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  1. A to Z List of Plays and Musicals

    These may or may not have been made into a movie The film may have come first or the play. Antony and Cleopatra
  2. Gregory Peck, born Eldred Gregory Peck April 5th, 1916 is my favourite actor of all-time. I have seen 99% of his movies on the big and small screen. I was part of an online Gregory Peck fan club which produced a birthday book for his 85th birthday which -since he knew the founder of our club - went to actual doorstep. I was too devastated when he died to take part in a tribute book that they did for his widow. I'm not sure what is happening with that club since I am no longer on Yahooclubs. LawrenceA suggested that I should start a thread on my favourite actor of all time. My Darling Greg -as I like to call him. As he got older and more frail I became unable to watch anything sentimental that he was in. I started to watch only his war films and westerns. It has only been in the last few years that I have been able to watch movies of other genres. Now that he has been gone for a long time I can watch things like Roman Holiday again. My favourite Gregory Peck movie of all time is The Guns of Navarone. The first Gregory Peck film I saw was To kill a Mockingbird back in grade ten after we read the book. At first, I didn't watch war movies and westerns as they historically have not been my first choice for genres. Ironic, because those account together for over 50% of Mr. Peck's career. Obviously, I could not consider myself a Gregory Peck fan and not see these films. And actually, a lot of my favourite actors and actresses made westerns and war films. Mr. Peck was the first AFI president, he was president of the Academy, he was an Academy Award winner, and he won the Jean Hersholt award for Humanitarianism.
  3. Gregory Peck: My Favourite Actor of All Time

    By the way, I do have a thread on my third actor of all time in the favourites section too. "Glenn Ford Fans Here." I know I said I'd be offline for two weeks, but I changed my mind. I changed it because I love Glenn Ford and wanted to talk about him.
  4. Glenn Ford Fans Here

    Hello everyone. I have mentioned several times that I am a Glenn Ford fan and that I want to see every movie he ever made. I have a high percentage of movies seen from his big screen career-past 85%. I thought it was time to start a favourite forum thread on Glenn Ford. Here are some of my favourite Glenn Ford movies in no particular order except the first film: Gilda, which is the first film I saw with him and in my opinion is the sexiest movie I've ever seen. Here are *some* of my favourites: GILDA 3:10 TO YUMA THE GAZEBO THE TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON TORPEDO RUN THE BIG HEAT DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER EXPERIMENT IN TERROR THE MONEY TRAP THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE DEAR HEART THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER IMITATION GENERAL THE SHHEPMAN IT STARTED WITH A KISS COWBOY RANSOM INTERRUPTED MELODY and many more. What are yours?
  5. Glenn Ford Fans Here

    I've had a fabulous time with today's Glenn Ford westerns. Most of them I've sen before and love to rewatch. I believe I have seen 3:10 to Yuma several times a short while. Head on over to Ultimate Movie Rankings and check out my requested Glenn Ford page. He is my third favourite actor of all time. 1. Gregory Peck 2. Richard Widmark 3. Glenn Ford.
  6. Hello, I thought that I've been on the games and trivia forum long enough to start a thread. I'm Canadian, and thought I'd start a trivia thread about Canadian movie artists. Whether they have always been Canadian, were born in Canada, or were born in other countries and later became a Canadian citizen, these all qualify for this category. I'll start with the first question: What actor born in Montreal in the year 1931 moved to Ontario to perform at the Royal Shakespeare Company before moving to Hollywood in movies and later television is a Canadian who has never gotten American citizenship?
  7. Gregory Peck: My Favourite Actor of All Time

    Yes Tisher Price- Greg made a lot of westerns. It was one of his main genres. He loved westerns.
  8. Henry Fonda

    Interesting comment about Jimmy Stewart hating the mafia which I just reread. Yes. I love Jimmy Stewart but: If Frank Sinatra had not been Italian, likely - his son would never have been kidnapped. As an Italian, there are many positive Images about Italians. But this Mafia thing - well - Yes indeed. I love being Italian for many things. BUT: I have said on record here and other places that I am ASHAMED of being Italian when it comes to the Mafia. I have had long talks on this site with many people about this regarding my inabililty to watch any of The Godfather films even though I've seen gangster films from prior to the code. and yes, there is a Fonda connection as Peter's daughter is in the 3rd film. And I cannot watch it. This despite the fact that I have no problem watching portrayals of my ancestor Captain Henry Morgan. Morgan died a long time ago. The Mafia still exists. I do indeed understand and respect the fact that Italian Americans did not want the late James Gandolfini in their Pride Parade. Yes he is an actor BUT: PRIOR to The Sopranos, a Soprano was not a gangster, but the highest female voice - It still is. I am a Soprano. I respect actors and their work. Again, I love James Stewart. Too bad that there are any stereotypes about anyone.
  9. Henry Fonda

    I wish I knew how to post pictures from movies like you and others do, Swithin. These are fabulous. Yes, I'm a big fan of Mr. Fonda. Your choices are fabulous. I just watched Mr. Fonda in The Best Man earlier tonight (Sunday -actually Monday now) The day before:Fail Safe. He really did have a huge spectrum of films in his career and a variety of genres. I know that I make a big deal about listing actors in order - and I admit that after Gregory Peck, there is him and everyone else after him - sort of for me. There are indeed times where listing performers in order is at best, like a machine with statistics. The truth is, I am a fan of the entire Fonda family.
  10. What Brings You to This Site?

