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  1. cruisehopeful

    TCM Cruise 2016

    Sadly, I am not going to be on the cruise. When my booking window opened, the cheapest double room was over $7K with insurance. I was prepared for $4500. I am looking forward to reading any trip reports later on.
  2. cruisehopeful

    Pricing for 2016?

    Thank you Evy for directing me to the prices. It looks like it's about $1500. over anticipated budget. I still have time to try to figure it out since my booking date hasn't come up, yet.
  3. cruisehopeful

    Pricing for 2016?

    Hi there. I haven't been on a previous TCM cruise. Can someone give me a general idea of how much this cruise is currently selling for? It will be 2 adults in an ocean view room. Just trying to figure out if it's even a possibility for us this year. Thanks!
  4. cruisehopeful

    TCM Cruise 2016

    Is there any pricing information published? For those who have done this cruise in the past, is it pay in full at time of booking or can you make payments?
  5. cruisehopeful

    TCM 2015 cruise

    I am considering the cruise for 2016. I have been on several Disney cruises, but never a TCM cruise. I was wondering if things will be somewhat the same. Do they still have dining rotations and the printed daily navigators? Are there TCM movies playing in the theatre most of the day? Are the bars/nightclubs still open? Since it is probably mostly an adults only cruise, I'd like to hear what goes on. The normal Disney cruises can be quite loud, but I am assuming this won't be the case as there won't be piped in Disney music everywhere and characters roaming around.

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