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  1. That's not all of it buddy! I see on the even local news thaters now wanted to feel even more "PC" 7 are banning it from even "Grand Movie Places" around this nation!!! Incuding a monolithic one down here in "The TampaThatre"-(l926-) To be franks "THE ARE GUTTLESS TURDS" UNQUOTE Whats next??? & I went to Hollywood 3 yrs to date & "Grauman's"-(according to my mom & pal) went side & said even "GRAUMAN"S couldn't hold a candle to the achitecture on "T. Theatre" & she said it can't even hold a candle to the liver livered one here in TAMPA" as id my friend & doesn't begin to hold a sample" down here! AT LEAST IT DID GE TO GET THE SUCH CLASSICS THERE AS: "CITIZEN KANE"-(thee absolute place to see this in) "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE"" "APOCALYPSE NOW: REDUX" (2001) "GUIESS WHGOI'S COMING TO DINNER" (l967)-(& typically after the showing some college geeks were gonna' have a discusstion, No known it was "PC" talk about how *Tracy's character was only intsead I GOT UP & RAN OUT!) & "CHERI" (2009)_ (only went to see Michelle Pfeiffer, but but was so boring desprite her & only made $4m,,?)
  2. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    Almost forget my point the official contenders for 1956 were> *"Around the World in 80 Days"-(swept 5) "Giant"(only took home BD *Stevens, & in *AMPAS history the runner-up for BD means it was trhe runner-up for "THE BIGGIE") "Ten Ten Commandments" (l956)-(TRIVIA: It's legendary parking of the The Red sequence *Oscar winning sequence) actually shot in Paramount Pictures parking lot) & "The King & I" (swept 5 include *Brynner & my friend of almost 28yrs once told me he went toi his show & then "Zobra the Greek" also on stage My personal All-Time Oscars for '56>-(my winners like the famed book, didn't even have to bee nommed) Best Film:'"The Searchers" (l956) Actor: Sir Laurence 0livier, "Richard III" Actress: Katharine Hepburn in 'The Rainmaker"
  3. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    Do you know-(without looking it up first) the official 1956 contenders that year??? (among my first things I loved when falling in lone with the movies & it's history, & I;m noaying your cheating, but about 85% do in our era YOU MUST ALWAYS COMMIT TRIVIAS & SUCH TO THE BRAIN!) I'm just 53 at present but studied bnot only my books, then I thoughtI was cheatint after awhilke when I'd have to resort to looking starts up in my books, hAD TIO COME FROM THE BRAIN PAL! That's another thing that literally pissuis me off, I starting in 1
  4. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    I'm positive for you *Taylor & to a lesser degree-(though not me of course, but still not in her acting range) About 20yrs back Madonna was close to being cast as "Cleaopatra" then she either got into her multitude of other jazz,m & frankly, was already gettiting to klling her wonderful teeth, so the matter cast to *Oscar winner *Anjgeloie Jolie-l975 ( instead, since then nada has been heard though? ANY UPDATES? & please fellow TCM_TIES, don't even begin to mention Myli Cryus!!! Altghough I nixed on her at first, but Madonna wannada & truly gave her a boost BIG0-TIME-(poretending the were enemines & all) is LAD LA LA (P.S. For those that caught Louise massive half-time 2011 SP extravanga, it was obviously hugh homahge to it)2nd highest SP Special under this youngster Katie Perry broke the record? & one incredible pure singer-(even better then my goil) & even make her theatrical screen dubut nxt 0ct. Is Lasda GaGa! She & Louise pretented to have this nasty fight, over the floor of SNIL even, but Madonnahas a way thesedays up pumputing up new talent & certainly has with this only. Amazingly she 28 years her senior. Madonna has socks older then her! Clincher was when louise wrestled around the way where Ga Ga & about 20minutes & also in a fashion like passing the throne (AKLERT: now there is no love lose between her &*Elton Join!(long story) RECAP: "Lada Gada (her Italian name is veeery long) & Brabley Cooper all set of whats will be the 6th "A Star Is Born" (I see 6th due to 1932's "What Price Glory?") THANX
  5. As many have grown to know me since I have been on TCM forums since 2001. Most then know I worship Hollywoods Golden Age-(circa: 1925-through 1960/63) & always also go to new releases on top of it ajj. but have no desire to see that is currently noiw surging up into the all-time top ten $G.O.$ chams & leaders Well, the current $B,.O.$ champs weeks after week if "The Black Panther"-(looking at that list it maybe even spilled into 7th or 7th when done) WHO HAS SEEN THE PIC & HATE I SAY THIS AGAIN, ANIMATED, CART0ON ADVENTURE YET?-(please be honoist) THANX
  6. "Reflections In A Golden Eye"

