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  1. This morning I tried to find the film NIGHT UNTO NIGHT (1949) on WATCH TCM. It was not even listed in the letter "N" section, which ought to display all films whose titles begin with the letter "N". And yet this film was shown on TCM this morning, September 27th, 2017. Can anyone explain why this would be?
  2. New TCM Hosts

    I can't say I think much of the new TCM on-air hosts. First of all, "teenie bopper" Tiffany Vasquez who is now featured on Saturday afternoons, was a poor choice for a new host. I suspect two things: (1) she was chosen because she had connections with someone in authority at TCM, and (2) because Turner Classic Movies is trying desperately to attract a younger audience. While I understand the latter motive, I still feel she was a poor choice for this position. I also notice that TCM has picked up Bill O'Reilly's former comedy partner Dennis Miller from his old program on Fox News as a new on air host. I hope this is not a permanent thing. TCM seems of late to be picking rather inappropriate and definitely mediocre choices to serve as on air hosts. Frankly unless Ben Mankiewicz is the on air host, I switch to a different channel on my television set until the movie actually comes on. He does an excellent and very convincing job. He also seem emotionally mature and very knowledgeable. On the other hand, I have the distinct impression that Tiffany Vasquez would be totally lost if it were not for a teleprompter being in front of her. I really hope that there are some new and better changes coming to TCM with regard to who are the on air hosts.
  3. The young woman doing tonight's film introduction is from a film school belonging to a southern California university. She stated, "As incredible as it may seem today, pre-marital sex was considered abnormal in the 1930's." I am paraphrasing here, but I have captured the essence of her message on TCM tonight. Well I'm sorry, but there are many of us who are fans of TCM and who very much subscribe to such 'incredible' morality with regard to pre-marital sex...1930's style, or otherwise. This young woman presumes to speak for society at large, apparently. By so doing, she is displaying a kind of naivete of her own, I would say.

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