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  1. No Words

    Below, John David Carson as the gorgeous young man who saves us from the giant ants in "Empire of the Ants" (1977) - unfortunately, not fast enough, the star, Joan Collins, gets eaten by a giant ant (?!) -
  2. No Words

    Denny Miller - skinny dipping - would have been an amazing sight. MGM had retained the rights to the first film, "Tarzan The Ape Man". But this 1959 re-make is an inferior film. It was obviously culled from several sources.
  3. Random Alerts!

    Today, on TCM, two early Tab Hunter flicks that start at 12:30 in the afternoon - "The Steel Lady" (1953) and "Return To Treasure Island" (1954) - he was one of the most handsome men to ever grace the silver screen - and he had an extremely masculine presence on the silver screen, too. Usually seen as a sex symbol for young girls in the '50's, he was that - and more. Jack Warner, who never asked him about his sexual orientation, was a fan. And he was one of the few stars to have actually survived a "Confidential" magazine expose. I would like to recommend the current documentary, "Tab Hunter Confidential". Despite the hostile environment at the time of his stardom, Mr. Hunter rarely addressed his sexuality, he managed to survive and be remembered. An icon today, for gay men everywhere, who insisted on a life AND a career. And who understood that "gay" did not mean "fairy".
  4. No Words

    As 1959's "new" Tarzan, Denny Miller is too All-American Jock to be persuasive - but, truth be told, he is beautiful -
  5. Yes, Alan Bates did get married and had twin sons. One of those sons died. And, then, two years later, his wife. It's a sad story. I do hope that he achieved some happiness along the way. You know, the more I think of it, the more I realize that my observation that the film might be misogynistic was only a fleeting thought. She's feisty and strong, and, in terms of her love life, makes the wrong choice. But I just don't see her marriage to Gabrial Oak as a happy ending.
  6. John Schlesinger's "Far From The Madding Crowd" - is this one of the cinema's great misogynistic tracts or simply an honest portrait of a woman who went through life making the wrong choices? - I'm inclined to go with the first choice - for what woman could not see through the man she married - Sergeant Troy?
  7. Random Alerts!

  8. Random Alerts!

    My guess is that it was a PSA that was shown in high schools. Incredibly, it was re-made in color in 1973 under the title, "Boys Aware". And, incredibly, a third edition was made in 1979.
  9. Is it a movie or a TV series?
  10. In this country, this film has fallen into oblivion and you do have to wonder about the reason - it's a very compelling portrait of a deeply conflicted woman - and it is visually glorious - in the 60's, John Schlesinger gave us - 1. A Kind Of Loving 2. Billy Liar 3. Darling 4. Far From The Madding Crowd 5. Midnight Cowboy and he introduced us to Alan Bates, Tom Courtenay, Julie Christie, Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman - (Alan Bates - that face - spoke volumes.)
  11. Random Alerts!

    "Boys Beware" - I found this Sid Davis PSA on TCM - it's hilarious and, of course, homophobic - "the homosexual" is seen as a "mentally ill" middle-aged man who preys on young boys who become gradually ensared in his web - and "the homosexual" isn't above killing these boys, either - "the homosexual" is A MONSTER - that movie theaters showed this kind of deeply prejudiced - and uninformed - claptrap - is hardly a PSA.
  12. For me, the character of Sergeant Troy is such a turn-off - I can't imagine any woman being taken in by him.
  13. At the beginning of the film, when Gabriel Oak (Alan Bates) proposes to Bathsheba, she tells him that she doesn't love him. At the end, after her horrific experiences with Sergeant Troy and Mr. Boldwood (Peter Finch), she finally settles for Gabriel Oak - the only man who's left in her life.
  14. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Throughout the years in the movies, there have been many, many examples of actors who became a major component in a film's success due to their youth, beauty and charm. And most of them have gone on to become genuine stars, too. It can be said of these actors that "The camera loved them." And they, in turn, responded without restraint to the camera. Whether they could act or not was never that important. Because what they brought to the camera - in terms of their over-all presence - was always an indelible ingredient of any film that they chose to inhabit. And, here is just one early example:
  15. " Love, Simon" (2018)

    I asked the cashier at my local movie house - if I could have the movie poster - the film was ending the next day - happily, he said that I could have it - the next day, in the late afternoon - I can't believe that I actually have it!
  16. " Love, Simon" (2018)

    "Love" is in the air. John Paul Young makes it official -
  17. Male Beauty In The Movies

    It's "gayer".
  18. Bromance

    Stewart Granger and Peter Ustinov in "Beau Brummel" - an unlikely bromance -
  19. TopBilled’s Essentials

    It is one of the cinema's great horror films.
  20. TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    They were a delightful duo, especially in those two films. I can understand the worldwide appeal of "Born Free". And Miss McKenna is still with us.
  21. Best Musicals of all time

    "I Only Have Eyes For You" - Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler - it is one of the greatest musical production numbers ever - when Art Garfunker sang it again - hauntingly - many years later, he restored the beauty of the song - but, now, with DVD and the Busby Berkeley Collection, that glorious number lives on and on and on.
  22. Best Musicals of all time

    Think of MGM's "Ziegfeld Follies" - today, it would cost a fortune to get to the screen. A studio like MGM had all these talented people on payroll. Today, these people would have to be hired separately. The cost would be prohibitive.
  23. Male Beauty In The Movies

    The Director's Cut of "54" is superior to the released film.
  24. Best Musicals of all time

    Today, these film musicals that we so revere would be financially impossible in today's filmmaking world.
  25. Interesting Actors on Classic TV Westerms

    Today, on MeTV, on "Bonanza", there was a first-rate episode that was titled "The Trouble With Jamie". It was about an overly-refined young man (Michael Burns) with a European education. He had been thrown out of some of the finest boarding schools in Europe. He and his wealthy father and the father's ward came to visit Ben Cartwright and his sons. The boy and his father did not get along. And the Cartwrights seemed to regard the boy as a rare bird of paradise. The boy's father left his son with the Cartwrights, because he and his son were feuding and the father had to leave for a short business trip. Ben Cartwright took the boy in hand and attempted to make him "manly". Of course, the boy was resistant, but Ben, Joe and Hoss weren't exactly lightweights. In the end, Ben taught the boy to do a day's work and feel proud of that work, too. While the script was fairly conventional in teaching the boy "the ways of a man", Michael Burns' performance gave it such style and energy that it became more than it was. It was a shining example of a young actor who was able to transform the material onto a higher plane. Of course, the episode was "deeply coded" in so many ways - the young man was probably on his way to being gay, but, along the way, learned some of life's lessons and became a substantial human being. In the end, Jaime was gracious enough to not hate his father, who seemed to blame him for his wife's death in childbirth and accept the ward as his new mother. "Bonanza", like "Gunsmoke", was often the platform for stellar acting. In this case, young Michael Burns! (Above, Michael Burns, Barbara Stanwyck and Colleen Dewhurst in an episode of "The Big Valley"). (Mr. Burns is a distinguished academic and a retired college professor.) (Above, Michael Burns and Randy Boone in "It's A Man's World" - 1962.) Mr. Burns in the film that so many of us remember - starring Sandy Dennis and directed by Robert Altman - "That Cold Day In The Park" -

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