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  1. Know she's a acquired taste & rarely smiles-(some say adds to her mystique) But is GRETA GARBO=-(l905-0l990) trilogy as milliions still say THEE GREATEST MOTION PICTURE ACTRESS OF ALL-TIME!? only made 26 ,o motion pictures vs contemporaries like a ette ptpn pictures & all but one in Culver City, CALIF sat the legendary Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios-(est 1924-) & her film career only lasted from 1925-1941) Though she would nerver e caught accepting it, shje was voted by AFI in it's 1999 poll as the 5h all-time female move star Standiong 5'7 & 1/2 7 maybe 125lbs during her prime. & like my "LOVE" today, MADONNA. Garbo well known to have large feet To summarize> the OSCARS go for *Kate GHepburn-(all 4 leading actress vuictories) & all 12 leading actress bniominations!) Plus, in '99 AFI voted *Kate as A #1 all-time female movie star, full blooded Swedish Only earned 3 Academy Award nominatins & O wins 1929/30 Anna Christie MGM), 1937 Camille (M-0g-M) & 18939's Ninotchka (MGM) She did try a late '540's comeback at MGM but it failed Other giants in the industry that ranked HARBO as A #1 *Kate Hepburn, *Jimmy Stewart, Maureen 0'Sullivan, Van Johnsopn, John gilbert, Freeddie Barthlomew, Buddy "Buddy" Rogers, Cukor, Lubitsch, Clarence Brown, R. Mamoulian, VIVIEN LEIGH, Fredric March, Melvyn Douglas, William Daniels, Mauritz Stiller & others CASTY YOUR VOTE?
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    Happy Birthday to...

    & as strong as he was in his '92 SCENT OF A WOMAN (**1/2), he really did not deserve the statuette over many stronger works that year
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    Happy Birthday to...

    I can't wait for THE IRISHMAN, Pesci's comeback after stating he retired from the silver-screen, though it'll be damn hard for anyone to equal HOFFA after NICHOLSON's superb work as him in the 1992 bio & Robert Blake also played him in a tv movie
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    Happy Birthday to...

    COOL BEANS, for submitting those shots of PACINO in those powerhouse pix! Most still never even heard of the great & underrated SCARECROW & that scene from 1995's HEAT was arguably the finest they ever did together, unlike the other weak (** to **1/2) film they made together RIGHTOUS KILL.
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    Happy Birthday to...

    To Jakeem & all involved, although she's not connected to TCM,etc I must pay tribute To my girlfriend from Australia & host & owner of a marvelous site & page to a place on FB titled (MADONNA'S REVOLUTION!) She just had her 40 something birthday THANX
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    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    Ben m is ok, but he is no Robert! & it was obvious they were grooming him a lot ahead when he was on so much Still had hoped Leonard Maltin or even my girl & Oscar contender Winona Ryder had been on she loves TCM & has been on quite a bit as well
  7. To topBilled., what exactly is he talking about
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    Awards season 2018-2019

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    Awards season 2018-2019

    No matter what it'll be controversial
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    Awards season 2018-2019

