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    Movies-(but, prefer "Hollywoods Golden Age" by far!), going online, reading, watching tv, music, used to lift weights & ride a huffy bike, until back pain stopped 'em!) 0f course going to new releases-(of which I've been reviewing between 36 to 60 per year since 1982 at only age 17/18) & have also been an *Oscar oddsmaking/pundit since that same year. Winning iv Variety as it's annual *"Oscar-0racle" for 2002-(plus, won several local newspaper contests too) -(P.S. though did weak this past year of 2015, unfortunately) & have been collecting everything cinema-(memorabilia, books, lists, dvd's,etc) since 1979


    & to any reading this, please also feel free to contact me at (Jeffshannon50@gmail.com) I corresponded w/many over 16yrs mostly about cinema


    & my personal favorite's in THE MOVIES-(sept. 2016)>

    (DVD Time Capsule): (*-denotes *Oscar winner)
    1. "The Godfather (l90l-90) Trilogy-(non theatrical release)
    2. "Citizen Kane" (l94l) (RKO Radio)
    3. "Captains Courageous" (l937) (M-G-M)
    4. *"Casablanca" (l943) (Warner Bros.)
    5. "City Lights" (l93l) (UA)
    6. "Dumbo" (l94l) (Walt Disney/RKO)
    7. "It's a Wonderful Life" (l946) (RKO)
    8. "The Searchers" (l956) (WB's)
    9. "Vertigo" (l958) (Paramount)
    10th "The Quiet Man" (l952) (Republic)

    1. *Spencer Tracy (l900-l967)-(NOTE: Also No. 1 & 2 are my top two idol/heroes!)
    2. *Frank Sinatra (l9l5-98)
    3. *James Cagney (l899-l986)

    1. Natalie Wood (l938-l98l)
    2. Greta Garbo (l905-90)
    3. *Katharine Hepburn (l907-2003)

    1. *John Ford (l895-l973)
    2. Alfred Hitchcock (l899-l980
    3. *Woody Allen (l935-) & Howard Hawks-(l896-l974)

    & worst:
    1. "Plan 9 from 0uter Space" (l959)
    2. "Glen or Glenda" (l956)
    3. "Myra Breckinridge" (l970)

    & though they are very rarely even written about anymore the 1980's (fake) "Faces of Death" were, as Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel always ranted about, as arguably the most disgusting ever produced!)


