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  1. rayban

    The Imitation Game

    Extraordinary people, like Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and Luchino Viscounti, are rarely straight. And, let's face it, besides being gay, many of them are bisexual, too.
  2. rayban

    The Imitation Game

    It's a powerful, tragic film. I'll probably never get over it. I was surprised by the depiction of Keira Knightley's character, Alan Turing's fiancee. She knew that he was a homosexual, but she didn't really care that much. Because they were not ordinary people. If they had married, would Alan Turing have had a happier end? Possibly, because she would have allowed him, I think, his other life, too. The Enigma Team - Graham Moore won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.
  3. rayban

    Yolonda and the Thief

    Lucille Bremer does try to play the lead role, but playing an innocent girl is beyond her. It might've worked, if they couldn't found a personification of innocence.
  4. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    It is one of Darwin Porter's concoctions - assisted by Danforth Prince. In other words, it is based on fact that is fictionalized.
  5. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    Well, now, I've only just started to read it. He's a struggling actor who can't get any work. So, he becomes - a gay party boy. On the street and at private events. He's just met Rogers Brackett, a well-placed and gay industry executive, who has landed him four acting gigs on a popular radio show.
  6. rayban

    No Words

    We do need more gay period romances, I agree.
  7. rayban

    No Words

    I think that the TV movie was based on a play that was produced in England and then later was produced for a limited run Off Broadway. I can't remember the title, though.
  8. rayban

    No Words

    He was the son of the child that Oliver Jackson Cohen and his wife had. So, he became Oliver Jackson Cohen's grandson. I agree, the second hour, in trying to show us how far England has come in terms of accepting homosexuality, was a big, big mistake. The last two actors had no chemisty. (Oliver Jackson Cohen's chest was heaven-sent.)
  9. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    In a new biography of James Dean, "Tomorrow Never Comes".
  10. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    According to Joan Crawford, speaking from the vantage point of her heyday in Hollywood, bisexuality was the norm in Hollywood - if you weren't bisexual, you were gay and if you weren't gay, you were bisexual. Joan Crawford and George Nader - reportedly, "a gay man" who couldn't resist her overtures.
  11. rayban

    No Words

    Yes, the first hour was far more interesting than the second. I especially liked the first two lovers in the first hour.
  12. rayban

    Barbara Stanwyck's son

    According to some insider reports, when Joan Crawford was married to Phillip Terry, he was having a very intimate affair with Robert Taylor. Well, they were two very attractive men.
  13. rayban

    Yolonda and the Thief

    Visually, this one might be the most dazzling musical that I have ever seen.
  14. rayban

    Tony Richardson

    I saw two of his Broadway productions - "Arturo Uri" and "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore". I may have been young, but I knew that I was seeing great unconventional theater. I ran into Vanessa Redgrave once - Tony Richardson's production of "The Lady From The Sea" was opening up at the Circle-In-The-Square Theater, Uptown. I was in the lobby with a friend - she came up from the theater. She was dressed very poorly - like somebody from a ghetto. She saw us and gave us a "filthy" look. In "retaliation", we followed her - to a really shoddy dinner. She sat down at the far end of the counter and began a conversation with the counterman. I wanted to follow her in. But Dennis, my friend, felt strongly that we should keep our distance.
  15. rayban

    Tony Richardson

    What do you think of "Joseph Andrews"?

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