    The fact that you cannot tag people in public so that the entire world can read what you say. The fact that this site is moderated before anyone reads anything. The fact that there is a 20th century vole post and that people have a sense of humour. And the fact that my favourite artists are wiling to forgive us for what we do when we are talking about them and realizing that we are human.
  11. What Brings You to This Site?

    Fun is great too. Fun is always great. As for confessional, I must confess that my cat would prefer that I spend more time with him. AS yes, when I accidently post THAN instead on THEN.... I must confess too, that well, I long-winded. My favourite posts to do is to rewrite lyrics on the spam fairy thread to reference spam.
  12. 20th Century Vole Presents

    THE RISE OF THE SPAMMER AVATAR : There was a new avatar spammer Who wanted to spam with a hammer He or she no one knew His spam gew and grew It's the rise of the aavatar spammer Theme song for the movie based upon the spam notications. The story looks at the differernce between the real issues behind spam. Which is worse:spam on the board? Or is it pedantic people who love foreig films and whose first language is not English? Or is it a person who is bored by someone, dioes not like the person, so instead posts thereads about thei avatars? John Cleese did not care. He was always looking for new ways to talk about spam in a funny way. And - to answer the important question: Why does TCM not have a better filter for spam? Meanwhile, Dinsdale has arrived back. What's that Disndale? You mean that Bily Mumy and Brigite Bardot are unavailable? Well, let us make another version then? How about this Kim Karashian and ----wait. No. How about Kate Hudson and a boy who wins a contest to appear with her. Yes. Cleese put the script into the "maybe" file
  13. What Brings You to This Site?

    I agree.
  14. What Brings You to This Site?

    Well, I hope people realize I am a fan of specific artists and have knowledge of them. Others I know by reading other people's comments. For example, It was Lavenderblue who told me the name of the actor who played the Bartender in Gilda. That is a favourite film of mine, but had never figured out his name. This was in another thread. AS for sounding pedantic, I have been known to do that, but usually on other sites. Certainly, if I were to be host on this channel, I would need to know a LOT of information about everyone in the business to talk in front of the camera about them. I
  15. Jake's Trump Thread -- Make America Great Again

    LOL, mrroberts.
  16. What Brings You to This Site?

    LOL! Yes. Misinformed about the waters. LOL. I also joined letterboxd because of much the same reason I joined this site. My friend, plus the fact that people review movies.
  17. Canadiana-Trivia About Canadians in Movies

    This used to be a popular thread in games and trivia. Hopefully, it can get started again.
  18. What Brings You to This Site?

    I have been reading this site ever since TCM became available in Canada. I love classic movies and television. I decided to JOIN the forums after I saw a Friend of mine had joined - Classic Movie Rankings.
  19. We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    Every Day - by Buddy Holly: Every day, things are getting spammy.... So far so good - but it I Friday....
  20. Goodbar was edited! Epic Fail TCM

    I saw this thread and right away went on to see if the film was edited as I had recorded it to watch at another time. If it had indeed been edited, I would likely have deleted the recording and try again. I still have not seen this film.
  21. We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    As you said once in Vicious Rumours, they could always replace the TCM Wine Club with another - The "Let's Get High" club. LOL. Another song about spam - re: westerns: Tex Ritter: "Do not forsake me, oh, my spammer..."
  22. We have been visited by the smartphone spam fairy!

    Not sure how it happened, but I got spam notifications. Maybe that person friended me?
  23. 20th Century Vole Presents

    ' 'What Summer Vacation?" Working title will be replaced by John Cleese. Starring Brigitte Bardot and Bill Mumy. The "avatar" was unaware that she was getting paid. Therefore, they decided that they had nothing better to do with their time. They failed to realize that the vacation was not one from writing, but one from singing in her home town of Las Vegas. Meanwhile in Canada, people were on route to a garage sale while they endlessly waited for the August schedule to start If It is Tuesday, It Must Be Brigitte Bardot. And where was Classic Movie Rankings in all of this? Watching Bill Mumy on Me TV. Obviously, this script was too short for a full length film.
  24. You will really enjoy watching Mirage. I think that Mirage and Mister Buddwing would make a good double feature if they have not already been paired.
  25. Henry Fonda

    There have been a lot of Henry Fonda westerns airing during the western festival this month. Some of them have also been airing on Silver Screen Classics. Westerns are very popular this month. Of course, TCM recently aired The Lady Eve as well which is quite funny. A lot of the actors of the classic era of Hollywood had great range in the careers. I think I have seen Fort Apache air on both channels several times this month.

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