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  1. I saw *Lawrence of Arabia a few weeks ago on the silver-screen & plan to also see *GFI on November 1st as pt of TCM's Fathom Series, but what films would you most want to go & see on THE SILVER-SCREEN? As they say it s quite a different experience then seeing something on tv I've been lucky enough over 38yrs to be able to go and see about 15 classic old movies-(to me old is 20 to 25yrs) like a car Even the mt. summit & at thee ultimate theatre The Tampa Theatre-(Est 1926-) even has an old, old guy playing he mighty Wurlitzer on stage, he died & his daughter immediately picked up the mantle The move of course was KANE in 1995 & have been back there 4 more times, it's even fancier then Grauman's in Hollywood as far as Movie Palaces go So what films do you fans most want to see someday in such a theatre, or even a normal one? THANK YOU
  2. Always go to the news & then e mails first & couldn't help one of the top stories about The Joker-(I;m seeing it today) & they have ordered a lot more police at screenings of the movie, Colorado already drew the line on a few things last week Of course the mass shooting in a theatre showing The Dark Knight & the punk had Joker make up on. It id not-(or I didn't read entire story yet) note of this was everywhere or not though Check it out other than increasing the size if it's $B.O.$ due to all the publicity-(I predicted $250 to $275m domestic) some of it may be hurt due to older, respectful & law biding quiet moviegoers?
  3. MI know what your thinkin' it's still far too premature to predict the possible leading contenders for THE 92nd ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS (AMPAS) But believe it or not many sites have started & weeks ago. So I'd join-in & have some fun forecasting who and what may be in THE GOLDEN RACE??? Besides it's always been more fun for this pundit to predict the noms VS actual winners Marks my 38th year handicapping (NOTE: Of course all subject to change this early, but per usual it can be a great comment post & give fans a shot at listing what new releases may be nommed this year?) 2019 OSCARS-(Don't know if its going to make the end of this yr but the brand new AMPAS headquarters & library-(looks like something out if Blade Runner or Star Wars & cost $338m) was listed fir almot a year as opening) BEST PICTURE-(will likely be 8 to 10 again)??? *-denotes poss early leader? Downton Abbey-(may well earn most nods.) Ford vs. Ferrari Harriet *The Irishman* The Joker Little Women The Marriage Story *1917* *Once Upon a Time in Hollywood* & The Two-Popes BEST ACTOR??? Christian Bale in Ford vs Ferrari Leonardo Di Caprio, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Adam Driver, Marriage Story *Jaoquin Phoenix, The Joker-(BLOW OUT!) & Jonathan Pryce, The Two-Popes BEST ACTRESS??? *Cynthia Erivo, Harriett Scarlett Johanssen, Marriage Story Saoirse Ronan, Little Women Alfre Woodward , Clemency & *Renee Zellweger, Judy SUPPORTING ACTOR??? Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse *Tom Hanks in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Anthony Hopkins, The Two-Popes *Al Pacino, the Irishman Brad Pitt, Once Upon a time in Hollywood SUPPORTING ACTRESS??? *Annette Bening in The Report *Laura Dern, Marriage Story Margot Robbie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey-(somene just tipped me to thus revised prediction!) & Meryl Streep in Little women-(will mark her already record by far #22nd) & BEST DIRECTOR??? Greta Gerwig for Little Women James Mangold, Ford vs. Ferrari *Sam Mendes, 1917* *Martin Scorsese for The Irishman* *Quentin Tarentino for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood* Love covering motion picture scores but again too early THANK YOU (OSCAR ALERT: Hollywood as most know always adored costume dramas, so don't underestimate Downton Abbey & of course The Two Popes) & official nominees to be announced January 13th, 2020 & Oscars scheduled to be presented on Feb. 9th once again at The Dolby Theatre on Hollywood, Blvd (680l H. Blvd) AKA: Hollywood & Highland I've seen all the poss BP contenders trailers, trust me a few are very strong man, they are really hiding THE IRISHMAN? Of them The Irishman, Joker, Ford vs. Ferrari may be the most powerful to date & I feel it me duty to go & see-(likely next February) The Two-Pope's, due to me rating *Hopkins 5th all-time finest actor yet
  4. OJ is a walking talking maniac princess Trump has his problems but put it in perspective I mean think about it, who would you feel more comfortable alone in the room with? Or handing him a steaknife Though they are both egomaniacs
  5. As I said I'm not especially a fan of Trump, but how asinine to call him O.J. When is the last time he almost cut somebody's head off
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    Cool never heard of that one
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    The King of Movie Cool
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    Hey what a drag it cut off before the ending
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    I Just Watched...