    It's been awhile now, but has any true moviegoers yet to go & see the (predicted) 2017 *Oscar sweeping, including the one category seems to be putting most credence in BEST FILM WINNER: *"THE SPAPE OF WATER?" (*Fox S.) ($75m.)Personally after it concluded I think it's a nice Sci-Fi/Fantasy-(TRIVIA: Thee sole genre to win Hollywoods highest honor to date by the way) It's a very nice & also incredibally bizarre land motion picture (barely ***1/2 for 4) Though it's a film I don't care to ever visit again, just me I reckon, much, much preferring "THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSORUI"-(which I went back to, something I haven';t done in 3yrs WAS CURIOUS & PLKEASE CHIME-IN It won';t belong very wrhile though, already caught the tv dvd d releasae
  7. "Reflections In A Golden Eye"

    Bud urfunately kind of a mess & muddle of a film (**) *Taylor's ultra close friend & little damagedto the max by that end was Monty Clift of whom was always meant forBrando's role instead & she & MNarkon did not getting like Callng him "Mister Mumbles;_)(reckon that's an improvement when *Francis Albert just called him "Mumbles" & *Brando only referred to *FS as "The Singer: during 1955's "Guys & Dolls"=(that was the 2nd staw in that fighting feud, wqith more to come) Not among J. Huston's crowing achievements though & given T. Williams there alwaty had to be a gay subtext involvement, just look at his motion pix for more
  8. St. Patrick's Day

    & it's nice little picture to (***-out of 4) I went to review it & mostly because it was already gitting Oscar buzz that yr even a scrip nod that year? Just a few of others "My Left Foot" "In the Name of the Father" "Once" "The Field" In America"-(ll by Jim Sheridan, except for "Once") "The Boxer"=-(shows goes to show you *D. Day close do it all) "Shake Hands With the Devil"(l959-*Cagney again) "Gentleman Jim" & many more
  9. St. Patrick's Day

