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    Movies-(but, prefer "Hollywoods Golden Age" by far!), going online, reading, watching tv, music, used to lift weights & ride a huffy bike, until back pain stopped 'em!) 0f course going to new releases-(of which I've been reviewing between 36 to 60 per year since 1982 at only age 17/18) & have also been an *Oscar oddsmaking/pundit since that same year. Winning iv Variety as it's annual *"Oscar-0racle" for 2002-(plus, won several local newspaper contests too) -(P.S. though did weak this past year of 2015, unfortunately) & have been collecting everything cinema-(memorabilia, books, lists, dvd's,etc) since 1979


    & to any reading this, please also feel free to contact me at (Jeffshannon50@gmail.com) I corresponded w/many over 16yrs mostly about cinema


    & my personal favorite's in THE MOVIES-(sept. 2016)>

    (DVD Time Capsule): (*-denotes *Oscar winner)
    1. "The Godfather (l90l-90) Trilogy-(non theatrical release)
    2. "Citizen Kane" (l94l) (RKO Radio)
    3. "Captains Courageous" (l937) (M-G-M)
    4. *"Casablanca" (l943) (Warner Bros.)
    5. "City Lights" (l93l) (UA)
    6. "Dumbo" (l94l) (Walt Disney/RKO)
    7. "It's a Wonderful Life" (l946) (RKO)
    8. "The Searchers" (l956) (WB's)
    9. "Vertigo" (l958) (Paramount)
    10th "The Quiet Man" (l952) (Republic)

    1. *Spencer Tracy (l900-l967)-(NOTE: Also No. 1 & 2 are my top two idol/heroes!)
    2. *Frank Sinatra (l9l5-98)
    3. *James Cagney (l899-l986)

    1. Natalie Wood (l938-l98l)
    2. Greta Garbo (l905-90)
    3. *Katharine Hepburn (l907-2003)

    1. *John Ford (l895-l973)
    2. Alfred Hitchcock (l899-l980
    3. *Woody Allen (l935-) & Howard Hawks-(l896-l974)

    & worst:
    1. "Plan 9 from 0uter Space" (l959)
    2. "Glen or Glenda" (l956)
    3. "Myra Breckinridge" (l970)

    & though they are very rarely even written about anymore the 1980's (fake) "Faces of Death" were, as Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel always ranted about, as arguably the most disgusting ever produced!)


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  1. & *ROACH (won the *ACADEMY AWARD for it & THE THREE STOOGES were up for same category, but lost for 1934's MEN IN BLACK) Most don't know the legendary name of *Oscar did not start until '35 though 8yrs into them Appeared at the *0scars just prior to dying in '92 at 100 & Billy Crystal did yet another great improv when *HAL stood up to speak from audience & the mike went out & Billy said it was perfect because he was mostly a silent era filmmaker
  2. The almost visual jazz is they were just coming off the silent era comedy
  3. THANX FOR THE FAT TIP PAL! Do you have any runners-up? A lot of the all-time greatest comedy teams-(on the Silver-Screen anyway shorts were shot just outside CULVER STUDIOS on ATLANTIC AVENUE, also where many HAROLD LLOYD FILMS WERE DONE & OR GANG. Unfortunately & if interested in it's history, there are no tours at CULVER STUDIOS? They still film inside-(I WROTE A COUPLE ARTICLES ON IT) All bona fide cinephiles can view from it';s gates now is the huge faced of the white mansion from *GWTW & DUEL IN THE SUN-(same mansion) I never even knew it was just done the road& make a studio of most important OLD TINSELTOWN PLACES TO SEE, IF NOT GONE,etc-(like M-G-M, just down the road & now of course sadly SONY? I went on that tour as well & all that is mostly left thanks to KIRKORIAN IN '69 IS 40 ACRES REDUCED FROM OVER 200 IN IT"S MT. SUMMIT??? Are the Writers Bungalows, *THALBERG BLDG & THE HAVE A FEW NAMES ON OBSCURE LITTLE BVUILDINGS THERE W/*"THE GREAT: SPENCER TRACY" *KATE, *GABLE, JUDY & MICKEY. But when there in 05-(my 3rd & likely final trip, due to finances, sadly) I think only the *"KING OF HOLLYWOOD: CLARK GABLE'S" WAS THEN LEFT? BEST TOUR IN HOLLYWOOD, WARNER'S VIP TOUR-(superb 7 especially it's museum, though I went there in Nov. of 1999 & now if you punch it in most of the once OLD TINSEL-TOWN MEMORABELIA-(& they had little monitors & you could punch in say "P. ENEMY": "L. CAESAR" & more) JUST SOME OIF THEN THERE WAS NATALIE'S COTHES FROM "G. RACE" "GYPSEY" "REBEL..." & I talked to 2 old men, one of which knew EDWARD G. (CHECK OTV 2 SITES FOR MORE ON CULVER STUDIOS & THERE IS A BOOK TOO>seeingstars.com-(A MUST SAVE WEBSITE) & culver studios.com0 PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKE INFO I INCLUDED?
  4. spence

