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  1. Hope I'm not stealing here, but wanted a companion pc to the TCM-ITE'S that posted same on actors and actresses-(by the way *Bogey & *Bette Davis seemed to lead he field) My choices for my top 3 favorite motion pictures> 1. The Godfather (l90l-90) Trilogy (l992 non theatrical release & I know I am cheatin here, selecting 3) 2. Kane & 3rd close call between Captains Courageous and Bad Day at Black Rock VS. The Greatest I have yet to see> 1st Citizen Kane 2. *GFI & 3rd *GFII please cast your own choices like the previous posts
  2. I already wrote on cnn's & the very likely to take home a 3rd Best Actor Oscar as Mr Rogers in A Beautiful Day in he Neighborhood *Tom Hanks (l956-) epic 6pty series on THE MOVIES It got better though & especially for us TCM-ITES it is currently covering HOLLYWOODS GOLDEN AGE-(1925-60) Now I know you fellow bona fide classic cinema buffs will enjoy it the best & I of course agree Who else has Demand on cable by the way?
  3. Just caught some of a Paul Muni-(l895-l967) film on TCM & it reminded me of a couple things, he was vey well known to prefer stage to film & his wife was always said to be n the set & even almost under the camera cooking Hungarian dishes while shooting Virtually all don't even know who he was except for 1932's Hawks & Hughes version of Scarface: Shame of a Nation (UA) (****-stars!) Then if you mention it they immediately think of *Pacino's '83 version instead He was said to be a difficult performer too, though a great actor & the actual first method actor but from the Yiddish theatre instead Only made about 22 films overall He didn't even register as an example in 1999's AFIs 100yrs...100 Stars top 25 actors. Very little is known about *Muni, perhaps the way he wanted it. Never had the following of a *Bogey, *Tracy, *Wayne,etc Though one hold out is *Rod Steger (l925-2002) who always called him his idol. A kinda humorous story, I w2as inside Hollywood Forever, cem several times due to it being right next to Paramount & my motel & smaller at 62 acres then Gendale's 320. & they have a neat computer fir fans to locate each individual, well my friend & I looked up his name, no go His name was Muni Wiesenfreund instead The vast majority of Oscar pundits were stunned when for 1937 he lost to *Tracy in Captains Courageous over his BP winning *Zola, they were certain he'd win 2nd consecutive Best Actor Oscars Of course winning the previous year for Story of Louis Pasteur The NYFCC did vote for him though for *Emile Zola instead Strangely The Great: Spencer Tracy never got a New York Film Critics award though? (TRIVIA: Due to the media mess & coverage of the 1934 Academy awards i.e *Bette Davis snubbed for Of Human Bondage & Myrna Loy in The Thin Man, the following 2yrs the AMPAS/L/B Mayer allowed wrute-ins & Muni was very close to winning, though not nommed for '35's Black fury) THANK YOU
  4. This will likely be a tv movie, not certain yet & only saw it yesterday but the terrific Irish actor Brendan Gleeson may play the president Donald Trump soon. He's a lot bigger than Trump, but I could see it, look at *Crowe as Roger Ailes & Gleeson has been in many films Gangs of New York, the General, In Bruge-(misspelled) & a lot more
  5. TCM just re-aired *Olivier's masterful 1946 Henry V-(another of his ten nominations by the way) & was awarded a special statue for his achievement. But I respect it, but just cannot ever get into Shakespeare, his Richrd III (l956) is easily among the greatest performances ever given by an actor though & all here know about *Hamlet. Kenneth Branagh did a powerhouse & Academy Award nominated remake in '89 & *Pacino did a very good documentary Looking for Richard with an all star cast about how to understand and appreciate William Shakespeare-(died at only 52) strill, I just can't get intr it due to the dialogue, anyone else? (P.S. In all polls & surveys William Shakespeare is voted the all-time greatest writer)
  6. (*-Always denites an Oscar winner) First got one of topbilled's wonderful e mail notices-(daily) that Sea of Grass was on today, or now on demand However of the 9 the dynamic duo did it's probably the weakest & just ok (**1/2) Who's seen the 1947 western? Part of the problem maty have been *Tracy's problems with method filmmaker *Elia Kazan during filming They did not get along, yet *Spence often got along with other method men (NOTE: *Olivier on the other hand seemed to truly dislike them & even mocked Marilyn Monroe about her recent acting classes during 1957's Prince and the Showgirl) *The Great: Spencer Tracy (l900-l967) & *Katharine Hepburn-(l907-2003) as most know first met at M-G-M by accident though, alongside the Thalberg bldg-(still there) (I even got many pictures when there of actual area, now Sony) She had virtually been stalking as to where he was since she got there, wanting him for The Philadelphia Story-(in *Jimmy Stewart's only Oscar winning role) but could never locate him, then he was here in FL in the everglades shooting The Yearling in '41, but the production was scrubbed *Kate had idolized him since studying 1936's Fury & he was never much on compliments or emotion, she often said "I guess he liked me, he kept me around so long" unquote Below is there 9 motion pictures & trivia> 1942 Woman of the Year (M-G-M) (****-stars!) (she was nominated but not him & it won an Academy Award for it's script) 1942 Keeper of he Flame (MGM) (a heavy drama/mystery) & good (***) but not great 1945 Without Love (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) (a comedy with serious moments) (***) 1947 Sea of Grass-(SEE ABOVE) & one of only 3 Westerns he made, technically including How the West Was Won in '63) (TRIVIA: The one & only time she got top-billing) 1948 State of the Union (M-G-M) (terrific political comedy-drama & helmed by Capra) )***1/2) 1950 Adams Rib (MGM) (Most agree this is where the duo really hit their stride & the best they made together So many great moments & I've always felt that yrs leading Oscar winner *Judy Holliday really deserved attention for this as well as s. actress) (4 BIG STARS!) 