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  1. rayban

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    😲 I am constantly putting it down and saying to myself, "What did I just read?" That James Dean used a well-placed exec, Rogers Brackett, to get to the top? That he slept with William Inge to be considered for a part in an upcoming teleplay of his? That he couldn't keep it in his pants and thus came to the attention of many interested men? That he and Steve McQueen had quite a torrid love affair? That he was so gone over Paul Newman that he wanted to run away with him and live off the land? But, yes, it's all there - in juicy, juicy print! 😲
  2. rayban

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    The pool parties at George Cukor's house make quite an appearance in the James Dean bio, "Tomorrow Never Comes", which is juicily written by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince. James Dean's early gay days in Hollywood brought him to the "parties". I would love to have seen "the act" that he performed with Roddy McDowall.
  3. rayban

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    Beautiful review, maybe you can resurrect the reputation of this film.
  4. rayban

    "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

    Yes, Murray Head is much too young to be dating Glenda Jackson or Peter Finch. Unless, of course, he might be into older people who might take care of him. However, he is obviously a business enterpeuneur. He works with a team of three co-workers. I would guess that he doesn't need Daniel or Alec to take care of him. As to your second point, the little girl is clearly upset over the death of her dog - and the dog's death was obviously accidental. When Alec begins to yell at her, the little girl runs away in tears. She knows that she was wrong to run with the dog into the road where there was obvious traffic. She's a very intelligent little girl and already know that she was acting stupidly. However, her parents have promised her a new dog so as to wash the grief of the incident away.
  5. rayban

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

    The swimsuit with the largely exposed derriere and the well-covered crotch should be a collector's item. Obviously the designer was more interested in the delights of the derriere.
  6. rayban

    "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

    "Sunday Bloody Sunday" was a very courageous film. Homosexual acts were decriminalized in England in 1967. The film was released in 1971.
  7. rayban

    "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

    This film is about a handsome young man who divides his time between a woman and a man. It is beautifully realized by John Schlesinger in the most unemphatic way - nothing is pushed or lingered over. It just happens with little or no explanation. How do you explain a young man's sexual attraction to two decidedly older people with whom he has nothing in common? It's a "mystery" that remains a "mystery". The film does seem tipped in the older man's direction. Despite the fact that he is older - and would probably have a partner by this time - he seems genuinely happy. The older woman doesn't seem as happy and even sleeps with one of her clients. As I said, what happens in this film simply washes over you. Nobody is coming up with an over-all and convincing explanation. The actors - Peter Finch, Glenda Jackson and Murray Head - are quite convincing - and quite attractive, too. The direction is superb throughout and tells its' complicated story simply. If you want an explanation, you will have to go elsewhere. The mysteries of the heart are mysterious indeed. In the end, the young man, Bob Elkin, leaves for America in the hope of promoting one of his artistic projects. Alex Greville (Glenda Jackson) and Daniel Hirsch (Peter Finch) take it in stride. Daniel Hirsch gives his famous monologue at the end to the camera in which he tell us that Bob wasn't the man that he had been looking for, but - "we were something". What exactly? You are left with your own answer. What would Daniel and Alex say? That they lost a lover, a friend, a diversion?
  8. rayban

    Photos That Demand A Caption!

    Does anyone like lollipops?!
  9. rayban


    A few years later. But, alas, not for long. 1981-1983?
  10. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    Here is a film that should have ended up on the shelf - collecting dust for eternity! Its' unique badness cannot be described - it must be experienced.
  11. rayban

    the most silly little movie myths

    That Phyllis Gates, secretary to the notorious agent, Henry Willson, entered into her marriage with Rock Hudson, not knowing that he was a full-fledged homosexual.
  12. rayban

    Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Gregory Bradford has to be seen in the NUDE.
  13. rayban


    And gay - oh, so gay.
  14. rayban

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    I remember seeing it in a revival house in the West Village (NYC). The audience was shocked into silence.
  15. rayban


    "After Dark" had a glorious first run - and then ceased publication. It was primarily targeted to young gay men. Later, it came back - but its' glory days were gone - and eventually it disappeared.

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