    Tyrone Power

    Also keep inquiring as to whom knows why he died so young??? Flynn-(a better actor) all know why he went at only age 50 in '59, but why Power? His grave benmch that says "Good Night Sweet Prince" located in HOLLYWOOD FOREVER, CEM still there of course &I got a couple pix of it-(it's the p[ark/cem that borders old RKO & Paramount & motel I was lucky enough to stay at on all (3) journeys to whats barely left nowadays of OLD HOLLYWOOD is located almost a stone's throw away
  5. spence

    Tyrone Power

    1946's version was also always among R. OSBORNE'S top ten I I also ask this one who else ever saw the 1984 Bill Murray version? I gave it (**) myself
  6. spence

    Tyrone Power

    Most movie history books always include NIGYTMARE ALLEY as his finest overall performance
  7. Again, who is the fellow TCM-ITE who posted/wrote that L & H's perfecto 1932 THE MUSIC BOX (Hal Roach/UA) was thee perfect & greatest Hollywood Movie??? Please reply or someone tip me to that also "PERFECT POST?" & TO ALL OTHERS, DO YOU AGREE & ORE WHAT ARE YOUR OWN CANDIDATES FOR "THE ALL-TIME PERFECT PICTURE?' Though it's not my own fav. motion picture, I'd have to vote for *"CASABLANCA" & as Leonard Maltin always wrote in his books-(which I first got annually since 1988 to his last) & he once wrote me from ET which he was then on reviuewing new films 0 to 10 & listed his top ten fav. films & it was his A #1 & in the books he called *"CASABLANCA" was the perfect Studio-System Essemby Line Film when Everything Gels" unquote
  8. spence

    Noir Alley

    TO CIGAR JOE, whats your own personal opinion of "THE THIRD MAN" though? Or, "VERTIGO" "REAR WINDOW" ":BLUE VELVET" "THE MALTESE FALCON" (l94l) & OF COURSE "CHINATOWN?
  9. spence

