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  1. (PART #1) vote a little contest & poll on here a few yrs ago, but it was only Elvis VS. *Sinatra, now I want to also add *Bing Crosby This is a kind of poll/survey & analysis on whom you fellow TCM-ITES like the most of all (3) heavyweights? PLEASE CAST YOUR RESPECTED VOTE THOUGH? I think *"The Chairman" won in that other previous topic. My vote of couragous with my #2 idol *FS!-(only after *"The Great: Spencer Tracy") Francis (Albert) Sinatra-(19l8-l998) Hgt 5'8 & 1/2. Nationality: Sicilian. In Hoboken, New Jersey. & amazingly120lbs at one time 1945's short "House Live In" (RKO), 1953's Maggio in *"From Here to Eternity"-(Columbia & competitive victory), 1970/71 Jean Hersholt award & though he didn';t win it himself his songs won 3 times "Three Coins in the Fountain" 1957's "All the Way" &'59's "High Hopes" His only other shot at *"The Golden Boy" for acting was his pick ashis best "Man With the Golden Arm" (UA) Career film spam: 1943-84) Over 200 albums & 1,800 songs! *FS has (3) WOF-STARS-(most an individual gets is (Gene Autry holds that honor) But bombed onhis short-lived tv show late '50's. won 13 GRAMMYS. (TRIVIA: He even pd anonymously for Bela Lugosi's 1956 funeral & gotthe blacklisted Lee J. Cobb back into Vegas Then, being such a loyal friend of heavyweight boxing champion: Joe Louis, he pd for his open heart surgery but Louis suffered a stroke in the middle of it! He had a pad in B. Hills area, but always lovedPalm Springs by far the most & passed away at cedars sinaiMay 14th, l998 of a heart attack. WHICH FANS CAN STAY OVER FOR A RIDICULOUS $18.OO PER NIGHT??? He was laid to rest in Palm Srings at Desert Memorial, park near his mother & father Strangely a very humble grave?> They buried him with a pk of cigs, coins in his pocket & a red scarf. & now my top 4 "Essential *FS films: *"Some Came Running" (l958-MGM), "*From Here to Eternity" "Manchurian Candidate" (l962 version) & I love 1945's "Anchors Aweigh" Tinsel Townnever looked more gorgeous!!! (HOJNORABLE MENTION: 1954's powergouse"Suddenly" He played a genuine villkiajn here & superb at it & was robbewd of another nom.) & my top (4) songs of his: 1st place "It Was A Very Good Year" (l965)(lso my fav. number by any artist) 2 "In the Wee Small Hrs of the Morning"-(his highnote post Ava years & at his pinnacle at Capitol Records)-(l958) 3. "Summer Wind" 4. "One More for the Road"-(also mid 1950's, his ultimate music era) & 5th "All the Way"-(see above) (TRIVIA: His own favorite was "My Way") Alsoi though he didn't write it, but his version of "Angel Eyes" must easily be among the most depressing songs ever!) Also his worst was "Mama Will Bark" & his "Duets" as a mess, done when he was 80 & of course his legendary "Rat Pack"-(originally called that with *Bogey, Bacall, Debbie Reynolds, Judy & others, Ithink even *Niven? At first dubbed "Holmby Hills Rat pack" because *Bogart lived in that area, then of course they consisted of *FS, Dino, Sammy, Joey Bishop & the tragic Peter Lawford LOTS MORE, BUT PLEASE CHIME-IN THIS IS ONLY PART #1
  2. (*-always will denotes an Academy (AMPAS) award winner) I tried to conduct this should be great survey of fellow TCM-ITES a couple of yrs ago, but my introduction as too long on say THE CHARMAN OF THE BIOARD & only could barelyElvis & 4-got Bing Crosby altogether in that so a 2 way contest instead of 3 So this time i'll just pretty much just throwit out there &you folks if you like first do some research on these icons as the A #1 of all-time between these three giants of the industry Now, the somewhat rules are broken down in of course MUSIC first, FILM & Whatever you like to include I'd usually & alwaysin these type of fun things submit a ton of credentials on it, to kickstart the proceedings, this time you gotta' try &do it (NOTE: Having a trouble with my typing, mostly my keyboard right now, bear with me please)
  3. spence

    Sinatra, Elvis OR Bing???

