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  1. rayban

    God's Own Country

    It's an extremely bleak, but highly involving rural romance (Yorkshire), which involves a young man who is helping his crippled father work a sheep farm and a young migrant worker who comes to help both of them out. The two young men who seem to live a hopeless existence fall deeply in love and thereby re-claim their humanity. Josh O'Connor as Johnny and Alec Secareanu as Gheorghe give such compelling, realistic performances. And Gemma Jones and Ian Hart lend fine support as Johnny's weather-beaten parents.
  2. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    Today, on TCM, two early Tab Hunter flicks that start at 12:30 in the afternoon - "The Steel Lady" (1953) and "Return To Treasure Island" (1954) - he was one of the most handsome men to ever grace the silver screen - and he had an extremely masculine presence on the silver screen, too. Usually seen as a sex symbol for young girls in the '50's, he was that - and more. Jack Warner, who never asked him about his sexual orientation, was a fan. And he was one of the few stars to have actually survived a "Confidential" magazine expose. I would like to recommend the current documentary, "Tab Hunter Confidential". Despite the hostile environment at the time of his stardom, Mr. Hunter rarely addressed his sexuality, he managed to survive and be remembered. An icon today, for gay men everywhere, who insisted on a life AND a career. And who understood that "gay" did not mean "fairy".
  3. rayban

    Mad about Musicals & Mario Lanza

    For me, Mario Lanza is completely off-putting, but, when he sings, I am tottally captivated. Marilyn Horne, opera-star extraordinaire, said that he had the talent to be a genuine opera star. I am always intrigued by the combination of Edmund Purdom and Mario Lanza's singing voive in "The Student Prince". Before they were able to get rid of him, Mario Lanza was able to make four musicals for MGM.
  4. rayban

    The Imitation Game

    Are you saying that the movie was, basically, a whitewash of Alan Turing's character?
  5. rayban

    The Imitation Game

    Extraordinary people, like Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and Luchino Viscounti, are rarely straight. And, let's face it, besides being gay, many of them are bisexual, too.
  6. rayban

    No Words

    Below, John David Carson as the gorgeous young man who saves us from the giant ants in "Empire of the Ants" (1977) - unfortunately, not fast enough, the star, Joan Collins, gets eaten by a giant ant (?!) -
  7. rayban

    The Imitation Game

    It's a powerful, tragic film. I'll probably never get over it. I was surprised by the depiction of Keira Knightley's character, Alan Turing's fiancee. She knew that he was a homosexual, but she didn't really care that much. Because they were not ordinary people. If they had married, would Alan Turing have had a happier end? Possibly, because she would have allowed him, I think, his other life, too. The Enigma Team - Graham Moore won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.
  8. rayban

    Yolonda and the Thief

    Lucille Bremer does try to play the lead role, but playing an innocent girl is beyond her. It might've worked, if they couldn't found a personification of innocence.
  9. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    It is one of Darwin Porter's concoctions - assisted by Danforth Prince. In other words, it is based on fact that is fictionalized.
  10. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    Well, now, I've only just started to read it. He's a struggling actor who can't get any work. So, he becomes - a gay party boy. On the street and at private events. He's just met Rogers Brackett, a well-placed and gay industry executive, who has landed him four acting gigs on a popular radio show.
  11. rayban

    No Words

    We do need more gay period romances, I agree.
  12. rayban

    No Words

    I think that the TV movie was based on a play that was produced in England and then later was produced for a limited run Off Broadway. I can't remember the title, though.
  13. rayban

    No Words

    He was the son of the child that Oliver Jackson Cohen and his wife had. So, he became Oliver Jackson Cohen's grandson. I agree, the second hour, in trying to show us how far England has come in terms of accepting homosexuality, was a big, big mistake. The last two actors had no chemisty. (Oliver Jackson Cohen's chest was heaven-sent.)
  14. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    In a new biography of James Dean, "Tomorrow Never Comes".
  15. rayban

    Random Alerts!

    According to Joan Crawford, speaking from the vantage point of her heyday in Hollywood, bisexuality was the norm in Hollywood - if you weren't bisexual, you were gay and if you weren't gay, you were bisexual. Joan Crawford and George Nader - reportedly, "a gay man" who couldn't resist her overtures.
  16. rayban

    No Words

    Yes, the first hour was far more interesting than the second. I especially liked the first two lovers in the first hour.
  17. rayban

    Barbara Stanwyck's son

    According to some insider reports, when Joan Crawford was married to Phillip Terry, he was having a very intimate affair with Robert Taylor. Well, they were two very attractive men.
  18. rayban

    Tony Richardson

    What say you? 1. Look Back In Anger - 1959 2. The Entertainer - 1960 3. A Subject of Scandal and Concern - 1960 4. Sanctuary - 1961 5. A Taste of Honey - 1961 6. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner - 1962 7. Tom Jones - 1963 8. The Loved One - 1965 9. Mademoiselle - 1966 10. Red and Blue - 1967 11. The Sailor From Gilbratar - 1967 12. The Charge of the Light Brigade - 1968 13. Laughter in the Dark - 1969 14. Hamlet - 1969 15. Ned Kelly - 1970 16. A Delicate Balance - 1973 17. Dead Cert -1974 18. Joseph Andrews - 1977 19. A Death In Canaan - 1978 20. The Border - 1982 21. The Hotel New Hampshire - 1984 22. Beryl Markham: A Shadow on the Sun - 1985 24. Blue Sky - 1994
  19. rayban

    Yolonda and the Thief

    Visually, this one might be the most dazzling musical that I have ever seen.
  20. rayban

    Tony Richardson

    I saw two of his Broadway productions - "Arturo Uri" and "The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore". I may have been young, but I knew that I was seeing great unconventional theater. I ran into Vanessa Redgrave once - Tony Richardson's production of "The Lady From The Sea" was opening up at the Circle-In-The-Square Theater, Uptown. I was in the lobby with a friend - she came up from the theater. She was dressed very poorly - like somebody from a ghetto. She saw us and gave us a "filthy" look. In "retaliation", we followed her - to a really shoddy dinner. She sat down at the far end of the counter and began a conversation with the counterman. I wanted to follow her in. But Dennis, my friend, felt strongly that we should keep our distance.
  21. rayban

    Tony Richardson

    What do you think of "Joseph Andrews"?
  22. rayban

    Tony Richardson

    Thanks, Jakeem, Tony Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave did give us two beautiful daughters. I didn't know about Daisy Bevan. Tony Richardson had a rich and varied career. I especially like his early work. It was so "gritty". With "The Loved One" and "Mademoiselle", he seemed to have entered new territory. And "The Loved One" has always had a major fascination for me.
  23. rayban

    Ideas for LGBT essentials

    And Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews got a second life out of this material when they turned it into a stage musical and then brought it to Broadway for a long run.
  24. rayban

    Photos That Demand A Caption!

    "Are you seeing anybody?"
  25. rayban

    I Just Watched...

    Cary Grant really couldn't get Betsy Drake off the ground, could he?

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