    Noir Alley

  10. FINALLY TO THE MODERATORS ON HERE, I seemed to have been able to post this one THANKS
  11. I went to it day it opened & rate it just about a full good (strong **1/2-out of four stars) rehash. & of course most have by now & even months prior to the release that LADY GA GA makes her silver-screen debut in this one & & I don't like saying this, she's a stronger & more natural actress then MADONNA whom made her debut with the fun 1985 DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN ($27m.) (***) Actually MADONNA made her actual debut in an utterly stunningly awful flick that wasn't an official studio release from 1979 A CERTAIN SACRIFICE (*) when she was just 21 Though it should still be checked-out, especially for her fans on the internet, to see just how terrible it is & for her. LADY GA GA doesn't seem to be reading her lines & unlike LOUISE-(MADONNA) & unlike GA GA-(you should see her actual name, ultra-long & also Italian) she has emotion up there. in reality MADONNA's_(who greatly assisted in helping LADY GA GA with her career with a made up hatred between the duo, taking it to extreme lengths on SNL once, battling each other. I had no idea this talented lady was 28yrs her junior either. Actually '96's *OSCAR winning EVITA ($51mn.) (***) was perfectly cast for her because all sang throughout the epic 7 she won a G. Gbe for it, but no *AMPAS nomination Overall first time director BRADLY COOPER did a fine job here & was pretty ok in the musical/drama too. & vet Sam Elliot is again strong as his older bro. & most already talk 2018 *OSCAR nods for this, I don't see it though. But a couple songs will likely make the cut. Definately worth seeing & particularly on the big screen though. She truly brings the house down with a couple songs NOW MY PERSONAL RUN-DOWN OF THE PREVIOUS VERSIONS> 1937 A STAR IS BORN (Selznick/UA) (***1/2) & won William "Wild " Bill his only Golden statuette for it's writing. Not a fan at all though of our very first *ACADEMY AWARD WINNER *JANET GAYNOR-(l906-84)( though, winning in 1929-(honoring 1927-28 motion pictures) for Best Actress for 3 films at then just Fox Studios-Until '35 when it became 20th Century Fox) 1954 A STAR IS BORN (warner Bros.) (****-stars!) (obviously the best of the lot & always cited among *Oscars Sins of Omission for JUDY, losing Best Actress to *GRACE KELLY in THE COUNTRY GIRL) 1976 A STAR IS BORN (strong **1/2) (1st I may add that *STREISAND must be listed among all-time singers in anything she does & known to be thee movie ELVIS was long not only her but producers as THE MAN! they truly wanted for the Kris Kistofferson role, but once again his mgr COL. TOM PAKER butted his way into it all??? I think ELVIS really & not his fault he always obeyed PARKER no matter what, woulda' been perfecto in that role myself. & took home an *OSCAR for the beautiful number EVERGREEN. The newest version took in just over $100m. to date) (HONORABLE MENTION): 1932's WHAT PICE, HOLLYWOOD (this is never included on this flix & had almost same plot with C. BENNETT & LOWELL SHERMAN. (TRIVIA: In virtually all talks of HOLLYWOODS MOST OBNOXIUOUS & EGO RIDDLED STARS HER NAME IS ALWAYS INCLUDED, ON OTHER HAND MOST LOVED HER SIS J. BENNETTT-=(Father of the Bride & lots more) PLEASE REPLY & WITH YOUR OWN VIEWS,etc THANX & NEXT TO GO & SEE: "CREED II')-really like like ROCKY 7th & 8th will last CREED) & SPOILER ALERT SLY ALREADYT STATED HE WILL KIOLL OF ROCKY BALBOA IF THERE IS A CREED III") This kind of nonsense-(sequels, remakes,etc) may have hurt him winning the statue for the last CREED, voters take this & a lot more into consideration when voting a winner. This type of thing probably hurt the recently deceased BURT REYNOLDS up for his sole shot for '97's BOOGIE NIGHTS) & FROM IT'S TRAILER 88yr OLD LIVING LEGEND *CLINT EASTWOOD HAS "THE MULE"-(Dec. 14th) But, he said 08's terrific "GRAN TORINO" would be his final on screen part? The latter is/was also his biggest moneyspinner with $158 million & WAS GONNA' MAY BE SEE "FIRST MAN" A LIKELY BIG *OSCAR CONTENDER & HOPE I STILL MAY "FIRST MAN" Though it has niot opened well & has only sold approx. $25m. to date in tickets & IT SEEMS I;'M THE RARE REVIEWER BUT O(OF COURSE FIRST THINGS FIRST-(Hollywoods Glorious Golden Age-(l925-63) THAT STILL GOES TO WESTERNS WHEN RELEASED & UPCOMING "SISTERS BROTHERS"-(also a possible contender) with John C. Reilly & Joaquin Phoenix is another I hope to go & see later though) & ALSO FOR OLD TIMES SAKE & 1964's MARY POPPINS WAS PROBABLY MY VERY 1st MOVIE MY MUM TOOK ME TO SEE, THIS TIME AROUND THANKSGIVING OR C'MAS "MARY POPPINS; RETURNS?" BUT GIVEN I WAS MAYBE 6 IT WOULDA' HAD TO BE ANOTHER RE-ISSUE OF THE 5 TIME *OSCAR WINNING CLASSIC BY *UNCLE DISNEY & AGAIN, MY MOTHER THANX YOU, MY SISTERS THANX YOU, MY FATHER THANX YOU & I THANK YOU
  12. spence

    Age does not matter in Hollywood?

    This casting has happened numerous times in HOLLYWOOD HISTORY
  13. spence

    Your Favorite Van Helsing In Film

    Though not truly scary, but more fun of 'em all is UNIVERSAL HORROR MONSTERS
  14. spence

    Your Favorite Van Helsing In Film

    I like *Mel & Leslie but it only made $11m
  15. spence

    Your Favorite Van Helsing In Film

    Just somewhat rewatched *Coppola's powerful & scary at times epic/thriller from '92 & won 3 *ACADEMY AWARDS for Best Make-Up, sound effects & Costumes, also raking in $82m I have it taped somewhere mostly because of WINONA, but was very good in my opinion (***1/2-out of 4)

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