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  1. It might be qa goofy idea, but I thought it could be fun. It came to mind because in one city the name of someone who came up short in a mayoral race was named John Crawford, which started me thinking what if, in her day, Joan Crawford had run for mayor? I would suggest that her campaign motto would be to clean the town up and rid it of wire hangers to boot!
  2. CinemaInternational

    Movie Blunders

    According to Halliwell's, Richard Harris is wearing a band-aid in Camelot......
  3. CinemaInternational

    So . . . Scotty Bowers?

    I admit that that documentary last year was a bit of a sore topic with me. If it was made up mainly of lies, then it was just a garish attempt to try to do a "tell-all" that might make Hollywood Babalon blush and spread some salacious stories that perhaps the people it was said about never would have gotten into. If it was the truth, then you have the fact that these.... goings-on.... to use a mild term, were supposed to be done in secrecy and never get out to the press, where it would destroy these peoples lives.So, if it was the truth, what they wanted to keep secret would be exposed to everyone posthumously, at a point where they couldn't say anything.....
  4. CinemaInternational

    Movie Blunders

    In 1982's Annie, the characters go see Camille at Radio City. The film's set in 1933, per a line of dialogue late in the film. Camille wasn't released until 1936.
  5. CinemaInternational

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees announced

    Whitney Houston and Pat Benatar, please and thank you, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Suggestions for future Years: Tears for Fears, Kate Bush, The Pointer Sisters, Carole King
  6. CinemaInternational

    Upcoming Releases

    Another film due at some point in 2020, is a film very closely tied to one of the posters on this website....... Some other titles confirmed for Blu (and or DVD) for next year are:
  7. I remember that scene well. Such a scream. Renee Taylor was the date in that scene.
  8. CinemaInternational

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    I've seen it. Remember being terribly disturbed by the nightmare sequence at the end (where Einstein imagines the destruction that would be caused by an atomic bomb if it hit the very room where he was). It's kind of high profile still.... The Criterion Collection gave it a luxury DVD version some years back
  9. Justice for Ida Lupino! Truly though as somnebody born in February and as a big fan of Miss Lupino I agree.
  10. February is still going to be Oscar month on TCM. It's just that for most of us diehard viewers, we will have seen most of the titles airing by now.....
  11. CinemaInternational

    Marie Antoinette

    The Norma version does have an exceptional performance from Robert Morley as Louis XVI (his debut), and Norma's performance is good especially in the latter sequences when she's in prison. I don't remember too much about the Kirsten Dunst version. Did win an Oscar for the costumes though.
  12. CinemaInternational

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    Had another one today: The Wiz. It won me over the longer it went.
  13. CinemaInternational

    "Movie" v "Film".

    I often use the phrase movie myself, it's what I've said since I was little and I'm used to saying it. Film, I've used that as well, but that feels more formal really, and in some ways, at least in my eyes, you need to be a bit informal when watching movies. I feel the best way to enjoy them is to just see what happens and proceed with an air of curiosity to see if the film engages your emotions or not.
  14. CinemaInternational

    If TCM did a month-long series of films about sex...

    Well if there was a way to bring fictional characters in the real world, i think i thought of the perfect host for A TCM Spotlight on this: After all, her initials spell out BED (Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux) and her home phone number is 555-3279 (EASY)
  15. CinemaInternational

    Murder, She Wrote Appreciation Thread

    Just had to remark that one of the episodes that Hallmark aired last night has one of the most memorable villain arrests in the series. In "Portrait of Death", Jessica reveals that the killer is an escaped murderer from death row. Said killer then goes to try to kill Jessica, but is stopped as the police come right in. When they started the read the rights, the killer barks: "Forget It! I Know the Drill!"

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