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    Movie name, black and white, Marlene Dietrich and Robert Taylor?

    And, she tries to hook the guy's best friend by accident. The best friend tells the guy, but instead of getting mad the guy realizes she really loves him if she was willing to do that for him.
  2. What's the name of the movie... I think it was Marlene Dietrich and Robert Taylor, or actors who look like them. She's high society, refuses to marry him because he's poor. She somehow starts losing her fortune. She makes headlines whenever she visits somewhere, but the headlines get smaller and smaller as she gets poorer and poorer. She finally ends up with the guy in the end, but then he has a truck accident. She has no money for the medicine that will save him. She turns to prostitution. Her landlady understands and as she's going out to turn her first trick the landlady says something like, "Don't you think you need a bit more rouge?" The landlady is the same actress who quoted the Ellis Island phrase, "Give us your tired, your poor..." in the movie I Remember Mama.

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