1952 Pat & Mike (M-G-M) (my personal runner-up favorite they did. Aldo Ray almost steals the show though CHERCE, or is it CHERSE?) (4 stars!) 1957 Desk Set (Fox) (the one I first saw as a kid around 1980 on late night tv & terrific it is on every level (***1/2) & of course 1967's Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (by far their biggest $B.O.$ smash & most AMPAS nominations (10), a lotta milestones with his grand finale here His biggest salary at $270,000-(NOTE: though *The King Gable got $750,000 for his exit in The Misfits (l96l) The confusing pt is how could they spend that much on him, but not get insurance because of his awful health? Another thing he earned is 9th & of course final Oscar nomination-(posthumously) for yrs a record for actors & I bet he was within 1 to 2 votes of winner *Rod Steiger in In the Heat of the Night for it. It was only about 17 days after the wrapped he went) She won one of her amazing all leading Oscars, but most agree it was for the both of them, not among her best works, like the following yrs magnificent Lion in Winter) also won for it's writing THANX
  7. Back in 1994 NATO-(National Association of Theatre 0wners) voted Harrison Ford-(l942-) as A #1 all-time $Box-0ffice$ champion, but over the 6 decades & 154 starring roles of *JOHN "THE DUKE" WAYNE-(l907-79) Who agrees with NATO?
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    Dwayne TheRock Johnson is by far highest pd far today, but not of all-time
  10. Irony of ironies, she was to make her broadway debut in Anna Karenina when she went away You can still see the adds & posters for it
  11. THANK YOU However there is absolutely nothing you or anyone can tell me about NATALIE! She was a product if the studio-system all the way
  12. know what your saying, but he still worked the boards first and even played *Tracy's Killer Mars in The Last Mile
  13. Look at majority of modern stars & they had no broadway experience, but almost all did in these days *Tracy & *Hepburn, *Olivier-(best on stage), *Bogie, *Gable, *Cagney, *Brando, etc except for Garbo & a handful of others, they played the boards as they called them first Overall they learned their craft first before HOLLYWOOD
  14. Don't remember who it was, I think a female & she posed a superb topic months ago about THE MUSIC BOX being the most perfect movie ever made! Are you out there whom ever write that?
  15. I saw *Lawrence of Arabia a few weeks ago on the silver-screen & plan to also see *GFI on November 1st as pt of TCM's Fathom Series, but what films would you most want to go & see on THE SILVER-SCREEN? As they say it s quite a different experience then seeing something on tv I've been lucky enough over 38yrs to be able to go and see about 15 classic old movies-(to me old is 20 to 25yrs) like a car Even the mt. summit & at thee ultimate theatre The Tampa Theatre-(Est 1926-) even has an old, old guy playing he mighty Wurlitzer on stage, he died & his daughter immediately picked up the mantle The move of course was KANE in 1995 & have been back there 4 more times, it's even fancier then Grauman's in Hollywood as far as Movie Palaces go So what films do you fans most want to see someday in such a theatre, or even a normal one? THANK YOU
  16. Always wanted to see The Little Tramp in an entire movie in a theater & you picked his two greatest!
  17. She had such class at certain times & pivotal times, when he almost died in '59 at their home (9191 St. Ives Drive in B. hills) wanted to see it, but it's really covered in foliage, her idea she made a pt of living though before the police, meds & media & most if all is wife Louise arrived. She pulled identical thing at his June 1967 funeral at Glendale's, Forest lawn-(all the way at the very top, near *Walt Disney & Errol Flynn) She said she followed the funeral procession -(both *SINATRA *FORD & *JIMMY STEWART WERE AS PALLBEARERS BY THE WAY) until the got to it famous gates & drove off her own way I always strongly felt though she visited up there privately (NOTE: Look for a tremendous docu mostly on him, but she narrates entre special & rom The Thalberg Bldg & all over M-G-M before it was ripped down, this was (1986) THE SPENCER TRACY LEGACY (PBS) but on youtube)
  18. He really hated returning to the stage & that was the final time *Brando also yrs later said same thing, but for different reasons, he said it was boring
  19. That was it Iron Petticoat what bizarre casting, in all books & interviews she never mentioned it Besides *Tracy, she also idolized Garbo-(a friend of the 2) & *Gary Cooper
  20. TopBilled, you on the $$$ about the casting, matter of fact *Gable & Lana did a kinda Western together in **** Tonk (***) What are your top three of *Tracy & his *Kate's-(as he later called her?)
  21. spence

    Paul Muni the anti movie star

    WOW, don't agree at all, look at all the acting heavyweights that were also stars Or, was that a quote from him?
  22. spence

    Paul Muni the anti movie star

    His last film role was Last Angry Man (***) & snagged his 5th nomination for it It's been remade at least once
  23. Always go to the news & then e mails first & couldn't help one of the top stories about The Joker-(I;m seeing it today) & they have ordered a lot more police at screenings of the movie, Colorado already drew the line on a few things last week Of course the mass shooting in a theatre showing The Dark Knight & the punk had Joker make up on. It id not-(or I didn't read entire story yet) note of this was everywhere or not though Check it out other than increasing the size if it's $B.O.$ due to all the publicity-(I predicted $250 to $275m domestic) some of it may be hurt due to older, respectful & law biding quiet moviegoers?
  24. some marvelous pix, especially L & H & *Disney classics, technically today they are greater, but the heart isn't there like it was under *Walt

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