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  1. spence

    'The Shawshank Redemption' Turns 25

    2 prison flicks I like more White Heat and Cool Hand Luke the famed website imdb.com voted it right up there with KANE
  2. spence

    Best Of The Guest Programmers

    TCM really should considering selling these & Pvt. Screenings
  3. spence

    Matthew Modine

    very obnoxiously ultra leftist, but both A. Baldwin & Ben Affleck have to take the cake in that dept
  4. spence

    October's Movie Montage

    Is there a link yet?
  5. spence

    'The Shawshank Redemption' Turns 25

    & only made $28 million
  6. spence

    'The Shawshank Redemption' Turns 25

  7. Love when people put photos up there Now Mickey & Judy are not far from each other
  8. Just caught this that Oscar winning actress Renee Zellweger git the largest standing ovation n the history of The Toronto Film Festival fir her role in Judy It's gaining momentum for her, to me her main competition is actress Cynthia Erivon in Harriett? & it shouldn't matter but if Renee hadn't already won for 03's Cold Mountain ($96m.) s. actress she'd win Best Actress this year in a walk
  9. All insist during The Glorious Studio-System (l925-60) many stars got hooked on drugs, uppers, downers,etc *Lionel Barrymore had what then 5hought would kill him with arthritis & of all people-(he even spoke of it) L.B. Mayer used to score him coke to ease his pain *Selznick got tremendously hooked on uppers, especially during *GWTW. Of them all I've never heard of any celebrity abusing the body like the tragic Montgomery Clift though
  10. spence

    TCM schedules

    Don't get me started on the sport of boxing, my A #1 ever & I hate when people compare football to the gladiator era, boxing has more in common Have you seen the newest champ by the way? Wen I was little there was Ali, Frazier, Foreman,etc On the Olympics, remember Vasili Alexiev & Ken Patera-(later a pro wrestler) & Alexiev died in 2011 I think & Patera looks 100% different then his Olympics stint Ever see those shows that started in the '70's on the worlds strongest man? Back then a guy named Bruce Wilhelm would always win the lot
  11. spence

    TCM schedules

    Do you like any sports? It's obviously the most brutal of all & is really the sport most in common with the gladiators, but boxing is my main dish & then the NFL
  12. spence

    TCM schedules

    TopBilled, it is amazing how you locate all these details
  13. it does seem a lot like Taxi-Driver from all the trailers
  14. Might win for Make-Up as well
  15. I betcha it easily soars over $100m. overall & they might as well give J. Phoenix the *Oscar already, especially given *hanks is in support as Mister Rogers Had the chance to see The Joker yet?
  16. spence

    Ultra early 2019 Oscar tracking???

    hade the chance to see that J. Skinner docu on Steve yet? It's on youtube
  17. MI know what your thinkin' it's still far too premature to predict the possible leading contenders for THE 92nd ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS (AMPAS) But believe it or not many sites have started & weeks ago. So I'd join-in & have some fun forecasting who and what may be in THE GOLDEN RACE??? Besides it's always been more fun for this pundit to predict the noms VS actual winners Marks my 38th year handicapping (NOTE: Of course all subject to change this early, but per usual it can be a great comment post & give fans a shot at listing what new releases may be nommed this year?) 2019 OSCARS-(Don't know if its going to make the end of this yr but the brand new AMPAS headquarters & library-(looks like something out if Blade Runner or Star Wars & cost $338m) was listed fir almot a year as opening) BEST PICTURE-(will likely be 8 to 10 again)??? *-denotes poss early leader? Downton Abbey-(may well earn most nods.) Ford vs. Ferrari *The Irishman* *Jo Jo Rabbit* *The Joker* Little Women The Marriage Story *1917* *Once Upon a Time in Hollywood* & The Two-Popes BEST ACTOR??? Christian Bale in Ford vs Ferrari Leonardo Di Caprio, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Adam Driver, Marriage Story *Jaoquin Phoenix, The Joker-(BLOW OUT!) & Jonathan Pryce, The Two-Popes BEST ACTRESS??? *Cynthia Erivo, Harriett Scarlett Johanssen, Marriage Story Saoirse Ronan, Little Women Alfre Woodward , Clemency & *Renee Zellweger, Judy SUPPORTING ACTOR??? *Tom Hanks in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Anthony Hopkins, The Two-Popes *Al Pacino, the Irishman Brad Pitt, Once Upon a time in Hollywood & Taika Waitifi, Jo Jo Rabbit SUPPORTING ACTRESS??? *Annette Bening in The Report *Laura Dern, Marriage Story Margot Robbie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey-(somene just tipped me to thus revised prediction!) & Meryl Streep in Little women-(will mark her already record by far #22nd) & BEST DIRECTOR??? Greta Gerwig for Little Women *Sam Mendes, 1917* *Martin Scorsese for The Irishman* *Quentin Tarentino for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood* & Taika Waitifi for Joe Joe Rabbit Love covering motion picture scores but again too early THANK YOU (OSCAR ALERT: Hollywood as most know always adored costume dramas, so don't underestimate Downton Abbey & of course The Two Popes) & official nominees to be announced January 13th, 2020 & Oscars scheduled to be presented on Feb. 9th
  18. ever as yet have the chance to see Webb's grave at Hollywood Forever, park? It's long been rumored he haunts the entire mausoleum
  19. sThey somewhat covered actors & actresses (*Bogey & *Bette Davis were by far mentioned the most of here (But what about the greatest filmmakers/directors behind & sometimes in frt on the camera?) Of course my peronal votes are *Ford, Hitchcock & Hawks But what about the rest of you?
  20. For any fans of 70 year old Bruce Springsteen, he's made his film debut, but directed it a documentary called WESTERN STARS Anyone know of this, all over the net right now Check out the trailer basically a modern day Western
  21. spence

    Bruce Springsteen makes film debut

    Are you a Springsteen fan as well?
  22. Just revisited the topic Great Moments in Cinema & to me & I was first on this site starting in 2000 under my idolspencer 7 had over 2,000 posts then & along with what TopBilled writes it is easily among the finest yet
  23. spence

    Who is the Best Director of All-Time?

    kind of strangely most did not seem to go for *FORD? A few though

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