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  1. Still, as foreign Christmas commercials go, they have a long way to beat the classic: And don't forget Payback time...
  2. EricJ


    I sense that's not the restored 1927 score, but eh, Moroder's version was still better. (And threw in a bit of Freddie Mercury, as well.)
  3. She did have the Jacko moves, for large Thriller-like group choreography:
  4. EricJ

    Heaven's Gate (the movie,not the cult)

    In '77-'78, we had Coming Home and The Deer Hunter for Oscar pictures, as we were just then getting our delayed-reaction to dealing with the Vietnam-vet issue. By the time we got through the we-love-our-vets Reagan 80's, Platoon came in at the end in '87, and wrapped up the whole "therapy session". Most of those named came from '81-'82, which wasn't the last days of the Big Artistic Oscar-Bait, but the infamous '81 "Most Depressing Christmas Ever" (Pennies From Heaven, Reds, Ragtime, Taps, Ghost Story) did basically close the door on Important 70's Movies in time for populist Big 80's Movies. (And yes, "The Right Stuff" is still a great American movie, but reporters just wouldn't shut the **** up about Sen. John Glenn's danged election campaign, which was one real reason it scared Oscar voters out of Best Picture.) One interesting theory is that Heaven's Gate may have part CAUSED our industry for "Entertainment news", and our fascination with box-office numbers: Up to that point in '80-'81, movies opening wide on the same day was still a new invention, but it was around that historical cutoff line--when we were not only wondering whether E.T. would finally outgross Star Wars, but just how much self-indulgent Michael Cimino would karmically lose on his big expensive train set--that the 70's "Hollywood gossip" of Rona Barrett ("What does this reporter know about Dick & Liz's secret fling?") became the 80's Entertainment Tonight update of on-set production reports and box-office profits & losses. We started to trust "glamorous Tinseltown stars" less and less, and concentrate more on where the industry was going and how much more properly "our" ticket money was being spent.
  5. EricJ

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    It's unlikely they're going to show Disney's Cinderella. As for The Shining, "Ready Player One" has now cemented its status as a Big 80's Pop-Cult Movie (despite the fact that most people only know three lines from it), and one of the six or seven "cult" titles that Warner wants to shove down our marketing throat over the next two to three years in absence of Batman or The Hobbit. So, yeah, they wouldn't miss an opportunity, although, yes, late at night.
  6. EricJ

    Heaven's Gate (the movie,not the cult)

    (Disclaimer: Yes, I know it's fifteen years old, and was first posted two weeks after we caught Saddam Hussein, but, FWIW...) It brought down UA, which is where most of the independent "Roadshow engagement" epics were still being made, and made producers think twice about letting Last Year's Oscar Flavor do whatever he wanted. Has anyone seen it? I tried once--I couldn't get past the waltzing. Ohh, the never-ending rich-privileged Harvard waltzing...This is one of those movies that you watch the "Uncut Director's Cut" and realize WHY they cut it down for the theatrical release. As for Michael Cimino's attempt to do a deconstructive "Real historical-revisionist western", that later became coin of the realm after Unforgiven, and think what he was aiming for was already done sometime between The Assassination of Jesse James and the Kevin Costner/Lawrence Kasdan Wyatt Earp...Oh, and Dances with Wolves. It's not like Cimino ever gave us anything else worth looking up.
  7. EricJ


    Talking to ghosts again, Sarge? Yep, those old war memories from fifteen years ago hit hard... 😛 As for other posters with the same grievance in our new modern era: Yes, the full Kino-restored uncut mess of Lang's movie was boneheaded Weimar-era pro-labor-union propaganda, which is why he left for the US. But me, I was raised on the "MTV version" of Giorgio Moroder's Metropolis--back in in 1984, when that was considered "big" for Film Restoration--and I would agree with the critic who said "There's the version of Metropolis that's 'good for you', and then there's the version you actually enjoy watching." (Ie., the slightly-less-incomplete one where most of the propaganda was still missing, they focused on the Fred & Maria story and the cool robot, and Moroder managed to put some actual emotion back into the score without beating the story over our heads.) Your "sacrilege" may vary--Me, I think Moroder actually improved the workers' revolt and the catacombs chase than from Lang's original score.
  8. Just opened this thread to see who'd get to mention Lucille Ball's 40's career as a "glamour" actress:
  9. EricJ