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  1. YOU ARE 100% CORRECT PAL! I LOVE THESE & REMEMBER THEY JUST GOT NICEST GUY IN THE WORL:D *OSCAR VICTOR*BOPRGNINE ON JUST IN TIME TOO! Betty Hutton was arguably my personal fav. & though he did do a lotta' name dropping M<r. 0swborne's was possibly thee greatest & I think the longest/ It was toward the end that A. Baldwin switched the tables & asked Robert to name thee eptimeof all things film & asked ADVENTURE: Osbo immediately said "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (l938 WB's)m COMEDY: "Libeled Lady" & "This Is Spinal Tap" DRAMA:"A Place in the Sun" & both men without pause cited the vastly underrated & especially as time goes on: *William Holden are their movie idol! (P.S., & Osborne touched on his debut interview with Mitchum & Bop kinda'; gave him "The High Hat" Anyone remember that on, Jane Russell was also there)
  2. Although this new release opened nation wide on April 6th, it almost always in my previous 35 years of going to new releases takes 2 weeks for that film to get a nation wide release, but still hasn't? "Where Is Kyra?" is not going to be a big $B.O.$ smash or anything-(see last yrs staggeringly awful "mother!" with her in a small role & barely grossed about $18m. & then there was the surprising hit at over $105m "Murder on the 0rient Express" (**1/2-out of 4 stars) Last year was meant to be "Marvelous Michelle's" comeback a wee bity, another like "mother!" though & she's in DEEP trouble, though it wasn't her fault, but it's director obviously She's getting very good notices for "Kyra?" though & please let me/.us know first if you know about it's wide release & if you've already seen it (P.S. I'll never forget some snotty limey interviewer a few yrs back started out an interview with Michelle but immediately just blurting out "So,. How Come You Haven't already Had Plastic Surgery, Like So Many of your Contemporaries?>" She was shocked to say the least & took a long paused. She'll only be 60 on the 29th after all WHAT A WEASEL HE IS!!!) Born: April 29th, 1958 in San Jose, CALIF Married: David E.,Kelly & strangely used to date character actors: Peter Horton & Fisher Stevens Lives: North Carolina Hgt: 5'7, but many say 5'6. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Films: approx. 45 td Debut: "Charlie Chan & Curse of Dragon Queen" Hollywood "Walk-of-Fame Star" (1) located near to "The Dolby Theatre" "Hollywood & Highland" (A locale the majority of current stars want their own WOF-STAR thesedays& of course the current-(4 now anyway) home of the Annual *Oscars) & my votes for "Essential Michelle Pfeiffer" to date: 1st "The Fabulous Baker Boys" (l989) (won virtually every single pre *Oscar critics & other award, but *Tandy took home the Best Actress *Gold instead for *"Miss Daisy" Her instant classic piano crawl to "Makin' Whoopee" was shot at the Cinegril in the "Roosevelt Hotel" (made $18 million) (Her Susie Diamond is one for the books & does her own singing as well) 2., "The Age of Innocence" (l993) ($33m.)(purely perfectly detailed filmmaking by *Marty at every level, slow moving for many though & my girl Winona Ryder was the sole performer up for an *Academy Award & took home Best Costume Design & yet another majestic score & opening credits by *Elmer Bernstein However, this was the year of *"SCHINDLER!") 3. "Dangerous Liaisons" (l988) ($35m.) (not really her showcase, but snagged her 1st nod for s. actresss for this other costume drama. However, Glenn Close is simply extraordinary in what was a stunning *AMPAS oversight that year! The kind of role *B. Davis woulda' relished. Did win Adapted-screenplay, Costumes & Art-Direction statuettes though) 4. "White 0leander" (2002) ($18m.) (For once she kinda' portrayed a villain or villainous here & was great to say the least, another *Oscar oversight-(s. actress) Large cast Alison Lohman, Robin Wright Penn, *Renee Zellweger & more. Lohman almost outshines her too. Depressing, but certainly worth seeing) 5th favorite to date "Frankie & Johnny" (l99l) ($23m.,) (as Maltin writes "An Ode to Loneliness" unquote A comedy-drama though & on stage *Kathy Bates originated her pt as Frankie. She & Pacino make a marvelous team together) (ALSO-RANS: I'd of course include the near legendary 1983 "Scarface" ($41m.) (but she's not crazy about it, a supporting turn again & always dubs it "A Boys' Film": instead) & was among about 2 to 3 ladies Hollywood Pictures wanted to star in & as "EVITA" (l996) ($51m.) *STREEP, but we all know what finally happened, don't we "Married to the Mob" (l988) ($21m,.) (strong ***) (Almost in my top 4 top 5 favs. Out & out comedy & she seems to be having a ball here as Angelo DeMarco, widow of a Mafioso. M. Modine& her though don;'t quite gel together, though her's only a yr younger? But it's the supporting performances of Dean Stockwerll-(nommed) & *Mercedes Ruehl that dominate the show & for thosaer that know their cinema, one can tell *J. Demme directed, right out of his own 1986 powerhouse "Something Wild") & of course there was ":Batman:Returns": (l992) (**1/2) ($163m.) (Michelle easily walked away with the immensely popular adventure as Catwoman-(she saved the whip by the way) Unfortunately the only time Danny De Vito got on my nerves) (Also her current record holder for biggest $Box-0ffice$ smash) (TRIVIA: Sher was scheduled to star in '91's cult hit "Thelma& Louise": & snagged one of her only (3) *Oscar nominations for the fair "Love Field"-(shoulda' been in that race as Catwoman instead) WORST: "Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen" (l980) I know I' missing a couple movies, for now anyway Let me know please? She certainly has a knack for romantic comedy, see 1996's fun (***) ($45m.) "One Fine Day" opposite *George Clooney as just 1 example & how can we neglect to include the fun thriller from '87 "The Witches of Eastwick" (***) (U.S. Gross: $63m.) THANK YOU
  3. Put Them Out of Their Misery Poll

    Anyone remember his flat & cowardly pt in 2002's great "Road to Perdition?"
  4. Put Them Out of Their Misery Poll

