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  1. EvyG

    Pricing for 2016?

    Hope you booked...it's VERY pricey now.
  2. EvyG

    TCM Cruise 2016

    You can pay in three installments. I think last payment is due in August.
  3. If some one wants a 4some in the Family Oceanview cabin, Cabin 7006 and 7504 looks very roomy...would cost $1,475 each.
  4. EvyG

    TCM Cruise 2016

    I was supposed to sign on yesterday at 4:15 pm but hadn't made up my mind...once this goes out to the public, it will fill up completely.
  5. EvyG

    TCM Cruise 2016

    Lowest price available for two in a room, 3 and 4 are: $1,910 $1,356 $1,080 N/A
  6. EvyG

    TCM Cruise 2016

    $1,910 $1,356 $1,080 N/A Those are prices for standard inside room with two, three or four....add $360 for taxes, port charges and gratuities.
  7. EvyG

    TCM Cruise 2016

    I can tell you that it will be $3600 for a single. There are no double beds on the Fantasy so it makes it difficult for sharing unless someone takes the couch. I checked because thought I would have my own room but too pricey for me. I would have LOVED to go but need my own bed so (sadly) will have to skip this cruise.
  8. EvyG

    TCM 2015 cruise

    I loved Vaudeville 101!
  9. EvyG

    TCM 2015 cruise

    i just wanted to add that based on last year's cruise, they are sold out within a few weeks. I have preference for booking since I have been on two cruises but don't at present have a cruisemate. A single for the least expensive room is $3,610...so there!

    1. EvyG


      Ten Disney Cruises and two TCM Cruises

  11. Please reply if you plan on attending this cruise and would like to cut costs and share cabin.
  12. Check the prices and see if you want to share a room...I had the upgraded inside room with porthole last year and shared with one cruisemate but it's kind of pricey this year so would "bite the bullet" and share with two possibly.

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