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  1. Recently I watched "The Man I Married" and am now watching "The Mortal Storm" with Robert Young and James Stewart. I find it interesting to see the Nazi movement through the eyes of Nazi supporters. Does anyone have any suggestions for movies similar to these on this topic. I don't want to see actual "war" movies, just movies that shows how families acted during these times. I saw "Gentleman's Agreement" many years ago and enjoyed it as well.
  2. I thouroughly enjoyed the movie but at the end, the TMC host shared the goings on of the leading lady Gloria Graham, who was married to the producer who came home one day in 1950 and caught her in bed w/his 13 year old step son....whom she MARRIED and had a child w/7 years later, making him step-father to his step-brother...the child his now wife had bore for his father!!! I didn't know such scandolous things were going on in the 50s!!
  3. How do I filter

    Whenever I do a thread, it's always upside down w/the original post and responses showing last. How do I filter to have the original post first and the responses appear in ascending order how they came in?
  4. Question about the "Tammy" movie series...

    Never knew there was a tv series. Gonna search for it and watch if I can find it.
  5. Question about the "Tammy" movie series...

    Debbie was still rather youthful in appearance up until her death IMO.
  6. So I'm watching Sandra Dee in "Tammy Tell Me True". I'm enjoying it and vaguely recall of hearing of other "Tammy" movies. I thought there were many but am only able to find two, this one and "Tammy and the Doctor" when I google Sandra Dee. I SPECIFICALLY recall hearing of somehing w/a bachelor. I google "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" that only to find it's not a "Tammy" movie. I then take a chance and google "Tammy and the Bachelor" (even though I didn't see it listed under Sandra Dee) and find it starring DEBBIE REYNOLDS! Never seen this movie, is the CHARACTER "Tammy" the same one played by Sandra and she just replaced Debbie Reynolds?
  7. Was there two versions of "Ode to Billy Joe" released?

    That's what I'm saying. In the previous version I saw years ago, it didn't exactly show them being physical but it shows all the man leading Billy Joe into the back seat of a car (as I recall). I can't figure out why that scene would've been cut in the recent showing yet all the romping around w/the hookers w/one almost showing full on frontal breasts would be left in.
  8. Just finished watching this movie on TMC. It seems to have been "cleaned up". I could have SWORN that years ago, I saw a verision which included a scene showing Billy Joe and the man he slept w/hooking at at the Jamboree. The version I recently watched......that scene seems to have been cut out. Anyone else recall seeing that scene in previous showings of this movie?
  9. Is this how rape was treated in the 50s & 60s?

    Thanks will do. But have you seen the two films I mentioned in the original post? Do you agree that rape in both of these films was treated very say the least?
  10. So I just finished watching two great movies from. "A Rage To Live" (1965) starring Suzanne Pleshette, Peter Graves and Ben Gazarro . "No Down Payment" (1957) with Tony Randall and Joanne Woodward. In BOTH movies....a rape occurs. In one movie, the rape literally occurs within the first 15 minutes of the movie....nothing at all happens to the attacker and in fact the scene is written to make it seem like "the woman's MOUTH was saying no but her BODY was saying yes" In the second movie, a woman tells neighbors one of their mutual friends raped her the night before and it's like.....not THAT big of a deal. Was rape REALLY treated this casually during this era?
  11. I've never been a fan. Not that I didn't like him, just never really thought about him. WHen I think of great actors from that era I generally think Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, William Holden, Robert Mitchum, Robert Young, Robert Taylor, James Stewart, James Cagney...... Just watched "Any Number Can Play" this afternoon and I am blown away. I LOVE finding gems like this unexpectedly. I thought it was a GREAT movie! Enjoyed it sooo much!
  12. The Goddess

    I agree w/everything you've said however.....I must've missed Patty....what part did she play?
  13. The Goddess

    I disagree. She LOOKED middle aged!! And the movie was just HORRID! I kept watching thinking....when are they going to get to the good part and was over. It was baaaaaaaddddd!
  14. The Goddess

    Watching this movie right now on TCM and I swear to God this girl playing the lead....susposedly a 16 yr old looks EVERY bit of 45!!!
  15. I retired from the military recently and as recently as 2010 I know, whenever we deployed to foreign countries we had to have the "TB time" inoculation prior to leaving.

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