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  1. CinemaInternational

    Top Ten Films of...

    1945 1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 2. Mildred Pierce 3. The Clock 4. The Lost Weekend 5. The Enchanted Cottage 6. Rome, Open City 7. The Bells of St. Mary's 8. The Corn is Green 9. I Know Where I'm Going! 10. The Valley of Decision Runners-Up: And Then There Were None, Love Letters, Brief Encounter, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Leave Her to Heaven, State Fair, Spellbound, Blithe Spirit, Detour, Christmas in Connecticut, Anchors Aweigh, Scarlet Street, A Royal Scandal, My Name is Julia Ross, Vacation from Marriage
  2. CinemaInternational

    August 2018 Schedule is up

    Dorothy Malone gets her day after all!
  3. CinemaInternational

    Has anyone seen *Scorsese's marvelous "HUGO?"

    Yes, I enjoyed it a lot. Charming and quite moving, and a special treat for classic movie fans. It was one of the best films of its year.
  4. CinemaInternational

    Really Bad Acting [I mean like abysmally bad...]

    Actually, O'Toole didn't sing much in that remake of Goodbye Mr Chips (which was a pretty loose remake actually) He actually was excellent and deeply moving in the film. It was the wife (the role was considerably lengthened), played by Petula Clark, who sang all but 3 songs in the film.
  5. CinemaInternational

    Top Ten Films of...

    1944 1. Laura 2. Since You Went Away 3. Double Indemnity 4. Arsenic and Old Lace 5. Mr. Skeffington 6. Lifeboat 7. I'll Be Seeing You 8. Murder, My Sweet 9. The White Cliffs of Dover 10. Going My Way Runners-Up: Hail the Conquering Hero, National Velvet, The Doughgirls, Wilson, Mrs. Parkington, Gaslight, To Have and Have Not, Cover Girl, It Happened Tomorrow, The Princess and the Pirate
  6. CinemaInternational

    Patricia Morison dies at 103

    I was quite surprised to hear that she was completely cut out of the 1947 film Kiss of Death.
  7. CinemaInternational

    I Just Watched...

    Earlier today, I saw a film I never thought i would have the guts to see. And that film was the legendary 1973 horror film The Exorcist. I don't think I could go through it again as it was very hard to view, but at the same time it is a very strong film, very well made, definitely makes an emotional impact, and Ellen Burstyn, Lee J. Cobb, and especially Jason Miller are excellent in the film.
  8. CinemaInternational

    Upcoming Releases

    Two more WB Blu-Rays (probably for June): Superfly (1972) Designing Woman (1957) Plus two for late May: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)
  9. CinemaInternational

    NickAndNora34's Disney Movie Journey

    Speaking about Dinosaur, it is the only one of the now -official 56 Disney (not including Pixar) animated films that I have not seen. I definitely remember all the trailers on the VHS tapes, but I never bothered with seeing the film.
  10. CinemaInternational


    Cat People Ladyhawke Sleeping Beauty
  11. CinemaInternational


    The Boys in Company C Full Metal Jacket
  12. CinemaInternational


    San Francisco The Good Earth The Wizard of Oz The Ten Commandments (1956) Jason and the Argonauts Mary Poppins The Andromeda Strain Logan's Run Superman Tron Young Sherlock Holmes Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Forrest Gump Babe Titanic
  13. CinemaInternational

    Top Ten Films of...

    1943 1 Shadow of a Doubt 2 For Whom the Bell Tolls 3 A Guy Named Joe 4 Keeper of the Flame 5 Madame Curie 6. Action in the North Atlantic 7. The Constant Nymph 8 Jane Eyre 9. Tender Comrade 10. The More the Merrier Runners-Up: I Walked with a Zombie, The Human Comedy, Watch on the Rhine, Old Acquaintance, Lassie Come Home, Presenting Lily Mars In need of a rewatch: The Song of Bernadette
  14. CinemaInternational


    Goodbye Mr Chips Chips gets pranked by the students who don't realize that his wife died in childbirth earlier that day (and the baby died too) Penny Serenade Cary Grant and Irene Dunne go through an earthquake and a miscarriage. Now Voyager Bette Davis is wracked with guilt after accidentally causing a heart attack Sorry Wrong Number Barbara Stanwyck learns her life is almost over. Auntie Mame. Rosalind Russell loses custody of her nephew and gets wiped out of her entire fortune in one day. Foul Play Goldie Hawn almosts gets chloroformed, almost gets seduced by a hapless would-be swinger, and almost gets strangled all in one night. Tootsie Dustin Hoffman faces a terrible night. Starting off in drag, he tries to express his feelings toward Jessica Lange, which gets bungled, Charles Durning tries to propose to him, George Gaines tries to force himself on him, and Teri Garr then, upon hearing the partial lie that he was with another woman, lets her vocal chords hit the roof. Sixteen Candles Molly Ringwald finds that nobody remembers her birthday and her underwear goes on display. Four Weddings and A Funeral. Wedding #2. Hugh Grant finds that the woman he loves is engaged. He finds himself placed at a dining table with ex-girlfriends who share gossip he told them about each other. And then he is trapped in a bedroom where the newly married couple is busy having their private wedding night And then you have the whole disaster film genre which could apply....San Francisco, In Old Chicago, The Hurricane, The Rains Came, Airport, The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, The Hindenburg, The Swarm, Titanic
  15. CinemaInternational


    Body Heat All This and Heaven Too Sorry, Wrong Number Black Widow (1987) Arrivederci Baby! Sleeping with the Enemy What Lies Beneath

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