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  1. I thought GB2 worked largely the same way the first one did, managing to be both funny and scary, and Vigo was a far more memorable villain than the reboot's was. I struggle to even remember who he was or what his motivation was.

  2. Poltergeist is nearly one for me, except for the very controversial opinion of liking the second one the best, though I do consider the first two equally good. Such a shame the third is so sub-par and feels largely unfinished and rushed. Which is largely due to the unfortunate passing of Heather O'Rourke before it even finished filming.

  3. Toy Story is one that could go in RO for me, I've yet to see the sequels and haven't seen the original since childhood. The consensus seems to be they're all good but the third the least so, which doesn't say much. I recently DVR them all and I plan to watch them all soon, should be enjoyable.

  4. Would Jurassic Park count as Horror? In a way the series sort of is, more Sci-Fi/Adventure but there's definitely a strong Horror aspect to them, I think. The upcoming new sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom looks distinctively more Horror-oriented than the prior films.

    In any case, the original film is easily the best by a landslide.

  5. On 5/12/2017 at 10:21 AM, JamesStewartFan95 said:


    But don't forget that the second one also has a constantly screaming and in your face Kate Capshaw as Willie! Shudders!



    I never minded her, though I can understand why some might find her annoying.

  6. I rented the reboot from my library but unfortunately the copy I got was bad and stopped playing mid-way through, after the concert sequence. I hate when that happens. I'll probably just try to catch it on Netflix when I start my free trial soon, as I plan to to watch Stranger Things Season 2 there.

    What I saw of it, well, it wasn't as bad as expected but not good, either. Jokes fell flat, no scares or humor as with the first two, visuals and ghost designs are very cartoony-looking unlike those of the first two where they looked real. When it came to the new characters, I find I actually didn't mind Erin or Jillian, but could've easily done without the other two. The rampant stereotyping was pretty annoying and even insulting in some instances. I feel I can't fairly rate it as I haven't finished watching it, but so far I'm not impressed at all, though it also wasn't nearly as bad as expected.

  7. Saw

    Any fans of the Saw films here? The series gets a lot of hate, most of which IMO is undeserved as it's a strong series for the most part. I think the "torture porn" label it's frequently slapped with is undeserved as the first two or so movies have very little in the way of graphic violence and were more about the psychological mindgames. Unfortunately the third film veered the series into splatter territory, but some of the sequels after it, namely Saw VI and recent eighth chapter Jigsaw, were quite good.

    You can rank them as well if you'd like. My ranking goes:










  8. I've never seen the Psycho films barring the fourth film, which was actually a prequel. Yep, a major Horror fan like myself has gone all these years not seeing the original Psycho, but I will remedy that someday. My main exposure to all things Norman Bates has been the excellent Bates Motel TV show. From what I've seen of the consensus, it seems pretty agreed that the film series is one that declined with each subsequent film.

  9. Another I thought of that could well go in descending order for me (when I see the remainder of the series) is The Crow. Only saw the original which is a favorite of mine, and the sequels all seem to be poorly received with only the third getting the occasional decent comment or rating.

    Highlander could be another. I've only seen the original, again, a favorite of mine. The sequels are all terribly received and while the second film seems to be regarded as the worst, occasionally I've seen the others rated lower. It seems with both The Crow and Highlander, the originals are the only ones that matter.

  10. It looked terrible from the previews and not even like it was a parody, more like a mockery of the first two movies and missed the boat as to what made them work so well. And I'm not against having female Ghostbusters at all but the way the new film went about it it was in such a gimmicky, insulting way that if anything re-enforced stereotypes about women rather than presenting a strong, positive portrayal of them.

  11. I still haven't seen the reboot/remake over a year later and am not really interested to, though I'll likely at least rent it from my library someday out of curiousity if nothing else. The original two are still long-lasting favorites of mine.

  12. Another series that's potentially I'd rate in descending order is Re-Animator. I've always enjoyed the original very much and only just recently saw the sequel, Bride Of Re-Animator. Not quite as good as the first but still more of the same gory fun. The consensus seems to be the third film, Beyond Re-Animator, is the weakest, but I shall seek it out and give it a fair shake as I do every film in a series.

  13. Having recently rewatched the original three Poltergeist movies again, the first two are very close for me and I'm sort of undecided which of the first two I liked better. The original is a classic and I think the second is very underrated and doesn't get enough credit. The third is easily the weakest, has it's moments but overall pretty weak and forgettable.



    Thanks to Sepiatone for liking this. Seems I'm not the only one around here with a liking for the second Poltergeist film, definitely an underrated follow-up for sure.

  14. Jurassic Park

    RoboCop (original trilogy)

    The Mummy (1999 version)

    Iron Man (not counting either Avengers film)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original live-action trilogy)




    May as well rate each of these in their respective descending order:



    Jurassic Park


    1 - 10/10

    2 - 8/10

    3 - 6/10

    4 - 4/10





    1 - 10/10

    2 - 9/10

    3 - 1/10



    The Mummy


    1 - 9/10

    2 - 8/10

    3 - 7/10



    Iron Man


    1 - 9/10

    2 - 8/10

    3 - 8/10



    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    1 - 9/10

    2 - 7/10

    3 - 6/10



    RoboCop 2 is more of an 8/10 really, but the last third or show with the awesome RoboCain showdown and excellent stop-motion effects bump it up for me. I've always liked RoboCop 2 and felt it was underrated, though definitely not as good as the first.

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