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  1. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

    Still will likely be a dull show, it seems the films nommed make up the ratings & such & 1997's (the year *"TITANIC) was the highest rated
  2. spence

    Albert Finney (1935-2019)

    Always ranked *TOM JONES (**1/2) as overrated, especially that year when THE GREAT ESCAPE & HOW THE WEST WAS WON were released?
  3. spence

    Albert Finney (1935-2019)

    Personally1990's MILLER'S CROSSING is my favorite of his & 1984's UNDER THE VOLCANO his finest work as an actor, but lost the Oscar to *F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus instead
  4. Saw this on Thursday & for those that recall the original from 1964(my first movie being taken to as a kid, but in a reissue) this is a nice (***-out of 4 stars) version, but not great anyone else see it, it grossed $170m.???
  5. spence

    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    My mom was a NYC Rockett around 1962/63 & worked with Carol & the girls liked her a lot!
  6. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

    CUARON in a blow out!
  7. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

    Personally I predict GREEN BOOK, MALEK, CLOSE, ALI, KING & CUARON
  8. Hope this logs A-OK? Within the last year items placed on here are never show up in inbox? PLEASE JOIN-IN & PREDICT AS MANY RACES AS YOU LIKE FOR THE 91st ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS-(AMPAS) February 24th Robert Osborne sometimes used to also predict besides writing the 0scar bible of "85 YEARS OF OSCAR" I'll start the ball rolling, but first my own personal favorite is STAN & OLLIE though & not 1 single nomination? (NOTE: I bet the ratings though will be low again)> BEST PICTURE> Green Book ACTOR> Rami Malek in "Bohemian Rhapsody" ACTRESS> Glenn Close in "The Wife" S. ACTOR> Mahershela Ali in "Green Book" S. ACTRESS> Regina King in "If Beale Street Could Talk" BEST DIRECTOR> Alfonso Cuaron for "Roma" A. SCREENPLAY> Blackkklansman O. SCREENPLAY> Green Book FOREIGN-FILM> Roma O. SONG> "Shallow" from "A Star is Born" O. SCORE> Mary Poppins: Returns CINEMATOGRAPHY> Roma FILM EDITING> Bohemian Rhapsody PRODUCTION DESIGN> Black Panther COSTUME DESIGN> The Favourite SOUND MIXING> A Star is Born SOUND EDITING> First Man VISUAL EFFECTS> First Man MAKE UP & HAIR> Vice DOCUMENTARY-FEATURE> RBG please cast your own predix & I thank you
  9. It's been a week since seeing STAN & OLLIE, but immediately knew tcm fans & especially fans of the duo would enjoy this marvelous movie, betty hurry it's already being pulled for lack of $business$ or Oscar shot though John C. Reilly especially is superb & deserved his 2nd nomination-(his 1st was 2002's Oscar sweeping *CHICAGO) as Oliver Hardy here (Strangely Steve Coogan was up for a Golden Globe though?) The legendary bits are mostly lifted from 1937's WAY OUT WEST Anyone else had the chance to see this yet ???
  10. spence

    Predict the Oscars???

    Guess nobody wants to also predict or join in ???
  11. spence

    Favorite film soundtracks or film songs

  12. spence

    I Just Watched...

    Knew that was her before even reading it
  13. spence

    I Just Watched...

    She's 6'1!
  14. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

    John C. Reilly in "Stan & 0llie"was snubbed of a 2nd shot too
  15. spence

    Awards season 2018-2019

    He'll likely win a 2nd Oscar for it too, or Rami Malek?
  16. spence

    How do I add a photo?

  17. spence

    2019 Oscar Nominees Announced

    Another lock & BLOW-OUT come Feb. 24th at "THE DOLBY THEATRE"-9was "The Kodak theatre" on my 3 vacations out there?) Is Best 0. Song & "SHALLOW" from "A STAR IS BORN!" Gotta admit Lady GaGa is a superior singer & actress-(not all-around entertainer though) then my "Queen" MADONNA LOUISE CICCONE of whom helped her hit the high note BIG-TIME!
  18. spence

    2019 Oscar Nominees Announced

    BAGEL, usually the ever great Jakeem covers this stuff, but i's good you did too! ARE YOU GOINNA' JOIN-IN & PREDICT THE WINNERS TOO?>-(check out my posts) I didn't see the enormously popular "BLACK PANTHER" winning more then maybe 2, thought it would be up for more tech nods but obviously nope ^ it's officially the #3rd highest grossing motion picture of all-time-(domestically) at over $700 million too. I liked it (strong ***) but thought it was overrated a lot.
  19. spence

    I Just Watched...

    Rutger Haur as 1 critic said "Blew Harrison Ford off the screen" unquote He shoulda' been up for s. actor
  20. spence

    I Just Watched...

    I recall him, did he die too?
  21. & if it were to win both BP & FOREIGN LANGUAGE-FILM, it would make Oscar history! Best Director-(Curan), Foreign-Film & Cinematography seem to be locks to win Cuaron even did the Cinematography & most know he easily won already for his amazing helming of 2013's "GRAVITY" 1998's "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" was up for both & won Foreign-Film Same goes for 2000's "CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON" & on a personal note for me anyway if justice had been served 1989's superb Italian film "CINEMA, PARIDISO" shoulda' without a doubt been in both categories!?
  22. Here is just a semi short list of very early projections of the actual winners for THE 91st ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS-(AMPAS) & as I cited, by no means final as yet for the year, just early fun,etc Like the racetrack or something, where you can still change your bet & such & again, please comment & especially join-in We should have a contest on here, like thee A #1 on all awards (golderby.com) Variety used to, but for some reason stopped it's annual OSCAR-ORACLE contest, where I was lucky enough to win 2 consecutive yrs (2002 & 2003) Here we go> BEST PICTURE: "ROMA"-(Runner-Up: "GREEN BOOK") ACTOR: CHRISTIAN BALE in "Vice"-(close call w/Rami Malek in "Bohemian Rhapsody who just won the SAG Award on Sunday) ACTRESS: GLENN CLOSE in "The Wife"{-(her 7th shot) S. ACTOR: MARHERSHELA ALI, "Green Book"-(just took home same statue 2yrs ago for "Moonlight") S, ACTRESS: REGINA KING, "If Beale Street Could Talk" BEST DIRECTOR: ALFONSO CUARON for "Roma"-(A BLOW-OUT!) THE REST A BIT LATER THANK YOU AGAIN
  23. Someone brought out a good fact on BP GOLD contenders, given "ROMA" is up for both, Freign Film, Hollywood-(now over 8,000 voting members, up almost 3,o00 in 3yrs) "GREEN BOOK" just may take it he coveted Best picture Academy award & even over it-(NOTE: Who's seen the trailer for "Roma?") It has all the ingredients of a safe, pc, well-made Best Picture film, like *"Driving Miss Daisy" I gave it a strong ***-out of four stars) Still watch for "ROMA" to bring home the most gold either way
  24. spence

    2019 Oscar Nominees Announced

    LAWRENCE & JAKEEM, I just posted a couple items on just this very thing, the 2018 Oscars, but it's already gone? PLEASE HELP! Scored 8 for 8 on Best Film nominees.

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