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  1. bombaybob

    Help with the name of a Silent Film Documentary

    I would agree with LawrenceA you may also find this documentary on you tube.
  2. bombaybob

    Silent Sundays new opener.

    The best 34 seconds ever I wish they would bring back the old intro!
  3. bombaybob

    First silent film crush

    For me it's Mabel Normand funny and fearless!
  4. bombaybob

    Silent Film Ideas

    Thank you very much for all the great ideas and input it is much appreciated.
  5. bombaybob

    Silent Film Ideas

    Greetings All, I work in small theater and I have decided that I want expose more people to silent films. I have been given the green light for my project and while I have many thoughts of my own I was wondering what silent film would you play first to really grab people to spark an interest so they may return for future screenings? Any input would be welcome. CHEERS! BombayBob
  6. bombaybob

    Film You Tried to Watch but Couldn't Get Into It?

    For me The Big Lebowski was a snore. While I just could not find any way to connect with this film I did appreciate it's probably bowling message! Also as a side note I believe that all Adam Sandler films should be taken to a recycle center take whatever few pennies they give you for them, take that money and put it toward destroying any new Adam Sandler films being made!
  7. Hi SFF,

    I know it has been awhile but I just wanted to say hello.


  8. Hi ND,

    I know it has been awhile but I just wanted to say hello.


  9. bombaybob

    The Petrified Forest

    Greetings All, My favorite movie is The Petrified Forest 1936. I love how the vast expanse of the Arizona desert is gradually reduced to a single room with just enough space for all the diverse personalties and egos that come together to coexist. Bette Davis,Leslie Howard, and Humphrey Bogart all turn in stellar performances assisted ably by Dick Foran, Charley Grapewin, Genevieve Tobin and a host of others. While the film keeps you riveted to the main characters what really stood out to me was Genevieve Tobin's performance as Mrs. Chisholm the loyal yet painfully unhappy wife who is willing to take a risk then be miserable. For those of you who have watched this film tell me why you like it. For those who haven't buy it, rent it, or catch it next time it comes on TCM it is one hour and twenty two minutes you won't regret. (One mans humble opinion). CHEERS! Bombaybob

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