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    February 2019 schedule is up

    The Artist made it two or three 31 Days of Oscar ago, and although I could be wrong, I think that The King's Speech has aired on TCM too. No airings of Argo, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman, Spotlight, Moonlight, or The Shape of Water yet. Frankly, the winners this decade have been a very lumpy group. 4 strong, 2 decent, 1 passable, and 1 shallow.
  2. CinemaInternational

    Films of 2018

    Watched the much praised new film Roma on Netflix today, the first day it was up on the service. It's obviously a very heartfelt and personal film, and it is definitely gorgeous in its black and white simplicity. That being said though, although there is much to love, the film keeps you at a slight distance from all but the leading character (played by a newcomer Yalitza Aparicio who is tremendous here with simply the looks on her face) and as a result its easier to greatly admire than to fully love....
  3. CinemaInternational

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    I also think in part the reason why we ended up with My Fair Lady again last night was that a hardly insignificant number of the 25 yesterday were either newer films than TCM is generally known for (Broadcast News, Jurassic Park, Eve's Bayou, Smoke Signals, and especially Brokeback Mountain) and are less prone to air on a moment's notice, or were from studios that do not lend out so easily if at all (Hud, Leave Her to Heaven, Pickup on South Street, Cinderella). And with 9 out of the 25 out of the way just there, it does not leave many options.....
  4. CinemaInternational

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2019

    and also made a memorable appearance in the 2013 Brit film About Time.
  5. CinemaInternational

    Heaven's Gate (the movie,not the cult)

    There were several other films in that early 80s period that disappointed at the box office and helped end the American film movement of the 70s: True Confessions, Prince of the City, Whose Life Is It Anyway, Hammett, Pennies from Heaven, Ragtime, One from the Heart, Five Days One Summer, The Right Stuff. In truth, many were actually exhilarating films, but it was just a bad time for them.
  6. CinemaInternational

    February 2019 schedule is up

    Premieres are The Madness of King George, Nine to Five, Under Western Stars, Forever Amber, and Hugo. Kind of shocked even with it being a Fox film that Nine to Five never showed up before now.....
  7. CinemaInternational

    February 2019 schedule is up

    Truthfully, Eskimo is a bit sluggish. Interesting in a way, but sluggish. (and I assume the use of subtitles had not been perfected yet, because all of the Inuit dialogue appears on silent-movie style title cards)
  8. CinemaInternational

    Primetime lineup for Wednesday still a mystery?

    OK, Facebook page for TCM has confirmed Hair Piece is on the schedule......
  9. CinemaInternational

    Primetime lineup for Wednesday still a mystery?

    Informer, On the Town, and Bad Day at Black Rock are all Turner library so they seem likely. Also My Fair Lady and Days of Wine and Roses frequently show up, so they might be it too.
  10. CinemaInternational

    Kick in the crotch

    Whoopi Goldberg hits two gangsters at the same time in Sister Act.
  11. CinemaInternational

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    My Fair Lady seems very likely too.
  12. CinemaInternational

    Films of 2018

    For those who follow the Oscar races, I have heard that advance guild screenings for Mary Poppins Returns, which opens next Wednesday, have been through the roof. Oscar oddsmakers are calling it an outside shot at a Best Picture nomination, but one article cited two high ranking Academy officials under the cloak of anonymity, and those two feel that the Disney film will not only land a nomination, they feel given academy enthusiasm, that it actually can win Best Picture.
  13. CinemaInternational

    How will TCM survive the “sensitivity” movement?

    I guess they could post to social media, but to me it would seem so fruitless because many on the protester's wavelength could be flummoxed. Lets say as an example that somebody found say Three on a Match, which aired last month, "offensive". I personally find it to be a wonderful pre-code, but I can imagine certain people upset with it" Imagining the tweet: "I just came across this disgusting misogynist film 3 on a Match from 1932 on TCM. This sort of trash never should be allowed to be shown today #BanAnnDvorak" To which the general reaction might just be "why are you watching films from 1932", "Black-and-White? EW!", "Who is Ann Dvorak (or Joan Blondell. Or Warren William. Or Glenda Farrell. I still think most, even in my age group [I'm 23, in case you need to know], know about Bette Davis, albeit mostly from All About Eve, Baby Jane, last year's miniseries, and the Kim Carnes song)?" So ultimately among their peers it would not get very far. That said though, there was an article in the New York Times last week where they were seemingly fanning the flames against one of the Thin Man movies where William Powell swatted Myrna Loy on the behind. The film was made in 1944. I think its too late for outrage over that.
  14. CinemaInternational

    How will TCM survive the “sensitivity” movement?

    In a case like this, it is actually good (I can't believe I'm saying this because I always wish more people in my age ballpark would find and love classic films) that many younger moviegoers don't watch TCM. I'd agree that the attacks on Rudolph and Baby Its Cold Outside are very over-the-top and completely unnecessary, but as opposed to most films shown on TCM, many younger people are familiar with them from them rolling out every Christmas on CBS for the former and on the radio for the latter. So, yes, GWTW has gotten into a sticky patch, but again, its mainstream. There is a saying that goes, out of sight out of mind. It applies here. There aren't going to be any protests for things the majority of their peers have not seen.
  15. CinemaInternational

    2019 TCM Big Screen Classics

    In almost the same boat. Nearest theatre that is doing this is about 35 miles away
  16. CinemaInternational

    Cartoon Network Bans Speedy Gonzalez

    The song was not originally a Christmas song even, being featured in the 1949 film Neptune's Daughter. I have seen the film, so I can remark it was deployed in a scene where Esther Williams was in Ricardo Moltaban's apartment on what was said to be the hottest night of the year, and he used the subtly racy song as a plea to get her to stay. She did have a cocktail. Now after their part of the song was done, there was a flip side reverse with amorous Betty Garrett trying to coerce reluctant Red Skelton to stay around in a comic reprise, but that part was never heard in the radio versions....
  17. CinemaInternational

    Your Favourite Performances from 1930 to present are...

