuitous cute boy shirtless scene.

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