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  1. Best Film In a Horror Series

    Bringing this back with it now being October and the Halloween/Horror season in full effect.
  2. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Thanks to Sepiatone for liking this. Seems I'm not the only one around here with a liking for the second Poltergeist film, definitely an underrated follow-up for sure.
  3. Series You Rank In Release Order

    May as well rate each of these in their respective descending order: Jurassic Park 1 - 10/10 2 - 8/10 3 - 6/10 4 - 4/10 RoboCop 1 - 10/10 2 - 9/10 3 - 1/10 The Mummy 1 - 9/10 2 - 8/10 3 - 7/10 Iron Man 1 - 9/10 2 - 8/10 3 - 8/10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 - 9/10 2 - 7/10 3 - 6/10 RoboCop 2 is more of an 8/10 really, but the last third or show with the awesome RoboCain showdown and excellent stop-motion effects bump it up for me. I've always liked RoboCop 2 and felt it was underrated, though definitely not as good as the first.
  4. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Lethal Weapon is another for me that could possibly go in order of release but I really need to see them again, it's been so long. Not sure if I liked 3 or 4 better, but the original is easily the best to me with the second behind it.
  5. Series You Rank In Release Order

    My only real exposure to the Planet Of The Apes series has been the recent reboot series which I love, all three films were excellent. I actually have a hard time picking a favorite as I feel all three have their own strengths. Sometimes depending on my mood they can go in release order for me, but it changes around for sure.
  6. Series You Rank In Release Order

    And funny Bourne should be mentioned as that series is another that I used to rank in descending order prior to last year's Jason Bourne, which IMO is the best to date of the series. I like them all to varying degrees but felt the series just got a bit lesser as they went on until the fifth.
  7. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Do these all go in the order of release for you? Some of these are fairly popular choices for series ranked that way.
  8. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Never fun to get braces and I'd imagine that scene back in the day only made kids even more scared to get them.
  9. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Having recently rewatched the original three Poltergeist movies again, the first two are very close for me and I'm sort of undecided which of the first two I liked better. The original is a classic and I think the second is very underrated and doesn't get enough credit. The third is easily the weakest, has it's moments but overall pretty weak and forgettable.
  10. Series You Rank In Release Order

    I've only seen the original, but The Matrix seems to be one series many agree is a case of diminishing returns with the sequels. I only saw the original and remember it being okay, I've yet to see the sequels.
  11. Series You Rank In Release Order

    The first is easily the best but 4 was my favorite of the sequels as well. Shame as a fifth film is unlikely to happen with 4's underperformance at the box office and Wes Craven's passing. You can tell the old crew had a good time being back.
  12. Series You Rank In Release Order

    The first is the best by an enormous margin and the drop-off in quality the series had after that is pretty immense, though I do rather like and enjoy the second film despite it's flaws. For me it's the only worthwhile sequel in the series so far. I'm cautiously optimistic for the fifth film next Summer.
  13. Series You Rank In Release Order

    Trying to think of other film series where my ranking for them is the same as their order of release. Back To The Future could be one for me, it's been so many years since I last watched them. I remember the second was my favorite as a kid but that could well change when I re-visit the trilogy again.
  14. Series You Rank In Release Order

    It's 50/50 for me in that regard.
  15. How do I adjust my settings so that the threads on the forum show the posts in descending order in which they were posted, rather than reverse? Viewing them in reverse is kind of distracting and awkward for me, is there a way to adjust it? Thanks.
  16. Descending Post Order

    Thanks for the information. Kind of unfortunate the post order can't be adjusted although it isn't that major a deal, I just prefer having it the traditional way.
  17. George Romero (1940 - 2017)

    R.I.P. to a true Horror master
  18. Best Film In a Horror Series

    Does Jurassic Park count as Horror? I think in a way they do, kinda blurs the line between Sci-Fi/Adventure/Horror. In any case I think the original is the best by miles.
  19. Best Film In a Horror Series

    It's the first genuinely good entry the series has had in a very long time, for sure.
  20. Best Film In a Horror Series

    I saw Alien: Covenant yesterday and quite enjoyed it and it's certainly the best entry the series had had in a long time, but I still think Aliens is the best and always will be. Though I'm sure some would say the original.
  21. Best Film In a Horror Series

    I thought the remake was okay but pretty forgettable.
  22. Best Film In a Horror Series

    It's been a very long time since I last watched any of the Poltergeist films, I'm going by memory. I could well change Poltergeist around when I go through the films next time, which I plan to soon.
  23. Best Film In a Horror Series

    Long time since I was last here, but good to be back. Slightly updated list from my original post: Friday The 13th - The Final Chapter Halloween - 1978 Original A Nightmare On Elm Street - New Nightmare Saw - Saw II Scream - Original Evil Dead - Evil Dead II Phantasm - Phantasm II Alien - Aliens Predator - Predator 2 Hellraiser - Original Child's Play - Original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2003 Remake Final Destination - Original Insidious - Chapter 3 The Conjuring - The Conjuring 2 The Purge - Anarchy Paranormal Activity - Original Puppet Master - Puppet Master 4 Maniac Cop - Maniac Cop 2 Romero's Living Dead - Day Of The Dead (1985) Return Of The Living Dead - Part II Poltergeist - Poltergeist II Jaws - Original Cube - Original Tremors - Original Leprechaun - Original Blade - Blade II Amityville - Only seen the original, remake and It's About Time Resident Evil - Seen the first two, need to see the rest to make fair judgment Blair Witch - Seen the first and third. Find both meh but I guess I liked the third a little better. Neither was my cup of tea.
  24. Ghostbusters

    Surprised to see there aren't more fans around here. Maybe there's more around who haven't seen this yet. I didn't see the reboot, I passed after seeing those terrible initial trailers. Completely put me off.
  25. Best Film In a Horror Series

    After their newest installments this Summer, The Conjuring 2 and The Purge: Election Year were both worthy additions to their series. The Conjuring 2 is the best of the trilogy but with The Purge I still like Anarchy the best.

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