    Though late, always love to get what I've long dubbed "MY ST. PATRICK'S DAY MOVE MARATHON" posted, though again premature A #1 "The Quiet Man" (l952-Republic)-(*Ford's ultimate tribute to Irish & it's somewhat become what "It's A Woderful Life" has to Christmas) (*John "Pappy" Ford (Sean 0'Fenney)record Oscar 4th. But most don't know won even 2 more for his WW2 propanga flix) & of course wellknown for it's legendary fght scene with *"The Duke" vs. actual limey *Victor McLaglen-(66 then) 2nd favorite "Gangs of New York" (2002) (Not for all tastes. though based on facts the 1864 NYF Cvil war draft riots. *Scorsese realizes this entire world brilliantly & it tied 1977's "The Turning Point" as an AMPAS record for most nods with a win (0 for 11) each. Most stunningly is 3 times leading actor winner *D. Day-Lewis' utterly magnificent & stunning transformation-(AGAIN) into a stretch of William "Cutting" "Billy the Btcher" Cutting=-(though more fictional on Cutting, actually short dead in 1855) 3rd fav. of Irish day "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (l942-WB'S) (Whats to say about this legendary bio of George M Cohan, surperbly brought life by fellow "Mick" *James *Francis)( Cagney & ij a role he only got due to Astaire turning it down>ALWATYS *JHIM'S FAV ROLE & BY FAR TOO! Winning his sole Best actor statue 4th pick "The Informer" (l935-RKO Radio) (*Ford's very 1st t BD victory as Best Director, though in later yrs he grew less & less found of this still classic & took home 3 more statuettes vs. *"Mutiny on the Bounty" '35 MGM) that Oscar year, though *"Bounty" did won the biggie, but that's it. NY Film Critics went with *Ford's masterpiece & due to budget they mostly filmedthis on RKO darkned street to save $$$ (TRIVIA: *Ford reportedly keep*McLaglen loaded, not thinking he could play a drunken oaf) 5th "The Last Hurrah" (l958-Columbia) *"The Great: Tracy" actually got better reviews for this great Irish politico, vs his nommed & in my book epic all by himself work in "Old Man" it';s ever so close, huh. Hemingway was little help, at 1st getting loaded hith him & once he caught some dailies he ****ed all over the place saying such things as it's the work, lazy, fat actor" unquote Hemingway ideal actor had always been *Gary Cooper to begin with. Many know*Tracy's total hate for location, starting off both the cuba & Key West cost, welp, he'd had enough & he WB's fore *Zinnemann, brightin his pal Sturges & even demand to movie entire productionback to Hollywood & the largest s, stage on the backlot-(think it still is>) went back it on WarnerBros. tour, they were currently shooting "A Perfect Storm" (2000) inside. & in whats is crealy among "My Biggest Oscar Sins of Ommision" *Spence lost, but to *Niven in "Separate Tables?" (WHO HAS SEEN THE 1990 *A. QUEEN TV REHASH???) & can't ever leave out whats is not only *John Ford's swan son not only to his cinematic career, but obviously his beloved Ireland 1987's slow,. yet wonderous valentine in "The Emerald Isle": "The Dead" His peers shoulda' been ashamed in leaving out-(except for it's writing only)( only 83min great, great picture. Very depressing filmthouygh so beware & it's ending seemed destined to be a classic & with the never won 1 single *Oscar Alex North's beautiful scoring, plus a wee bit of 0pera (P.S. A nice site voted 1989';s bio/drama "My Left Foot" as A #1, though it's top 7 were limited to be taking oplace in Ireland) T CERTAINLY AN iRISH TALE. & BASED ON FACT THE 1864 CIVIL WAR DRAFT RIOTSA.

    Though I;m not a fan, I certainly must respect Powell-(l9l2-12) & some jazz/fun for trivia fans E. Powell had the reciord formost taps per minute at 1,000! Not a rumor, but "Guinness World Records" awarded her that honor KOOK IT UP SPORTS FANS She another that choose e for in adavance her final resting place at the nearby-(to motel I always stat at & of course bordering Paramount Pictures & old RKO Radio, the latter only for now sadly) "Hollywood, Forever, cem" I am appositive most had this story breeze by them yrs ago, when the rascist & anti semitic slumb lord owhn the 62 acre park, he delibertately let it run into almost condemning condition, she these 2 young millionairs burghht it & put tons of $fouggh$ inside & out, installiened touch computers for fans the may just wanted to see where Carl "A'falfa" Switzer, *H. McDaniel, Tyron Power, *Janet Gaynor, Flowrence Lawrence, *Paul Muni, *Peter Finch & of course Valentino is exactly located & then they even installad a movie screen outside & even out black when the broadcast classics with say Valtino, Fairbanks,etc As for the original slumlord & owner when he finally passed, he was interred with the jewish section of his beloved park! THANK YOU (P.S. A one time friend of strongly speculation that Glenn Ford-(l9l6-2006) would also chose "Hollywood, mem. Parlk" due to E. Powell?) (P.S. & much to my surprise MICKEY "THE MICK" ROONEY-(l920-l924) & I;m by no means alone her, most of whats left of the little dynamo were certain he'd to to where his moistly ladies had their remains shipped when they went away eventually passing n themseveles like "The Nickj" thought would happened at any day. Welp, NOPE, he keeps them thinking & at first choice this 62 acers cem vs. where all his contemporaries>*Tracy, *Tracy, , *Bogey,.Ava, -(OOPS, *Sinatra's lady for life no matter what) Then only a number of weeks called one of the family body guards & another other totally of the wagon just occurred, her going own 73 yr old & *Oscar winner-(something Judy was ever have a top geth one of those horses for ya To you guys How pain in veery beginning, then it worth living,etc THANS FOR REASDING & HOPE IS VIEWEVER SEEN OR GLANSEED AT THE SCREEN SOMETHING MAY RUB OFF ON YOU GUYS (WE PUST GOT OUR PAIN ON WEAY TO BE ION UP THER BASEBET
  11. New TCM Hosts