    As I said awhile ago it was actually a work in progress & was 1stly focused on SINATRA, I had to stop at that stage & planned to get back to it progress & 1stly focused on The Chairman the most, had to stop then forgot it ok
  4. *Always denote an ACADEMY AWARD (AMPAS) winner Yes, I posted a few items on here onkly hours back &eeded help on a couple to, but NADA? They were not that big a deal or earth shattering, I;m mostly disappointed in this audience, I write on many &always either get a positive or negative response, this time O) They were not earth shattering, or world changing, just wanted others to get the scoop likeyself. If you want or feel to please try &check them out & I vetight now not 1 other TCM-ITE replies on this one either WHATS UP DOC? WARNING MY KEBOSARD IS DOING BIZARRO THINGS TODAY HENCE ALL THE SLOPPY WRITING I've written/posted this fun cinefax previously &on other sites, if you don't care to respond it's ok TOP TEN MOVIES OF EACH DECADE (NOTE: I have in my files & books EVERYTHING film related, but decided to cut this one short & start with the 1980's ironically since I've been alive 54yrs this was my favorite decade, not only movies either & everytime I talk to not a millinial-(HATE THAT WORD!) & MOVIES, they agree the 1980's was the strongestever since the previous ones of course So, here it goes> AFI-(American Film Institute) (Est: 1967- (TRIVIA: Oscar winner Gregory Peck (l9l6-2003) was it's first chairman by way): also AFI & voting for foreign language films ineligible 1st place Raging Bull (l980_(& was almost a landslide in a polls) 2. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (l982)-(NOTE: My debut year at going to between 36 & 60 new releases) 3.Blue Velvet (l986) (TRIVIA FUN FAX: Lynch'stv Twin Peaks is truly a companion pc this the more than bizarre masterpiece, with Dennis hopper brilliant in one of film history's sickest villians) 4. Hannah & Her Sisters (l986) (was probably the runner-up that year to only *Platoon"_ 5th place Atlantic City (l98l)-(NOTE: Lived there at only age 16 just after shooting finished) 6. Raiders of the Lost (l98l)-(TRIVIA: THE now 77yr old Harrison Fordmay already be working on the 5th installment?) 7. *Platoon (l986) 8. Once Upon a Time in America (l984)(directors cut only)-(Ennio's beautiful scoring also a companion pc to Leone's 1969 Western Once Upon a Time in the West) (A SECRET Both scores are tied for my own favourite moton opicture scores ever composed Ennio only recently finally took one home for Tarentino good but not spectacular Western Hateful Eight(2005) He by far at that pt held AMPAS record for oldest winner at 87, then 2yrs ag James Ivory upped it at age 94 by winning screenplay OSCAR) 9, Prizzi's Honor (l985) 10th place by AFI votingThe King of Comedy (l983)'(I thought thisbrilliant even at age 18 & Jerry Lewis never givencredit fir his straightmanwork as Jerry Langford, Then there' the wacky Sandra Bernhard-(fmr M.A.D.O.N.N.A.as closer apparently & more then a buff &I LOVE HER TO PIECES-(aka "In Love" over 5yrs)ts she's done this a loy in her 60yrs after using friends as stepping stones, she leaves & never a will again? I have theories what happened-(not for here)EVER CATCH ONLINE BERNHARD BRAGGING ABOUT KNOWM IN ETTERMAN AVID ADE LIGHT OF HER-(l988) & SHE BROUGHT OUT LOUISE M liked Dave thought appearing on 8 times. As for Sandra I've always felt she was robbed of a supporting shot for King. It was then too weird fr mainstream Academy vters. & for it's first & only time they included actor Jack Nicholson-(l937-) Actress (MerlyStreep (l949) and Director Martin Scorsese (l942-) All 1980's VS. My own top 10 1980's-(YOU CHOOSE?) 1. Raging Bull-(AFI even vited this the overall #4th great film in it's 2007 100yrs...100 Movies-10th Anniversary Edition>(P.S,. like Schindler & only a handful of others in a category I call JAW DROPPERS & YOUCOULD HEARA PIN DROP AT IT'S CONCLUSION) 2. Blue Velvet 3. *Platoon-(went back 3 times) 4. E.T.