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    Movies-(but, prefer "Hollywoods Golden Age" by far!), going online, reading, watching tv, music, used to lift weights & ride a huffy bike, until back pain stopped 'em!) 0f course going to new releases-(of which I've been reviewing between 36 to 60 per year since 1982 at only age 17/18) & have also been an *Oscar oddsmaking/pundit since that same year. Winning iv Variety as it's annual *"Oscar-0racle" for 2002-(plus, won several local newspaper contests too) -(P.S. though did weak this past year of 2015, unfortunately) & have been collecting everything cinema-(memorabilia, books, lists, dvd's,etc) since 1979


    & to any reading this, please also feel free to contact me at (Jeffshannon50@gmail.com) I corresponded w/many over 16yrs mostly about cinema


    & my personal favorite's in THE MOVIES-(sept. 2016)>

    (DVD Time Capsule): (*-denotes *Oscar winner)
    1. "The Godfather (l90l-90) Trilogy-(non theatrical release)
    2. "Citizen Kane" (l94l) (RKO Radio)
    3. "Captains Courageous" (l937) (M-G-M)
    4. *"Casablanca" (l943) (Warner Bros.)
    5. "City Lights" (l93l) (UA)
    6. "Dumbo" (l94l) (Walt Disney/RKO)
    7. "It's a Wonderful Life" (l946) (RKO)
    8. "The Searchers" (l956) (WB's)
    9. "Vertigo" (l958) (Paramount)
    10th "The Quiet Man" (l952) (Republic)

    1. *Spencer Tracy (l900-l967)-(NOTE: Also No. 1 & 2 are my top two idol/heroes!)
    2. *Frank Sinatra (l9l5-98)
    3. *James Cagney (l899-l986)

    1. Natalie Wood (l938-l98l)
    2. Greta Garbo (l905-90)
    3. *Katharine Hepburn (l907-2003)

    1. *John Ford (l895-l973)
    2. Alfred Hitchcock (l899-l980
    3. *Woody Allen (l935-) & Howard Hawks-(l896-l974)

    & worst:
    1. "Plan 9 from 0uter Space" (l959)
    2. "Glen or Glenda" (l956)
    3. "Myra Breckinridge" (l970)

    & though they are very rarely even written about anymore the 1980's (fake) "Faces of Death" were, as Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel always ranted about, as arguably the most disgusting ever produced!)


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  1. Now, I'm positive lots will jump all over this opinion, but hosts' are either passing away-(TRIVIA: The legendary Bob Hope (l903-2003) by far holds the MC /Host record between 15 & 18 years!!!) Given it wasn't such am epic over 3hr show in those days, Billy says he must take 2to 3 tennis shoes to host! & "The King of Late Night: Mr. Johnny Carson-(l925-2005) did pitch perfect, even getting to introduced the legendary *JOHN "THE DUKE" WAYNE=-(l907-0l979) only 3 months before he went away, do most thesedays recall this? If not it's all over the net & youtube. & as I just said elsewhere, give David another shot folks! I've always had a personal belief that an Oscar host shoulda' been in at least one theatrical film, agree? That brings me to another recently gone "MR. WARMTH" DON RICKLES-(l926-2017) If you need proof, run over to the Dino Roasts, especially the one honoring *SINATRA! But again the ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES dropped the darn ball!? Gee, who's next Pauly Shore, Jack Black or Chris Tucker??? Come to think of it this yrs Best actress contender & it's her 2nd shot as well Melissa McCarthy may bring something new to the table? & I recall thinking "Family Guy's" Seth McFarland would be excellent, but nooo & yet he'd another fellow *SINATRA-ITE too!& on that *FRANCIS ALBERT NOTE, back in 1970 they had a few co-hosts & he was among them, actually lecturing Tinsel-Town about the crap they were then starting to turn out THANX
  2. & again, tired & in duie pain Can someone assist me again on to how to re-edit my top heading thanx
  3. So, given its next Sunday already possibly I listed just too many races/categories vs just the top 6 to 8 major races So I'll throw one more SINATRA FEDORA in the ring &remember PREDICTIONS VS. PREFERENCES-(aka "Alternate Oscars," (2 authors did this & 1 Danny Peary covered them very well, check out his book, though it needs revision) which always means in the past 90yrs my own votes didn't even have to be officially in the golden race, but Ebert & Siskel annually would air "IF WE PICKED THE WINNERS" & Gene & Roger were stuck in choosing the nommed flix that year>Almost left out our very own Mr. Robert Osborne-(l932-2007) once in awhile he also forecasted final winners & on his note who has gotten THE OSCAR BIBLE "85yrs of the OSCAR" yet??? PREDICTIONS> BEST PICTURE: Green Book * a very tight race between it & Roma But not 2 single production has won both BP & Best Foreign-Film, yet? On that note my beloved 1089 Italian made "Cinema, Paradiso" in my view deserved both, but only took home Foreign Language Film & that marvelous *E. Morricone music per usual)) ACTOR: Rami Malek in "Bohemian Rhapsody" ACTRESS: Glenn Close in "The Wife"-(her 7th attempt!) S. ACTOR: Mahershela Ali in "Green Book"-(just won here 2yrs back) S. ACTRESS: Regina King in "If Beale Street Could Talk" BEST DIRECTOR: Alfonso Cuaron for "Roma"-(likely landslide) ADAPTED-SCREENPLAY: "Blackkklansman" (Spike Lee) & ORIGINAL-SCRIPT: "Green Book" (Peter Farelly) VS. MY OWN ANNUAL "ALTERNATE OSCARS"-(my 37th year oddsmaking Oscar, started at only age 18 for 1982-(great cinenamatic year too!) FAVORITE FILM: Stan & 0llie ACTOR: Christian Bale in "Vice"-(barely over John C. Reilly in "Stan & 0llie?") Actress: Glenn Close S. Actor: Mahershela Ali S. Actress: Emma Stone in "The Favourite" BD: Alfonso Cuaron again-(TRIVIA: He also produced, directed, wrote, foreign-film & his own cinematography, plus won BD Gold for the fantastic 2013 GRAVITY!) THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN, CERTAINLY HOPE YOU CAST YOURS, NO MATTER HOW WEAK THEY MAY BE ALL THAT EVER MATTERS IN TIME IS WHATS ON THAT "SILVER-SCREEN"
  4. Once again tcm's annual & used to be utterly tremendous "31 Days of Oscar" but it's nowhere near as good as say 10 or more yrs back, so which do my fellow TCM-ITES rate higher "Summer Under the Stars" are the former? THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  5. To LawrenceA, Jakeem,etc how do I re-edit my heading?
  6. ANYONE AGREE ON NEXT WEEKS 91st ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS-(AMPAS) & it's predicted ratings low? The last 2 held that record already, enough with Jimmy Kimmel, let Letterman comeback for another shot & above all Billy Crystal, poll after poll votes Billy as all-time A #1 too.
  7. spence

