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  1. limey

    Another Bad Statue

    Well, it's bronze, so you'd likely need a blow torch, rather than a blow dryer... πŸ˜€
  2. It's not foreign (well to me, anyhow) & I'm sure that there are several foreign films that may fit the kidnapping scenario - I do find myself thinking that this might have been SΓ©ance on a Wet Afternoon.
  3. I think that they fear alienating the more casual viewer, if they dedicated air time in a more curated manner as regards historical context & detail. Plus it would possibly require more wine club ads to fund the original programming/guests. But, I like the idea - it's something the website could well benefit from & something that the old Morlocks blog used to touch on in places.
  4. limey


    And a valid one, though I do like it when they bring in someone with actual experience of a given film/maker/subject to host/guest- the knowledge they have may 'go' with them, so I lap that stuff up whenever I can (which sort of reminds me of an earlier discussion where it was suggested that TCM include the host/guest info with schedules, especially for spotlights). I've no objection to having a host 'relationship' (stop sniggering at the back), but it's always going to be secondary to the meat of the meal (the feature)...
  5. limey


    Whilst I agree with your general sentiment about the films being what matters, the hosts (and more importantly, what insight/info they may bring) do add something to TCM's product that makes the channel a little more special. Having said that, I like that the fact that TCM overnight is largely host free - it kind of prevents the over-regular viewer from getting host-fatigue...
  6. Probably figured that film had wider appeal than say, The Old Man of the Sea, or Boys Town. Anyway, I like his version of J & H.
  7. 1 US dollar = 49.62 Dominican pesos, so that's about 8 US cents! (The Dominican peso also uses the $ sign) I like that stamp design.
  8. I believe that it already aired, but you may be able to stream it from here:
  9. I think that bombshell was a little nod to the military purposes for the frequency hopping technology was intended (and ultimately used) for. FWIW (and without getting into gender politics), I think it is quite possible for someone without specialist training to come up with the kind of idea Lamarr received a patent for, either through original out of the box thinking, or through life experience. Sometimes, it's the only way, as direct expertise in a given field can blind you from thinking beyond the doctrines of what you've been taught..
  10. Since it might be helpful: Link to the forum upper level, giving access to all the boards Link to General Discussions Link to general search Link to forum search Example of a throwing error:
  11. Unless it's one of those glorious bugs that also disables the tool needed to fix the bug... πŸ˜€
  12. limey

    ejojis too tiny!

    It's all part of a vast and sinister plot to weed out all the presbyopians around here & fill the place with a younger, hipper crowd...
  13. It means that you just preempted what I was about to post about.... πŸ˜‰ Something appears to have changed with the forum software, that's causing the menu bar used to select the wider group of TCM forums to error. To get to the technical issues forum, I had to journey via google...
  14. And totally free of technicolor! But, sending messages to the living requires the use of a Conductor, mon ami. *where's that smell of fried onions coming from*
  15. No idea, but I suspect USPS may have trouble delivering them, even for half a buck! πŸ˜‰

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