    There were quite a few nominated films in 2017 that missed the mark for me, and Florida Project wasn't quite the worst one, but I still did not care for it. Willem Defoe was quite good in a very low key part, and there was one more performer in a very small part who worked well, but nothing else gelled about it for me. Indeed, while it played, I was mostly peeved and irritated. I saw where people stated it was a masterpiece, a stunning achievement, a shameful snub for Best Picture. Nothing could be further from the truth....
  18. CinemaInternational

    2019 TCM Big Screen Classics

    Have seen all but one, and all that I have seen are good films. I think Ben-Hur would look most impressive on the big screen.... but I have a hunch that Alien would get the biggest audience responce, with that one particularly famous/infamous scene.
  19. CinemaInternational

    I Just Watched...

    Tuesday double feature, courtesy of TCM and FXM. Starlift (1951) A revue-style entertainment from Warner Bros., this was intended as a morale booster at the time of the Korean war. Around the thin central concept of the rocky romance between an actress and a soldier who both happen to hail from the same town (Youngstown, Ohio), the filmmakers decided to craft a series of songs and skits involving WB stars and others who perform for the troops. The film gets off to a very bright start, but therein lies the trouble. For the most part, the best songs and skits and parts of the story are in the first 45 minutes, and aside from a brief appearance from Jane Wyman, the rest of the film doesn't have the same snap. That said though, Doris Day is as ebullient and charming as ever in her 15 minutes, and Ruth Roman also was a pleasure with her no-nonsense attitude. So if you do come across this film, at least check out the first part. Best recommended for Doris Day completists. Dear Brigitte (1965) Always have had a soft spot for family comedies, when they are charming, witty, and engaging, and this fits the bill. Its a harmless, lovely entertainment. Jimmy Stewart is is good, warm mode as a father who finds that hiss son (an endearing Bill Mumy) is a math genius who can solve the hardest of equations in just seconds and also has the knack for figuring out horse races as well. True he's also colorblind and tonedeaf, but not even geniuses can have everything. Glynis Johns has a bit of a smaller part as Stewart's wife but she is as welcome as ever and knows exactly how to play a scene. The film receives its name from all the letters the boy sends to Brigitte Bardot, upon whom he has a case of a very youthful crush. Ms. Bardot actually appears toward the end, and her cameo is one of the highpoints of the film. This film might not be appreciated by cynics, nor by those wanting the height of sophistication, but as an example of cinematic comfort food, it is utterly enchanting.
  20. CinemaInternational

    Bye Bye Birdie Live

    Just make you know for sure who's going to drive you home tonight.
  21. CinemaInternational

    Rare showing of THE FUZZY PINK NIGHTGOWN (1957) on TCM

    Don't know about that. Most films with breasts are sent off to the R anymore. Iron Lady was the last I remember that had topless nudity in it and that was for two seconds. Maybe in the 90s. There were some films as recently as then that had more than their share of nudity (Titanic, Chaplin, Indochine, Doc Hollywood)
  22. CinemaInternational

    Worst movie you've ever seen?

    Well, test audiences raised a different type of ruckus a decade later when Warner Bros. opened the much maligned Exorcist II: The Heretic in 1977. To quote from the IMDb trivia page....
  23. CinemaInternational


    Well, those scenes are graphic and they are intercut with a non-surgical scene so the cuts to the surgery are much more graphic, but the scene (and the scene that surrounds it) takes about 3 minutes. If I were you though, since you sound queasy about it, skip over the scene. I can give you an account in what happens in the scene around it.
  24. CinemaInternational

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    Don't miss TCM Imports tonight. They are showing Francois Truffaut's The Last Metro, one of the greatest films of the 80s. Set your DVRs!
  25. CinemaInternational

    Worst movie you've ever seen?

    Resurrecting the thread.... A mentioning of director Bob Clark in another thread brought to mind that cinematic sinkhole Baby Geniuses, a film so bad I detested it even when I was young and liked just about anything. i never watched all of Trader Horn, but its horribly handled, very offensive really and racist. And it all moves at the pace of an arthritic snail. The Oscar too was a stinker I never watched all of as it was just so bad. A Stranger Among Us was just incredibly bizarre. Not a complete wash, due to some interesting supporting roles and moments, and Melanie Griffith, despite being badly miscast, still managed some charm (the film needed an Ellen Barkin, a Jaime Lee Curtis, or a Debra Winger). But the script was amateur night in Dixie. What kind of cold-blooded killer says the hokey phrase "okey-dokey" when being confronted by the police? Director Sidney Lumet, a true veteran, should have known better and deep sixed the script. other least favorites include films that were thumping bores (The Night of the Following Day, The Thief Who Came to Dinner, Morvern Callar, The General Died at Dawn, Two Loves, Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here ), aggressively overpraised (Crash, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, The Post, American Beauty, The Revenant, Birdman , Dallas Buyers Club, The Squid and the Whale, The Usual Suspects ) , completely lacking in wit or humor (The 'Burbs, In Like Flint) , or morally offensive to me (Easy A, Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex..., Midnight Express, Captain Fantastic, Heathers, Alfie)

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