    But 4-up withal the conic but comic books flix, aren't you all?
  11. Please, I am trusting my longtime-((some quarter of a century) felow TCM-ITES on below views on what she used to like to be called THE QUEEN OF POP among other nicknames, Madge is another, matter of fact she left England tired of that last name. (MADONNA LOUISE VERONICA CICCFCONE) (Born August 16th, 1958 in Bay city, Michigan-(Ironically ELVIS wet on same date but shen she was jus age 19 in 1977) Grandparents from PACHEMO, ITALY. MARRIED TWUCE 1985-89 & 2010-2008) BORN: MADONNA LOUISE VERONICA CICCONE HTT WAS 5'4, now 53 WAS ALWATS A MUSCLED UP 114lbs, having trouble thesedays at 139. ATHLETES ARE LIKE THATAS YOU ALL KNOW. & KNOW MANY MAY TAKE OFFENSE< BUT OLD FACT THAT ITALIAN LADIES FIGHT THE LBS MORE THENTHE REST, SHE ALWAYS EVEN ADMITS IT. MOTHER (MADONNA) DIED IN 1963 at only age 30. DAD ANTHONY CICCONE-(l931-) & CAN YOU BELIERVE SHE HAS 7 SIBLINGS, 2 BLOOD CHILDREN & 4 ADAOPTED TRYING TO KEEP BUSY I RECKON' HER WORKOUT SCHEDULE-(recall no fun?) YOGA, WEGHTS, RUNNING, BYCYCLE & IT WAS *SEAN PENN _(l985-89) THAT GOT HER INTO THE WGTS. (P.S. COULD SHARE A LOT MORE, BUT SOME IS PRIVATE JAZZ) DOES CURRENTLY RESIDE NEAR FOX NEWS TV & IN SPAIN-(all can tell) Now, most nitwits in the masses have ABS(LUTELY no idea as ton just how superlative this girl is in concert/on stage! Vids don't do her justice by any means EPIC 2 & 1/2 hour concerts!!! Yes, I am well aware it s fun to make fun oh her-(LOOONG STORY!) & you folks simply cannot tell me anything more personal, professional, the works about her then I already know, trust me (books, mags, tapes,-(NOTE: Dig this record, I musta studied her superb & mt. summit 1990 concert "Blonde Ambition tour Concert"/"Truth or Dare" (l99l) so many times I blew the dvd, (over 150 times sports fans! Hope to get another, only about $6 on amazon thesedays. files, online-(which is a lotta bs much of the time as you know) THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE SOME CHILDISH YOUNG BOYS FAIRY TALE EITHER, HAD NUMEROUS GIRLFRIENDS-(mostlty dancers, exotic dancers & maybe that's where it started? LOUISE WAS THE POSTER CHILD FR ALL OF THEM< I;m SERIOUS, ESPECALLY ONCE VIGUE WENT UNTI THE STRATOSPHERE IN 1990!-(I;m only 6yrs her younger by the way) BUT, & TRUST YOU FOLKS, I DONT GET EMBARRASSED, BUT THIS COUPLE CONFESSIONS SOMEWHAT CAN DO) THE TRICLOK 1st OF ALL SHE'S MADE ME NERVOUS SINCE THE MID TO EARLY 1980's FRIGHTENING IS MORE LIKE IT, SOMETHING ABOUT THE WOMAN DOES TO THEM & MOST YOUNG '80's GIR:S & STILL TODAY_(SHE SET AN ATTANDANCE RECORD N ARGENTINA OF OVER 85,000!) WRAP IT UP HER FAVORITE SONG PERFORMING ON STAGE "LIKE A PRAYER"_(1990 IN FRANCE BLONDE AMBITION TOUR)-(any naysayers, check that epic out!!!) SIONG: "LIVE TO TELL" From powerhouse 1986 film "AT CLOSE RANGE" (l986) WITH *PENN & *WALKEN-(superb!) OVERALL SONG "IMAGINE" IDOL IN KUSIC: BOWIE ALSO TOOK HOME AN OSCAR-(she didn't, lyricist does) FOR "DICK TRACY"("SOONER OR LSTER") (l990) SAME WENT FROM "EVITA" (l996) ("YOU MUST LOVE ME"-(not used the play) HER FAVORITE MIOVIES TO KILL A MICKINGBIRD, E. PATIENT & A PLACE IN THE SUN BOOKS KUBALA & ZOHAR ANTHER IDOL_(Dietrich, Marilyn & of course *SEAN!) & I MUST SEEM IKE A MABIAC< LOUISE'S TOP FOODS RCE CRISPIES, BURRIOTS & SALAD, A VEGETARIAN< BUT LETTERMAN-(had 8 encounters with Dave, she must like him) GOT HER AFTER ALL THOSE YRS IN NYC ALONE FOR FIRST TIME TO TRY NYC PIZZA ONE DRINKS GUINNESS-(MY BOOZE!). CRYTAL WINE,-(lots) & MARTINI's & SHE PUTS ON HERS & DES SMOKE, NOT LIKE PENN-(see his forehead lately?) 3pks a day BUT SHE SNEAKS HER CIGS SHE PREFERS TERMS "GRASS"& "PUBS" & ON A DOWNER, WHEN 2qst GETTING TO NYC AROUND AGE 21/22 SHE WAS ATTACKED & RAOTED AT HER JUDDFGLDER ON HER NYF ROOF! ANOTHER TIME SOME SCUM POINYED A '38 TO HER HEAD, LOUISE FINALLY STOPPED LOCKING THE FPPT SHE GOT SOSICK OF BEING BROKEN INTO< SHE JUST STOPPED LOCKING HER DOOR IN NYC AFTER AWHILE NETWORTH $550m 7 GRAMMYS TO DATE-can you fathom ELVIS ONLY WON 3?) *SINATRA (18) BUT THE CHAMP SIR GEORE SOLTIE WITH (31) BRUCE 7 to 9), & BEYONC'E (23 to 24 ALREADY AT ONLY AGE 48!), BENNETT (18, was Frank's fav by the way)EXCUSE ME BUT NIOT GOING TO DISCUSSS M. JACKSON AGAIN, OK!!! & HER NEMISES CHER ONLY ONE ONCE TO DATE! & MOST ARE IN