-(hate to strangers, I;m a big Irish, fmr bodyiftng MICK, but it made me cry after first seeing it) Saw in in New Jersey first time &my debut yr in trying to its mrt the already Oscar exprts, oddsmakers you name it I BOMBED! Thinking the best ET would win over thestillvery good (***1/2) long in filming, tns & tins f cast members &most of all during thee days the AMPS admired, generic, coffee tables epics SO I DD LOUST FURS COUOLE OF YEARS ANYWAY I firthore blew it I WAS SO GREEN THEN, TOOK MY UNTIL '86's & the yr of PLATOON to get a dandle on all a lot more 5th fav Atlantic City 6 (tie) Hannah & Her Sisters and Crimes & Misdemeanors ('89)-(usually don't believe in tis, exceptof course in sorts, these ar ever so close to this moviegoer By the way *The woodman usually cites Crimes… as his finest work) 7 Who framed Roger Rabbit (l988)(never knew whythere wasn';t a sequel though, took home 4 Golden statues &made $154m.???) 8. Once Upon a Time in America (again D/C only, over 88 minutes were cut out from this gangster masterpiece for N America) 9, Cinama, Paridiso (l989-Italy)-(also this Oscar victor is my personal all-time freign language film, stick around for it's beautiful final & asual the now 91yr old Ennio Morricone's work as a musician is perfecto) 10th fav of my own Shoah (l985-French) (9 hr documentary on the Holocaust, but never dull) (Ebert called this a film for the AGES unquote) 1990's (AFI told me via phone bac then they weren't gonna conduct another huge decade/movie survey due to them putting tgether another in it's 100yrs specials, this one being 100yrs...100 Laughs instead? A #1 for me Schindler's List (l993) (could anyone image it not being #1 on any suveys &later went so far in both famous 100yrs...100 Movies (l998) AFI;s 1998 100yrs...100 Movies tv special poll coming in at 9th all-time ONE FOR THE AGES 2. GoodFellas (1990)-(As much as *GFI is my No. 1 all-timer in any genre, this &tv's The Sopranos are the real deal) 3. Saving Private Ryan (l998)-(NOTE: Very close call between #2 & #3 here) 4. *Unforgiven (l992)-(also rank this among the all-time Westerns, only after The Searchers, Shane, Once Upon a Timein the West Very unlikely the now going on 89 living leged Clint will do better, sadly in the recent mule hate to admit (William Munny) looks awful & has another coming. 5th *Titanic (l997)-(of coursenot to be confused with the 1953 Fox version, whch is entertaing enough, yet a but too sappy, I;m not a cgi guy, but still t this day I've not seen anything come close with what Cameron & crew put together A ONCE IN A LIFETIME UNDETAKING!!! Now will skip to 5th highest grossing film ever prioduced, still considerrng studios cannot show a 3"14 minute feature as many tmes vs say the current blockbuster Avengers End Game-(coming up to #2) Back in ;82 & fr yrs after Id go back to certain movies, but for yrs nope. Very rare, did go to see this 3 times myself & as a legendary directr said"Make Your Final Shot Yur Best Shot" & it lives up to that!. \ 6. Pulp Fiction (l994) 7. The Shawshank Redempion (l994) (TRIVIA: imdb.com high movie websites a coule yrs ago polled it's readers & they vted this the best movie of all-tme even over KANE & THE GODFAHER) 8. The Remains of the Day (l993) 9. Leaving Las Vegas (l995) & 10th personal fav. Reservoir Dogs (1992) And the 2000's 1st Gangs of New York (2002) (NOTE: I personally rank *D. Day-Lewis brilliant creation as true to life villain Bill "The Butcher" Cutting among Oscars top 5 biggest sins of omission, losing to *A. Brody a great pic The Pianist, but the works don't even come close? in my book &D Day should have a staggering (4)leading actor statuettes?) (QUESTION TCM0ITES: Who truly deservedBest Actior Bridy, D-Day even 12 time nominee Nicholson in about Schmidt *tough not nommedRobin Williams(l9512014) may have deliveredperformance of his life in One Hour Photo?? Pre annual critis awards were devidedbetween *D Day & Jack though Broy didn't win 1 ifthise now too many annual awards Pianist a great film & OPOikabsu;s directuion equay som but>>> 2. *Million dollar Baby (04) (I;m no fan of women's boxing, huge boxing fan &buff &even scorecard keeper once in awhile, but this warms one up to it, beware arguably among Hollywoods Most Depressing pictures) 3. Cinderella Man (2015) (I seem among the chosen few that love this boxing picture BIG-TUIME! Don't understand why it got dumped on a lot? Guive it another shot,no pun intended My fav of all concerned Ron Howard,Crowe-(barely over *Gladiator though, *Zelleweger,etc Must admit Iee it I got to spend 8 or more hrs with Howard &most of the cast of Cocoon=(smmer of 84 down here in St. Petersburg, FL) 4. King Kong (2005) (No what your sayin' WHAT Can't help it even went back once thought it was grand entertainment, of course no match for the legendary 1933 version BUT WILL SOMEONE TELL MY WHY JACK BLACK?) 