    My personal top 3 candidates are in this order> A #1 Leonard Maltin-(l950-) he literally known more about classic cinema, silent era , Hollywood Golden Age & of course new releases & has sections on his online program about "Movie Collectibles" Movie Books" "*Uncle Walt' salt's" the best memorabelia) he even has worn a "Mickey Watch" for decades, something around early ';90's I alsoi wanted & get at what was then called "The Disney Store": & dig this, in a regular lgr mall too!? Now, for me in just damn disgustingly humid down here I don't wear a writwatch. & one & I;m kinda' sorry you spporets-fans can not likely local anymore/ In short it was thee TCM Gangster Watch & Logo-(like Dick Tracy) & came in a can as wll Some gal got the tcm gangster wat cor her approx. 10 to 15yrs ago & itr simply said out the ouside 'Bill Colle is Doing Timel welp, I wanted a Bugs Bunny (WB;SA0 wristwatch as a collection, but sadly WB's is not in the league $money$ wise as the motnolith *DISNEY! Cal still be a couple Bugs watched via intenernet, but I;'m to put in frankly, not in A GOOD MOOID ANYNORE OLD FRIEND! #2. Peter Bogdanovich (l939) (my runner-up as a poss tcm programmer/host) & 3rd ???? Soory sports fans getting tired & quickly I had the 3rd one ion my mind just before I attempoted to wrote, then it wen NANANANA Once again I was just about to finish this our dear moderator cut me off> Dick Cavett_(1935-) of whom grew up with our legendaryclassic stars & heroes & still loves the movies & recall his early to mid 1`970's show-(I taped all f them year about when they re aired them all>Mitchum, Hitch, *KATE, Groucho, manymothers So Richard would efinatell;y be in my top 3 CHOICES, though it seems wqe havesay no say anylonger> & I KNOW I'M PREJUIDECED., but the network currently has an arrey of people that don't even shave yet & read theirlines all from & I know what they are doing, of course desperarely wanted to now be pc, among others AGAIN, MIS RYDER(WinonaLaura Horowitz) she knows Hollywood history Plus, she has a "IN" she been to the GA station either c hosting & feeled in for Osbo an entire week one Reckon' at going on age 47-(iroginally same brithdates) November 8, she all of a sudden???
  12. Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

