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  1. There are just so many so-called straight films that actually turn out to be gay. A recent example is "Dead Reckoning" with Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott. In the film, Bogart goes through hell and high water to prove that his war buddy was murdered and the reasons for it. At the end of the film, Lizabeth Scott, who is going to be brought to justice by Bogart, says to him, "Don't you love me?" He says to her simply, "Of course, but I loved him more.". Suddenly, the film is thrown into an entirely different light. Also, throughout the film, the overall narration by Bogart has some definite gay vibes, which do point the way to the unexpected conclusion.
  2. rayban

    No Words

    Below, John David Carson as the gorgeous young man who saves us from the giant ants in "Empire of the Ants" (1977) - unfortunately, not fast enough, the star, Joan Collins, gets eaten by a giant ant (?!) -
  3. rayban

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Throughout the years in the movies, there have been many, many examples of actors who became a major component in a film's success due to their youth, beauty and charm. And most of them have gone on to become genuine stars, too. It can be said of these actors that "The camera loved them." And they, in turn, responded without restraint to the camera. Whether they could act or not was never that important. Because what they brought to the camera - in terms of their over-all presence - was always an indelible ingredient of any film that they chose to inhabit. And, here is just one early example:
  4. rayban

    Memorable Music!

    Bronski Beat and Marc Almond - "I Feel Love"/"Johnny Remember Me" - listen to second version first -
  5. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    Troy Donahue was the gorgeous young man who did not think that he had a chance with Connie Stevens. Don't forget, Grant Williams impregnated her - and she loved him madly. And Bert Convy was being pushed on her - by her parents and his. But what was your take on Conn White (Grant Williams' character)? Was he just too busy planning his climb on Mt. McKinley? Or was he just not that serious about his involvement with Susan Slade?
  6. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    "Susan Slade" is soap-opera at its' best. Delmar Daves became an expert practitioner of the genre, beginning with "Parrish".
  7. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    The movie version brings out the seething underbelly of Carson McCullers' novella. The movie is so much "gayer" than the novella.
  8. He made arguably the greatest musical of all time, "Funny Face".
  9. rayban

    Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

    He said that he was deeply ashamed of his first film, "Tammy and the Doctor". But he shouldn't have been. It got him from summer stock in Fishkill, New York to the big screen. And, then, he went on to "The Victors" and "Lilith".
  10. rayban

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    And, later in the day, the ineffable "Susan Slade".
  11. rayban

    Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

    It would be nice if a tribute to Peter Fonda was launched as soon as possible. His work is definitely due for re-evaluation.
  12. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    It's a totally beguiling film. The first film in the Antoine Doniel trilogy.
  13. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    How did they get Alain Delon to do this?
  14. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    "Law of Desire" must be seen. It is totally unique.
  15. rayban

    I Just Watched...

  16. rayban

    Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

  17. rayban

    Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

    He had a memorable nude scene in "The Trip". It might be time for a re-evaluation of his work. "The Young Lovers" aired recently on TCM.
  18. rayban

    Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

    And we must not forget the Jane and Peter Fonda segment from "Spirits of the Dead" (1968) that was titled, "Metzengerstein" -
  19. rayban

    Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

    He was quite memorable in a 1964 episode of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" that was titled "The Return of Verge Likens".
  20. rayban

    Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

    His early film appearances were noteworthy. He had a delicacy that was most attractive and refreshing. Later on, he decided to toughen up the image. But I could never forget him in the one with Jean Seberg and Warren Beatty. RIP, Peter.
  21. rayban

    Hot TV Guys

  22. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    "Walking On Air" - Joseph Santley - 1937 - starring Gene Raymond and Ann Sothern and Henry Stephensen and Jessie Ralph - this film feels like an adaptation of a Broadway musical without most of the music - but it is totally airy and extremely stylish - a rich girl, whose father disapproves of her boyfriend, whom she wants to marry - hires an out-of-work singer to impersonate a French count who wants to marry her - this French count is very obnovious - in that way, she hopes to win her father's approval of her original choice - Gene Raymond and Ann Southern float through this concoction with the greatest of ease - they bring grace, beauty and charm to the proceedings - and, guess what?, they sing, too - spoiler alert - the girl's plans go haywire - she falls in love with the bogus French count - and gets to marry him, too -
  23. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    Yes, it's a sad story. She showed such promise. Her autobiography is an eye-opener.
  24. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    It's a shame that Susan Strasberg has fallen into oblivion. Perhaps it was the failure of her film career. Perhaps she wasn't that interested.
  25. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    "The Caine Mutiny" - Edward Dymtyrk - 1954 - starring Humphrey Bogart, Van Johnson, Fred MacMurray, Tom Tully, etc . This movie was both a novel and a play - both were very successful. I saw the play on Broadway - it's a gripping courtroom drama. It starred Michael Moriarty. The film shows us everything that is the material of the trial. Only in the last thirty minutes does the movie enter the courtroom. The movie is essentially a bastard version of the play which has little of its' power. Still, the movie is in very competent hands - the director and the actors. Robert Francis, who has a leading role, made only four films before his untimely death - an airplane crash. Humphrey Bogart, who is excellent, deserved the play version.

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