    & was shot at the Dakota Arms in NYC where John Lennon lived & was gunned-down just in front of the bldg It's also somewhat famous because Farrow was told by Sinatra to report on the set of his Tony Rome film & sad no He was so furious he had her divorce papers served right there on the set at the Dakota the following day Everything was already signed by him when his lawyer arrived They remained friends until he went in '98 though, but she was stunned at how fast he acted
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    I Just Watched...

    One that's playing on cable demand that nobody hardly knows about is Cannery Row a nice little movie with Nick Nolte & Debra Winer It was just prior to him in 48Hrs & fell through the radar Everything about it is nice John Huston narrates it anyone see it yet? (***-out of 4 stars)
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    I Just Watched...

    Betcha the Academy sticks to new main host again
  12. why are they picking n this film though?
  13. trump is so patriotic & gung ho, but look at how he hid in the nam
  14. Pulling out was one of his biggest blunders But middle American won't care & still vote for him who's gonna defeat him Biden?
  15. & you know what he's like on the debating stage These people have no shot vs him
  16. I'm not especially a fan of his but he will be re-elected Look at the competition
  17. Hope I'm not stealing here, but wanted a companion pc to the TCM-ITE'S that posted same on actors and actresses-(by the way *Bogey & *Bette Davis seemed to lead he field) My choices for my top 3 favorite motion pictures> 1. The Godfather (l90l-90) Trilogy (l992 non theatrical release & I know I am cheatin here, selecting 3) 2. Kane & 3rd close call between Captains Courageous and Bad Day at Black Rock VS. The Greatest I have yet to see> 1st Citizen Kane 2. *GFI & 3rd *GFII please cast your own choices like the previous posts
  18. I already wrote on cnn's & the very likely to take home a 3rd Best Actor Oscar as Mr Rogers in A Beautiful Day in he Neighborhood *Tom Hanks (l956-) epic 6pty series on THE MOVIES It got better though & especially for us TCM-ITES it is currently covering HOLLYWOODS GOLDEN AGE-(1925-60) Now I know you fellow bona fide classic cinema buffs will enjoy it the best & I of course agree Who else has Demand on cable by the way?
  19. Just caught some of a Paul Muni-(l895-l967) film on TCM & it reminded me of a couple things, he was vey well known to prefer stage to film & his wife was always said to be n the set & even almost under the camera cooking Hungarian dishes while shooting Virtually all don't even know who he was except for 1932's Hawks & Hughes version of Scarface: Shame of a Nation (UA) (****-stars!) Then if you mention it they immediately think of *Pacino's '83 version instead He was said to be a difficult performer too, though a great actor & the actual first method actor but from the Yiddish theatre instead Only made about 22 films overall He didn't even register as an example in 1999's AFIs 100yrs...100 Stars top 25 actors. Very little is known about *Muni, perhaps the way he wanted it. Never had the following of a *Bogey, *Tracy, *Wayne,etc Though one hold out is *Rod Steger (l925-2002) who always called him his idol. A kinda humorous story, I w2as inside Hollywood Forever, cem several times due to it being right next to Paramount & my motel & smaller at 62 acres then Gendale's 320. & they have a neat computer fir fans to locate each individual, well my friend & I looked up his name, no go His name was Muni Wiesenfreund instead The vast majority of Oscar pundits were stunned when for 1937 he lost to *Tracy in Captains Courageous over his BP winning *Zola, they were certain he'd win 2nd consecutive Best Actor Oscars Of course winning the previous year for Story of Louis Pasteur The NYFCC did vote for him though for *Emile Zola instead Strangely The Great: Spencer Tracy never got a New York Film Critics award though? (TRIVIA: Due to the media mess & coverage of the 1934 Academy awards i.e *Bette Davis snubbed for Of Human Bondage & Myrna Loy in The Thin Man, the following 2yrs the AMPAS/L/B Mayer allowed wrute-ins & Muni was very close to winning, though not nommed for '35's Black fury) THANK YOU
  20. This will likely be a tv movie, not certain yet & only saw it yesterday but the terrific Irish actor Brendan Gleeson may play the president Donald Trump soon. He's a lot bigger than Trump, but I could see it, look at *Crowe as Roger Ailes & Gleeson has been in many films Gangs of New York, the General, In Bruge-(misspelled) & a lot more

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