    4-star good movies

  8. spence

    Bruno Ganz dies at 77

    THANKS TO ALL FOR THIS GREAT, YET SAD SCOOP ON WHAT IS WUTHIUT A DOUBT THE SILVER-SCREENS ALL-TIME FINEST ADOLPH HITLER! he was outrageiously ignored for even a Best actr nod for it & furthermore in my own "ALTERNATE OSCARS FILES" I voted fior him over actual winner *J. Foxx in "Ray" that year-(very close though) In my book *HOPKINS was a close runner-up for 1977' s tv movie THE BUNKER, but *Alec Guinness was miscast as Hitler BIG-TIME! Strangely Moe Hward really looked like Adolph Hitler with garb on & all, as did somewhat *CHAPLIN. Yet to catch WINGS OF DESIRE though PREMIERE MAGAZINE VIOTED IT AMONG OVERALL 10 BEST 1980's
  9. Just about firgot & a topic I know is near & dear to us TCM-ITES hearts, because I've often seen this topic reaised A kinda' metaphor to about TCM BIG SCREEN CLASSICS What top 5 to 10 motion pictures would you most want to see on the "SILVER-SCREEN?" Now, I don't care if it's Plan 9 from 0uter Space, Glen or Glenda, myra breckindridge,etc JUST BE HONEST SPORTS FANS & O yes, I've been to both *GWTW & *CASABLANCA A FEW TIMES As for me A #1 is THE G0DFATHER (l972)-(P.S. For some reason as a wee lad of about 8 or 9 someone took me to it & all I recall is some guy throwing up all over the bathroom during the classic horse's head scene!!!) 2nd CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS (l937-MGM)-(close between this grand adventure & his 1960 INHERIT THE WIND?) 3rd SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS (l96l) (saw Natasha on the big screen a couple times over the years, but not only did she like this role of Deanie best, it's mine as well ROBBED BY ALL ACCOUNTS W/EACH PASSING YEAR FOR THIS ONE OF BEST ACTRESS!) 4th SOME CAME RUNNING (l958-MGM) (not only my fav of *"The Chairman of the Board's" but Scorsese rates this among his all-time top ten films! & for yrs *Shirley liked it best, until of course *"Terms...") (Some say this is a sequel to Joyce *"From Here to Eternity" though?) 5th MOST WANTED ON "THE SILVER-SCREEN" CITY LIGHTS (l931-UA) (again, what can by said that hasn't already been said, though close with his almost as brilliant 1936 MODERN TIMES both contain all-time endings!) I SHOWED YOU MINE????
  10. (*-Indicates an ACADEMY (AMPAS) AWARD Winner) Tried postuing this other evening, but was bone tired & had to stop. So, please bear with me & throw in your 2 HATS, CENTS, FEDORAS-(AN ASIDE I own a S. Tracy hat & a bona fide Sinatra hat-(signatures & all),, plus an old style Newsboy cap), on below coming soon TCM BIG SCREEN EVENTS by Fathom Think there will be about (18) & just either give a star rating, comment,etc whatever you like THANK YOU (NOTE: Typically I grabbed the pamphlets at my local REGAL THEATER & Ben Mankiewicz often advertises these) (chronological order)> WIZARD OF OZ (l939) (MAGNIFICENT!) (opens at Regal theaters nationwide on January 27th, 29th & 30th) (not only went to it, but BOMBED on stage at age 6 as TOTO! I was a stand in for a girl at my mother's stage show) (went to 3 times or more since that 1971 stage debacle TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (1962) (4 HUGE STARS!) (March 24th & 27th)-(excuse me a personal note & I know tcm-ites will get upset, but I love her it's Madonna's A #1, just a lil vote for Ms. Ciccone, sorry)-(my runner-up all-time greatest courtroom drama) TRUE GRIT (l969) (***1/2) (opens on March 24th & 27th)-(now I'll go to this one, not among his best, fun though & his sole Oscar, plus never saw a big screen movie with *"The Duke") I'M CERTAIN SOMEONE WILL AGREE, PLEASE? FIELD OF DREAMS (l989) (June 16 & 18) ($63m.) (****-stars) HELLO, DOLLY!" (l969) (not my own cup of cappucino myself, though *STREISAND is utterly remarkable!) THE SHAWSHANK REDEMOPTION" (l994) (September 22, 24 & 25th) (****-stars!) (& only made $28m.) (But has a mammoth cult following, matter of fact on the perfecto site (imdb.com) it actually out voted by fans as #1 greatest picture ever made, even over *GFI. But went 0 for 7 come Oscar time?) (I went to 3 times) THE GODFATHER, PART II (l974) (R) (November 10, 12 & 13th, 2019) (ABSOLUTELY OFF THE CHARTS! Though I barely rate *GFI better) This sequel is on because of it's 45th anniversary, always thought the flashback *Bobby De scenes were a bit stronger, who agrees? Swept 7, but didn't sell nearly as many tickets as the first) & to top it off for me I';ve yet to see this one in the theatre either) MY FAIR