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  1. 1. Did this movie really romanticize rape? 2. Did Catherine's friend, the one who hated Fredric have a lesbian love for her?
  2. On a Bette Davis binge now and recently watched Angela Lansbury in "A Life At Stake". I don't want to be mean but I absolutely can't see how anyone could ever have thought either of these women attractive w/their strange looks and ugly eyes!
  3. Debra Johnson

    Favorite Movie Lines

    "If Stephen doesn't like something I'm wearing.....I take it off" (in response to "I wouldn't buy that if I were you, Stephen won't like it. He'll think it cheap"). Anyone know where this is from?
  4. Debra Johnson

    "Harriet Craig"/"Craig's Wife"

    For some reason I was thinking "The Rains Came" but that was set in India and I didn't think Joan's movie was.
  5. Debra Johnson

    "Harriet Craig"/"Craig's Wife"

    I liked "Queen Bee" as well but felt Joan was a little "mature" for the character she was portraying. To add to the list of movies I most enjoyed from her are "Humoresque", "The Damned Don't Cry", "Flamingo Road"......ah hell. WHo am I fooling. I love ALLLLL of her work. Not that keen on one can't recall the title but she is a prostate on an island or something. Very old like in the late 20s or early to mid 30s.
  6. Debra Johnson

    "Harriet Craig"/"Craig's Wife"

    I've read this somewhere as well. Not sure if it was IMDb.
  7. Debra Johnson

    "Harriet Craig"/"Craig's Wife"

    I LOVE the movie "Harriet Craig" w/Joan Crawford. Just stumbled across "Craig's Wife" and am watching it now. Didn't even know the former was a remake. Hope the original is as good as the remake.
  8. But how could you tell a child is insane? And if it wasn't while he was a child that whatever happened happened.....why was his untouched room that of a very young child? So confusing. But the movie was pretty good. I enjoyed it.
  9. Yes, didn't realize this was the wrong board to post questions.
  10. What happened to Cord's brother? In one scene they show him entering a baby's room that looks as though it has not been entered into by anyone in years. He has a flashback where he's asking for his brother and his dad tells him he's no longer a part of their lives (not that he's dead). Cord breaks down crying remembering this event. Later there is a scene where someone mentions his brother, there's a conversation (don't recall what it was) and Cord throws a glass of alcohol into a mirror. In another scene b/COrd and his wife, the wife tells him he was afraid their daughter would inherit what ever was wrong w/his brother. I can't figure out if the brother a.) died as a baby b.) killed himself later in life c.) was an alcoholic or had mental illness and was sent away to an asylum d.) the old man Cord had a wife at some point who ran off, taking only the baby. (since no mention was ever made of Cords mother....only the step mother).
  11. What happened to Cord's brother? I don't think I missed any of the movie (although it DID seem to last 2-3 hours) but I never heard it explained what happened to his brother, like why was it even mentioned if it was not going to be explained. I hate when movies do this. At first I thought he died as a baby but then later it seemed as though maybe he killed himself later in life (when Cord threw the glass at the mirror when he and someone was talking about his brother ...I think his wife). THen it seemed like maybe the brother had mental illness as his wife said something to the effect that he was afraid their daughter would inherit it. I just really want to know.
  12. Thank you! Just found it online and am watching it now!
  13. It's set during WWII. It opens w/a woman's husband going off to war (or maybe he's already gone and she receives a letter). Anyways, there are 3 kids (I think) and older daughter, a young girl and perhaps a little boy. THe family seems to be pretty well off. I THINK they receive word the father is killed in action so they take in a boarder.....who for some reason (I'm thinking) it comes out doesn't have a relationship w/his grandson. Somehow the grandson ends up in the town, he's a terrible mess up. He and the older daughter fall in love. He ends up joining the military to gain his grandpa's respect....and ends up being killed. His death make the older daughter who'd been somewhat shallow mature quickly. THe only thing I can recall definitely about the movie is after the daughter's beau is killed, she's working as a nurse (I think) and some older women in the town offend her by saying they could never be a nurse (I think) and she gives a rather drawn out silloloquy (sp). The movie is NOT "The Best Years of Our Lives".
  14. ITA the whole situation would be a bit too sordid for the censors of that era (which is why it caught my attention as being incongruous) but what confuses me is that when the girls were giggling in class over something Selma has said, I thought they said that Selma has asked about Ingaborg's baby. That's why I concluded she was being molested by her father, became pregnant by him and then killed herself. I mean, whom else could she have been pregnant by as close a reign as her dad kept on her.
  15. Watching it right now but I'm distracted by the below side plot.....(spoiler alert below)

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