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  1. I listened to a dozen+ episodes and finally bailed. I enjoyed hearing them discuss some of the canonical noir titles (like Out of the Past), but a number of the episodes are downright maddening. Whoever said they run wild on Touch of Evil is correct. The hyperbolic-breathless-academic tone of that one was awful. They act as if no noir had previously done the kind of deconstruction that Welles performs. (Kiss Me Deadly and The Killing being two prominent examples.) I wholeheartedly disagree with their take on The Glass Key, the episode that finally led me to unsubscribe. They completely overlook the amount of violence heaped on Ladd's character. It is one of the more obvious ways that the film anticipates the non-heroic hero (in Porfirio's words) of later titles. For 1942, it's a remarkable thing to see. It sounds like they similarly miss the mark on I Wake Up Screaming, a film I would absolutely characterize as full-blown noir. In the case of The Glass Key, they drone on about how "cleaned up" the film is from its source material. And yet they give The Big Sleep a pass and treat it as a "darker" noir than The Glass Key! If anything, the latter is visually more expressionistic and thematically more subversive (check out Ladd making out with the wife of the stuffed shirt moments before he commits suicide). Both have Hollywood endings, but to act like The Glass Key isn't an important film given its violence, sadism, and vulnerable protagonist is laughable. I love the idea of a noir podcast, but this one misses the mark on too many occasions.

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