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    I have loved old movies since I was the age of 15 and I still do some 20 odd years later. My TV is always set on TCM by default. I love any movie from 1929-1969, and I especially like pre-code movies (1930-1934). Most of all I love the movies that contain my favourite actors:

    1. James Cagney
    2. James Mason
    3. Gregory Peck
    4. Edward G. Robinson
    5. Steve McQueen
    6. Sidney Poitier
    7. Paul Newman
    8. Tony Curtis
    9. James Dean
    10. James Stewart
    11. Montgomery Clift
    12. Gary Cooper
    13. John Garfield
    14. (Early) Lionel Barrymore
    15. Chester Morris


    1. Bette Davis
    2. Joan Crawford
    3. Barbara Stanwyck (sp?)
    4. Jean Harlow
    5. Clara Bow
    6. Greta Garbo
    7. Tallulah Bankhead
    8. Ingrid Bergman
    9. Joan Blondell
    10. Elizabeth Taylor
    11. Ava Gardner
    12. Marilyn Monroe
    13. Norma Shearer
    14. Marlene Dietrich
    15. Marie Dressler

    I'm a Writer, Actor who likes to play guitar/bass, dance, and watch TCM... cos it ROCKS. I always have my T.V. on TCM "by default."

    I am a HUGE Hammer Horror Films diehard fan. I think I might have every Hammer movie except Twins of Evil (1971)

    Maybe it's just me, but "today's" Hollywood seems lack lustre, void of true glamour and real honest to goodness talent that the Golden Era/old actors and movies definitely had. For instance, will there ever be anyone who measures up to the great ACTRESS Bette Davis or the debonair Gregory Peck? I LOVE to watch old movies (a passion we all share). I even like the silent ones.

    Very happy to be around others who love these vintage classics. TCM Forever!

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  1. Tisher Price

    What Are You Watching Now?

    I just finished watching one of my fave movies on DVD called Frances (1982) starring Jessica Lange, Kim Stanley and Sam Shepard. I wasn't born early enough to have seen this movie, but I've always had a fascination with Frances Farmer (Lange) after listening to a Nirvana song titled "Frances Farmer Will Have (Her) Revenge On Seattle" from the band's final album In Utero (1993). Naturally I wanted to know who this Frances Farmer was. Then weeks later, Frances was on TV and I learned who she was. Frances Farmer was an actor in the 1930s/1940 who was an outspoken, hard boiled young woman, constantly being controlled by her mother (Kim Stanley). Her mother at least twice claiming her rebellious daughter is mentally ill and needs to be hospitalized whenever Frances "acted out" or didn't play by her mother's rules, including becoming a Hollywood Star, which Frances did NOT want to be. Jessica Lange is amazing and incredible in this film playing the oppressed wild woman who behaved unlady-like--doing anything from getting into drunken brawls with Police, dissing Hollywood, smoking, to promiscuous sex, challenging authority and directors, being an atheist, anarchic with a wild temper that would make Satan shake with fear. Frances Farmer's behavior would have been "normal" had she been a movie star now. I would say the present-day actor who would be Frances Farmer's equivalent, would be Angelina Jolie (pre-Brad Pitt). Frances although she wasn't mentally ill, was a little unstable, no doubt due to her controlling mother and passive, mostly absent father. Also Frances was, despite her behavior was a sensitive person who sometimes didn't seem to think she deserved being famous. The movie opens with a sixteen year old Frances (played by Lange as well) reading her essay in 1931 on how she didn't believe in God, nor did she think He existed, but "died of old age." She read this atheist essay in front of her church where people got angry leading one church goer to yell "Frances Farmer you're going to hell!!!" She soon befriends her on again/off again boyfriend named Harry (Sam Shepard, who became Lange's real life husband) a cornerstone for an often misunderstood, rebellious Frances. The movie which got a lukewarm reception, earned an Oscar for both Jessica Lange (Best Actress) and Kim Stanley (Best Supporting Actress). It was when the movie was brought to video, that popularity for the movie grew. This movie has a very bitter-sweet ending. Frances who was never really sick was given a Lobotomy to flatten her creativity, emotions, and imagination. We see a very expressionless and docile Frances, looking like a former shell of herself when she was featured on This is Your Life. It was a sad to see such a lively woman turn into a zombie with a "flat" voice, as we watch in horror and sadness when Harry is also saddened about what happened to Frances, and that the girl he loved was gone. Frances' only crime was living life to the fullest even if it was not approved by her controlling mother who was living vicariously through her actress daughter. Sure Frances was "fixed or cured" but the way it was done, was very, very tragic, like a part of Frances died. Great great movie with a young Jessica Lange, who now admits that her Frances role has affected her many many years later, and cherishes playing Frances Farmer, after more that 35 years.
  2. Tisher Price

