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  1. One's face becomes visible or increasingly visible as one turns towards the camera - are there jargons for such moves and shots?
  2. Pomeria


    Whose performances on horseback do you find the most elegant/skilful/etc.? My answer is Susan Hayward's:
  3. Whose appearance in military uniform blew you away like a bombshell? Olga Ostroumova's appearance in The Dawns Here Are Quiet (1972) struck me as such
  4. Pomeria

    Weeping scenes

    Whose tearful eyes and weeping scenes do you find exquisite? A montage of some of the exquisite lachrymose scenes I've seen:
  5. Pomeria

    Favorite teen movies

    What are your favorite teen movies? My favorite is Boy and Girl (Мальчик и девочка), a 1966 Lenfilm production, starring Natalia Bogunova. A montage:
  6. Another one: the 1970 adaptation of Balzac's Le lys dans la vallée, starring Delphine Seyrig as Madame de Mortsauf, Richard Leduc as Felix de Vandenesse. What are your favorites?
  7. Pomeria

    Favorite Foreign Top Ten Lists

    Natalia Bogunova, my favorite actress, was cast as Snegurochka in Vesenniaya Skazka (1971). Because of that, Snegurochka became a very special character to me. I also find Snegurochka (1968) starring Evgenia Filonova as Snegurochka quite impressive.
  8. One of my favorites: 1983 Belarusfilm's adaptation of Turgenev's Fathers and Sons, a four-part mini-series. A scene showing the reticent dynamic between Odintsova and Bazarov:
  9. I have a thing for the screen goddesses whose names have faded into oblivion. Florence Rice's appearances are among the most treasured memories of mine. Here is an unforgettable one: Please share your memories of your favorite ones that many have forgotten.

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