5. KB2 (2014) (Tarentino's Western flavor follow up to his even more ultra violent KB1 which has an Asian texture) 6. United 93 (2015 or 16) (S Kingwhen he write on again off again reviews in EW cited this along wth KANE &THE GODFATHER) 7. Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) (Absolutely magnificent & brilliant filmaking from Eastwood here. Tells opposite story of the Americans at Iwo Jima while his earlier Flags of Their Fathers told by U.s. Marine's) 8. *Gladiator (2000) (WHAT IS THERE TO SAY NOW?) 9. Almost Famous (2000) 10, Finding Nemo (l993) (at this late Wat Disney/Pixar date still my own fav. (TRIVIA: To date highest moneyspinng Pixar animated feaure is last yrs Incredibles 2) AND so far for 2010-)-(NOTE: To most upon seeing these decades breakdown, theyalways say "WHAT HAPPEED" '82 was a great movieyear I personallyrated 10 new releases full ***stars for 1982, last few yrs barely one 1st The Artist (2011)-(Prfecto filmmaking such as this deserved more then just 5 Academy Awards & his Dog, studio put out a campaign in Variety for the puppy to get a s. actor nod Plus, I;m alway a sucker for anything Hollywoods glorious Golden age) A possible debit & Kim Novak quoted as saying she felt slowly raped when seeing it, due to it's score, virtually one of all-timers in Vertigo To top things off among it's five wins Best Original-scire was among them I';m always more a sucker to for B &W 2nd Gravity (2013) (Absolutely staggering, stunning moviemaking &no lt up either &only 91 minutes Even Leonard Maltin-(another pen pal of mine) rarely gives a film 4 stars, he seemed to want to give this sci-fi heavyweight more.I don't prchaee many new titles ondvd(heck, if you want you can virtually watch entre film on youtube right now but i'd get this &am no big sci-fi fan either Sandy Bullock is astonishing her, her detractorswill be stunned by her one woman show here TRUST ME! & Mr. Cool Oscar winner himself Clooney adds just the right tough as usual WARNING: Please don't divulge a truly confidential sequence) As far as Hollywood went, I accurately predicted eventual winner very good to 12 Years A Slave wold styill take the biggie, but 7 check this out Gravity swept &anyway I must watched this,notcountig the theatre 50 times so far can't take the ol' eyes off it &excuse me her either ya' know 3. Stan & Ollie (2018) (Bow I have faith BIG-TIME in you Classic Tinsel-Town Buffs & Fans is at least knowing about this barely advertised yet amazing comedy-drama from the U.K. & most still call & without pause The GreteastComedy Duo in Movie History" No, not taling about Olson & Johnson here either. This is &you hear this a lot A MUST SEE IF YOU COULD SEE ONE MOVIE ALL YEAR CHOSE THIS, same ol' same publicity nonsense THIS FILLS THAT BILL, Reason you can trstme for a myriad of reasons I frst got very heavily into Stan Laurel (l890-l965)& OliverHardy (l892-l957) in the early '80's on tv of course &then L. Maltin produced a late night series of their dyanamichrts-(mostdo agree overallthose shorts with Hal Roachto the features though my fav is1937's superb Way Down West the duo's feature & wonderfully focal pt, especially rge numbers they sang in the comedy-western Would have to look it up, but that's cheating but I think it's Sound & Sound ("Trail of the Lonesome Pine") were in that Golden Race. For me the instant enindr ofeven youngfans-(due to tv) immediately laughed at that glorious dancing moment. Then-(will not divulge(their careers take a downslide, regularpeople round the globe