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  1. Hey guys, similar to the 'The first movie that comes to mind' thread, one person will write something ex: 'diamond ring", then the next one will say what actor/actress that reminds them of and leaves another word for the next person!! I'll use my example, First: Diamond ring
  2. Paulll


    Brad Pitt (Inglorious Basterds, True Romance) Kurt Russell (Death Proof, The Hateful Eight)
  3. Paulll

    A to Z of Characters

    R - Riff - played by Russ Tamblyn in West Side Story (1961).
  4. Paulll

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    The many dance scenes in Holiday Inn. Next: Musical Ensemble Film
  5. Paulll

    Movies That Make a Statement

    Love With the Proper Stranger
  6. Paulll

    Actor/Movie Association Game

    Rosemary's Baby
  7. Paulll

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) Next: Classic Disney Animated Film?
  8. Paulll


    This may be a stretch as there may not be a literal shamrock or leprechaun in the film, but The Quiet Man 1952 has to resonate with St. Patrick's Day on some level!
  9. Paulll

    Clips of your favorite scenes Such true words! Powerful ending to a classic movie! Trivia: Apparently the actors were having fun and kept giggling during the ending, needing several retakes!
  10. Paulll

    How did Rock Hudson REALLY catch AIDS?

    I never thought of the blood transfusion theory. I guess it could be either through a blood transfusion with infected blood or promiscuity through the decades. I love his movies with Doris Day!!
  11. Paulll

    Wizard of Oz favorite character

    A classic movie!! I love all of the characters, but was always partial to The Scarecrow and Dorothy. The Tin Man and Lion are close behind them. The Wicked Witch, you love to dislike her!!
  12. Paulll

    Starring Madeline Kahn

    Madeline Kahn is absolutely hilarious as Mrs. White in Clue!!!
  13. [Poll] What is your favorite decade(s) for films?! You can discuss in the forum why you chose what. Use pictures, videos, quotes! Let's have fun with this!!
  14. I'm not sure if this has been done yet, but lets play. I'll list two actors/actresses, and you chose who you would rather meet/have met (if they're passed on). Once you answer, you leave two more names for the person after you. Have fun! :-) Cary Grant or Rock Hudson?
  15. Paulll

    Would you rather?!

    Hello everyone! I thought I would try to create another new thread, and I hope it takes off. Directions: So how this goes is, I'll ask a question "Would you rather...?" and the next poster answers it and leaves a question for the next person, etc. Let's keep it friendly, respectful, kind. After all it's for fun! I'm thinking maybe between each question refresh and wait a couple minutes otherwise questions/answers will be trampled over each other. Have fun everyone!! Would you rather date Rock Hudson or Dirk Bogarde? (and yes, as a male, I would answer this question too!)
  16. Let's play a "game". Post one animated photo gif per post from one of your favorite movies. We can all get to learn what movies are each others favorites. Try not to post a gif from the same movie as the poster below you! I'll start. My ultimate favorite movie:
  17. Paulll

    What's in a Name?

    The Eyes of Laura Mars
  18. Paulll

    Movies by Number

    101 Dalmatians
  19. Cary Grant and Grace Kelly Next: Unrequited love
  20. Paulll


    I am identical twin, so this resonates with me! Jason Priestley and Justine Priestley Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse Sawyer Sweeten (RIP) and Sullivan Sweeten
  21. Paulll

    Cinema Segue

    From Russia with Love with the Proper Stranger than Fiction.
  22. Paulll

    Your favorite movies - animated gifs

    1996, My Fellow Americans (couldn't find an animated gif)
  23. Paulll

    Your favorite movies - animated gifs

    1960, Cash McCall
  24. Paulll

    Your favorite movies - animated gifs

    1940, Waterloo Bridge

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