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  1. Think Daffy Coppola (they're despicable!) is just responding to the same zeitgeist that a lot of non-readers--y'know, the ones that think the SAME studio created "Avengers: Endgame", "Deadpool 2", "Venom" and "Joker"?--are suffering just through their fatigue with four studios creating what one qualified studio should be doing. Just recently, I'd been going through vintage Siskel & Ebert review clips from '79-'82, and got to relive their entire moral crusade against the golden years of 80's teen-slasher movies--The ones we thought were "evil", and "sexist", and "puritanical", and "fatalistic", and "a depressing view of the teen experience", and not so much in protest of onscreen violence or low budgets, as just that the loudest critic voices were danged sick of having to sit through so many. (We weren't quite up to that point with found-footage-exorcism movies in the early 10's, but close.) And then, the big camel's straw that we thought was going to make them all go away for good, when parents groups tried to ban the killer-Santa movie, and after that backed down, we knew we had the evil genre on the run, and we'd chase it out of town for good, so that it would never, ever come back if it knew what was good for it. Do we have a tipping-point equivalent like that for the superhero movies? Welllll...I happen to notice this didn't start after "Dark Phoenix", or even the wretched '14 Fantastic Four movie. This seems to have all started when somebody asked Martin Scorsese what he thought about "all the Taxi Driver stuff" in Joker. If any movie has to go down in history as the One That Killed Them, it couldn't happen to a more deserving film, and certainly not a more deserving studio...At least the Marvels were safe, and were due for retirement anyway.
  2. EricJ

    the best tcm guest host to get

    Too bad we can't get John Belushi in a Godzilla suit, as when he hosted the network premiere of "Godzilla vs. Megalon" on NBC, back in the 70's. ("Yeah, can somebody get me a pizza?...Half Kyoto, half Osaka?") 😁
  3. EricJ

    Ultra early 2019 Oscar tracking???

    Why, no, as a matter of fact. Nobody has. Next question?
  4. EricJ

    Disney Plus

    (You take this one, people...I'm not going to touch it. 😅 ) Well, since it doesn't officially open until November, they're taking pre-orders. But just think--The (almost) entire Disney catalogue, on demand! Now you'll be so busy watching, you'll NEVER HAVE TO ASK TCM TO SHOW DISNEY NIGHTS AGAIN! Gee, it's going to be quiet around here... (And they've got the non-Sony Muppet movies, too! And DuckTales!)
  5. Movies used to be at 2am because stations needed to sell the cheapest local airtime to local businesses (usually used cars), and, before the VCR, "no one was watching anyway". Until Informercials came along and paid all the station's bills and programming out of pocket, just in time for studios to decide "no one was watching" their movie package and grabbed them back out of syndication. Of course, the single-digit network affiliates were safe, since they had the network all-night news feed. And that was just the independent UHF stations, that were already struggling by the end of the 80's. (In Boston, we had THREE stations defect to home-shopping or Spanish-language in two years.) The rest ended up bought by the new "Fourth-network" rush to create Fox, WB and UPN, until there was no longer any need for stations to create any programming of their own, apart from longer and longer blocks of the news division. I remember, back in 08, finally getting that big HDTV, and sitting down with microwave popcorn and Coke Zero, to finally indulge my 10-yo. fantasy of staying up to watch old movies on TV, was news and infomercials across the board. So I put in a library DVD. 😥
  6. EricJ

    Ron Ely

    Of course, on a movie board, there's not much you can say about him apart from Doc Savage (1975):
  7. The Disney Treasures cartoons were Archive collector's boxsets, and also had Leonard Maltin to explain the context. That's how they could get away with the wartime-propaganda set. (Even defending them in some of the Chronological Mickey/Donald cases: "In this cartoon, Donald goes hunting, but as we see in the end, he's too softhearted to actually shoot anything.") In the later sets, however, they fell back on Warner's condescending "We can't ignore such mistakes of the past" disclaimer. Here, it's considered broadcasting, so whatever was taken out of broadcast syndication--like one or two episodes of Rescue Rangers or Buzz Lightyear of Star Command--will stay out. Especially Bre'r You-Know-Who.
  8. EricJ

    So . . . Scotty Bowers?

    It's a subject rich for creative embellishing, especially if the teller thinks (and he always does 😓 ) that he's "shocking" the audience's expectations for beloved established culture. It's always easy to Out dead people, whether wishful-thinking or not. Which was also true of most of the Tell-All craze of the late 70's/early 80's, in the wake of Joan Crawford or Britt Ekland, but groupie bed-hopping and celebrity child-abuse is SO 1979...
  9. Aladdin: the Series, however, as with disk, is still MIA. There was an article on which movies will NOT be coming to the service, the new ones still contracted to Netflix (Solo, Incredibles 2, Infinity War), for example. Also, in addition to the unmentionable S*ng of the S**th, 1981's "The Devil & Max Devlin" is mysteriously missing from the lineup, since, as Disney knows, Bill Cosby is the devil. Basically, it's the same comprehensive lineup of Disney films as was available on Vudu's VOD catalog, with noted exceptions. Me, however, I'm just glad I held on to my Disney Treasures steelbook DVD of "Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow".
  10. Ah, I see, it's being eaten by a boa constrictor. Oh, dread, it's up to
  11. EricJ

    Top Five Favorite Judy Garland Movie Songs

    Darn, can't find it on YouTube, but now I'm hearing Carol Burnett's dead-on parody (from a Mickey & Judy sketch) of Judy's "heartbreaking" contralto-vibrato every time she got a torch song. Once you see it imitated, you can't un-hear it. 😂 And even if the movie itself was pretty poor, Mack the Black was the only other catchy moment from "The Pirate"...Even if you do find yourself subconsciously singing the "Casey Jones" words to it.
  12. EricJ

    R.I.P. Anna Quayle

    Farewell to our little Chu-Chi Face:
  13. No, FilmStruck was sank because Warner wanted to be greedy and tribalistic about their Archive film catalog, once they had eyes on expanding their subscription services. This was because Comcast wanted to be...well, okay, you may have a point. (And welcome to all our new single-digit posters who showed up to add their Comcast-victim stories--I take it this thread has found its way to GoogleNews?)
  14. Perennial Roger Corman star Beverly Garland owned a hotel just outside what's now Universal Studios: In the 90's, when EVERY Hollywood power-player wanted to be the next chain-restaurant Bruce Willis, Steven Spielberg and (uh-oh) Jeffrey Katzenberg invested in submarine-themed restaurant Dive! in LA and Vegas. Reviewers called it "Aptly named." 😛
  15. "And this is a photo of feminists burning their bras; you'll notice it's a very small fire..." - Woody Allen, Sleeper 😁

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