LADY": (l964) (***1/2) (opens at all Regals on Feb. 17th & 20th, 2020)-(8 Oscars) BEN-HUR (l959) (***1/2) (all know the story, but it held an AMPAS record for most victories of 11 statuettes until 1997's *"Titanic" My personal debit, though grand filmmaking still is, *Heston, just too hammy, especially when he defeated both J. Lemmon, "Some Like It Hot" & Jimmy Stewart in "Anatomy of a Murder?" (Opens April 14 & 17) (P.S. You should check out his MANSION it takes up 4 blocks!, not to mention-(check it out online as Heston's Man Cave) he looked like he lost his mind sports fans!?) STEEL MAGNOLIAS" (l989) (***)-(don't yet know it's gross? It did well though, keep thinking approx. $78m.) (all by know know or saw this fun comedy-drama, but as I first saw it my gut said then only 31yr old *Julia Roberts would be the lady remembered come nominee time & was.) (Opens May 19, 21 & 22nd, 2019) (P.S. I remember my ma & I rented a little flick a yr prior to this called "Mystic Pizza" (**) & kept wondering where this *Julia girl was, until she smiled & you could without a doubt see older & Oscar nommed bro Eric Roberts same face! GLORY (l989) ($43 million) (What can one say, MAGNIFUICENT ON EVERY SINGLE LEVEL & FURTHERMORE MA EVEN RANK AMIONG HOLLYWOOD ALL-TIME TOP TEN WAR-FILMS TOO! The score is astonishing by (James Horner) & disgustingly not among it's only 5 nods that year Geee, "Little Mermaid" won instead GO-FIGURE? Then there is the cast, most notably *Denzel in a walk of winning his 1qst OSCAR-(s. actor( *M. freeman equally as strong,. M. Brioderuick in the work of his career. & a mandatory history lesson for older kids, as is 1993's Gettysburg NOT A FALSE MOMENT! (A MUST SEE I WENT BACK TWUCE July 21st & 24th, 2020) LAWRENCE IOF ARABIA (l962) (4 HUGE STARS!) (Obviously one of those that demands to be viewed ion the large Silver-Screen, which I haven't, not yet anyway. How can anyone even talk about this epic, adventure, bio anymore? PREMIERRE MAGFAZINE once took an insiders & fans survey on the greatest single performance of all-time & by anyone & 0'Toole won it all, whole ball of wax as Lawrence! Though among few Academy Awards it lost was his vs *Peck as Atticus Finch-(flip of a coin if you ask me?) Not a false note & watch for *Scorsese drooling over this all-timer! He's not alone, won Oscars for BP, Director-(Lean), Score-(Maurice Jarre), Cinematograophy, Costume Design, Editing & Sound & AFI in it's massive 1999 poll/survey "100yrs.1100 Movies"voted it No 5th of all-time! Like GWTW must be viewed on a large screen & correct me if I;m wrong, may have also been my fellow Irishman Peter's debut? (TRIVIA: He always wore GREEN socks, I also have 1 pair in his honor & the real T.E. Lawrene was just 5'4, where he was easily 6'3) (Sept. 1 & 4th, 2019) ALIEN" (l979) (R) ($117m.) (***1/2) (must admit I'm in the other tank & barely like '86's Aliens a bit better, likely due to *J,. Cameron high voltage momentum, plus there were a lots & lots more creatures in his version & man, again that score by *Horner! The '86 installment earned 7 nominations, this did snag a few as well & won for Visuals. Ridley Scott's pacing is just different then Cameron's is all. Certainly put Weaver-(her dad was a top CBS excecutive Pat Weaver by the way) immediately on the A list, huh Tom Skerritt had top billing, that changed after it's release of course, plus it was her story with the cast in it, right? (Opens October 13, 15, & 16th) & WHEN HARRY MET SALLY" (l989) (R) (***1/2-out of 4 stars) ($92m.) By now all know her now even legendary deli scene of course, though out of place for a girl like Sally Albright, but still great jazz! Sure wish these 2 would get back together! She's technically done (4) with *Hanks so far-(TRICK QUESTION ON THE LATTER?) Meg-(Peggy Emily Hyra) just gels in these romantic comedies i.e "Sleepless in Seatlle" "French Kiss" You've Got Mail": & so on & Billy, where are you buddy? goldderby.com constantly polls it's readers,etc on all-time best Oscar host & every single time it is BILLY! & over champ-(15-18yrs) BOB HOPE too!? (NOTE: On Billy, most haven't seen this, it may well be his funniest bits at Ali's funeral & better yet in B & W at Ali's 1978 tribute INCREDIBLE! ANYONE RECALL "RABBIT TEST" (l978)??? But Meg can be strong as an actress too see 1994's ribbed of at least her 21st nomination for "When a Man Loves a Woman"& '96's war-film "Courage Under Fire" s. actress snub) THANK YOU & AS ALWAYS SEND IN THEM COMMENTS
  11. spence

