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  1. James, there was nothing personal in my comment, beyond giving an example of how use of creative license relating to a living individual is probably something that needs to be balanced by a duty to be as honest as possible & that there be an avenue for redress should creative license go too far. Don't think we're going to agree on this - moving on.
  2. It's not my responsibility to provide any facts, since I am not creating a work based upon a living person. If I was I would try my utmost to stay within what I felt that I could reasonably prove & if I couldn't, then I'd pick a different project/framework - as an example, the recent drama King Charles III, which used living people & put them in a near future theoretically possibly scenario & of which I have no issue, since it took care to establish itself as a work of fiction - it might not have been particularly kind with some of those portrayals, but since they taking place in a clearly fictional framework, then all bets are off. It's simply a matter of respect - if someone created an artistic work based on you, essentially presented as 'story of' fact & of which you didn't approve, then I suspect you might not be quite so keen on that CA statute.
  3. Like I said, change the names & call it fiction - because if you can't verify the facts, then that's what it is. I love a good yarn, but something referencing living people & real events really deserves the same standards of accuracy that news reporting and documentaries (used) to have. Standards can relax a bit, once folks involved are 6' under, but IMO, the writers have a duty to make very clear what bits they're 'creating'... In case you're wondering, I'm not some rabidly loyal fan of the lady in question - I have opinions about what went on between the siblings/family - but, IMO, she had a right to argue her case.
  4. If it can't be verified, at least to a reasonable degree of probability, then don't use that dialog, or be extremely careful about what it contains. Alternatively, don't use real names & call it fiction.
  5. I don't know about the whole historical biopic thing - in my mind, it's a tadge disrespectful to portray historical events without been as boringly accurate as possible - which is not always the formula for commercially successful entertainment. I think those who are represented in such programming have at least the right to argue that it be as accurate as possible, massive can'o'worms though that may be. That said, I'd watch such an interview as Spence suggests, were TCM able to make it happen - even though I doubt that I'd learn anything startlingly new from it. Don't see it happening, though.
  6. limey

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    It's all about context - using an expression purely to be derogatory is largely unnecessary/unwanted, but blanket censoring of certain letter combinations can make the law look like a close relative to the mule...
  7. limey

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    Indeed not - you need Chevy Grayie in the chase for proper balance...
  8. limey

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    Since we're getting to the bottom of things here, I'm pretty sure the best expression to ever leave Audrey Hepburn's lips, is still Otto benign - you can test whether asterisks are about to fall from Otto's ever watchful eye in the sky, by using the Preview button before posting. However, I've refrained from over application of RRRRs, as I want to keep that one available for special occasions... Ha - my joke about a rear facing word that rhymes with pump went to the 4 winds, as that one apparently is considered wicked & ungentlemanly...
  9. limey

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    Well, you could just omit the space between Boston & (that which shall not be scribed)... BostonBlackie vs
  10. limey

    The End of "TV"

    Did he announce that He'd be back for a 2nd go? (on the dating game, silly)
  11. limey

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    Renoir also made several paintings of his favorite tamanoir from Le Parc zoologique de Paris - sadly, none of these very personal works survived for posterity, after they were eaten by a hungry badger.
  12. limey

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    Nooo. The Underground is way too drafty for the more recent styles. A more modest vintage 1906 version works far better for such things. You still need to be careful not to spill any pinot-noir on it though.
  13. limey

    Verboten Message Board Topics

    Nope, it was just text, Ma'am. Pixelated text. No inebriated Jimmy Stewarts were involved. Robed or otherwise. Just by sheer, utterly random co-incidence, that was my exact choice of attire for the Queen concert in '86 I mentioned in another thread. Got me some strange looks on the Underground, I can tell you...
  14. limey

    Put Them Out of Their Misery Poll

    They could bring back Piers Brosnan/Tim Dalton for that version - neither were the suave, but quite possibly might rip your head off style of Connery era Bond. Brought to you by Mor-e-bond - the healthy nicotine free e-cig from We're-not-Marlboro-honest
  15. limey

    Put Them Out of Their Misery Poll

    Make that another thumbs up for Mr Bond (if only because it means more Aston Martin screen time - hopefully, not getting shot to pieces this time).

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