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  1. vidorisking


    Not that they look alike but I always mix up character actors Vincent Schiavelli (Ghost) and Larry Hankin (Escape From Alcatraz). Same with Royal Dano and Jeff Corey.
  2. vidorisking

    Who's the new female host on TCM?

    Thanks for the info Dargo, I always wanted to know her name. I miss the way the programming schedule looked in the late 90’s throughout the 2000’s with that bright color and TCM character logos. Any idea the name of the male voiceover on the schedule during that time? Now that was a voice!
  3. vidorisking

    The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974)

    Great Jerry Stiller performance.
  4. vidorisking

    The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974)

    One of the great cinema names. I have checked into hotels under the name Caz Dolowicz before.
  5. vidorisking

    Overrated directors / Underrated directors

    I always snicker when I see the usual group of Spielberg, Scorsese, Lucas, Coppola get together and there with them is the less successful, less talented Brian DePalma. Your version of Scarface stinks, you hack!
  6. vidorisking

    Who's the new female host on TCM?

    Point clearly accepted misswonderly. I have so many movies on DVR I cannot give you an example right now, however usually in the moment I get heated when I hear a name butchered. Years ago the young lady who use to read off the next 3 movies on the schedule use to do a hack job on the narration of the names and I suspect that's why there isn't a voiceover anymore to read the movies (stinks if you are visually impaired). Malone does an alright job and has not entered the Tiffany V. zone as of yet.
  7. vidorisking

    100 Best Shot Films

    Were certainly not talking about a group of people comprised of Conrad Hall, James Wong Howe, Gregg Toland, etc... anymore. You can work on a commercial or even worst a soap opera and be included in this group now.
  8. vidorisking

    100 Best Shot Films

    Another favorites list compiled by amateurs/milennials. It is my opinion that James Wong Howe was the greatest cinematographer in the history of Hollywood and he has one movie on the list....Hud! James Wong Howe was studied by half of these people on this list. IMHO, The Sweet Smell Of Success is the best shot sound movie of all-time. I also think that Midnight Cowboy was shot amazingly by Schlesinger and company. Neither made the list, what a joke!
  9. vidorisking

    TCM’s 25th Anniversary

    Loved the logos, and wish for just a little bit they would bring back the original openings to Silent Sunday night, TCM imports, Sunny Side of Life, the original way the programming schedule looked showing the next 3 movies (with that guy's voice announcing them). Wouldn't be great if they decided to go retro for the year.
  10. vidorisking

    Overrated directors / Underrated directors

    Underrated, why who else but the King...King Vidor. Also, Clarence Brown, Marshall "Mickey" Neilan (Pickford fans know him) Erich Von Stroheim, Jean-Pierre Melville. Overrated, Woody Allen, Peter Jackson, Brian DePalma, Frank Capra (too sappy)
  11. vidorisking

    Who's the new female host on TCM?

    Very beautiful woman and I know she wrote a book Backwards and In Heels or something like that but I cannot tolerate hearing her butcher the names of classic Hollywood people. Nothing to do with the accent, she's just not schooled enough in Hollywood history to know who these people are. The people behind the scenes probably could help her better but I suspect some of those people are millenials that don't have any clue either.
  12. vidorisking

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Nowadays I definitely mix up Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera and Javier Barden and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  13. vidorisking

    4K Detour Restoration

    I just heard Criterion is releasing this. I’m a huge fan of collecting Criterion movies on Blu Ray especially during the Barnes & Noble sale but this situation definitely begs the question: Is spending top dollar for a movie that is only a little over an hour really worth it? The retail price for this will most certainly be $39.99, is it worth it? I’m not the biggest fan if extras on a blu-ray/dvd so I’m paying strictly for the movie and it’s a pretty short movie. I might be in the minority but unless it’s a Chaplin/Keaton/Lloyd movie I cannot purchase an expensive movie if it’s under an hour and a half in length.
  14. vidorisking

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Man, I am the nickdimeo that started this topic when I was 25 and now I’m 40! I have no recollection of ever writing this, lol. The TCM message board back in those days was amazing. I miss the pioneers of this message board and there will never be another time like than....I all of a sudden feel like I’m Burt Lancaster in the movie Atlantic City, You should of seen the msessage board back then, kid.
  15. vidorisking

    Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    RIP, Mr. Hanson. Hopefully, this will give TCM another reason to never ever show that ridiculous Letterbox commercial anymore.

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