    4-star good movies

    good question, but tcm has always tried to air R rated fare after midnight, great movie no matter, same goes for all-time greats RAGING BUULL, BLUE VELVET & more MIDNIGHT COWBOY & a myriad of others & dig this, directly after they broadcast Lynch's masterpiece BV, some old grouch wrote in complaining, saying "I DON'T OUT ON TCM FOR PORNO?" unquote AFI certainly begs to duffer voting BV #3 finest film of the 1980's? & PREMIERE magazine voted it runner up only to R. BULL? & personally I also rank BLUE VELVET runner-up only to all-0time top 5 finest films in RAGING BULL. LAST TANGO is another & I agree on these only being aired after 12am though myself A time & place for everywhere, you know (P.S. & for the life that's barely left in me, TCM still has no legal rights since 1994 to air *"THE GODFARHER -EPICS???"
  12. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

  13. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

    HEY PAL, are you going to watch this time too? I know you don't predict, but how about watching??? BELOW ARE MY OWN FINAL "PREDICTIONS" OF THE TOP 6 MAJORS ONLY, FOR NOW???-)again, will someone at least stick own neck out & try me & the ACADEMY, please Jakeem I understand, it's his policy,etc ut where are the rest of you so called TCM-ITES?)?? BEST PICTURE: Green Book-(flip of a coin over Roma) ACTOR: Rami Malek in "Bohemian Rhapsody" ACTRESS: Glenn Close, "The Wife" SUPPORTING ACTIOR: Mahershela Ali, "Green Book" SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Regina King, "If Beale Street Couple Talk" BEST DIRECTIOR: Alfonso Cuaron for "Roma"-(I project Cuaron to take home 3 ) ADAPTED-SCREENPLAY: "Blackkklansman" & ORIGINAL-SCREENPLAY: "Green Book" TIE-BREAKER: Richard Simmons will be very last minute host
  14. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

    THE STATISTICS YOU SUBMITTED ABIVE ARE A KEEPER ****-stars! I like *Paul a ton, but it's strange to think of him actually ti-ieing The Great Tracy? Never forget Nicholson in an interview with Premiere, just after snagging yet another for 1997's wonderful AS GOOD AS IT GETS & he laughed when he saw he surpassed both Spence & 0livier
  15. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

    I think Glenn's 7th time will be the charm though, don't you?

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