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Hello from Canada! Right now I am watching a movie that is compelling me (no pun intended). I'm watching Guyana Tragedy: The Life of Jim Jones. It was made in 1980, two years after the Jonestown cult mass suicides, and Jim blowing his head off on November 18, 1978 Guyana. 193 people were dead. I bought this movie because lately I've been watch American Horror Story: Cult (Season 7) which deals with...well, a cult, and the Jamestown and Jim Jones were reinacted for a few minutes, along with David Koresh and the Heaven's Gate one. I have always been interested in learning more or reading more about the Jamestown cult. This Jim Jones cult was, and i'm paraphrasing others "The biggest Cult in history" "most famous cult ever." Okay. Right. I have never seen Powers Boothe before in my life, or his movies. I was too young to remember Jamestown, and never knew the real Jim Jones. Powers Booth practically channeled Jim Jones--he acted and looked eerily like him. This is an EXCELLENT performance for Powers Boothe. I really hope he got an Oscar for this part in 1981 because he is "goose bumps" AMAZING. The movie starts a couple days before the fated November 18, 1978. Jim Jones is slumped in a chair almost like a modern day throne, he's wearing sunglasses, and looks heavily sedated, talking to himself. Not before Jim issues a "They are here to get up! Everyone go to sleep (after drinking his Kool Aid) shots fired at people which turned out to be "dummy" bullets or blanks. Meanwhile all the followers scrambling in a panic full of fear, to which Jim Jones says in his drawl "This is just a trial run. You have to be prepared! They are coming for us! What if it happened to day, or what if they get us tomorrow? They (the cops) could come at anytime!" We know how the story ends, though it left a haunting feeling inside me do to the movie's near perfect accuracy, and the scene where people are crying cos they don't want to drink the Kool-Aid, including little kids--left me sad and disturbed. Quite a good purchase and viewing as we come up to the 40th anniversary of Jamestown. A very interesting part of the movie, is the first part where Jim Jones is a good, caring, kind hearted man who sticks up for the underdog (in this case, in his racist town--Black people.) He is also charismatic, tells people that he will take care of their problems, charming with the ladies, and ally for the Black people, sensitive, emotional,wouldn't hurt a fly...but he has the makings of a cult leader due to his personality. He eventually starts a new church and you know the rest from there. People complained on Amazon about the bad sound quality and bad video, but I don't see any problems at all, my copy was GREAT! Co-Starring--James Earl Jones, Colleen Dewhurst, Levar Burton, Ron O'Neal (Superfly), Ed Lauter, Veronica Cartwright et. al
  3. Tisher Price

    What Are You Watching Now?

    A lot of the stuff you said is very very valid, and I agree it lost it's edge when it became a franchise. I will have to view it again and see if the blurred shadowing do show up--especially during nighttime shots I didn't know what I was looking at at the time... I had no idea who got killed and how. Wait, I saw Franklin get killed. I never knew it "implied more than it shows." Well that's a whole new ballgame! I think I expected too much from this movie. I'm not going to give it away, but keep it with my cult classic movies. Also the "blurring shadow thing" happened with one other movie I saw and I was frustrated--Repulsion (1965), so many shadows, it mostly takes place in a dark apartment. I couldn't really see what was going on except the rat on her unwashed dishes. I know Polanski may have tried to give it an alienated, claustrophobic feel, but the shadows bugged me. Once again things you don't see tend to be the scariest.
  4. Tisher Price

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Texas Chain Saw Massace (1974). After anticipation for a movie I have never had a chance to watch cos they never seen this movie on TV. Firstly I was disappointed. I know I had the special edition (not that special) but I don't know if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but anytime someone got killed or tortured, there would be a "shadow" over what was happening. Did I get the PG 14 version? So many shadows I didn't know what I was looking at, and things looked a little blur leaving me thinking "****? What's going on?" It was not scary at all. And my expectations of the film after so many years "chasing my white whale" of the only scary movie I haven't seen. Has anyone see do movie, any likewise experiences with this movie on DVD?
  5. Tisher Price

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    next: Opposites attract
  6. Tisher Price

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Pretty Poison Bad Ronald Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! The Baby A Patch of Blue Wild in the Streets Baby Doll Naked Spur next: A preacher with no moral compass.
  7. Tisher Price


    Design For Living The More the Merrier Some Like it Hot Three Wise Girls Platinum Blonde??? Bombshell Georgy Girl It Happened on 7th Avenue
  8. I love Rocky Horror Picture Show

  9. Tisher Price

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Citizen Kane next: Man sent to the electric chair
  10. Tisher Price

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Dawn of the Dead
  11. Tisher Price

    Horror films

    Last evening I watched a gem of a movie that surprisingly was good. It was called Bad Ronald starring Scott Jacoby, Dabney Coleman, Pippa Scott and Kim Hunter. I never knew this movie existed until I saw it on a list and I just happened to see the title. It's Horror, from 1974, a movie-of-the-week back then--about a fourteen year old boy name Ronald Wilby who lives with his ailing mother, played by Hunter. Ronald, who appears to be good natured, with twist of a bad temper and slightly "weird." Ronald, a curly haired bespecaled (sp?) boy accidently kills a little nine year old girl. Ronald races his home, confesses to his mother what he did. She helps cover up the murder by making an undetectable "room" inside the wall. Mrs. Wilby feeds him everyday while lying to the police that perhaps Ronald ran away, maybe to see his divorced dad. It's clear that Ronald Wilby is a "Mama's Boy," and was told by Ma that she had to get an operation and she will come back for Ronald after her week long stay in hospital. A week passes, no Mother. Relatives come into the house while Ronald is still hiding out inside the wall, where he learns of his mother's death. Then days later a brand new family moves in--parents with three blond daughters ranging in age from 13-16. Meanwhile Ronald becomes a voyeur, while slowly, after being cooped up in a small room by himself drawing all day, Ronald's mental capacities start coming to question. Slowly we watch Ronald deteriorate into a scary, creepy, mentally deranged boy, who wears the same dirty clothes everyday and sneaks food from the new family's kitchen. When his thoughts turn to homicide, his voyeurism becomes more and more sloppy and this horror movie soon comes to a climax that leaves you down a path of dread, suspense, and terror. This movie did not disappoint me. I was clued to my seat the whole time. Pretty good for a 1974 made for TV movie!
  12. Tisher Price

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) Starring Christopher Lee but no Peter Cushing. Christopher Lee almost didn't come back to do this movie, and swore it was his last Dracula film. He kept his word, after four MORE Hammer Dracula movies!

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