    *Kline was absolutely brilliant in '88's "A Fish Called wanda" as 0tto! Though I got it wrong that *Oscar year, forecasting *M. Landau or *A. Guinness would "Walk Down-the-Aisle": instead & *Kevin was almost equally magnifico in "Sophie's Chpoice" & up against *Streep no less! The *AMPAS/Hollywood probably did not know where to place him for it though, lead or support?
  5. Put Them Out of Their Misery Poll

    Both Ebert & Siskel thought he'd be a good Bond
  6. Put Them Out of Their Misery Poll

    Never saw Lazenby's installment Brosnan & Dalton seemed dull as dishwater & as the already sadly gone critic Joel Siegel once said on GMA *Sean Connery's an actor, Roger Moore;'s a movie star unquote Despite his & Bond pix, my top favs of *Connery's are "THE UNTOUCHABLES" (l987), "THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING" (l975)-(deserved a ton more *Oscar attention), "THE HILL"-(deserved a Best actor shot) & "ROBIN & MARIAN"-(beautiful *J. Barry score as usual) as for his Bond cinema a close-call but for me "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE"
  7. I Just Watched...

    As u of all know during Hollywoods Golden age/Studio-System-(l925-60 & 63) It's glorious ":Dream Factories" much preferred directors that shot like an essembly line-(gotten from Henry ford) The epitome being *V. Fleming, W.S. Van Dyke, II, *Curtiz,etc But Hawks was the sole hold out & could handle each and every film genre from the likes of "Scarface: Shame of a Nation" "Twentieth Century"-(brilliant), "Bringing Up Baby" "His Girl Friday" "Sergent York"-(his sole nomination too? So much so it's legendary that winner *Ford for *"How Green Was My Valley" thought "York" & Howard truly deserved to win instead!), ), "Air Force, "To Have and Have Not" "The Big Sleep" (l946), "Red River" "I Was a Male War Bride" "Monkey Businesss" '52), "Rio Bravo" "Hatari" "El Dorado" & much more.
  8. Films of 2018

  9. Films of 2018

    No Jakeem, I really mean the *Walt Disney & even Pixar features? I agree on the now far too many animated series though Can you even begin to imagine just how much $dough$ *Uncle Walt's places & features are worth thesedays So tired of sequels, animated features, remakes the works Another reason I found "THREE BILLBOARDS..." so refreshing last yr. Personally it's my No. 5 to date for 2010- 1st being *"THE ARTIST"-(even with that magnifico score adapted from *B. Herrmann. Novak said she felt as though she had been raped though, of course due to her own all-timer "VERTIGO") I just love B & W over color & anything HOLLYWOODS GOLDEN AGE & THAT DOG WAS A WONDER!) ($44m.) (5 Oscars) 2. "GRAVITY"-(& in our era almost too short at 91 minutes, something lacking today & I'm not a sci-fi buff either, but admire *Sandy & Her 1 sequence in a dream sequence with *Clooney was worth it all!) ($275m.) (4 stars1) 3rd "LIFE ITSELF" (tribute yet ultra sad docu on Roger Ebert!) 5th "INSIDE/OUT" (Pixar/Disney in it's most intelligent effort yet!) ($254m.)-(revised to 5th place) & 4. fav. to date "THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI" ($55m.) & knew *"Shape of Wter" would win, buty weas rootiung fior this instant masterpiece & can you fathom, lots call this rascist?) & MY PERSONAL TOP 5-10 All-time FAVIORITE ANIMATED FEATURES(CLASSIC & THIS ERA BOTH)> 1st "Dumbo" (l94l-Walt Disney/RKO) (Maltin chooses it his overall 6th fav. film ever produced & "Baby Mine" deserved the song) 2. "Fantasia" (l940 Disney/RKO Radio) (most vote "Pinocchio" above all of his most glorious era, matter of fact *Spielberg's #1 film is that classic, but I've always considered this the "KANE" of animation, experimental & all & of course not a big hit upon initial release 2000's "Fantasia 2000" still terrific (3 & 1/2) but not in same league) 3. "Pinocchio' (l940 RKO/Disney) (many split with me in these animated flix deserving of BP consideration, but I personally woulda' voted for this that year over winner *"Rebecca"-(only won to award *Selznick a 2nd consecutive BP Gold!?) & even "The Grapes of Wrath") (P.S. Speaking of *Steven, he & the now 86yr old composer *J. Williams both cited their own fav. music scores & *Steven voted for this & "Vertigo" *Williams always picked *"Waterfront's" 4. "Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs" (l938-Disney/RKO) (some list this as 1937 & 1938 though?) 5th fav. "Finding, Nemo" (2003) (Disney/Pixar) (barely over "Toy Story" (l995) but has even more heart & technical prowess,etc Plus, Albert Brooks is among my fav. current movie comics) (TRIVIA: To date Pixar has won (9) Animated-feature statuettes) & MY ALL-TIME FAVOIRITE CARTOON CHARACTER: "Bugs Bunny" A combination of Groucho Marx & others Can you believe his sole *Oscar for Best animated-short is for the only ok (**1/2) "Knighty Knight Bugs?" (l958-WB's) His A #1 though & most agree is "A NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD"-(remember it? It's one I can never get enough of, featuring all the Golden age heavyweights & him!) & 1957's "WHAT'S OPERA, DOC? (FINAL TRIVIA FUN FAX: Due to *Disney's new era starting w '89's "Little Mermaid" & then '91's "Beauty & the Beast"-(still only 3 up for BP *Oscar), "Aladdin" & more the AMPAS devided 2 scoring categories from 1995 through '98. Because these were always winning. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT WON IN THOSE 3 YEARS???) THANX FOR YOUR TIME
  10. Just sw your all-timers list & obviouisly you are also a fan of NATALIA NIKOLAVNIA ZAKHERENKO'S


