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  1. "Salem's Lot" (1979)

    With the success of the " It" movie I bet you we'll get another movie or mini series adapation
  2. Gay Theme Biofilms

    Science fiction author Arthur C Clarke- this could be more like a fantasy than a regular biography- perhaps using the making "2001" as jumping off point. Clarke served in WW II, and after brief marriage to an American woman he moved to Siri Lanka and lived with a man which he described as his " only perfect friend of a lifetime".
  3. Gay Theme Biofilms

    There have been many films bases on the lives of famous GLTB figures- Oscar Wilder, Alan Turin which historical gay figure do you think would make a good subject for a movie?
  4. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    The timeless beauty of Paul Newman...
  5. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    A while back someone ( whose true identity must remain a secret) started a board riot when he dared suggest that Marty could not find a girlfriend to get married because perhaps he was actually gay ?! ( oh no!!! gasp !!the horror!!) so what other classic movies could work if the main characters were re-written as gay...?
  6. Male Beauty In The Movies

    I would sign up Ryan Guzman for obvious reasons....
  7. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    I like the way they slow down the video and the music makes it a lot sexier- yes Paul Newman is a timeless icon of male beauty
  8. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Just imagine Burton instead of McClaine
  9. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    I had the same idea in mind- originally I thought of Brando for the artist but that would have been to heavy- Newman is more fun and one can imagine him grabbing Burton and rolling around the surf
  10. "Ghost Story" (1981)

    Peter Straub's scary novel became a not very scary film- great cast- Fred Astaire, John Houseman, Melvyn Douglas and Douglas Fairbanks are terrorized by a vengeful ghost (Alice Kriege) . Straubs long complex novel which pays tribute to classic horror stories is over simplified- some character simply vanish with out explanation. Director John Irvin fails to create suspense one can only imagine what John Carpenter might have done with the material. Make-up fx from the great Richard (Dick) Smith supply the occasional shock. The eerie score by Philippe Sarde provides the spooky atmosphere. This is a novel that should be remade- it would make an excellent mini-series.
  11. No Words

    Mr Hemsworth watches himself....
  12. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    "The Sandpiper" (1965) A Episcopal priest (Richard Burton) falls for a free-living artist (Paul Newman).
  13. Recently Watched Horror

    I saw and liked " The Ritual" four men go on a hiking trip through Sweden but take the wrong turn into Blair Witch land. An excellent cast including Rober James Collier playing a very different character from his "Downtown Abbey" role. The film works as a psychological thriller about guilt and a monster movie. The setting is both familiar and foreign. It's on Netflix but really deserved a theatrical release. https://youtu.be/LXzSAJYn7YQ
  14. No Words

    This might have worked better with a younger star in the Liz Taylor role
  15. Recently Watched Horror

    Even the trailer is boring
  16. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Those lips ... those eyes...
  17. Random Alerts!

    G I Joe auditions for "Magic Mike- The Animated Movie"...
  18. International films with LGBT themes

    The joys and sorrows of baking...
  19. Recently Watched Horror

    This looks creepy...
  20. Random Alerts!

    Steve Lund goes to the steam bath...
  21. Random Alerts!

    Steve Lund And His On-Screen Bisexuality; Secretly Married In ... liverampup.com/entertainment/steve-lund-screen... Hunky man Steve Lund is one unresolved mystery regarding his sexuality. He plays a bisexual character on screen but has never been spotted with a woman or a man. I would like to see more of him...
  22. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Makar Zaporozkhi who goes full frontal in "Red Sparrow"...I thought the casting director had discovered him while watching a Bel Ami video
  23. Random Alerts!

    Another sitcom but this one looks more adult oriented
  24. Male Beauty In The Movies

    I like "Red Sparrow" which is a star vehicle of Jennifer Lawrence in which she plays a Russian ballerina who is trained as sexy secret agent. The director seemed to trying to do cold war Hitchcock thriller but he is not Brian DePalma who would have at least made the sex scenes interesting. Besides the sight of Mr Edgerton in spedos there is also gratuitous full frontal male nudity as one as the Red Sparrow cadets are made to strip. Like every movie these days it's a bit long.
  25. Random Alerts!

    Did you any of you see this new sitcom- two jock brothers own a gym in Broohklyn the older one finds out that he has son who is gay- the two leads are very easy on the eyes but I found the gay child a bit too cliche

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