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  1. limey

    star trek the mess

    Their Federation Star Charts had been prepared by the same team responsible for this sign:
  2. limey

    Nudist Camp Films

    Cyn (Cynthia) Gulffart was once employed in the gaseous emission business, but she quickly needed a breath of fresh air, so mastered the art of keeping things in their place - a good skill for chaperones...
  3. limey

    Nudist Camp Films

    Yes, but they're being chaperoned by Cyn Gulffart, so they still have to be careful.
  4. limey

    Nudist Camp Films

    Those Marvelous Intestines? BTW: +1 on the underrated value of Libraries. Visit one today. Even in a nudist camp...
  5. limey

    Nudist Camp Films

    Well, I was going to cop out & say 'Noir', but since you changed the other letters & you might enjoy Ed's extended au naturel noir hour, I'll add... Terrifically Complete Naughtiness Top Cricket Naturel That Commentator's Nasally Tiffany's Camping Nearby
  6. limey

    Nudist Camp Films

    I'd suggest nudist cricket (the game, not the insect, silly), as the slower pace might be less overstimulating. Plus cricket bats are wide, so could be used for strategic & artistic 'covering' cinematography. Just hope that nobody misunderstands Leg Before Wicket.... TCN - your home for au-natrel sports, chien-noir & the rap version of All Quiet on the Western Front... ^ Guess what the N in TCN is for?
  7. limey

    Nudist Camp Films

    Make sure that you use only experienced nudist pharmacists...
  8. limey

    Nudist Camp Films

    That would still leave all those superfluous u using Brits running around free...
  9. limey

    Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Clark Gable seeks spiritual advice after narrowly avoiding being broken by the 4th wall in San Francisco.
  10. limey


    Was it this one?
  11. limey


    Number 30, it's Dirty Gertie... Bingo! Hardly... Now the excitement is seeing which wannabe hack with a cellphone risks life & limb to report something on face-twit or whatever. Then it's seeing which 24 hour news outlet cut'n'pastes the story onto their official feed. Then there's the fun of the inevitable partial/complete retractions...
  12. limey

    Gregory Peck's grandson is the new Spock

    Now, now... a name is just a name. It's not like it influences who you are, right? Just to stay vaguely on topic, I wish that things like All Access didn't exist, as the last thing it offers is access to all...
  13. In days of yore, such things were considered essential to keep up your knife fighting cred levels. Nowadays, the line of drummers has been replaced with a line of acolytes armed with cellphones to capture your antics for youtube posterity (and possible use by the prosecution)...
  14. limey

    Chien Noir

    Don't forget the fish slapping short (what could be more distinct than watching one of the aforementioned gents getting knocked into a canal by the other aforementioned gent?)...
  15. Why, yes there are: Agree on the transient nature of social media - the data may well lurk around forever, but everything is so disorganized that anything you want to find is an exercise in frustration (plus, they constantly try to force you to login, so they can better data-mine you). Archiving is a valid point, since google only retains certain pages of a thread & whilst the wayback machine appears to keep more thread pages, it only seems does so for the last few years.

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