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  1. rayban

    Intriguing Photos Of Our Favs!

    jaragon - I saw the first season of "Penny Dreadfuf" - and I did enjoy that first season, too.
  2. rayban

    Those Innocent, Bygone Days!

  3. rayban

    Intriguing Photos Of Our Favs!

    jamesjazzguitar - Yes, "The Celluoid Closet" - both book and documentary - is fascinating - Homosexuality was often dealt with in the personality of the actor - like Eric Blore or Franklin Pangborn. Or, if it had to be dealt with, it would be obliquely or suggestively - like in the famous scene from "The Picture of Dorian Gray", in which Dorian is visited by - a former male lover, whom he eventually kills.
  4. rayban

    Intriguing Photos Of Our Favs!

    Terrence1 - From what I've read, she enjoyed the company of gay men. Nevertheless, the both of them made a stunning couple.
  5. rayban

    Intriguing Photos Of Our Favs!

  6. rayban

    BBC's The Night Manager coming to AMC this month

    Tom Hiddleston is romancing Taylor Swift?! It's been reported on E! Entertainment News and even made the cover of US Weekly. Lots and lots of pictures. They are so in love! Such PR, the transparency is really ridiculous.
  7. rayban

    Bing Crosby, Saint, Sinner or Songster

    Jarrod, I don't really see the two of them "together".
  8. Yes, "A Foreign Affair" and "Witness for the Prosecution" would have been a fabulous double bill. But, at the end of "A Foreign Affair", Marlene Dietrich does get the opportunity to show those fabulous legs.
  9. rayban

    Bing Crosby, Saint, Sinner or Songster

    According to her daughter, Maria Riva, in her book about her mother, years later, she did ask John Wayne if he had had an affair with her mother and John Wayne told her that he did not, because he did not want to be considered part of her "stable".
  10. rayban

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Claude Chabrol was a master filmmaker. His early films, which were so easily distributed in this country, were memorable like "Les Biches" and "Le Boucher". Later, as foreign film distribution in this country dried up, his films could not be seen. But the DVD market has restored many of them to us. Over the years, though, he was more than the French Hitchcock. He refined the genre.
  11. Marlene Dietrich was the epitome of screen glamor. But there is quite a difference between the Dietrich of her first film with Billy Wilder and, then, years later, this one. Dietrich was perfect, though, for the role of Christine Helm. Because she did not seem to be on her husband's side. Until, of course, "the reveal" at the end. No woman could have loved her husband more. In answer to your question, I don't think Christine was capable of saying the word, "murder".
  12. rayban


    The power of this film is witnessing the disintegrating effects of a really hard lifestyle. Vassili and his young lover, Angelo, want "out", but they don't have the resources. Visiting his former BFF and her mother and her son and visiting a former client, who was nice to Vassili, are sad and pathetic attempts to provide a new way of life for Vassili and Angelo. However, Vassili is really too "far gone" for any connection to the real world. And Angelo remains a mysterious enigma, who probably feels lost in a maze. Like the young lovers in "Elvira Madigan", you can see Vassili and Angelo running off into the woods and starving to death.
  13. rayban

    Tammy and the Bachelor (1957)

    Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen were quite a duo in "Tammy and the Bachelor". Sandra Dee and John Gavin were quite a duo, too, in "Tammy Tell Me True". But Sandra Dee and Peter Fonda were NOT in "Tammy and the Doctor".
  14. rayban


    "Our Paradise" is a 2011 gay film from France - Absolutely stunning film, it tells the story of an aging male prostitute who has been driven over-the-edge by the hardness of his life. He thinks nothing of attacking, even murdering his clients. One night, Vassili rescues a young male prostitute who has been badly attacked and robbed in the Bois de Bologna. Vassili nurses the boy back to health - but the boy is reluctant to tell him the details of his life. He names himself Angelo and says - that he was born on the night that Vassili rescued him. Vassili and Angelo practice their trade together, but they would really like a way out. Vassili decides to visit a former BFF, who now lives with her mother and son in a suburb. Everybody gets along famously. Then Vassili and Angelo visit a former client of Vassili's, who is a very rich man and lives in the mountains. The visit doesn't go that well due to the rich man's young lover. Vassili, who is far more damanged than anybody realizes, really goes wild this time. The consequences are truly tragic. It's a great film, which is written and directed quite enticingly by Gael Morel. Stephane Rideau as the aging Vassili and Dimitri Durdaine as the angelic Angelo lend a great deal of stunning authenticity to the film. A LOVE THAT HAPPENED TOO LATE!
  15. rayban


    Thanks, guys, I really do appreciate the support. The fascinating thing about this movie is that it takes place in a culture (Australian lifesaving) that celebrates the beauty and strength of the male body.
  16. rayban


