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  1. TCM Premieres

    Caught it tonight. Its a good showcase for its two leads, modest in scale, but fascinating. Taylor and Beatty were both in prime form.
  2. I Just Watched...

    The Shape of Water (2017) What we have here is a very good film that could have been great. Many of the pieces are in there, but a few other pieces take away from things. Sally Hawkins gives a beautiful performance. To better judge it, I rewatched a few scenes to really capture her facial reactions and body language, and she is just note perfect. Richard Jenkins as her quiet roommate/best friend gives a low key and exceeding effective performance. Octavia Spencer does not get quite enough to do, but what she has is very good in her hands. The production has a really nice, glossy, seemingly accurate 1962 look about it. Alexandre Desplat's score is enchanting. And certain scenes like the opening, Elisa's meeting with the fishman with the eggs, the brief black and white dance number, the closing moments, they are so pure in their simplicity and in their sense of wonder, it is hard not to give in. I also appreciated the nods to 20th Century Fox musicals. But, there are a few things not so pleasing... the sex and violence just both feel too visceral for what is, at heart, a fairy tale. Its jarring whenever it turns up (especially that shot of the headless cat body, the occasional flashes of large amounts of blood and severed fingers, and the electric cattle prod toward both the fishman and Michael Stuhlbarg). And speaking of jarring, I felt that Michael Shannon's villain was exceedingly miscalculated. It was just too menacing a character for this type of ethereal film, and some of the sidepoints about him (the sex scene with his wife, his mocking Spencer with the story of Delilah... twice, the Cadillac) are just plain unnecessary. But, overall, though, it is a finely wrought film, one that made me cry, and one that has at times, that sense of wonder so rarely seen nowadays. It would not have been my pick of the Best Picture nominees I have seen so far (Hello, Lady Bird) but it is a worthy pick and better than many a recent winner of the award.
  3. The FilmStruck Thread

    Also added: Anna May Wong films (The Thief of Bagdad ('24), Mr. Wu, Piccadilly, Tiger Bay, When Were You Born, Impact) Produced and/or Directed by Bob Rafelson (Easy Rider, The Last Picture Show, Five Easy Pieces, The King of Marvin Gardens, Stay Hungry) Young love (Splendor in the Grass, A Patch of Blue, Summer of '42, A Little Romance, Gregory's Girl) Directed by Věra Chytilová (A Bagful of Fleas, Something Different, Daisies, Fruit of Paradise, Pearls of the Deep) Directed by Christopher Guest (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty wind, For Your Consideration)
  4. The FilmStruck Thread

    New arrivals include a block of Ava Gardner titles: The Hucksters, The Great Sinner, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, Show Boat, Knights of the Round Table, Bhowani Junction, Seven Days in May, and the Night of the Iguana, plus a documentary about her.
  5. Studio Styles

    WB pushed them quite a bit too in films like Baby Face and Three on a Match. So maybe second to Paramount or tied for first?
  6. On the Waterfront was NOT the Best PIcture of 1955

    By that standard, Casablanca would be the Best Picture winner of 1944... it opened in New York in November 1942.

    I guess judging from my earlier response, I am a masochist now because I caught this on TCM on Demand, and I guess I was in the right mood for it, because I enjoyed it in an over-the-top way. It shouldn't work, but somehow it does.
  8. May Schedule Is Up Star of the Month (on the 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st only) is Marlene Dietrich Robert Osbourne gets a tribute with his Private Screenings and 20th Anniversary Special plus airings of Dodsworth and Laura on May 3rd. B-movie fans rejoice as Movie Series is the TCM spotlight with giant marathons of the following series: Blondie, Mexican Spitfire, Four Daughters, Maisie, Gildersleeve, Tarzan, Jungle Jim, Bomba, Andy Hardy, Five Little Peppers, Dr. Kildare/Gillespie, Nancy Drew, Miss Marple, Torchy Blane, The Thin Man, Perry Mason, Dick Tracy, Boston Black!e, Bulldog Drummond, The Saint, Lassie, Rusty, and Flipper. Memorial Day Tribute weekend is back.
  9. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    Love Is Better Than Ever , which I have seen part of on TCM, but not the whole thing, feels like one of the few early 50s films that actually showed a TV in a home. Also, would like to note the early morning showing of A Little Romance. Its a sweet, often amusing little film. Diane Lane gets her first role and has the acting knack right off the bat; Lawrence Olivier seems to be having a great time playing an elderly con artist.
  10. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    And, although I have not seen it yet, I am rather intrigued by the sounds of The Only Game in Town, which stars her with Warren Beatty and was the final effort of George Stevens. It airs late Friday night.
  11. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    BUtterfield 8 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof National Velvet Suddenly Last Summer Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Next 5 would be: Giant, Reflections in a Golden Eye, The VIPs, Ivanhoe, The Mirror Crack'd (even if Kim Novak overpowers her in their two scenes together...)
  12. Your Favourite Performances from 1930 to present are...

