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  1. I remember watching a movie on TCM (don't we all) maybe 5 to 6 years ago. I believe it was a film noir, but it could have been a spy/war film. It was in black and white and was probably made post WWII (but maybe not). The scenario that sticks in my mind deals with a good guy who is captured by the guys, then held captive in a room and drugged. Somehow he clears up from the drugs enough to hide in the room and when one of the bad guys comes in the room, he knocks him out and gives him drugs they were going to give him (I think). Then he puts the bad guy in the bed in his place and covers him up with a blanket. A little later another one of the bad guys comes in a stabs the guy in the bed thinking he was the good guy. I can't remember any of the actors, but I keep thinking it was someone like Robert Montgomery, or Dick Powell. But when I looked up their filmographies, I did not think any of their films were the one I was thinking of, so it is very likely not either of them. Any help will be appreciated.

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