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  1. Hello! I grew up watching an old live action version (like 1940's or so) of Sleeping Beauty at my grandparents house and haven't seen it since I was... 10 and I would love to see it again. It was on VHS tape and it must have worn out. When I looked online I found a notice of versions done in German and Finnish but no pictures or more information. Does anyone know of these versions and where I could find out more? (I'm not even sure if either of them would be the correct one.) In case some people have a flicker of recognition: What I do remember about the film is it was sepia tone, the mouths and the words did not match up- which I thought was because it was such an old movie- but it must have been because it was dubbed in English. There was a small kid dressed up to play a frog, the good fairies walked out from a pretty lily pond, and for the princess's birthday she let the cook's helpers choose the flavor so it was going to have 16 layers with raisins, choc-o-lahc-olate (they pronounce it that way), and strawberries. Thank you -B

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