AWE WHEN I TELL THEM SHE'S WORKED ON (27) MOTION PICTURES, TRUE, LOOK IT UP!) HER FAV OF THEM ARE "LIKE A PRAYER" ON STAGE PERFORMING THE MOST (l990l/91) HER MT SUMMIT! EVEN MET BALLETT LEGEND MARTHA GRAHAM OF WHOM MY OWN MA ALSO KNEW, SHE WAS VERY, VERY, OLD AT LAST TIME THOUGH. THEN ROBYNE-(mom( AS A NYC ROCKETT (19962/63) ALSO WORKED OUT ALL DAY BALLET CLASS WITH S.MACLAINE, C. CHANNING, R. NELSON & OTHERS< BUT MISSED OUT ON BOB HOPE! WON A BEST ACTRESS IN A MUSUICAL OR COMEDY GOLDEN GLOBE FOR '96's EVITA, still no AMPAS nomination though? (TRIVIA: EVITA HOLDS RECORD I GUINNESS FOR MOST COSTUME CANGES WITH 134! ANIOTHER RECIRD SHE's NOT VERY CRAZY ABOUT IS THE ANNUAL "GOLDEN RAZZIE WORST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR AWARD" (5 victories to date!) THINK HER PHENOMENAL 2012 SP HALFTIME SHOW IS EITHER A #! or #2 LARGEST WATCHED IN HISTORY NOW, NOT CRAZY ABOUT THE INFAMOUS 1992 SEX BOOK, TRYING FOR REBEL JAZZ & STILL TRYING TO GET BACK AT HER OLD MAN A BIT Doesn't like to talk about it IN & AROUND 2011 HER LEFT EYE WAS SHUTTING< ALMOST COMPLETELY ON STAGE AT TIMES, SO SHE NOT ONLY GOT IT FIXED-(BOTOX & A COUPLE OTHER UTEMS) BUT HAD OTHER WORK DONE IN 2011 AT AGE 53. "WHY IMPROVE UPN IMPECTION?" Essential Madonna concerts-(my votes)> 1st 1990 BLONDE AMBITION TOUR_(France) She'll never be this fantastic again, trust me!) 2nd 2008 STICKY & SWEET TIUR" (Philly) She ends it with arguably her A #1 epic performance!) 3rd place GIRLIE SHOW (1993) (Her hair is short here, but she's like a dynamic machine, never out f breath) Songs> 1st LIKE A PRAYER" (l990 & again BA in France!!!) 2nd KEEP IT TOGETHER" (Another from rom her mt summit Blonde ambition tour I France() & 3rdly "LIKE A VIRGIN" (same) & with her pop in very front row!) & OF HER 27 MOVIES>
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    Sepiatone, it was GUINNESS WORLD RECIORDS that voted her that title though I never understood how they did that, it wasn't a record but an opinion?
  13. Her FIRST BIG TRANSFORMATION IN OPUBLIC WAS IN 1987 IN A CONCERT CALLED "WHo'S THAT GIRL?"-(like the bad movie) BT I;VE NEVER SEEN HERSO HAPPY OR SINCE! Her body was sculpted-(due to Penn) she didn't have 1 once of fat of her tiny self-(she was 5'4 & usually 114lbs, but with feet size '8) this cioncert was in Italy, she knows that language very well Speaks 5 languages THANX TELL YOUR GIRLS THEY MADE OUT LIKE BANDITS AVG TICKET & NOT EVEN FRONT ROW AVERAGE $250.00 THOUGH NOW-(got it's sickening) things are changing for her though A woman's worst nemises I would image AGE
  14. WHAT YEAR WAS THAT BY THE WAY? JUST SAW 1985, SUCH A DFFERENT PERSON THEN. Then you likely know "Crazy For You" was same yr as DSS & from a nice little film w.M. Modine called "Vision Quest." Her big role-(though incredibally sexy there!) was just girl or singer in bar. WHAT DID YOUR GIRLS THINK OF THE CONCERT && HER IN PARTICULAR??? & FREE!
  15. By the way, speaking of a certain little blonde Italian female from Bay City,MICHIGAN. Her dad is now 88! She bought him 3 wine vineyard in MICHIGAN-(has it's own site & he doesn't even mention who his daughter is on it) Considering her mama (MADONNA CICCONE) died at only 30 in 1963 of Breast Cancer Another reason she's a health nut, plus Penn got her into it. (NOTE: You can probably find some funny shots of Sean jogging, lifting weights but always has a cigarette dangling from his mouth) Stunningly she has & siblings! oldest brother is a raging alcoholic & homeless in MICHIGAN area, always blaming his sister for how he is. Almost every photo of him (Anthony CICCONE, same name as his pop) he is beaten up & bloody. again cannot give away too much, but awhile ago she purchased the fmr mansion-(18th century) of Alexander Dumas in Spain. & lives-(public knowledge this pt) in Manhattan & not far from tv's Fox News. Anybody on her that judges someone from just their videos, you gotta check out the epic 2 & 1/2 hr concerts & know he also has his detractors, same goes with ELVIS, especially after his '68 comeback. He hated those 1960's silly MGM movies, but kept his word to Col tom Parker-(A TRUE SCUM BUCKET!) THANX AGAIN
