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  1. In this country, this film has fallen into oblivion and you do have to wonder about the reason - it's a very compelling portrait of a deeply conflicted woman - and it is visually glorious - in the 60's, John Schlesinger gave us - 1. A Kind Of Loving 2. Billy Liar 3. Darling 4. Far From The Madding Crowd 5. Midnight Cowboy and he introduced us to Alan Bates, Tom Courtenay, Julie Christie, Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman - (Alan Bates - that face - spoke volumes.)
  2. Random Alerts!

    "Boys Beware" - I found this Sid Davis PSA on TCM - it's hilarious and, of course, homophobic - "the homosexual" is seen as a "mentally ill" middle-aged man who preys on young boys who become gradually ensared in his web - and "the homosexual" isn't above killing these boys, either - "the homosexual" is A MONSTER - that movie theaters showed this kind of deeply prejudiced - and uninformed - claptrap - is hardly a PSA.
  3. For me, the character of Sergeant Troy is such a turn-off - I can't imagine any woman being taken in by him.
  4. At the beginning of the film, when Gabriel Oak (Alan Bates) proposes to Bathsheba, she tells him that she doesn't love him. At the end, after her horrific experiences with Sergeant Troy and Mr. Boldwood (Peter Finch), she finally settles for Gabriel Oak - the only man who's left in her life.
  5. John Schlesinger's "Far From The Madding Crowd" - is this one of the cinema's great misogynistic tracts or simply an honest portrait of a woman who went through life making the wrong choices? - I'm inclined to go with the first choice - for what woman could not see through the man she married - Sergeant Troy?
  6. " Love, Simon" (2018)

    I asked the cashier at my local movie house - if I could have the movie poster - the film was ending the next day - happily, he said that I could have it - the next day, in the late afternoon - I can't believe that I actually have it!
  7. " Love, Simon" (2018)

    "Love" is in the air. John Paul Young makes it official -
  8. Male Beauty In The Movies

    It's "gayer".
  9. Bromance

    Stewart Granger and Peter Ustinov in "Beau Brummel" - an unlikely bromance -
  10. TopBilled’s Essentials

    It is one of the cinema's great horror films.
  11. TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    They were a delightful duo, especially in those two films. I can understand the worldwide appeal of "Born Free". And Miss McKenna is still with us.
  12. Best Musicals of all time

    "I Only Have Eyes For You" - Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler - it is one of the greatest musical production numbers ever - when Art Garfunker sang it again - hauntingly - many years later, he restored the beauty of the song - but, now, with DVD and the Busby Berkeley Collection, that glorious number lives on and on and on.
  13. Best Musicals of all time

    Think of MGM's "Ziegfeld Follies" - today, it would cost a fortune to get to the screen. A studio like MGM had all these talented people on payroll. Today, these people would have to be hired separately. The cost would be prohibitive.
  14. Male Beauty In The Movies

    The Director's Cut of "54" is superior to the released film.
  15. Best Musicals of all time

    Today, these film musicals that we so revere would be financially impossible in today's filmmaking world.

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