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    Movies-(but, prefer "Hollywoods Golden Age" by far!), going online, reading, watching tv, music, used to lift weights & ride a huffy bike, until back pain stopped 'em!) 0f course going to new releases-(of which I've been reviewing between 36 to 60 per year since 1982 at only age 17/18) & have also been an *Oscar oddsmaking/pundit since that same year. Winning iv Variety as it's annual *"Oscar-0racle" for 2002-(plus, won several local newspaper contests too) -(P.S. though did weak this past year of 2015, unfortunately) & have been collecting everything cinema-(memorabilia, books, lists, dvd's,etc) since 1979


    & to any reading this, please also feel free to contact me at (Jeffshannon50@gmail.com) I corresponded w/many over 16yrs mostly about cinema


    & my personal favorite's in THE MOVIES-(sept. 2016)>

    (DVD Time Capsule): (*-denotes *Oscar winner)
    1. "The Godfather (l90l-90) Trilogy-(non theatrical release)
    2. "Citizen Kane" (l94l) (RKO Radio)
    3. "Captains Courageous" (l937) (M-G-M)
    4. *"Casablanca" (l943) (Warner Bros.)
    5. "City Lights" (l93l) (UA)
    6. "Dumbo" (l94l) (Walt Disney/RKO)
    7. "It's a Wonderful Life" (l946) (RKO)
    8. "The Searchers" (l956) (WB's)
    9. "Vertigo" (l958) (Paramount)
    10th "The Quiet Man" (l952) (Republic)

    1. *Spencer Tracy (l900-l967)-(NOTE: Also No. 1 & 2 are my top two idol/heroes!)
    2. *Frank Sinatra (l9l5-98)
    3. *James Cagney (l899-l986)

    1. Natalie Wood (l938-l98l)
    2. Greta Garbo (l905-90)
    3. *Katharine Hepburn (l907-2003)

    1. *John Ford (l895-l973)
    2. Alfred Hitchcock (l899-l980
    3. *Woody Allen (l935-) & Howard Hawks-(l896-l974)

    & worst:
    1. "Plan 9 from 0uter Space" (l959)
    2. "Glen or Glenda" (l956)
    3. "Myra Breckinridge" (l970)

    & though they are very rarely even written about anymore the 1980's (fake) "Faces of Death" were, as Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel always ranted about, as arguably the most disgusting ever produced!)


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  1. Most already know that for some reason & within the last year it's virtually impossible to log back-in to these great forums? But why? It didn't used top be like this & once in, you cannot sway from here or get logged back out PLEASE HELP!
  2. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    TCM has never had George Raft (l895-l980) as STOM, a one note actor & *cagney said Raft was the real toughest guy in Hollywood. Same goes for Reagan? But also pretty flat as an actor
  3. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    *Finch wanted to campaign for leading actor, same way *(Hopkins did for *"Silence of the Lambs" (l99l)
  4. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    & at the time I believe her performance was the shortest to ever win an *Academy Award. She beat Jodie Foster in "Taxi Driver' too
  5. Most likely know that *Oscar winner: *George Clooney-(l961-) received the current AFI-(American Film Institute) award for Lifetime Achievement, however who should be it's next recipient? For years I went on about them ignoring Peter 0'toole & they waited too long apparently & it's list is very long of AFI snubs over the years-(NOTE: Unlike *Oscar it's recipient must accept award in person, hence no: *Kate Hepburn, *Brando, Garbo,etc ) I like *Clooney a lot, but he's not done enough, just in my view anyway & who deserves or a predix of whom should get it next time? THANX
  6. Just once again noticed the jerks with the Asian spam, why isn't it blocked though?
  7. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    Who's STOM for March?
  8. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    He truly had the leading actor role in the brilliant "Network" though *Finch was magnificent, but really in my opinion more a supporting work
  9. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    I personally only rate "Band of angels" ok (**1/2-out of 4) Good one about *Kate & Mitchum. She also loathed Nick Nolte during the awful (*) 1985 "Grace Quigley"
  10. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    But his *Oscar winning role as Sefton in 1953's "Stalag 17" is probably his best role & Joe Gillis in "Sunset Blvd" Miscast in 1939's "Golden Boy" (**1/2) though, John Garfield was made for that part
  11. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    It's disgusting & typical of this era were are in that the legendary *"GWTW" is banned from playing in theaters!!! Even the famed "Tampa Theatre" down here now also refuses to book it again It's not among my favorite's, but should be seen on a big screen, luckily I did get to go to it 3 times over 35yrs
  12. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    As a kid of about 10 I went to the local dumpy theatre in Delaware & saw "The Towering Inferno" several times, because Steve McQueen was my first idol/hero. *Billy wilder though desperately wanted his idol Cary Grant in *Bogey's role for 1954's "Sabrina"
  13. April 2018 Schedule is Up

    AGREED 100% ON THE CARTOON'S, ESPECIALLY WARNER BROS. & LOONEY TUNES. Speaking of kids' struff, by now most probably know that *Hanks is playing "Mr. Rogers"
  14. Is this topic about where films were shot? Because the 1985 fantasy "Cocoon" ($76m.)( that also won Oscars for Best supporting actor-(Don Ameche) & Visual Effects was filmed down here in St. Petersburg, FL & I got to be on the set in the summer of 1984 for about 8hrs it was filmed right next door to the apts I lived in & the rest was shot a couple miles down the road at another retirement Community. met *Ron Howard, Tahnee welch-(what happened to her>), *Maureen Stapleton, *Jessica Tandy, Gwen Verdon & Steve Guttenberg on this long day, but the 3 guys' W. Brimley, Cronyn & *Ameche weren't there that day or shooting elsewhere. I was just 19 then & first time I saw movies shot out of sequence. It was a huge thing then & covered in all the newspapers

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