  16. HEY BUDDY, we have a big split of the 27 she's been involved in so-far By far her worst was a flick that was never officially a theatrical release From 1979 A CERTAIN SACRIFICE It's staggeringly awful! even I must admit that Shanghai surprise was also really a flat mess, at least Who's That Girl? was bad but never boring. & of all people for some reason I;ve yet to be able to catch all of BODY OF EVIDENCE? They released that on the heels of Basic Instinct (l992) which was a big hit at ($117m.) thinking it could hit the same target audience but on hit ($14m.) One of the problems & I like Willem (Elias) Dafoe is his being cast in that role? No, but in A Certain Sacrifice she still had her normal dark brown hair & 6yrs later when the producers of that mess-(she never even mentions it!) they saw her around time of Desperately Seeking Susan-(a nice little movie by the way, Rosanna Arquette however was furious because it was to propel her upward & Madonna was getting all the oppress) ) & asked each other "Is That The Same Girl?" she likes to makeover about every month. THE BEASTIE BOYS, where are they now, she's ben at it almost 37 years!!! Survived her contemporaries, never got into hard drugs, loves pot-(she always calls it grass), wine, Guinness-(in Ireland called black beer) my favorite as well! Martini's BIG-TIME! as for GGG Gerard, by no means pal she's not the first to glide into acting from music or another medium though, She made a fool in a press conference on just that back around '85 when DSS came out, it was Oates from Hall & 0ates & he had the... to insist someone in music cannot do both, WHAT? what about SINATRA, ELVIS, BING, Tony Bennett Dino, W. Houston, Cher,etc She really burned him down to the ground folks!!! & not one of them took any acting classes either. Not that she's Streep or even Cher in the acting dept-(though was probably snubbed of an Oscar shot for Evita!? Winning the Golden Globe, but the AMPAS ignored her per. & where she has a problem with emotion on the silver-screen, in that bio/musical they sang entirely though it, so it was a perfect fit, she actually beat out Streep & Faye Dunaway for that role! & one must admit-(wonder how she feels about this, but never discusses it TOUCHY) Lady Ga Ga is better an actress-(not entertainer as she calls herself a performance artist, playing virtually every instrument on the stage, plus a stunning choreographer!) then Ga Ga gets an acting nom first time out of the shoot! Anyway, thanks for the input, especially TopBilled She's been hoping to do a 28th project about 5yrs now, not starring then It's from a novel, personally I think she's putting it off this time. Does have a new album out now, unfortunately she'll never again be in her prime when she did VOGUE-(though she admits she was a jerk & an idiot during her earlier era with her arrogance) Mellowed with age I reckon' Like to hear more on tis from cigarjoe sometime? Not bragging, but I must admit I don't think there is an individual that knows more of this extraordinary & of course controversial entertainer then myself, except of course herself. I write long lists on a superb & arguably her finest club/page titled THE REVOLUTION -(easy to find for those interested) & it took me hours grand gal from Aussie runs it & has tried contacting M since before the net vis regular mail, never as et got a response for some reason I broke through to her about 4yrs ago_(though haven't heard back since late February& she was a wee bit mean & frustrated w/me, due to my head injury around election time & I can't repeat here the first words she blurted out to me concerning it!) there are a lotta' imposters pretending to be stars too, you can easily tell if they are fake though. Cannot divulge too much here, but she mostly loves-(she reads everything to begin with, surrounded by books & several monitors) & her fav dog Gypsy. Twitter & Instagram, likes hearing about my mom because my mother was a NYC Rockett circa 1962, then owned her own dance studio. She'll often say something to the effect in regard to mum "One Dancer to Another" By the way, this being an old movies & the mt. summit of classic cinema her favs are TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, E.PATIENT-(not old though) & A PLACE IN THE SUN. Dietrich & Monroe THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME
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    I Just Watched...