    Films of 2018

    They say that about EVERY musical that opens up in December: "Les Miserables", anyone? "Nine"? "Into the Woods"? "The Greatest Showman"? And since that's the loudest buzz, Academy-screening voters, who only have time to visit the "essential" screenings, pick that one for free. As for real-world Oscar chances, it's still got to fight the fact that, yes, ten months later, it's still trendy for grownups to shout "Wakanda forever!" as a progressive racial slogan, pretending it's an actual country somewhere near South Africa. (Also, Disney has been flooding the trade press with infomercial "articles" about Mary's "Oscar-buzz" for a month now--"Fake News" might not be at CNN, but it's alive and well at Variety and Hollywood Reporter.) --- On a side note, it's nice to see that we've found some actual USE for this thread--Started out as just one poster's "Here's all the movies coming out this year, which ones will be nominated?", but if the rest of us are indulging opinions, nice to have it as a contemporary backup to the "I Just Watched" thread. I was going to do an IJW about sitting through library Blu-rays of both Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner:2049 in one week--and how they were the exact same movie!!--but looks like this would be the more appropriate thread for it.
  10. EricJ

    The 13th Doctor is...

    Since people in the UK never grew up watching Happy Days, what's the equivalent British expression for a long-running TV show "Jumping the shark", which causes cancellation to loom?
  11. EricJ

    I Just Watched...

    Yes, V/V was probably Edwards' last sane one--Julie Andrews Edwards should probably have been a little concerned about Blake's inexplicable obsession with drag nightclubs or wacky scenes of male characters waking up together in bed (to be fair, he would have aced the La Cage Aux Folles Broadway movie that died in limbo), but V/V was Edwards' ultimate clockwork-orchestrated tribute to classic French Farce. Unfortunately, all those years of letting Peter Sellers improvise the Pink Panther movies for him had made Edwards sort of forget how to direct actors who stuck to scripts, and after Sellers was gone, he just let them sort of roam about the scenes trying to figure it out in the same way. Throw in a growing misogyny in his movies, and you could end up at the end of his career with something like John Ritter in "Skin Deep". Yikes. 😮
  12. EricJ

    Had Kevin Hart Hosted the Oscars Before?

    Yep, and he didn't "screw up". As for Hart, you're probably confusing him with Chris Rock's two hosting gigs--The first a disaster, and the second not so bad, since he got to satirize the #OscarsSoWhite craze.
  13. EricJ

    I Just Watched...

    And directed by a rapidly declining Blake Edwards, into a confused mess that, as Roger Ebert put it "seemed to be at cross-purposes with itself: Half of it wants to be cheerful, and half wants to be morbid and depressing".
  14. Actually, it was Tex who said he never cared much for him, leading to his rather limited filmography. I'll take the more stylized Tex-frenzy of "Magical Maestro", m'self. Tex at Warner, OTOH, had a completely different style, making his jokes more smooth and surreal, in "Cinderella Meets Fella". Ah, that was back when Bob Kane was still passing himself off as the "creator" of Batman, and hired into creating other heroes for 60's cartoons--Although, if it weren't for streaming services having to depend on cheap public-domain toons, we probably never would have remembered Cool McCool, either.
  15. I always associated the song with Danny Kaye trying for a Red Skelton-like escape from another overeager female, which is why I never fell for the "sexism". And FWIW, the undiscerning Mexican audience loves Speedy--Not just for desperate cultural validation, but because he always beats Sylvester/Daffy in the end. ("Speedy is friendly with everyone's sister!") And, they probably like him being shrill, loud and annoying, too.

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