    I recently completed round 1 of what will be a two-prong mission to see 2017 films. I have seen 38 films, with quite a few more (The Shape of Water, the Post, Call Me By Your Name, Paddington 2, Molly's Game, I Tonya, A Ghost Story, Marjorie Prime, The Lost City of Z, Mudbound, All the Money in the World, The Disaster Artist, The Beguiled, Wonder Wheel, Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, and Phantom Thread plus some others) yet to go. But for now, here is 2017 for performances in order so far (* for films released in festivals in 2016) Actor Gary Oldman/Darkest Hour Steve Carell/Last Flag Flying Denzel Washington/Roman J. Israel, Esq. Ryan Gosling/Blade Runner 2049 Kenneth Branagh/Murder on the Orient Express Daniel Kaluuya/Get Out Ethan Hawke/Maudie* David Oyelowo/A United Kingdom* Robert Redford/Our Souls at Night Jake Gyllenhaal/Stronger Kumail Nanjiani/The Big Sick Domhnall Gleeson/Goodbye Christopher Robin Jacob Tremblay/Wonder Ben Stiller/Brad's Status Actress Cynthia Nixon/A Quiet Passion* Saoirse Ronan/Lady Bird Frances McDormand/Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Gemma Arterton/Their Finest* Sally Hawkins/Maudie* Shirley MacLaine/The Last Word Jane Fonda/Our Souls at Night Debra Winger/The Lovers Rosamund Pike/A United Kingdom* Diane Lane/Paris Can Wait* Kirsten Stewart/Personal Shopper* Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman Supporting Actor Lawrence Fishburne/Last Flag Flying Ray Romano/The Big Sick Tracy Letts/Lady Bird Woody Harrelson/ Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Bryan Cranston/Last Flag Flying Bill Nighy/Their Finest* Noah Jupe/Wonder Willem Dafoe/The Florida Project Lucas Hedges/Lady Bird Ben Mendolsohn/Darkest Hour Domhnall Gleeson/American Made Sam Rockwell/ Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Caleb Landry Jones/ Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Supporting Actress Laurie Metcalf/Lady Bird Holly Hunter/The Big Sick Kelly MacDonald/ Goodbye Christopher Robin Ana De Armas/Blade Runner 2049 Lois Smith/Lady Bird Lindsay Duncan/Gifted Kirsten Scott Thomas/Darkest Hour Izabela Vidovic/Wonder Sylvia Hoeks/Blade Runner 2049 Michelle Pfeiffer/Murder on the Orient Express Miranda Richardson/Stronger Cicely Tyson/Last Flag Flying Beanie Feldstein/Lady Bird Tatiana Maslany/Stronger Lily James/Darkest Hour Margot Robbie/ Goodbye Christopher Robin Allison Williams/Get Out Lily James/Baby Driver Octavia Spencer/Gifted Julia Roberts/Wonder Juvenile Performance Noah Jupe/Wonder Jacob Tremblay/Wonder Millicent Simmons/Wonderstruck Will Tillson/ Goodbye Christopher Robin
  13. Top Ten Films of...

    I know I'm going ahead, but here is 1941. 1. Citizen Kane 2. Sullivan's Travels 3. The Lady Eve 4. Ball of Fire 5. High Sierra 6. How Green Was My Valley 7. Suspicion 8. The Devil and Miss Jones 9. 49th Parallel 10. The Great Lie Runners-Up: The Little Foxes, A Woman's Face, When Ladies Meet, Blossoms in the Dust, The Maltese Falcon, One Foot in Heaven, Dumbo, Penny Serenade, Meet John Doe, Love Crazy
  14. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    Oh yes, nostalgia spawns quickly. Very quickly. pre-1980 are my favorite years for films, but really I do enjoy the 80s and early 90s a lot as well and have many favorites from that time. So maybe its just bias, or maybe its just because the dramas were really quite good and the comedies felt fresher too. And regarding newer, well, I remember 2000s movies quite well, and, well... let's just say i wouldn't call it the best time for movies ever. (That would be the 30s and 40s) There were good ones but there were also some ones that missed the mark. And many that just looked painful just from the trailers. And thinking about 2008 nostalgia just makes me feel a little bit older just reading about it....
  15. What ? ! No Oscar thread this year?? !

    If I remember the date correctly on this list I shared, it was from January of 1992, so pretty close to the time nominations were announced (February 19, 1992 per Wikipedia). And maybe its just 90s nostalgia, a yearning for simpler, less expensive films with more depth, or something, but in the case of so many of these films, they are just so good. (Silence of the Lambs, Beauty and the Beast, JFK, Fisher King, Prince of Tides, Grand Canyon, Thelma and Louise, Fried Green Tomatoes, For the Boys, Rambling Rose). Actually, after reading through, the list, I decided to watch The Doctor (an unnominated film) on HBO on demand, and its really a great little movie, very well acted, especially by Elizabeth Perkins. That's one of the great things of moviegoing really: finding hidden gems that aren't discussed about much....

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