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  1. edgarbirdtcm

    Need help finding the name of a movie

    Thanks Kay, but that isn't it. Looks like a good movie. The one I'm in search of was B&W but probably in the late 50's, maybe early 60's. But I could be off on that estimate.
  2. edgarbirdtcm

    Need help finding the name of a movie

    No, that was not it. The opening was with the breakfast scene and no dialog for the first minute or two.
  3. edgarbirdtcm

    Need help finding the name of a movie

    It was B&W and I think it was in a house. He had a car and worked at an office. But the beginning was so different. They woke up and proceeded to walk in the kitchen, one would pass a cup as the other was passing by, etc. Everything was choreographed perfectly and not a word was spoken until late in the scene. If I remember correctly, it was to show that they had their life dialed in and again, if I remember correctly, it was shortly thereafter upset when they were going to have a baby.
  4. edgarbirdtcm

    Need help finding the name of a movie

    I am still looking for this movie name. I seem to remember that the husband was in some kind of office environment. The beginning was so unique that is what I remember the most.
  5. edgarbirdtcm

    Need help finding the name of a movie

    No, that is not it. The beginning was without any dialogue at all. Just a couple in their 30's maybe 40 getting the morning going before going off to work. Every move was fluid. I can't remember the rest of the movie accurately enough to help any more.
  6. Earlier this year, or possibly in late 2015, TCM showed a black and white movie and I can't seem to remember the name. I actually don't remember much about it, other than the beginning was particularly noteworthy. The host even mentioned the beginning. It started out as a morning scene in the kitchen. The husband and wife walked in and proceeded to prepare breakfast, read the paper while eating, and the husband proceeded off to work. All during this not a word was spoken until, I think, just as he was walking out of the door to go to work. The choreography was just perfect with the passing of a plate, movement around the kitchen, refrigerator door, etc. Like they had done it hundreds of times before, exactly the same. Does anyone remember this movie? I'd say it was in the 50's. Thanks for looking.

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