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  1. Series You Rank In Release Order

    I've never seen the Psycho films barring the fourth film, which was actually a prequel. Yep, a major Horror fan like myself has gone all these years not seeing the original Psycho, but I will remedy that someday. My main exposure to all things Norman Bates has been the excellent Bates Motel TV show. From what I've seen of the consensus, it seems pretty agreed that the film series is one that declined with each subsequent film.
  2. Series You Rank In Release Order

    I get the TCM channel as well from my cable provider, so catching what they air is easy for me. I've got some of their airings before.
  3. Series You Rank In Release Order

    I'm not familiar with films and series from those eras, but you're more than welcome to add any if you'd like
  4. Series You Rank In Release Order

    I don't dislike the Star Wars prequels like many others do although I share the consensus they aren't as good as the original classic three.
  5. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Another I thought of that could well go in descending order for me (when I see the remainder of the series) is The Crow. Only saw the original which is a favorite of mine, and the sequels all seem to be poorly received with only the third getting the occasional decent comment or rating. Highlander could be another. I've only seen the original, again, a favorite of mine. The sequels are all terribly received and while the second film seems to be regarded as the worst, occasionally I've seen the others rated lower. It seems with both The Crow and Highlander, the originals are the only ones that matter.
  6. Ghostbusters

    Also for anyone else who's a fan of GB2, here's this entertaining article written for it a few years back. Definitely an enjoyable read if you like the sequel, as I always have. Seems in more recent times it's gotten a somewhat better reception.
  7. Ghostbusters

    It looked terrible from the previews and not even like it was a parody, more like a mockery of the first two movies and missed the boat as to what made them work so well. And I'm not against having female Ghostbusters at all but the way the new film went about it it was in such a gimmicky, insulting way that if anything re-enforced stereotypes about women rather than presenting a strong, positive portrayal of them.
  8. Ghostbusters

    I still haven't seen the reboot/remake over a year later and am not really interested to, though I'll likely at least rent it from my library someday out of curiousity if nothing else. The original two are still long-lasting favorites of mine.
  9. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Another series that's potentially I'd rate in descending order is Re-Animator. I've always enjoyed the original very much and only just recently saw the sequel, Bride Of Re-Animator. Not quite as good as the first but still more of the same gory fun. The consensus seems to be the third film, Beyond Re-Animator, is the weakest, but I shall seek it out and give it a fair shake as I do every film in a series.
  10. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Wishmaster could be another for me. I recently saw the first two again and forgot how much I liked both. The first was better but the second was still pretty good. Not seen the third or fourth, but from what I've heard it seems they take a sizable dive in quality with those two.
  11. Best Film In a Horror Series

    Bringing this back with it now being October and the Halloween/Horror season in full effect.
  12. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Thanks to Sepiatone for liking this. Seems I'm not the only one around here with a liking for the second Poltergeist film, definitely an underrated follow-up for sure.
  13. Series You Rank In Release Order

    May as well rate each of these in their respective descending order: Jurassic Park 1 - 10/10 2 - 8/10 3 - 6/10 4 - 4/10 RoboCop 1 - 10/10 2 - 9/10 3 - 1/10 The Mummy 1 - 9/10 2 - 8/10 3 - 7/10 Iron Man 1 - 9/10 2 - 8/10 3 - 8/10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 - 9/10 2 - 7/10 3 - 6/10 RoboCop 2 is more of an 8/10 really, but the last third or show with the awesome RoboCain showdown and excellent stop-motion effects bump it up for me. I've always liked RoboCop 2 and felt it was underrated, though definitely not as good as the first.
  14. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Lethal Weapon is another for me that could possibly go in order of release but I really need to see them again, it's been so long. Not sure if I liked 3 or 4 better, but the original is easily the best to me with the second behind it.
  15. Series You Rank In Release Order

    My only real exposure to the Planet Of The Apes series has been the recent reboot series which I love, all three films were excellent. I actually have a hard time picking a favorite as I feel all three have their own strengths. Sometimes depending on my mood they can go in release order for me, but it changes around for sure.

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