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  1. Vidor

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    Sure. And of course there are only so many films in the pool to draw from. But it would be nice to mix them up some more. More Fox or Universal films. More post-1980 films. Different foreign language films. Any documentaries--still can't believe they're off the schedule this year. Animated shorts. Live-action shorts. People like me that have watched Turner Classic Movies for years, well, we've seen these films.
  2. Vidor

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    Another reason the program is somewhat disappointing this year. A lot of retreads.
  3. Vidor

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    I find myself a little disappointed by this slate. Specifically, it would have been nice if they had mixed up some other Foreign Language Film nominees. And there are no documentaries at all. I guess there's no way to tell what short films they're going to air? Surely they'll run a few as filler between the features. That's another thing that would have been nice. Give us a block of short films!
  4. Vidor

    Movies that won't be shown on TCM

    "Street Angel" is scheduled to run on TCM three days from now, on Feb. 1 as part of "31 Days of Oscar". Read a Slate interview last year in which whoever runs TCM these days said they wouldn't ever run "The Birth of a Nation" again.
  5. Vidor

    Comcast on-screen guide problem

    Rebooting didn't work. Just like the poster below, the last TCM movie I see on my guide is "Last of the Mobile Hot-Shots", and the guide is blank after 4:30 am Pacific on November 19.
  6. Vidor

    Comcast on-screen guide problem

    I haven't, because this is a TCM-only problem...I'll try it later tonight and see.
  7. Vidor

    Newer "classics"

    If I had to pick a newer film that met the definition of "classic", that is, the kind that people might care about 50 years from now, the newest movies I'd pick are "There Will Be Blood" and "No Country for Old Men" in 2007. Certainly nothing after that, not in our brave new world of comic book films. As for what airs on TCM, I have mixed emotions. I've watched newer films on TCM before. I don't believe that TCM should confine itself to, say, the studio era. But on the other hand TCM fills a certain niche in the market, and should not turn into a copy of HBO. I was a little disturbed by the recent run of new films a while back. "A League of Their Own" ran on Turner Classic Movies. That's a great movie, and I like it, but "A League of Their Own" probably airs on some channel every single day.
  8. Vidor

    Comcast on-screen guide problem

    Called a Comcast number, was connected to a service rep in Denver who was completely unfamiliar with what I was talking about but apparently turned on the TV in his office or whatever and observed that there was no program information for TCM after the morning of November 19. Man, you'd think that people would know about this by now. That either 1) the problem would be fixed or 2) if it turned out that Comcast was dropping TCM, that would have been announced. I realize that Comcast has a reputation for awful service but this had been for the better part of a week now.
  9. Vidor

    Plot Holes

    Because he forgot, I guess. A plot hole is a violation in a story's internal logic. TV Tropes has an article here. So, to give an unambiguous example as listed on that page, the duffel bags filled with advertisements for prostitutes in "Ocean's Eleven". They appear in the vault elevator magically; no one ever carries them in. That's a plot hole. The fact that Raymond says he heard the word "Rosebud" negates the alleged plot hole. Raymond says he was there, therefore Kane wasn't alone when he died. Why isn't Raymond in the shot? I don't know. Maybe the shot is from his POV. Maybe he was cleaning the windows.
  10. Vidor

    Comcast on-screen guide problem

    Still nothiing on the guide after 4:30 am Pacfic on November 19. It's been, oh, five days now.
  11. Vidor

    Plot Holes

    Well, Kane might have appeared to be alone, but he wasn't alone, else Raymond would not have heard him. Not a plot hole.
  12. Vidor

    Comcast on-screen guide problem

    I certainly hope that's the case.
  13. Vidor

    Rain (1932)

    Good but the Gloria Swanson version is better.
  14. Vidor

    Plot Holes

    Raymond the butler was there. Raymond specifically says he heard "Rosebud" when he talks with Thompson towards the end of the film.
  15. Vidor

    Comcast on-screen guide problem

    So...someone who is responsible for sending the guide to Comcast has failed? Are we reasonably confident that TCM isn't going to disappear from Comcast on Thursday?

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