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  1. MisterSable

    Any Cornell Woolrich Fans Here?

    I've made a playlist of the ones available on Youtube. There was one directed by Tom Cruise that everyone wants to forget, so that's not available. Dan Hedaya is in about four of the stories! But he really suits the style.
  2. MisterSable


    I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Joseph Turkel, who played one of the thugs in "The Killing". He gushed a solid fifteen minutes about what a genius Stanley Kubrick was, and I can't argue with any of it. "The Killing" is one of my favourites.
  3. MisterSable

    Music from the most recent TCM montage

    Thanks loads, Mister! That's the one!!
  4. MisterSable

    Farewell My Lovely (1975)

    The 1975 version is one of my favourites. Just last month I had Harry Dean Stanton sign a still from that one. I loved his character.
  5. MisterSable

    Any Chinatown Fans?

    Regarding your *Films Soleil* - Wasn't D.O.A. filmed mostly in the bright sun of daylight? It's super noir.
  6. MisterSable

    Slaughter On Tenth Avenue(1957)

    Wasn't that the title of a Ventures song as well?
  7. MisterSable

    Any Cornell Woolrich Fans Here?

    The Showtime series "Fallen Angels" filmed a lot of Woolrich's stories. I enjoyed them all - that's what introduced me to his work.
  8. MisterSable

    Any John Alton fans here?

    I bought and studied Alton's book "Painting With Light" to make my own film noir. He's one of my favourites and a definite influence.
  9. Does anyone know that jazzy female sung tune with the horns in the latest TCM promo? It starts with a Memorial Day montage and moves into other summer themes. Is there a thread for TCM promo music? Thanks in advance!

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