    "Drown" is a 2015 gay film from Australia - Thoroughly absorbing and thoroughly repellent, too, it tells the story of a young and homophobic lifesaver (lifeguard) who becomes obsessed with another young lifesaver, who is both secretly and discreetly gay. The fact that Phil has a loving boyfriend doesn't go down well with Len. And, when Phil wins out over Len in a lifesaving competition, the die seems to be cast for a tragic denouement. Len is played with fire-breathing intensity by Matt Levett, who is pretty scary a lot of the time. Phil is played with persuasive charm and beauty by Jack Matthews, who suspects that he might be the object of Len's desire. But Len is basically a "brute" who cannot really handle his homosexual desires. The ending, which borders on the "horrific", is very difficult to listen to, watch, and get through. In this day and age, are films of this kind really necessary? Yes, I suppose so. But that fact doesn't make them any easier to experience. THE LOVE THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS' NAME! (Seriously, though, to be gay is not to be less masculine.)
  17. rayban


    "Lilting" is a 2014 gay film from England - It's an extremely engrossing film about the unexpected death of a young Chinese gay man, Kai (who is strongly played by Andrew Leung). His lover, Richard, a young Englishman (who is also strongly played by Ben Whishaw) tries to connect with Kai's mother, Junn (who is nicely played by Cheng Pei Pei). The mom doesn't speak any English and has never adapted to her English surroundings - Kai put her away in a nursing home because he and Richard had no room for her. Kai was never able to come out to his mother - and she didn't forgive him for putting her into a nursing home. The film involves Richard's attempts to break through to Kai's mother and to acquaint her with the fact that he and Kai had been lovers for four years. Richard even hires an understanding translator, Margaret (who is nicely played by Morven Christie). The fact that Richard and Junn don't share a common language - and that she has always resented Richard's presence in Kai's life - seem to present an almost insurmontable problem for any kind of relationship between the two. But Richard persists - and persists - and finally contact between the two is made. The film has a lovely conceit - the dead son/lover, Kai, is constantly "materalizing" in both Junn's and Richard's lives. He has never really died! This exceptional film is written and directed by Hong Khaou.
  18. rayban


    This film is an attempt to tell a story - without actually telling it - that's what I don't like about it.
  19. rayban


    "Wasp" is a 2015 gay film from England. Deliberately non-dramatic - and quite strange - it tells of a young woman (Elly Condron) who seems to be on the verge of disrupting the relationship of a loving gay couple (Simon Haycock and Hugo Bolton). The young woman, who has been dumped by her lover of three years, is probably a lot more complicated - and malevolent - than the film is ever able to grasp or penetrate. The young men should've really known better - and stayed away. At one point, she does leave the idyllic surroundings of their summer vacation - and, foolishly, both men are instrumental in bringing her back. Perhaps, the writer and director, Philippe Audi-Dor, felt that there was a great deal of drama in what is lying beneath the surface, but never actually does surface. The most interesting aspect of the film is how quickly the younger of the gay couple is willing to suspect his somewhat older lover of infidelity. He probably has a self-destructive streak which the film isn't about to understand.
  20. It's such a wild melodrama - that you can't take your eyes off it. However, the inauthenticity of Helen Hayes and Ramon Navarro ruin it for me. They also had absolutely no chemistry. But that ending - one for the history books, right?
  21. rayban


    "In The Grayscale" - a 2015 film from Chile - An extraordinary film, which is about a married man who leaves his wife and son, because he just isn't happy with or fulfilled by that life and, then, during the course of a work project, meets a gay man with whom he has a full-blown affair - unfortunately, when Bruno is pushed into a decision, he finds that he can neither commit to his wife and son or the man in his life, Fer - this film has a beautifully written screenplay by Rodrigo Antonio Norero and boasts really nuanced direction from Claudio Marcone - the performances from Francisco Celhay (as Bruno) and Emilio Edwards (as Fer) are very deeply felt performances - you feel very deeply for both of them and want the best for both of them, too - interesting footnote - there's a lot of nudity from Francisco Celhay - even full-frontal nudity, too - but it is so casually done, so natural and unassuming, that it does not seem like such a big deal - see this film, it is unforgettable.
  22. rayban

    Golden age: Roll call

    Roddy McDowall is one of my faves, I loved him so very much in "How Green Was My Valley" and "Lassie Come Home".
  23. Jarrod - I could, but I'd rather not.
  24. rayban


    "Boys" - what can I say? - not enough - so perhaps I should keep it short - "Boys" is a 2014 gay film from the Netherlands that became successful on Dutch television and then became successful in Dutch movie theaters and then was sold for theatrical runs in many other countries - quietly idyllic, it centers on two high-school students, Sieger and Marc, who are involved with the school's relay team, and who fall in love - very, very gradually - and very, very slowly, too - there is nothing overly-dramatic, there are no sex scenes, just the rapture of falling in love - for a film that is about 77 minutes, it packs quite a wallop. Gijs Blom (Sieger) and Ko Zandvliet (Marc) are absolute perfection. YOUNG LOVE, FIRST LOVE - NEVER BEFORE, NEVER AGAIN!
  25. rayban


    "Eisenstein in Guanajuato" is an interesting study of great Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein's life-changing homosexual experience with another married man, while Sergei Eisenstein is in the process of making a film in Mexico (a film that was never edited or released in Russia or elsewhere.) It's a "wild ride" in the hands of highly idiosyncratic director, Peter Greenaway. This is one of the few films about "genius" that makes you believe in the subject's "genius". Sergei Eisenstein is played to errie perfection by Elmer Back. His lover, Palomina Caneda, is played to dreamy perfection by Luis Alberti. WHAT PRICE LOVE?

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