    UOne of the netwirks had THE BIG LEBOW#SKI (l998) ($17m.() on again yesterday Not a big hit when released, obviously has a massive cult following & I'm sure many have seen that beer commercial with Jeff Bridges as "THE DUDE" & Sarah Jessica Parker It was vioted by fans online as #1 best SB commercial by the way He had to stop working out-(now 70) to portray "THE DUDE" to look like he was out of shape Did the same for a terrific semi Western crime-drama for which he snagged his 7th nomination-(damn it 4 get it's name right now, tired) & also quit working out for his only Oscar winning role td 2009's CRAZY HEART. Knew a taxi driver who got to live his dream, his favorite movie is BIG LEBOWSKI, FAVORITE ACTOR J. BRIDGES & HE VENTURED OUT TO HOLLYWOOD & TO BE SPECIFIC VENICE BEACH=-(I got to stay there 5hrs when they leave you off at a specific place during a tour) WHERE IT WAS SHOT MOSTLY. THIS GUY GOT TO MEET JEFF, BUT GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH & PICTURES TAKEN WITH THE GUY! COOL STORY HUH
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    I Just Watched...

    Think I caught it very late yrs ago on cable
  19. What I mean is where it says to hit the button to notify me of replies NADA reaches me anymore & it';s been at least 2 years. I've comoplained to them, to no avail again though. I;m certain likes of Jakeem, Top Billed, LawrenceA or anyone have an answer, hope so PLUS, can you folks believe after all these years-(started originally on here in 2000) I still cannot submit a simple AVATAR from anywhere on my profile, handle the works??? THANX
  20. spence