    No offense but how old are you. I;m over 53 & have literally been deeply "IN LOVE" with her since age 16, a full year before she went away






    (jeffshannon50@gmail.com) my original e mail & I correspond with 100's via there, not crazy about twitter though


    Even write to L. Maltin, *W. Goldman,etc



    WHAT ARE YOUR 5 or more fav. of hers???




  12. Top Ten Films of...

    To CinemaIntern-(1st & above all utterly love your AVATAR of "M. Times" my runner-up as all-time favorite ending!) JUST "SMILE" *Chaplin deserved an original music score for this silent masterpiece. Can you guess his one & only competitive victory though??? as I always say & write in my files & books, if *Welles could star, direct, write & produce, "The Little Tramp" had him beat by one in scoring! Also went to "P. Thread" & though slow & meticulous still very good filmmaking (***1/2-out of 4 stars) &only sold about $20m. in tickets, lowest of the recent BP contenders. Personally-(though not among my personal favs still with us today) I rank *D. Day as our finest living actor & amazingly at only age 60 has won (3) all leading *Oscars to date!!! "My Left Foot" "Lincoln" & "There Will Be Blood"-(AMAZINGLY CHANNELING *JOHN HUSTON) Ever see him in 1986's dull (**1/2) "A Room With A View" or 1984's superbly faithful version of "The Bounty?" Was robbed of another *Academy Gold as William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting in *Scorsese's 2002 "Gangs of New York" Like co-star Liam Neeson, both our my fellow IRISH. Knew "P. Thread" would score for Best Costumes though. & I bet right now it won't be his finale either! Others you may have caught "In the Name of the Father" (l993)-(nom.) "The Crucible": (l996), "The Boxer" (l997), "My Beautiful Launderette"-(never saw) As you know his longtime wife Rebecca Miller is the daughter of Arthur Miller-(l9l5-2005) A man I despise. THANKS & KEEP IN TOUCH. My other candidates for our greatest living actors-(not my favs though)> 1. *Day-Lewis 2. *Hopkins 3. *Duvall-(my mother escorted *Robert down to his limo in 1980 while working security at Playboy Casino! But her gal pal at Resorts actually got to escort *SINATRA!) 4. *Penn & 5th place *Hackman
  13. Films of 2018

    To Jakeem, what are your personal all-time top 5 to 10 favourite animated features by the way??? Of course I just adore *Disney's glorious era the most, but Pixar is superior tech wise of course, just doesn't have the HEART
  14. Films of 2018

    Jakeem, think he's somewhat feeling his oates thesese days at about 75, never stopped *Clint, 88, *Mel Brooks, 92 & others though?
  15. sagebrush, you must really be an Astaire fan, huh. Personally I respect his dancing talent, but have always felt Gene Kelly more exciting (P.S. Can you also when you can submit your own top ten vs AFI's?)

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