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    Seeking Title of an Old Movie

    :-) Morgan A suitable case for Treatment it is! That is Awesome Many & Much Thanks Guess he wasn't homeless though. Funny how the memory works. Ill have to watch it to see where my memory picked up that. Scotty
  2. Greetings! For many years now I have been seeking the title of an old movie. I only recall one scene from it as it was a very long time ago that I had watched it. I do believe it was black & white & it felt like it was from the 60's era, not hippie crunchy 60's just that older 60's film quality cars, scenes etc. The scene, as I recall included a man, (star role), who was living/sleeping in a station wagon. He attended a party one evening, not invited (crashed it I guess I would say). Possibly there was a women he wanted to see at the party. And here's a hopefully unique part. He went in to the party wearing a Gorilla outfit. At one point I had thought the actor was Donald Sutherland, which he is not, however maybe putting a similar face on the actor helps rings someones bell? Many & Much Thanks! Have a Great Day! Scotty

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