don't recognize them anymore, the works I KNOW A TON OF FELLOW MOVIE BUFFS, YOUNG & OLD, SOME MILLIENIALS-(loath that phrase & most that now about Stan & Ollie or saw old movie(one that stunnespeople is they started in the silent era as well) A lot of this also on display in the kind of film nowadays &gven the dfferent eras may not be made again There have been lots on HOLLYWIOODS ALL-TIME GREAEST COMICS mostly for tv though '92';s Chaplin was a veery rare exception but only grossed $9m. W.C. Fieldsand Me" (976) Bio of W.C. Fields starrig rod Steiger, sadl fir him you coud catch his acting & it hit the heck.WELP, KNOW YOU TIRED HEARINGBIT & OPINIONS & A LOTTA' MORE. In shirt John C. Reillyas ollie was more then perfecto! & Steve Coogan as Laurel same goes but more restrained Only sold 4m. to so called Golden age Comedy Fans??? (SMAME SHAME)Then here comes the ACADEMY Reillyhas been to the dance once beforefor his spporting turn in 2002's Chicago & his snub to not only me but thers I know & have cintact was disgusting, you decade lok at the Best actor nominees? Cooganwas up fir a SAG Award at ;east 4. Life Itself (2013 or14) (this fr me was very personal docu on Roger Ebert also author, screenwriter Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (l970) This excellent docu deals wth hisfinal weeks & days barely being kept alivein a hospital His only wife him Also: his caregiver. Ebert was a hidden Alcoholic for decades, nit sure he smoke thuoghas most of his fans & viewers know he was alwals very much overwgt I frst strted watch via just plain old channel surfing while living in Seaside Heights, NJ & stopped because 2 guys summer on 1979 were taling about new movies, most notablea then unkown film Breaking Away Of curse they gained immediate popularily & went onto SneakPreviews, At the Movis & I think the duo of him & on screen partner Gene Siskel-(l946-1999) where the THUMBS UP stated. The were everywhere Johnny Carson, Jay leno, Letterman, morning shows& more, Weirdest thng is Gene fell ill with CANER beforeRoger^& Rogernever forgave Gene because he never informed him he contracted brain cancer until towards the end Gene was operated on but it didn't take, so in theirgory days on showsSisel would kidd him about his wgt Welp, last interview bothwere on shortly beforeGene went, Gene was making jokes at his expense but instead of the audience laughing with him they were laughing at Gene Siskel instead Topper is now forgitten siskel doesn't even have a WOF-STAR but ebert dies? as for riger I just happened ti ctch himon a TCM commercial & couldn't rI WAS SO DEOPRESSED SPORTS FANS!!! box, had no sides to his dead on bothides Rogerwas never tall at all man 5'7 at best & a bit over300lbs early on, butthis was a shell of the man. Took him to a special hosp where much ofthis docu feature took place, wfe at bedside. He git sooo excited when she was going to literally take they tried to do so monthly to a real movie theatre. In shirt, all dressed the the nine's you know it A shirt time after his moviegoing experience he went from yet another infection NOTE: Even prior to Life Itsef was totally snubbed the the Oscars, years ago he made a pretty accurate about the AMAS, especially the category he may have been up for Best Documenary-Featre & how many times he'd witnessed them screw-up in this same category i.e. SHOH, WINGS IF DESIRE,etc I;m positive TopBilled, LawrenceA Jakeem can locate ther omissions in 91yrs of Oscar here WELP, VERY LONG, PLEASE DON'T DUSRARD & MOSTLY I;M OISSED WUTH MY KEYBARD RIGHT NOW, AGAIN EXCUSE THE MESS I MUST FINISH UT WHAT SO FAR APPEARS TO BE THE LANES QUALITY MIOVIE YEAR & It'S TOP TEN BEST OF THIS DECADE (2010-) PLESE SEND ALL COMMENTS
  5. thanx tithise that applied & I know what Laffite is going on about a year & 1/2 ago or even 2 years about I started a similar thread=(hate that term, article or post will suffice) But I comoiled a topic only on SINATRA VS ELVIS-(no Bing in site (Lafitte) Never was abe to finish it all(stats,etc) only got mostly through THE CHAIRMAN So, your obviously off your rocker here But I thank you te
  6. spence