    WOW, you say *Kate on screen KUDOS! *Tracy started out on the boards as they said to say, but attempted a huge flop return around 1948 in "The Rugged Path" & DESPISED IT & NEVER DID ANOTHER ON STAGE! "His *Kate" as he dubbed her loved the a stage far more then the camera Reporting our finest cinema actor immediately even got flop spread. Obviously what is overall-time greatest motion picture had grown terrified on going back on the boards. He always & highly preferred just filming in a studio after the 1930's His big break however was in 1930's The Last Mile" on stage, as Killer Mears, so much so the ultra hard to places *John "Pappy" ford went to watch *Spencer nightly for about a week & immediately contracted him to Fox Studios & film debut in *Ford's pretty well-made comedy prison drama "Up the River" (Fox) (barely ***-out of 4) Then he got nada but gangster roles in Fox-(1935 Fox) i.e. "Quick Milions" (l931 a pic tcm never wants to air? "20,000 Years at Sing" (l933-Warner Bros.) (***-good one) "Whipsaw" (l935-MGM) (***) (QUESTION TO ME TCM INTE PALLS<> I virtually know all about him, but why did the studio screw up sooo bad & not caster *Spencer in the1930-31 version of "The Last Mile?" Preston Foster took the lead instead & though he was quite older-(he always appeared a long oler due to Binge Drinking) The 2nd rehase in '59 starring Mickey Rooney as Killer Spears? IF YOU JNOW, PLEASE FILL ME IN??? & I THANK YOU
  13. Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

    Don't exactly what you mean in regard to GARBO? But personally & many of her contempories agree she was easily amount motion picture history's top 5 at least (*k. Hepburn, *Jimmy Stewart, *Billy Wilder, F. Bartholmow, *Cukor, Maureen 0'Sulivan, Lubitsch, Clarence Brown & of course Gloria Swanson almost idolized her. Her sole weakness, except of "Ninthcka" (l939 MGM) was comedy though & I never truly consider a genuine all-time great performer that can't handle both, shouldn't be rated ijn the top 5 or so. & most already are aware about her 2nd attempt at screwball comedy in 1941 "Two-Faced Woman" (MGM) (***) not a bad picture as many always reported, but no "Ninotcha" But as I always recall *B., Wilder later said of Monroe, looking at the dailies of MM, he'd not seen that type of on screen voltage sine GARBO!
  14. this Asian spam seems to have grown, huh It's all over the place & seemed to have stopped for awhile
  15. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    "The Doctor"
  16. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    I've always felt if a movie in any form though deserves to be in the biggest race, it should be To date though only 2 more animated features have been up for BP "Up" & "Toy Story 3"
  17. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    Originally Ava's role in "Night of the Iguana" was meant for her
  18. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    Ever see the remakes pf "Cat...?"
  19. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    Some cite "GIANT" as her best work, but I gotta' go with "Virginia Woolf?"
  20. Favorite film soundtracks or film songs

    So many heavyweight scores!!! in 2006 AFI had another epic survey with *John Williams performed at The Hollywood Bowl & "Star Wars" (l977)was voted #1 the other top 9 out of 25 were> (*-denotes Oscar winner) 2nd *"GWTW" (l939) (Max Steiner) 3. *"Lawrence of Arabia" (l962) (*Maurice Jarre) 4. *"The Godfather"(l972) (Carmine Coppola & Nino Rota) 5. "Psycho" (l960) (Bernhard Herrmann) 6. "Laura" (l944) (David Raskin) 7. "Jaws" (l975) (*John Williams) 8. "Magnificent Seven" (l960) (Elmer Bernstein) 9. "Chinatown" (l974) (Jerry Goldsmith) & 10th "High Noon" (l952) (*Dimitri Tiomkin)
  21. Favorite film soundtracks or film songs

    MARVELOUS & UNDERRATED TOPIC! My personal all-time favorite score is *Ennio Morricone's 1969 western "Once Upon a Time in the West""
  22. Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

    (TRIVIA: John Dillinger's favorite movie star was MYRNA LOY & he was coming out of her 1934 film "Manhattan Melodrama" when they got him
  23. Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

    Great again LawrenceA, overall for me is Natalie Wood Garbo *Katharine Hepburn & the greatest I've seen> *Streep, Garbo, *Kate Hepburn but the majority of critics usually vote for *Bergman
  24. Top Ten Films of...

    At least "KANE" lost to a magnificent pic in *Ford's *"HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY" (P.S. though *Ford always thought "Sergent York" deserved to sweep)

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