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  1. AFI's 25 Greatest Movie Scores of All-Time

    One of the most beautiful, and underrated, scores is Elmer Bernstein's "Hawaii" (1966), which would be high on my list of best film scores. I also agree that Jerome Moross' "The Big Country" ranks among the finest.
  2. Return To Giant Documentary

    Return to Giant is included among the special features on both the DVD and Blu-ray editions of Giant, along with another similar behind-the-scenes documentary, Memories of Giant, from 1998, which includes some of the same interview footage with the cast and crew that was in Return to Giant. However, Memories of Giant also includes a gem of an interview with Jane Withers reminiscing about filming in Marfa, sharing home movies she filmed on the set, and recalling some fun and touching memories about the cast, in particular an interesting story about James Dean and his shirt. Both documentaries are enjoyable, but I prefer Memories of Giant since Jane is included.
  3. Gay Love Story Casting Call...

    I always wanted Robert Redford and Sam Waterston to get together in 1974's version of "The Great Gatsby". Their relationship was the most fascinating in the movie, not to mention they were both absolutely gorgeous! And Jay looked quite dapper in that pink suit! While it would mean rewriting Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby needed to wake up, forget about that whiny Daisy Buchanan, and find happiness with Nick Carraway!
  4. Any Love For Ann Margaret?

    Tiki, yes, I share your joy of Ann-Margret. Love her work in all of the movies everyone has already mentioned here. In addition, she was a terrific Blanche DuBois in the 1984 TV version of "A Streetcar Named Desire", opposite Treat Williams. Also enjoyed her role as the scheming daughter-in-law of Claudette Colbert in the TV mini-series "The Two Mrs. Grenvilles". And her excellent performance as a conflicted mother, co-starring with Julie Andrews, in the TV movie "Our Sons". What a versatile talent, she can do it all!
  5. Who Cares? Actors

    Margaret Sullavan would be my "who cares" choice. She comes across as completely dull, a blank on the screen, no personality. Jessica Lange falls into my "who cares/strongly dislike" category. Such a monotonous performer who always seems to be playing every role in the same affected style. And there is something about her voice that is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  6. Musical Must-Sees

    Lawrence, FYI, try to see the 136 minute theatrical release version of "Darling Lili" (around 142 minutes with Overture and Exit Music), this is the version that usually runs on TCM but, sadly, has never been released on DVD. The DVD version is an edited down 107 minute "Director's Cut" that trims some of the best moments and musical sequences.
  7. Hope this happens as I certainly look forward to finally seeing Glenn's performance as Norma. Friends had invited me to Los Angeles, from Texas, in May of 1994 to see Barbra Streisand's concert in Anaheim. The day after I arrived it was announced that Streisand had laryngitis and the concert was postponed to July. Major disappointment as this trip had been planned for months in advance. My buddies had a surprise for me, that took a bit of the sting out of not seeing the concert, tickets to see "Sunset Boulevard" starring Glenn Close, which had been running in Los Angeles since December. I arrived at the theater anticipating Glenn's performance after hearing glowing reviews. As the show was about to start it was announced that Glenn Close had laryngitis and was unable to appear in that evening's performance! I could not believe it, the trip was a bust! I did stay and see "Sunset Boulevard" that evening with Glenn's standby, Karen Mason, who was actually fantastic as Norma Desmond. I read that Karen Mason continued as standby when the show went to Broadway (she is pictured below). Wonder what she's doing today?
  8. Question about the "Tammy" movie series...

    There was also a Tammy TV series, from 1965, starring Debbie Watson. In 1967, Universal edited together four episodes from the TV series, and this was released into theaters as a movie "Tammy and the Millionaire".
  9. Male Beauty In The Movies

  10. Television Ad "Nausea".....

    Yes, indeed! And while we're at it, can we please rid the airwaves of the most annoying commercial character ever, Progressive Flo! My mother's name was Flo and she would have gladly taken the Progressive Insurance Box and clobbered that idiot Progressive Flo over the head for taking her name in vain!
  11. The Obvious Question About LOST HORIZON:

    Thank you! I had always thought it was Peter Finch making a bold attempt to carry a tune. Makes you wonder even more about what Ross Hunter was attempting when even the performers hired for dubbing couldn't sing! Thank goodness George Kennedy didn't have a number, I don't even want to imagine how he would have been dubbed!
  12. The Obvious Question About LOST HORIZON:

    Yes, I agree completely. I really wanted to see a lot more of Isabel's character and was surprised that she was basically forgotten once they arrived in in Shangri-La. Guess her scenes must have been trimmed considerably from the final cut. Sally Kellerman played the same part in the 1973 version and, dare I say it, her role was better developed over the course of the story. You find out why she is so bitter in the beginning and witness her change into a far more contented character by the end. I also thought Margo's character got a bit lost in the shuffle as well. I hardly realized that she and George had gotten to know each other so well by the time they were leaving Shangri-La. Really needed another scene or two in there to develop that relationship as well. Did I hear Ben M correctly in the intro, Capra's first edit of the movie was 6 hours long? If there was that much footage then I'm surprised the movie made any sense at all running a little over 2 hours and 10 minutes.
  13. The Obvious Question About LOST HORIZON:

    Perfectly understandable! As Hibi said, he did kind of talk/sing. I can assure you that Rex Harrision was far more proficient than Mr. Finch! LOL! I don't know, Klaus might have been able to reach some of those notes much better than Peter did!
  14. The Obvious Question About LOST HORIZON:

    The song, "If I Could Go Back", sung by Peter Finch, has also been restored, along with Liv Ullmann's follow-up to Finch's song "Where Knowledge Ends (Faith Begins). In fact I believe this is the original uncut premiere version of the movie that has been released on DVD and Blu-ray. It runs 150 minutes. Those two songs were still in the movie when my grandmother and I saw it opening night in Dallas. My mom was curious to see the movie after hearing our comments. I took her to see it about a month later and the Northpark theater was running a shorter print of the movie with those two songs, and a bit of additional footage, cut from the version we saw opening night. This print ran about 135 minutes and this is the version I used to see on TV on the late show. Amazing that Columbia released it at all considering the reputation of the movie. And, even more surprising, they went all out and loaded it up with a lot of special documentary features and extras. And for what it's worth, the movie on both the DVD and Blu-ray looks absolutely stunning! Maybe I should be ashamed to say I have both formats in my home movie library! LOL
  15. The Obvious Question About LOST HORIZON:

    The 1973 version of "Lost Horizon" is actually one of my guilty pleasures! My grandmother and I went to see it the night it opened at the Northpark Cinema in Dallas, with a full house audience no less, and the two of us, and everyone else got quite a kick out of the movie! The fertility dance was already cut from the print we saw opening night. I believe it had premiered in New York with the dance intact. But after the audience reaction it was cut out of the movie before it opened around the country. You can see it now, the fertility dance has been restored in all of it's high camp glory for the DVD and Blu-ray! The sequence has to be seen to be believed! Poor pregnant Olivia! LOL! I believe it did run on TCM quite a while ago, but they certainly need to run it again!

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