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  1. Thank you! Just found it online and am watching it now!
  2. It's set during WWII. It opens w/a woman's husband going off to war (or maybe he's already gone and she receives a letter). Anyways, there are 3 kids (I think) and older daughter, a young girl and perhaps a little boy. THe family seems to be pretty well off. I THINK they receive word the father is killed in action so they take in a boarder.....who for some reason (I'm thinking) it comes out doesn't have a relationship w/his grandson. Somehow the grandson ends up in the town, he's a terrible mess up. He and the older daughter fall in love. He ends up joining the military to gain his grandpa's respect....and ends up being killed. His death make the older daughter who'd been somewhat shallow mature quickly. THe only thing I can recall definitely about the movie is after the daughter's beau is killed, she's working as a nurse (I think) and some older women in the town offend her by saying they could never be a nurse (I think) and she gives a rather drawn out silloloquy (sp). The movie is NOT "The Best Years of Our Lives".
  3. ITA the whole situation would be a bit too sordid for the censors of that era (which is why it caught my attention as being incongruous) but what confuses me is that when the girls were giggling in class over something Selma has said, I thought they said that Selma has asked about Ingaborg's baby. That's why I concluded she was being molested by her father, became pregnant by him and then killed herself. I mean, whom else could she have been pregnant by as close a reign as her dad kept on her.
  4. Watching it right now but I'm distracted by the below side plot.....(spoiler alert below)
  5. I'm trying to recall a great movie I watched starring a young Robert Wagner that loosely had this same theme. He kills his gf who is preggers also. I think the time setting for this movie though is the mid 50s to mid 60s. Can't for the life of me recall the title and I own it on DVD somewhere. ETA: It's titled "A Kiss Before Dying". Anyone else seen this and if you agree it is loosely the same storyline as "An American Tragedy" and "A Place In the Sun".....sort of a trope if you will?
  6. Please explain what you mean by the bolded.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I've seen "A Place In the Sun" several times and NEVER knew it was based on a true story!
  8. I was just playing a game of online Jeopardy on my phone and a question came up in the category Books & Authors in reference writer Theodore Dreiser's "An American Tragedy". Intrigued, I immediately googled and the story sounds strikingly similar to "A Place In the Sun" starring Liz Taylor and Montgomery Clift. Anyone know if this was a remake of a 1931 film (google revealed) titled "An American Tragedy"?
  9. Recently I watched "The Man I Married" and am now watching "The Mortal Storm" with Robert Young and James Stewart. I find it interesting to see the Nazi movement through the eyes of Nazi supporters. Does anyone have any suggestions for movies similar to these on this topic. I don't want to see actual "war" movies, just movies that shows how families acted during these times. I saw "Gentleman's Agreement" many years ago and enjoyed it as well.
  10. I thouroughly enjoyed the movie but at the end, the TMC host shared the goings on of the leading lady Gloria Graham, who was married to the producer who came home one day in 1950 and caught her in bed w/his 13 year old step son....whom she MARRIED and had a child w/7 years later, making him step-father to his step-brother...the child his now wife had bore for his father!!! I didn't know such scandolous things were going on in the 50s!!
  11. Debra Johnson

    How do I filter

    Whenever I do a thread, it's always upside down w/the original post and responses showing last. How do I filter to have the original post first and the responses appear in ascending order how they came in?
  12. Debra Johnson

    Question about the "Tammy" movie series...

    Never knew there was a tv series. Gonna search for it and watch if I can find it.
  13. Debra Johnson

    Question about the "Tammy" movie series...

    Debbie was still rather youthful in appearance up until her death IMO.
  14. So I'm watching Sandra Dee in "Tammy Tell Me True". I'm enjoying it and vaguely recall of hearing of other "Tammy" movies. I thought there were many but am only able to find two, this one and "Tammy and the Doctor" when I google Sandra Dee. I SPECIFICALLY recall hearing of somehing w/a bachelor. I google "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" that only to find it's not a "Tammy" movie. I then take a chance and google "Tammy and the Bachelor" (even though I didn't see it listed under Sandra Dee) and find it starring DEBBIE REYNOLDS! Never seen this movie, is the CHARACTER "Tammy" the same one played by Sandra and she just replaced Debbie Reynolds?
  15. Debra Johnson

    Was there two versions of "Ode to Billy Joe" released?

    That's what I'm saying. In the previous version I saw years ago, it didn't exactly show them being physical but it shows all the man leading Billy Joe into the back seat of a car (as I recall). I can't figure out why that scene would've been cut in the recent showing yet all the romping around w/the hookers w/one almost showing full on frontal breasts would be left in.

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