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  1. Soap hunks and divas

    I do hope that you will get a response. His story will certainly be an interesting one.
  2. Soap hunks and divas

    "One Life To Live" - Ryan Phillippe - April 1992-May 1993 - Ryan Phillippe played the first openly gay teenager in a television series BILLY DOUGLAS, who just happened to be a well-adjusted young man - the character was created by Michael Malone - when Billy began going out with another young man, Rick Mitchell, who was played by Joe Fiske, there was a negative response from the viewers and the character was written out of the daytime soap - below, Billy Douglas and his parents, who were played by Susan Pellegrino and Jonathan Hogan - below, Biily and boyfriend, Rick -
  3. Soap hunks and divas

    "One Life To Live" - that gay teen - summertime shine - an irony about the Ryan Phillippe storyline was that his homophobic father was played by Jonathan Hogan, an actor who achieved fame on Broadway playing a gay man in "As Is" -
  4. Soap hunks and divas

    Why didn't they bring him back?
  5. Soap hunks and divas

    Yes, being "beautiful" and "being in shape" is A REQUIREMENT - for example, Paul, on "Days Of Our Lives" - the face and the body can send you "reeling" - Will, too, is an extremely beautiful young man - and, when his shirt is off, you are "mesmerized" - Sonny does not often display his body - but the total package, especially his face, is gorgeous - but I have no objections - I enjoy "the spectacle" - "the spectacle of perfection" -
  6. Soap hunks and divas

    "As The World Turns" - Luke Snyder and Noah Meyer, who were portrayed by Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. They were daytime television's first gay male supercouple. When Noah became blinded in an accident, Luke, a very rich boy, hired Dr. Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer Stevens) to restore his sight. Dr. Oliver, who was extremely arrogant, fell in love with Luke. The resulting triange was full of a great deal of anguish. Tragically, Dr. Oliver died from a car accident - before he died, he donated his heart to one of the show's characters, who had become very ill. The final scene between Luke and Reid - and, then, Luke and Noah - was truly heartbreaking. Daytime television's first gay male supercouple - Dr. Oliver cannot help himself -
  7. Soap hunks and divas

    I watched the final year of "As The World Turns" - it had three gay characters - a young son, his boyfriend and a older doctor, who came between the boyfriends.
  8. Soap hunks and divas

    He'd do quite well in a Tom Ripley movie, I think.

    I do hate NOT knowing the ending.
  10. "Riverdale"

    Yes, we need to get him out of the woods. He does have lucious lips, though. They must get quite a work-out in the woods.
  11. Soap hunks and divas

    You said it!
  12. Soap hunks and divas

    Yes, indeed, a film that was all about "his manhood", which was his principal source of income.
  13. TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Yes - "Enjoy your Happy Meal today with Robby The Robot!"
  14. Soap hunks and divas

    I'd like to see him in a re-make of "The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone" - playing opposite Meryl Streep.
  15. TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    And he was actually seven feet tall.

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