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  1. BonnieC

    "Creature Features"

    We are just LOVING THIS, & have been watching it every Thursday (or dvr recording it) thru the wee hours. Major recommendation to make this a regular feature. Obviously not every Thursday; but geez - one night per month isn't asking too much, is it? For us classic horror/sci-fi fans?
  2. Once again, TCM has chosen to totally ignore late great horror icon Bela Lugosi, whose birthday is today (10/20). They seem to manage to showcase other horror icons (Karloff in particular), but somehow Bela always gets short shrift. And here he even had the courtesy to be born during the Halloween month of October, no less. Sometimes I really have to wonder who is minding the TCM programming store. WAKE UP TCM!!!!!!
  3. BonnieC

    Tiffany Vasquez

    While I'm sure this young woman is very nice, & as rabid about classic film & social media as she claims, she does NOT come across as anything but an outrageous amateur in front of the camera. Honestly TCM - you couldn't find ANYONE more qualified to introduce your films than this? Surely there must be thousands of far-more-qualified folks out there begging for work. TCM pretty much runs on our TV's here 24/7. We love Robert Osbourne, love Ben Mankiewicz, & also enjoy the other hosts & guest hosts on TCM. But Ms. Vasquez is so poor at it, we actually turn the sound off until she's done introducing. She's like a high-school student reading off a teleprompter. TCM - & its viewers - deserves much better.

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