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  1. Call Me by Your Name

    I've been thinking about the film version - and, of course, the book itself - I think that it's about the unliklihood of homosexual desire - how it can hit us so hard and then leave a lasting impact -
  2. The full-frontal male nudity thread was - in no way - offensive. It was just fun.
  3. No Words

    Rock Hudson in "Hornet's Nest" from 1970 - Rock plays an Army officer who is downed behind enemy lines - the Nazis in Italy - Rock is forced to head up a thoroughly wild bunch of boys in an effort to destroy a strategically-placed dam - Rock is so hard-bitten he almost doesn't need weapons - and the boys are scarier than a horror flick - Rock even rapes the female doctor whom the boys are holding in captivity - this film will scare the socks off of you -
  4. Call Me by Your Name

    The one thing that I love about the film - and which is true to the novel - is the haphazard way that the love affair between Elio and Oliver begins. It wasn't premediated or planned. It just happened. That's why it will mark Elio and Oliver for life.
  5. It went the way of the Full-Frontal Male Nudity thread. Is it homophobia?
  6. Call Me by Your Name

    "Call Me By Your Name" has the elegance of a Merchant/Ivory film.
  7. Random Alerts!

    There's a very interesting book on Nijinsky by Richard Buckle. It is called "Nijinsky". It is full of interesting photos.
  8. Random Alerts!

    The English actor, Douglas Hodge, is giving a sensational performance as Sergei Diagliev in Terrence McNally's new play, "Fire and Air" at The Classic Stage Company at 136 East 13th Street, New York City, New York. He is supported by a superb cast of actors. The play concerns Sergei Diagliev, the founder of the Ballet Russe, and the two great loves of his life, Vaslev Nijinsky and Leonide Massine. See it, if you can. James Cusati-Moyer plays Nijinsky and Jay Armstrong Johnson plays Massine. Diagliev attends to his greatest creation, Nijinsky, prior to his opening in "The Spectre of the Rose".
  9. Interesting Actors on Classic TV Westerms

    Today, on "Trackdown", which was a weekly TV Western from the late 50's, the star, Robert Culp, who played a Texas Ranger, Hoby Gilman, got involved with a young boy, Malcolm Brodrick and his outlaw father, William Talman. The young boy, Jeremy Sand, could not believe that his father was a bad man. Hoby Gilman tried very hard to open the boy's eyes. Both Culp and Brodrick played well together. Especially Brodrick who was full of anger and hate in terms of Gilman's beliefs about his father. At the end, their coming-together was both unexpected and heartwrenching. Sometimes, a boy is forced to grow up! Also, today, on "Have Gun, Will Travel", Richard Boone, as Palladin, tried to save a young man, Paul Jasmin, as Hank, from a supposedly crazy father and two off-the-wall brothers. The brothers wanted to declare the father insane. They were eager to get their hands on his estate. Hank had gone off and gotten married. The brothers had mailed her a dead cat as a wedding present! Richard Boone had a hard, virile presence - and the idea of his not succeeding seemed very remote. In the end, Palladin was forced to confront the brothers, who even looked crazy and then shoot one of them down. Hank was duly grateful - "have gun, will travel", indeed. Also, today, on "Gunsmoke", there was the usual well-written, well-directed and well-acted episode. In this one, Earl Holliman and Jacqueline Scott starred as a husband and wife who hadn't seen each other in years. They had two young children, both of them thought that their father was dead. As the long-departed husband, Holliman had a very rude awakening when he realized that his wife was through with him. As the put-upon wife, Scott was fierce in her determination to keep him out of her and her children's life. But, in trying to get rid of him, she simply fell into pit of quicksand. Holliman had a particularly touching death scene in which he realized how alone he actually was. Scott was able to keep the truth about her husband's criminal past from her children. They just saw him as a bad man who had wandered into their lives. In the end, they went to the local fair and won a prize for their pig!
  10. Call Me by Your Name

    You will.
  11. Call Me by Your Name

    Hopefully, Timothee Chalamat will be buying it.
  12. TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Such a shame - that Farley Granger decided to leave Hollywood. To go to New York City and study acting. He was already a star.
  13. I do remember him and Mary Ure and Alan Bates in the original Broadway production of "Look Back In Anger" (1957). It had an enormous impact on me. I preferred him to Richard Burton. I also remember him in Otto Preminger's "Saint Joan" (1957) and in an uncredited, but splashy role in "A Hard Day's Night (1964). I also remember him in "The Last Flight" on "The Twilight Zone". When I moved to the West Village (NYC) in the late 60's, I'd see him in my neighborhood.
  14. Ideas for LGBT essentials

    If the material is transformed into a big Broadway musical, perhaps, then, it will receive all the respect it should've gotten. I agree, the three stars give remarkable performances. Any of them could've received an Oscar nomination. But how often would an actor in a outrageous comedy and playing a drag queen get such a nomination? Did any of the actors in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" receive an Oscar nomination?
  15. Call Me by Your Name

    Well, of course, there is the ending of the original novel in which we do find out what has happened to Elio and Oliver. In my opinion, I do not think that they ever got over each other, and that they managed to live with and acccomodate that feeling. I had a great love in my life. I never got over him. And, while I've changed drastically over the years, he is still very much a part of my life. But, in a good way, not a bad way. If I never see him again, it won't actually matter. Because I see him every day.

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