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  1. CinemaInternational

    Muppet movie remakes?

    It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Keep Spencer Tracy. With Miss Piggy in the Ethel Merman role.
  2. CinemaInternational

    Discouraging Programming Choices

    Conrack is on again, next Friday, the 27th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. It is a good film, and I hope you catch it this time
  3. CinemaInternational

    MURDER on ORIENT EXPRESS - any opinions on newest version?

    Suchet was the best Poirot of them all, but I have yet to see his version. I preferred the lighter takes from that series before they became deadly serious later on.... Its been a long time since I saw the 1974 film which had the best cast of the three versions. I really do need to rewatch it. As for the most recent version, there were some moments that didn't fit in, in particular a brief action sequence about a minute in length that was just not appropriate for Dame Agatha. But, overall, it worked. The story was still mostly intact, Branagh (in spite of the giant moustache) gave a good, understated performance, the film looked fantastic ( it was done on 65 MM film), and they really emphasized the emotional hurt that motivated the murder, and it was a very good idea, made the story more poignant, more tragic, and certainly gave a certain someone one of their meatiest scenes in years to play.
  4. CinemaInternational

    What's up with all the crappy 80's films?!

    The Underground films are apways different from the rest of what TCM airs, often newer and often goofy/violent/sex-fuelled etc. in order to appeal to a different audience. It is true of some of them that they are in the Turner or WB library (Private Parts, Who's That Girl, After Hours [which is very mainstream really, and highly praised to boot], Cleopatra Jones) but some I guess must be aired because they are cheap to air. They aren't really representive of what TCM regards as the best of the decades. As for others ones in late night, like The All-American Boy or Revolution, they aired as second bills of late night double features of Jon Voight and Al Pacino respectively. It's nothing to worry about.
  5. CinemaInternational

    Top Ten Films of...

    1. The African Queen 2. Strangers on a Train 3. An American in Paris 4. A Streetcar Named Desire 5. On Dangerous Ground 6. Show Boat 7. Scrooge 8. The Browning Version 9. Pandora and the Flying Dutchman 10. The Mating Season Runners-up: The Model and the Marriage Broker, A Place in the Sun, Alice in Wonderland, On Moonlight Bay, Callaway Went Thataway, Royal Wedding, The Great Caruso, His Kind of Woman
  6. CinemaInternational

    Goldfinger, the best Bond film?

    It's definitely one of the best of the series, although admittedly I have not seen any of the last 4 films in the series. Saw the first 20 over a few months back in 2010, and at the time, I found Goldfinger to be the best, followed by The Living Daylights, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and For Your Eyes Only.
  7. CinemaInternational

    Star of the Month voting for December 2018

    I have a feeling that Dick Powell might be the one chosen as he is featured more often on TCM, but I could be wrong.....
  8. CinemaInternational

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1958

    Wild Strawberries is one of my favorite film s of all time. Nights of Cabiria was also masterful.
  9. CinemaInternational

    Monday is Joan Blondell Day!

    Of the ones I saw, I thought that Broadway Gondolier was the best, a snappy, funny little film that didn't take itself seriously and was great fun.
  10. CinemaInternational

    Best Old Biddies

    CaveGirl, you might want to check out a late but indelible addition to the old biddy genre, 1994's Widows Peak, a film set in a small town in Ireland where the majority of the population are middle-aged to older biddys and gossips headed up by Joan Plowright as their queen bee.
  11. CinemaInternational

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    In the public's eye, she has the "horror" tie-in with her films like Baby Jane, Dead Ringer, Sweet Charlotte, and The Nanny (not to mention the lesser known Burnt Offerings and Watcher in the Woods), so in keeping with the last few Octobers, she would fit in, and also it makes sense because there have been so few female SOTMs this year....
  12. CinemaInternational

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    I'm getting a strong inkling that Bette Davis might get her third SOTM tribute in October.....
  13. CinemaInternational

    Top Ten Films of...

    1. Sunset Boulevard 2. Caged 3. Born Yesterday 4. All About Eve 5. Broken Arrow 6. In a Lonely Place 7. Last Holiday 8. Night and the City 9. Cinderella 10. Cheaper by the Dozen Runners-Up: Harvey, Where Danger Lives, Walk Softly Stranger, Stage Fright, No Man of Her Own, The Yellow Cab Man, Perfect Strangers, The Miniver Story
  14. CinemaInternational


    It was seemingly dead since 2016.... and then, out of the blue, these titles dropped out of the sky in May, according to another website.... Fast and Loose (1930) Honor Among Lovers (1931) The Phantom President (1932) The Misleading Lady (1932) She Loves Me Not (1934) Private Worlds (1935) The Jungle Princess (1936) Zaza (1938) Six Bridges to Cross (1955) Boom! (1968) FM (1978)
  15. CinemaInternational

    Movies You Were Too Young to See But Saw

    Wow. That's amazing, and that's a lot of films (and a lot of excellent films at that). I'm a 90s kid myself, and I didn't see too many Rs before the age of 17. I did sneak a few and watched them alone at 16. However, I did see Working Girl at the age of 4, and although I'm not certain due to a very fuzzy memory, I might have seen Postcards from the Edge and Foul Play (PG, but still) around the same time. I do know I grew up watching a lot of films not known to be for children that were PGs and PG-13s like Terms of Endearment, Beaches, Steel Magnolias, Moonstruck, The First Wives Club, 9 to 5, Fried Green Tomatoes, While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless in Seattle, and Driving Miss Daisy.

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