    CLEOPATRA (1963) - why the hate?

    I never hated it, it';s not great, but I understand why all jumped on the bandwagon ever since before t was released. too numerous to go into right now, but I posted something about it on here yrs ago a rumor for 2 stars at the time it was becoming a reality MADONNA-(no foolin;) THEY WERE CONSIDERING FIOR FOR A MASSIVE REMAKE MUSTA' BEEN ABOUT 8yrs BACK & THEN *JOLIE WAS THE NEXT CHOICE, THEN IT JUST DIED DOWN? Man,. man, o, man people on here were up in arms when news broke about Louise-(MADONNA) possibly gonna' star in that remake!!! At the time LIZ TAYLOR'S $1m. SALARY WAS THE LARGEST EVER GIVEN TO AN ACTRESS-(this infuriated Marilyn Monroe at the time, also at Fox) That's where you see those now classic photos of MM at the swimming pool, for her & in her mind, she was trying to steal some of Taylor's thunder. It did take home 4 Academy Award=(all technical) & despite it's then mammoth budget was the highest grossing picture of the year! Liz failed to snag another nomination, only rex Harrison did & this is the head scratcher It was actually up for Best picture for 1963??? I give it (**1/2-out of 4) but the likes of THE GREAT ESCAPE & HUD were not up for the BIGGIE??? Burton was blitzed throughout most of the prod. As was his usual state, brilliant actor, but only made it to age 58 in 1984 I believe. C,. Hemmorage Certainly worth a look the film,. but no VIRGINIA WOOLF? Speaking of which of course she won her 2nd Best actress-(richly deserved) Oscar as Martha ion it, but threw a massive backstage tantrum when Burton lost for it! Hollywood went with Paul Scofield in BP sweeper A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS=(swept 6) instead over him.
  21. In the words of both legendary icons *Cooper & *Clint, I RECKON' NOBODY SAW OR WANTS TO SEE THIS LETDOWN BY DISNEY & TIM BURTON ON THE PLUS SIDE THE RECENT MARY POPPINS: RETURNS (***-out of 4 stars) (made $170m.) WAS NICE! (A TIP: There are 2 current books in most places, even pharmacies like CVS & Walgreens-(I just picked one up on THE GIODFATHER) & got another on the history of 1964's MARY POPPINS-(my first movie!) & Includes coverage of last yrs version. You know they aren't regular books, but those superb books/mags by LIFE,etc That are everywhere thesdays, but not cheap$ all are usually $13.00 I also-(months back) got one of FRANKENSTEIN & another I can't recall at present & was so happy to get one last year or earlier on the history of SNL-((especially it's glorious first 5yrs) but lost the darn thing somewhere in my house like a big Irish dummy!? Its gotta' be somewhere ion here, small apt & have approx. 135 to 150 movie books stared collecting them in ';79 at only age 15. o yeah, the other tip & I still hope to get this one again by LIFE The history of WALT DISNEY himself! ^ an aside, though on same topic somewhat Rolling Stone has them topo & I got 2 of M.A.D.O.N.N.A. & on that topic RS constantly has fans & editors polls of music & not only them but about 3 others keep voting Freddy "Queen"/"Bohemian Rhapsody" Mercury as the A #1 all-time greatest singer. Now it's producers & it's studio hope to cash in on that 4time Oscar winner $ B.O.$ smash ($235m.) "BR" with a biopic end of May on Elton John titled ROCKETMAN & many already know of the highly publized alled fight between MADONNA & LADY GA GA, it was just that BS They are pals in reality. MADONNA does this nowadays a lot, kinda passes the torch onto younger singers,etc Stunningly she's almost 39yrs older then GA GA! But, she & Elton John are the real deal, he HATES HER BIG-TIME! Started at the G. globes when she won Best song for a Bond flick DIE ANOTHER DAY over his song & he never forgave her. I hear he can be a real jerk but has some amazing music. THANK YOU BY THE WAY DUMBO IS NOT A TOTAL $B.O.$ FLOP, It'S GROSSED ABOUT $90m. to date.
  22. Already think I write about this on here, know I did many places elsewhere Has any TCM-ITE went to check out the new live action remake of Disney's DUMBO or not yet, or plan to? \As for me I always recall a bad picture more then just a mediocre one & this borders on both all the way (**-at the most) &what a drag/letdown from it's many heartbreaking trailers! It's just non existent is all, something is missing& especially considering it's cast-(even Michael Keaton & Danny de Vito are dull as dishwater here) ^ Then there is Tim Burton of course in whats now possibly his weakest effort. It focuses on the kids for 1 problem more then him (DUMBO) & virtually no strong score to this time around? & especially considering the 1941 all-time classic is so special in every way possible So, please reply & let folks know what you think either way? THANX
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    I Just Watched...

    Pretty good shot of him! People are stunned when I tell them Shatner (Capt. Kirk) is 88!
  24. spence

    I Just Watched...

    except for his brilliant casting as Norman Bates on the original PSYCHO, I can't handle him myself (TRIVIA FOR ANYBODY & DON'T LOOK IT UP, IT'S GOTTA COME STRAIGHT FROM YIOUR NOGGIN' WHAT WAS HIS ONE & ONLY SHOT AT AN OSCAR?)
  25. spence

    A 20th Century Fox Retrospective Scrapbook : 1941

    Yeah, but for some reason Fox offers no yours at all for fans?

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