    Actor-comedian Tim Conway (1933-2019)

    Don Knotts used to take home something like 4 consecutive EMMYS for Andy Griffith-(filmed inclosed to the public by the way Culver studios I never even new about Culver studios, it stuned me after my 05 vacation. all say you can literally throw a rock & hit the Dream factory from Sony Pictures-(was Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) But did not Conway win at least 1 Emmy for the superbly funny on all levels CAROL BURNETT SHOW?
  7. spence

    Actor-comedian Tim Conway (1933-2019)

    I don't particular believe n the things they call the THREEs but it's about 85% accurate when stars & such end up passing very close to each & in 3's, of course we had DORY DAY, TIM CONWAY LUKE PERRY & D-JOHN SINGLETON though weren't close together, do they count in this bizzaro contest? OOPS, an actress I thought was even more attractive as time went over was PEGGY LIPTON of Mod Quad but more important DavidLynch's often brilliant& an obviously sequel to his brilliant 1986 BLUE VELVET Both TWIN EAKS (l999l) & the not as magnetic as BV TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURNS Now to to get to morbid, heavyweights stars oldest & downward still here" (QESTION: Isn't Norman Lloyd still here at about age 95?) *Olivia de Havilland (l9l6-) Kirk Douglas(l9l6-) SORRY TO SAY! Carl Reiner(l922-) Betty White (l922-) *Eva Marie Saint (l924-) *Mel Brooks(l926-) Tony Bennett (l926-) *Sidney Poitier-(l927-) Harry Belafonte(l927-) ADD ON YOURS
  8. As al on here by now tcm made a major cut back & closed classic film community or classic film union? Which was it & what does that mean for us fans future? I was sooo depressed when 1st seeing this on the network, turning on the comp & it was CLOSED I immediately saw this as the very possible beginning of end end (P.S, plus, I've been on these forums since about 2001, had a different handle for a couple yrs though & used to immediately get responses in my inbox whenever u hit the reply button at bottom on the screen, not so for a longtime I complained half a dozen times & am ignored?) THANK YOU
  9. Haven't been able to be online & on here the mt. summit of motion picture websties in awhile, but was curious of you fellow TCM-ITES whom hope or has no interest in seeing Hollywoods latest $B.O.$. Blockbuster AVENGERS: END GAME? as I write this it is now the 3rd highest grossing release in cinematic history & is easily poised to become runner-up only to 2015's SW: FORCE AWAKENS ($937 million domestically) as the 2nd biggest ticket seller ever as for me i'm personally pretty fed up_(especially in the summer vie season) with comic books, remakes, sequels,etc Though did go to & admired a few, especially 1989's BATMAN ($251m.) 1979's SUPERMAN, DARK KNIGHT ($535m.), BATMAN RETURNS ($163m.)9solely due to Marvelous Michelle Pfeiffer though) & a few others, but reviewing flix in a theatre as I said I'm no burnt If one looks at the current all-time top 10 champs the majority of which are based on comics, see kids go back & back to each obviously pumping up ticket sales For the record the monolithic 11 time OSCAR sweeping *TATINC from 1997 will slip to 6th place now, a lot due to not being able to show it more time at 3hrs & 14 minutes that didn't sop the legendary 10939 GWTW (MGM/Selznick) officially adjusted for inflation is still A #1 ever made & as most know is 3hrs & 42minutes & a ticket then was a quarter THANK YOU
  10. In you view do you personally think Day deserved one of the slots?
  11. THANKS TOPBILLED, was hurrying Do you plan to see this one? Last film I went to was the beautiful looking from the trailers DUMBO live action remake by Tim Burton, but it seems flat/mediocre (**-out of 4 stars) It did manage to gross over $80m to $90m. though. One be certain that will be a shocker in terms of controversy is Tarentino's take on the infamous & legendary 1969 Manson/Tate murders ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD they are ultra secretive about it thus far, Di Caprio & Pitt are pt of it's big cast Few months ago Sharon Tate's sister was interviewed a couple of times staying she refuses to see the film
  12. eorry to bust some TCMN-ITES bubble here, but was not a fan of Doris, though respect her on film, especially with her passion for animals what we desperately need a ton more of Only performance I liked her in with opposite a dynamic JAMES CAGNEY-(l899-l986) as the true to life Marty "The Gimp" Snyder. Many fans of hers were ultra furious when her peers ignored her for a Best Actress nom for 1955, but Cagney was obviously in that race Just to match em up the Best actress contenders for '55 were: *Anna Managna in "The Rose Tattoo" (won) Katharine Hepburn, "The Rainmaker" Susan Hayward, "I'll Cry Tomorrow Eleanor Parker, "Interrupted Melody" &you folks fill it in this time, know you can
  13. Already think I write about this on here, know I did many places elsewhere Has any TCM-ITE went to check out the new live action remake of Disney's DUMBO or not yet, or plan to? \As for me I always recall a bad picture more then just a mediocre one & this borders on both all the way (**-at the most) &what a drag/letdown from it's many heartbreaking trailers! It's just non existent is all, something is missing& especially considering it's cast-(even Michael Keaton & Danny de Vito are dull as dishwater here) ^ Then there is Tim Burton of course in whats now possibly his weakest effort. It focuses on the kids for 1 problem more then him (DUMBO) & virtually no strong score to this time around? & especially considering the 1941 all-time classic is so special in every way possible So, please reply & let folks know what you think either way? THANX
  14. spence

