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  1. Would you ever say a movie is stupid?

    Try It is mostly a film review site, and the reviews are front and center, and its a pretty easy site to use. You can import your film ratings from IMDb too.
  2. The FilmStruck Thread

    i don't know if there has been a thread for this before, but since Warner Archive decided to fold their streaming service into the TCM/Criterion run FilmStruck, I thought that now would be a good time to start a thread on some of the offerings that are being added. New arrivals (which last through late August- Early September) include: the entire Thin Man series Films directed by G.W. Pabst (Secrets of a Soul, The loves of Jeanne Nay, Pandora's Box, Diary of a Lost Girl, Westfront 1918, The Threepenny Opera, Kameradschaft) The Astaire/Rogers films (Flying Down to Rio, The Gay Divorcee, Roberta, Top Hat, Swing Time, Follow the Fleet, Shall We Dance, Carefree, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, and The Barkleys of Broadway) Films directed by Fred Zinnemann (Redes, Kid Glove Killer, Eyes in the Night, The Seventh Cross, The Search, Act of Violence, From Here to Eternity, The Nun's Story, The Sundowners, Behold a Pale Horse, A Man for All Seasons) Bette Davis films (Hell's House, The Cabin in the Cotton, Three on a Match, 20,000 years in Sing Sing, Of Human Bondage, The Petrifed Forest, Marked Woman, Jezebel, Dark Victory, The Old Maid, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, All This and Heaven Too, The Great Lie, The Little Foxes, The man Who Came to Dinner, Now Voyager, Watch on the Rhine, Mr. Skeffington, The Corn in Green, Another Man's Poison, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, Dead Ringer, Lo Scopone Scientifico) and films featuring Peter Falk (Wind Across the Everglades, Robin and the Seven Hoods, The Great Race, Penelope, Machine Gun McCain, A Woman Under the Influence, Mikey and Nicky, the In-Laws, All the Marbles, Wings of the Desire, The Player (where I guess he had a walk-on cameo))
  3. The FilmStruck Thread

    They do last longer than a week, I think. The Peter Falk showcase a few weeks back was set to remain there until early September.
  4. Memorabelia & Movie Books, who else collects them?

    I actually have those books and I treasure them. I know that I would miss them terribly if something happened to them. I'm sorry that that happened to you.
  5. Top Ten Films of...

    As expected, an update to make: Phantom Thread is now my #1 of 2017.
  6. Verboten Message Board Topics

  7. Top Ten Films of...

    No, have seen some more since then, plus shifted a few around, actually even now, I might shift a few around in the key list. And I have this suspicion that it is going to change again soon as I just rented both The Post and Phantom Thread from the local rental store (both will be seen by tomorrow night), and have intentions to catch up with The Beguiled on HBO. So, as is... (and the ones with astericks are listed as 2016 on IMDb, so I will slide in the next ones in line on addendum) 1. Last Flag Flying 2. Their Finest* 3. Lady Bird 4. Blade Runner 2049 5. A Quiet Passion* 6. Your Name. (Animated)* 7. The Big Sick 8. Wonder 9. Darkest Hour 10. Murder on the Orient Express Replacement three: Coco, Goodbye Christopher Robin, The Shape of Water
  8. Top Ten Films of...

    Blade Runner 2049 is indeed a fantastic film, and I am pleased to see it near the top of your list for 2017. It is a thoughtful, nuanced tale with real emotional heft and a very intriguing plot. I was shocked by how much I loved it, but I did love it.
  9. Verboten Message Board Topics

    Well, from my time here, the topics that tend to be deleted (or locked) have tended to be about Spam (the stuff that appears on so many nights, not the food product), nudity, and Jane Fonda.
  10. I Just Watched...

    Night Must Fall (1937) -- on Watch TCM through today I had definitely heard of this one over the years, but never had a chance to see it, and I found this to be brilliant and ahead of its time. It's like an early noir prototype, and the central three performances are absolutely stunning.
  11. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    Thursday night... Great Expectations is, if a bit loose at times, one of the screen's best Dickens adaptations, and an early high-water mark for David Lean. For those who want their literary adaptations with more spice, A Room with a View is back again.
  12. Not of This Earth

    If Janet could do it, so can somebody else. This is me in real life.
  13. What Are You Watching Now?

    "Oh, my poor baby!" ( slams door shut with her knee)
  14. Lego Singing in the Rain Set

    But where is the Lego version of Lina Lamont?
  15. I Just Watched...

    Did a bit of multitasking earlier and while busy tackling something watched for the first time the British mystery Green for Danger, which was really wonderful. Snappy, fast paced, exciting, highly enjoyable.
  16. I Just Watched...

    I'd second Fedya's recommendation and check out A Little Romance, a wonderful film. Lane is also quite good in The Cotton Club, Unfaithful, Under the Tusacan Sun, and Secretariat. Her film last year, Paris Can Wait, was small-scale but smart and tasteful. And I also recall her cameo in the brilliant 1992 film Chaplin.
  17. You Watched TCM Where?

    Now I have that lyric from the 1986 movie musical version stuck in my head: "Son, you'll be a dentist! You have a talent for causing things PAIN!"
  18. I Just Watched...

    Olive films is a great company. It is so great that they are releasing so many classics on DVD either for the first time or bringing them back after absences. They along with Kino lorber and Warner Archive are the best at releasing classics to DVD.
  19. Davis & Crawford & "Feud"

    Regarding Feud, I did see the entire miniseries when it aired last year, and I do think that the one line aside, Olivia was portrayed as a dignified, empathetic lady, gracious, elegant, and loyal.
  20. You Watched TCM Where?

    Once, about 6 years ago, I watched a bit of TCM in a hospital waiting room.

    I must say that the few times I have seen Alicia Malone so far, she has been great. Wonderful voice, warm demeanor, just makes for a very appealing host.
  22. Best Canadian Films

    It is rather embarrassing to admit that I have only seen one film on the list : Away from Her. Shocking snub here: The Sweet Hereafter, which was nominated for Directing and Script at the Oscars for 1997 films.
  23. I Just Watched...

    I saw that film a while back and it such a good film. It starts out as a tough noir, but the longer it goes on , it becomes more nuanced, and such an emotional film in the end too. Ida was wonderful.
  24. I Just Watched...

    Another fine performance from Judy Parfitt, outside of her warm, empathetic turn on Midwife, is her memorable supporting turn in 1995's Dolores Claiborne, a top notch neo-noir that is well worth a look.
  25. I Just Watched...

    I don't know though if the song Polly Wolly Doodle is quite so squeaky clean anymore after what went down in 1981's SOB where it was originally sung in a sugary-sweet film within a film that was hilarious in how chirpy it was, but later returned reorchestrated as backdrop music for that film's most notorious scene.

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