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  1. dlk44

    30's/40's Movie Title Request

    "Obliging Young Lady" Heinie Manush was the clacking noise. He was a HOF baseball player. Good movie!
  2. Great Post! Thanks for putting it up.
  3. Yes, please keep us informed. This one really interests me....
  4. I believe that Astaire and Levant also were in "The Band Wagon " in 1953.
  5. dlk44

    Movie Title! Totally forget!

    Kay, I salute your faster draw...LOL
  6. dlk44

    Movie Title! Totally forget!

    "George Washington Slept Here" with Jack Benny and Ann Sheridan....Could be it.
  7. Oscar Levant I would guess is the pianist. Could the movie be "The Barkleys of Broadway" ?
  8. dlk44

    Movie about Seebees in WW2.

    I considered Gallant Bess... Did the natives steal her ?
  9. dlk44

    Movie about Seebees in WW2.

    The movie "South Pacific " had Seabees and natives in it. I don't know about a mule. It was a 1958 film though.
  10. dlk44

    Movie about Seebees in WW2.

    Two Questions: Was it a comedy? Was it B&W or color ?
  11. dlk44

    Movie about Seebees in WW2.

    Could it be "The Fighting SeeBees" (1944) With John Wayne ?
  12. Red like a lot of comedians tried too hard to be funny. Jonathan Winters and Tim Conway on the other hand were just naturally funny. Just my take anyway.
  13. Red Skelton in "Having Wonderful Time". Pat O'Brien in most of the movies he made.
  14. Eric Blore was good in so many films.

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