    I Just Watched...

    OOPs, I forgot, the huge house though where, & discovered The fountain of youth. as been trwn for some reason a few years ago-) They musta' taken a patrytiomg woods irectlyn ting down in Ht's in a lifetime history???
  15. spence

    I Just Watched...

    People still talk about I down here, the still-STANDING-(MOST OF THEM ANYHOW) PLACES THEY SHOT 1985'S TERRIFIC (***1/2) & eventual OSCAR winning COCOON in Tampa Bay, FL back in the summer of 1984 I got to actually be on the locale-(one of them) for about 8hrs one hot humid day! & speaking of disgustingly hot, they have to torn all fans & air off to shoot scenes so the sound doesn't pick up any even small not wanted noises. It was so amazing, one day_(I as only 19 at the time) my mother wo0ke me up before going to work & said there were 20th Century Fox fans all over this fancy retirement-(also where I later that year first voted too) village right next door to the apts we then lived at I was like "yeah Right" but it was obviously true, so I ran over there & got to hango0ut all day, meeting RON HOWARD, GUTTENBERG, M. STAPLETON, GWEN VERDON, J. TANDY, CLINT HOWARD & even TAHNEE WELCH, unfortunately that day only the chairs were present for AMECHE-(man, the older ladies in the county were so excited about seing him in person!), BRIMLEY & CRONYN were not there that day
  16. spence

    I Just Watched...

