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    We have been on every TCM cruise. So sad this will be the last one. This cruise is a bit different from a regular cruise--different entertainment. If you are a movie fan, this is GREAT! We love cruising in general. We usually take the insurance offered, just in case something happens and we can't go for some reason; but thankfully haven't had to use it. It will also cover lost baggage, etc. Better to have it if it will make you feel more comfortable.
  2. 68nittany

    Last cruise

    TCM just announced this will be the last cruise! This is terrible! We so looked forward to this. Maybe if enough people complain, they will have a change of heart.
  3. 68nittany

    TCM Cruise 2016

    Check bottom of TCM Cruise page for prices. Better hurry up--cruise is filling up fast--some categories filled up already!
  4. 68nittany

    TCM 2015 cruise

    We were on the cruise also. Had a great time, won at trivia. So glad they had a buffet at night. Can't wait until the next cruise. Looking forward to San Juan. Tired of Castaway Cay but enjoy the bbq.

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