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  1. Thank you TopBilled for the info! I appreciate it
  2. Ok I thought at first I was wrong so I went through the entire cast. I do not see Marie's name in the version of Anna and the King of Siam that I am watching. Did they screw up here or what? I have never seen them make this mistake before. The movie started at 2am so it definitely was in the time period prior to when they stop showing the SOTM movies. All the other movies shown this evening had her in it. Is there another version of this movie that does have Marie in it that they should have shown or is this just a big mess up?
  3. JessieB

    Robert Ryan Rules

    The Naked Spur I just finished watching Ryan in the "Naked Spur" . This is the way I like Ryan the best, he plays a rascal so well that you can tell he is absolutely enjoying the part. As said many times before he can play it all. But I think he is best when playing the dirty rascal. I love him in this film, all of his films for that matter. The "Naked Spur" has to be my favorite performance of his. What a legend!!!!
  4. JessieB

    Character Actors Wanted for Star of the Month

    I would like to see the fabulous character actress, Mercedes Mc Cambridge as SOTM!! She is quite a spectacular character. I think she deserves the honor. I love the idea of more Character Actors/Actresses as SoTM. Maybe someone will listen.....
  5. I have enjoyed today's line up of rarely seen Grant movies. Of course Arsenic and Baby are not "RARELY" seen but always enjoyable lol comedies. Cary is always entertaining regardless of the movie. Yet I am extremely confused as to why on a day of Grant films where does the final movie of the line up fall in to play. It doesn't look like Cary is in the movie from the cast credits or the synopsis. What is going on there at TCM? I would love to know exactly how the final movie- "Inside Straight" fall into category of the day Anyone else ? Please explain......
  6. JessieB

    How do I add a photo?

    Not sure if you are still having issues, but I was having an issue for the longest time. As you can see I have figured it out. With me, my issue was the internet provider that I was connecting to the internet with (google chrome, Internet Explorer, safari, Microsoft edge etc.) I was trying to complete the process through Microsoft Edge and had absolutely no luck. I then remembered that I had previously had an issue with edge when I streamed movies from HBO and TCM. I connected through Google Chrome and problem was completely resolved. Hope this is helpful. Good Luck.
  7. JessieB

    About Mrs. Leslie

    I absolutely agree with you. Thank you.
  8. JessieB

    About Mrs Leslie

    I just watched About Mrs. Leslie, part of the lineup for Robert Ryan SoTM. As stated during the intro, this was the debut on TCM. It has been a long time that a movie made me feel so much. What a wonderfully directed (and acted) movie. After just watching RR in Billy Budd, it shows how versatile Ryan is as an actor. This is the first movie I ever saw Shirley Booth in and I fell in love with her. I will definitely watch again, and if you haven't yet watched get ready for a movie that makes you feel happy and sad. What a great great movie.
  9. JessieB

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Is this a list of who they will be showing on the specific days, because the 3rd they are actually doing a tribute to Mary Astor. Is this list accurate?
  10. JessieB

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Well get ready to drop everything. I just received a reminder that Harvey will be shown on 6-15 at 12 am. Long Days Journey will also be shown in June.!!!!! Maybe TCM does listen when you request certain pictures to be shown. I have been requesting both of these for over a year now! ​
  11. JessieB

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    I have been watching TCM faithfully for the past 10 years, and I have yet to see the movie "Harvey" with Jimmy Stewart. Have they ever showed it? I have noticed they always reference it in documentaries, but I haven't seen it and want to badly. Another film I have been dying to see is "long days journey into night" (i think thats right) with Katherine Hepburn. Why are there some films that are definitely classic greats that don't get shown. In the past 4 years I have only seen two showings of "Sunset Blvd" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" It's always the same few movies shown over and over. Don't get me wrong if I love a move, I can watch it over and over and over again. I would, however, love to see these other films as part of the normal line-up. Any thoughts....
  12. JessieB

    Robert Ryan as SOTM May 2016

    I fell in love with him years ago during one of those months that a different artist is featured everyday and I am very happy to see him again. He could act in any genre. He was believable as the bad guy, good guy, hero and love interest. RR was a multi faceted actor and like Gary Cooper when he is in a movie (good or bad) they steal the scene. You can't take your eyes off of them, you have to watch. I welcome May's selection of SOTM.
  13. JessieB

    I Just Watched...

    In our day and age, I think he would definitely be on the spectrum. He was disconnected but able to read some words. I know that Ben said that all of the children in the movie were not actors and I wondered if the boy who played Reuben was an actor like you said autistic.
  14. The "Big Cube" is a Kooky movie. Came upon at a time when aging (now classic) actresses still wanted to work but were not being given parts that matched their talents. Some made it work (Bette Davis, Kate Hepburn, Olivia De Havilland etc.) unfortunately for Lana this movie did not. Lana Turner on LSD (unknowingly of course) who thinks of this stuff. It was the 60's and front and center in conversation...its worth a watch at least once. All I can say is a very kooky film.
  15. JessieB

    Where's Robert?

    Has anyone heard or does anyone know what has happened to our dear host? I fear he may be ill. Does anyone have any HONEST information on him?

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