    But for me nowadays looking back & especially when I still happen to catch it the best is still 1972's THE POSEIDON AVEMNTURE ( 3 & 1/2 stars) mainly because of Gene Hackman's powerhouse performance! Anybody else ever yet see the flat (**) sequel POSEIDON?
  17. spence

    I Just Watched...

    as a kid I musta went daily, along with my best buddy to 1974's epic THE TOWERING INFERNO (***1/2-out of four stars) for me because The King of Movie Cool: Steve McQueen-(l930-80) was in it,. my very first hero & idol as kid ages 9 to 15.
  18. spence

    I Just Watched...

    & both he & the sadly forgotten Gene Siskel_(1946-l999) always picked the first of these 1970's disaster epics from 1970 AIRPORT as the best of the lot
  19. spence

    Where movie characters live

    There are numerous other sites that also culver this territory, check them out They aren't necessarily the characters, but the true stars fmr homes) & Elvis' must take the cake w/his boyhood house in Mississippi. as the single m0st sad or all A basic shack of sorts
  20. spence


    (TRIVIA" Olivier was meant by producers & M-G-M to star in this classic, in John Gilbert's eventual role, but she knew by then how down on his luck Gilbert was & convinced them to cast him instead)
  21. Know she's a acquired taste & rarely smiles-(some say adds to her mystique) But is GRETA GARBO=-(l905-0l990) trilogy as milliions still say THEE GREATEST MOTION PICTURE ACTRESS OF ALL-TIME!? only made 26 ,o motion pictures vs contemporaries like a ette ptpn pictures & all but one in Culver City, CALIF sat the legendary Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios-(est 1924-) & her film career only lasted from 1925-1941) Though she would nerver e caught accepting it, shje was voted by AFI in it's 1999 poll as the 5h all-time female move star Standiong 5'7 & 1/2 7 maybe 125lbs during her prime. & like my "LOVE" today, MADONNA. Garbo well known to have large feet To summarize> the OSCARS go for *Kate GHepburn-(all 4 leading actress vuictories) & all 12 leading actress bniominations!) Plus, in '99 AFI voted *Kate as A #1 all-time female movie star, full blooded Swedish Only earned 3 Academy Award nominatins & O wins 1929/30 Anna Christie MGM), 1937 Camille (M-0g-M) & 18939's Ninotchka (MGM) She did try a late '540's comeback at MGM but it failed Other giants in the industry that ranked HARBO as A #1 *Kate Hepburn, *Jimmy Stewart, Maureen 0'Sullivan, Van Johnsopn, John gilbert, Freeddie Barthlomew, Buddy "Buddy" Rogers, Cukor, Lubitsch, Clarence Brown, R. Mamoulian, VIVIEN LEIGH, Fredric March, Melvyn Douglas, William Daniels, Mauritz Stiller & others CASTY YOUR VOTE?
  22. spence


    Director told her top just try & not think of nothing here at it's famed finale
  23. spence


    Cool going for the legendary shot! Strangely her work in this-(arguably her ultimate role was not up for an Academy Award)-(nickname of Oscar must don't know didn't started until 1935 & both Bette Davis & an Academy librarian always claimed the started the nickname) Not really among my personal fav actresses ever,-(certainly of course must respect her though) but Davis was also the very first female AMPAS president) James Woods of all people (it can still be shown on TCM as a tribute to Bette Davis-(l908-l989) without question & pause ranks Davis as his own idol, especially in NOW VOYAGER (l942-Warner Bros.) (***1/2-out of 4 stars)
  24. spence


    Se[pitatone, I know what you mean, that's why it's was strange when they gave that "most Beautiful Woman Ever" tag to Garbo I make a point of cross checking everything to before writing it on websites-(write for lots as well ) Plus of course committing it to my files, books & the rest

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